J. Cole Explains "Cole World: The Sideline Story" Title, Reveals Producers

The Roc Nation spitter discusses why he caved in on naming his upcoming debut.

J. Cole recently revealed his album title for his debut Cole World: The Sideline Story, dropping on September 27th. Speaking with Rap-Up.com, the Roc Nation rapper explained that he didn’t always want to call his album as such, but that the fans helped push him in that direction.

“I used to be like, Cole World, yeah I like it, but it’s more like a mixtape title. The fact that everybody else was telling me, ‘Yeah, that should be the album title!’ I was kind of getting defensive like, nah man. Plus, I was juggling like five other album titles,” he said. “But I actually wanted to do Cole World for the second album title, but by the time people started suggesting it, it went all the way out the window. So when I came up with an album title that I actually liked, it was The Sideline Story, like I loved it because it fit the story so perfect, what I wanted to say, the things I was feeling, things I was saying or whatever. But it felt incomplete.”

The album, which features production from No I.D., Danjahandz and Brian Kidd as well as guest appearances from Trey Songz (he’s still waiting on a Jay-Z verse), will be the first in a series.

“I was like, let’s make it a series. Let’s make Cole World the Star Wars or whatever the titles are under Star Wars. ‘Empire Strikes Back’ or whatever, ‘Return of the Jedi,’ I don’t know what the titles are. But let’s do that. Cole World is something that my fans recognize and they love and I love it too, so let’s do that.”

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  • van

    hating ass niggas on here.. Damnnn

  • EAFBlog

    Everyone help spread the word ! The newest hip-hop blog http://everythingalwaysfresh.blogspot.com/2011/08/j.html

  • Sam scully

    How can he possibly make an classic album when I for 1 can't even listen to 1 whole song from this guy I mean like on da real dis niggaz wack as fuck I'm a student of the game if a nigga nice dey nice If dey shits dey shits dis nigga J .Cole is shits

  • anonymous

    dudes gotta just stfu about sellin out just cause they got an r&b singer on the track. there are no boundaries in music PERIOD. so stfu and stop cryin cause your favorite mc can't afford a singer to feature on their track(s)

  • Anonymous

    guess we all forgettin bout return of simba. . Listen an album will be an album. Cole is talented but I wanna see if this album beats section 80

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ people who expected a true classic. He can never meet the expectations his fans laid on him.

  • Blaze4025

    If your Talking about production J.Cole sucks at producing it's good that he has No I.D. Producing he's an amazing producer he mentors Kanye West in Producing So Of course Cole would want him as a production on the album there ain't nothing wrong with that

    • Anonymous

      ?? Cole sucks at producing? He did almost everything off friday night lights. And produced hipower for lamar. His production is dope but def not on the level of NO I.D. or just blaze

    • Anonymous

      Have you heard hiii power? Shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    How you still waiting on a Jay verse and you got a release date? How you got Trey fucking songs on your debut? I hope this album sound better than that single and I hope none of your singles sound like that did.

    • Cole World

      Well Jay-Z is busy and he the boss what is he going to do. He need to also have radio hits and songs that are play.Also how about you actually listen to the song.

  • Mike Meraz

    I guess it's about the money and not the art

  • Mike Meraz

    Trey Songz?? WTF J.COle!!! You Pulling a Lupe On Me and selling you're soul like the rest of these traitors nowadays (Em, B.O.b, Wale,lupe, ect) Come On Cole, I didn't think you would go out like how they did, and you don't need anyone to do you're production, man I think I'ma have to go back to Rock & shyt.. Still got faith, COle Worldd..

    • Mike Meraz

      @Coleworld...Drake? Big Sean? They're not really on my play list to be honest witchya.. Alicia keys is dope, mary j blidge? can't go wrong with her...gwen stephanie is pretty cool lol..did yall like Lupe's new album? Cause if you did, i'm wasting my time..im just saying it feels like Cole's new album is heading down the road of Lupe's..Wale's...B.O.b's..Em's...when it's like I listen to Lupe's new album and think..um that's not Lupe, that's interscope.. Yall wanna listen to Cole or his record label?? I just feene for Cole's music..his beats and his lyrics, his real tracks..just dope as shyt. i cud listen to the dude's work all day. I'm scared ima be disappointing but hopefully noT

    • Anonymous

      nice. . I cosign with the both of yous

    • SoN.Y.

      @ColeWorld - true fuckin story. i'm sure 'real MCs' would NEVER, EVER put R&B singers in their songs Mike. But here is a short list of respectable MCs. Maybe not your favorite, but respectable... andre 3000 (gwen stefani) eminem (pink) jay-z (usher) ghostface (ne-yo) black thought (nelly furtado) talib kweli (justin timberlake) and the list goes on and on... that's just a list off the top of my head of rappers who did songs with pop stars. now i'm not saying that the songs that resulted from these compilations are good or bad. the point is that none of these dudes were selling out by doing songs with 'pop' stars. All of these niggas (and there are more) made songs with these 'pop' stars after they were already on. (actually after they had already blown the fuck up - or as much as they were going to anyway. I mean for rappers like talib, tariq, and ghost, they've already gone as far as they're probably going to go.) the only reason your favorite (and mine) rapper doesn't do it, is because they can't afford beyonce or mary j. or pink or skylar grey or usher or trey songz or drake singing on the hook. Hip Hop and R&B don't have to be mutually exclusive. shit almost every rap album has at least one song with somebody singing on the hook. is it more 'artistic' when it's Madd Greezy from down the block instead of Trey Songz the actual singer? and you haven't even heard the song. just who's on it. gtfoh.

    • Cole World

      So what do you want to do rap and do all the singing to mess up the song. Also all rappers get singers for their hooks. It just that Trey Songz is very popular if he had Miguel yoou probably be ok with it. Big Sean had Chris Brown on My Last.Drake had Alicia Keys for Fireworks. Matter of fact look at Biggie Smalls Life After Death album R. Kelly,Angela Winbush, Kelly Price, 112 and of course Faith Evans yet it was a classic.

  • hudes

    I just REALLY REALLY hope his 2nd cd is not called, Cole World: The Sellout Story

  • Mook

    Danjahandz is one of the greatest producers alive today. Period. His beats are on a level of epicness that I have yet to hear from another producer.

  • Anonymous

    "paula abdul, you papoosed yourself" DEAD

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