50 Cent Talks His Relationship With Eminem And Dr. Dre, Nicki Minaj's Ass

50 Cent speaks on his mentors and discusses Nicki Minaj's infamous backside.

In a recent interview on "Big Boy's Neighborhood" on radio station Power 106, 50 Cent discussed a gamut of topics, including the other two parts of Aftermath's "three-headed-monster," Eminem and Dr. Dre.

"You don't really expect to have someone come into your life... that you know has nothing but good intentions," said 50 of Eminem. "He made so much money selling records that he don't really have interest in a lot of the other stuff... So for me, they'll be asking me questions...about the deals I do away from music. For Dre, the big thing was the 'Beats,' the headset."

50 also touched on Dr. Dre, with whom he had a brief spat about becoming a potential competitor with Dre's headphone line. "I love Dre...Without 'In Da Club' and Dre's guidance on the first record...none of those other things would've happened!" explained Fif. "That's the biggest record of my career still! Dre can be difficult at times, and not intentionally. He can be on his own and in his world...like the [headphone thing], we had to clear that up face-to-face, me and Dre, personally." 50 stopped short of saying he was surprised that he was not included in the "Beats by Dre" headset line, but he did point out that Diddy was given an opportunity to get involved, which may appear odd as he is outside of the Aftermath family.

The Queens emcee was also asked about Nicki Minaj's ass, and whether it was the real deal. "I don't know. Does it matter?" he asked, before opining that many in the industry were guilty of getting butt implants.

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  • shady83

    as ice t said hiphop isnt racist he put out everlast nd dre put out Em + Em has more streetcred than half da niggas in da fckin game, mst of ur favorite rappers has praised him nd im talking krs1, Rakim LL cool j, Grandmasta Ace, outlawz, nd dn't even get me started on all those ota niggaz cus ders 2many to name!!

  • BRL

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  • Ajaypratap Sidhu

    Its nice to see that FIF still admires his mentor,Em!!! Way to go!!

  • Kamar Roxwel Robinson

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  • Mikel

    yh thts true em dominated the game a while back but hip hop still gon remain a black thing. Just too many cats in the game doin their thing. YMCMB, Knayeezy. Jigga etc. Its part of the culture so anyone hear making racist rants against whites or blacks is just being silly. Hip hop is our culture(black) and nobody can beat us at tht. Its just as stupid as saying tht soccer or pop music is ours cos we hv the greatest ppl ever to do them (Pele and Michael Jackson).

  • heynow

    a white boy dominated a black profession aint that sumshit

  • The Wigger Hater

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  • Anonymous

    THANK YOU FIF (didnt think Id ever say that) for saying what you said. Does it matter if Nicki's ass is fake? NO!

  • Nice

    Im a virgin, and im saving myself for Nicki Minaj. One day i hope my dreams cum true and i get to have sex with her. It would probably only last about 5 seconds, but it will be worth it. I love you Nicki!


    Fif, you gotta let go of the music industry cuz....Your hetter than that...you dont need the music industry to make money, your a special nigga. Ain't noone soley in the music industry gonna make the sort of money your capable of making. Fuck the haters and get that paper Fif!

  • Scottie Minor

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  • brooklyn boi

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  • Scottie Minor

    ook at all these wiggas on a black website trying to be black…white people still feel they can comment on hip hop… how can u comment on something if its not a part of your culture… white people try so hard to be black.. you know how stupid u look when u try and act and dress black… they made a movie making fun of white people trying to be black (malibu most wanted)… how does it feel to listen to something u can’t relate to… for an example.. when you listen to nas (second childhood)or (destroy & rebuild) or too short (the ghetto)or watch (boyz n the hood)… how can a white person relate to any of those… you cant really get into the song white people because u dont go through what they rapping about… u got some white people on here commenting saying they live in the hood… first off lets define (hood)… just cause you or yor boyz slang a lil crakk and hang on the corner (thats not the hood)…. just cause u and yor boyz own a gun (thats not tha hood)…. just cause one of yor boyz got murked (thats not tha hood)… jus cause u shot someone (thatz not the tha hood)… know in the real hood . the housing authority… when a white person walks through the projects.. everybody starts looking at him for to rob him or sell him drugs.. when a white person shows up in my hood or housing authority .. everbody jus stop and look with they mouth open… cause they gonna either rob that muthafuker or serve him… i seen a thousand times a white wigga come in the hood trying to black and get hiz goofy azz robbed… whu got that (hood 2 hood)dvd… they go through every hood in the united states jus about.. not one white person on the whole dvd… lol lol lol…. to all the white people trying to be black … hip hop is for black race created by the black race… go look at a paul wall video and look at the way he moves his body trying to look black .. that shit never comes out right.. cause white people have no Rhythm…. thats like the funnyiest thing when whites act or dance black lol lol lol lol lol i

    • qbwhiteboy

      This is some ignorant shit to say and there are a couple of ignorant comments on here. Shut up with the black or white then, and shut up with people cannot relate. I grew up in Queens Bridge and I am white and oh look at that I can relate to real world shit I went through in Nas's songs, and other artists as well. You don't have to be a certain color to live through hard times or go through certain scenarios just to relate to a song. Seriously get some education and grow up, travel... the world really isn't just black and white anymore that's just what you make it.

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever been to a rap concert? Struggle has no color, you dumbfuck.

    • Niggmetal

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    • The Wigger Hater

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    • Stfu

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    • The Wigger Hater

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    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Damn

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  • BWS Fo' Life

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  • ReasonableApartments.com

    50 is still a funny dude. I wonder what other business ventures he has up his sleeves?

  • LMAO

    LMAOOO I love this website. People post the funniest shit.

  • ThankyoubasedGod

    Swag Swag Swag! 50s washed up...Lil B's time is now.

    • lol

      Lol, Lil Bs album was SOOOO GAY, that noone wanted to buy it, so he started giving it away for free. Get a new fav rapper, cause your homo saviour is about to be crucified with no ressurection.

    • William Scooter Jones


  • Anonymous

    opines??? did hiphopdx learn a new word today???

  • Anonymous

    50 should care about his music career, before he sells 40.000 in the first week.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Fif nigga, you washed up. And Feminem is all pop thank god that guy aint actin no more he suck. Everyone know Fif time has passed and now Rozay is the hottest nigga in the game. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yallareabunchoflittlekids

      Ya'll are arguing over dumb shit. Eminem is an Oscar winning actor and best selling rapper of all time. Rick Ross is a beast lyrically too; it just sucks that he used to be a patrol officer, and now tries to display the image of a drug dealer-thug. End the hating bullshit, grow up!!

    • Anonymous

      how can you shit on eminem? nigga he has the most record sales outta any other artist. go ahead hate on him. he dont give a shit and he still the highest selling artist in the game. so fuck you and have a nice day.

    • MuhadiM

      Ross is fuckin garbage nigga. Worst rapper ever.

    • Anonymous

      Word, yeee talent is never forgotten. 50 don't give a fuck about rap as much vitamin water or any other business endeavor. Rick Ross is a clown and will be gone soon, some have already forgotten about him.

    • Anonymous

      @ Anonymous People get replaced when they didn't have real talent when it comes to lyrics, their emcees that still continue from being in the game 20 years, it's just the weak go and are forgotten the true talented emcees are remembered.

    • Anonymous

      and in another year or so ross time will have passed as well and some new guys will take his place no one stays hot forever bro, thats how the game goes when its all over 50 will still have more money though

  • roc jay

    id give her a fuck! fifty is so over has been for years!!!

  • Anonymous

    fuck 50! nobody cares what you say, rap or act. just stop making music and movies. thinking he's a gangster because he sold some drugs as a teenager.

    • Anonymous

      ''Yall respect the one who got shot, I respect the shooter''

    • Jesus

      yeah if hes so gangsta. why didnt he fuck with game instead of snitch on him? if hes so bad. how come at the BET awards Ross walked up to him and said "got something to say bitch nigga" and Fif ducked the fuck out? Fif is all talk. he got shot cuz he ran his fuckin mouth. ten years later. the bitch nigga still doing it. someone should shoot him again

    • Anonymous

      you cannot question how gangster 50 cent is, not too many rappers have seen or lived through what hes has seen

    • Anonymous

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  • who cares

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  • Anonymous

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  • lil b= worst rapper alive

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    • anonymous

      rap nows a fucking joke but its also stupid to shit on change...a lot of people like the pop shit. times change and its unfortunate that people like lupe are forced to put out garbage when even he knows hes way better. luckily you can still listen to the old shit

    • Anonymous

      @ mr pink this is just some of the substance from the rapper you are defending "im up early like caillou, she get dirty like caillou, she aint worthy im caillou, im nerdy like caillou, im you as hell like caillou, young as hell like caillou" so you should prob just go kill yourself.. and your name is mr. pink.. fruity loop ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      Whether he dumbed down his "lyrics" or dumbed down for his "audience."and doubled my dollars WTF is the difference then "genius"?

    • Mr. Pink

      lol, @ you. So many fails in that little rant. Obviously you've never heard a Lil B tape so you wouldn't know what he's talking about. There is a grain of truth in what he says. Listen to The Age of Information. Also 'genious' before you insult learn to spell and if you're going to quote please quote correctly Jay never said 'dumb down my flows and triple my dollars.' He said 'I dumbed down for my audience and doubled my dollars.' Whatever. You're probably mad Lil B fornicated with your bitch.

  • The Wigger Hater

    So many haters with no life, and half of them is white lol

    • The Wigger Hater

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    • Anonymous

      I consider 50s fan base as white kids from the suburbs cuz the nigga aint got any street cred hes a wanksta snitch and you on the other way is a fucken nerdy ass nigga who spending to much time behind dat soulja boy music "don't hate on me i got a question why they hate on me SWAGGG" fuck outta here it's okay to give your opinion on dis shit

    • Anonymous

      Could be a 50 line. Maybe you're going to hear it on his next song.

    • ha

      *half of them are white proper english

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Fifty and Nicki Minaj

  • 420westcoast

    i would love to creampie Nikki's ass.

  • Ice-T

    HiphopDx is putting out 50 shit all the taam! none gives a fuck about this snitch fuck G units gangsta actors

    • SutterKane

      LOL @ you callin people gangster Actors with a name like "Ice T" SMH..........Props to Ice tho, I love SVU!!!

  • Anonymous

    only fags care if its fake

  • Anonymous

    who is 50 cent?

  • Streetsmart

    King of D is Royce..Proof got killed over an argument cause he said em was king.

    • Anonymous

      And you're posting this on a 50 article because..? And Em is better then Royce. Although Royce is still great. And the beef was because Em said he didn't have time to sign Royce then he went ahead and signed 50. And Royce and D12 started getting really competetive.

    • SutterKane

      That was the most retarded statement I've read on the internet all year, they should give a solid gold Dunce Cap and make you sit in the corner for a month with it on for that one, lol

  • DarChocolate

    all this n1gga do is give interviews..

  • Nino W.

    I just don't see how this is news or deserves an article.

  • beezlebud

    50 Em n Dre been beefin along time behind closed doors, why you think there's been no collabs on albums for years, Em even dissed 50 on "Not Affraid" who you think them barrs where at talkin bout claimin he was KING, shortly afer 50 released his KING mixtape

    • Ice-t

      Eminem is whack so is 50 snitch without faggot ass dre gay young they would be making slow jams

    • D90

      the KING line on not afraid was eminem criticizing himself... before Relapse was released it was supposed to be called KING MATHERS... but he changed it cuz he felt that wayne nd kanye were on top of the game nd he didnt think he was on par at that point in time r sum shit... theres references to it in recovery u jus gotta connect the dots... nd they all did a collab not to long ago on the song Syllables, nd em nd dre did I need a doctor AND they were all at that concert at yankee stadium... not to mention the only album that was released by any of em that no1 was on was recover... they were on BISD and relapse so actually they have still been collabs

  • Roamin

    This is the mixtape that's single handedly ruining hip hop, from this punk Asshole named Roamin... http://www.datpiff.com/ROAMIN-I-Am-A-Hoax-mixtape.245891.html

  • kod2600

    Stop treating Nicki's ass as a character itself. It's a part of a body damn it...big part though

  • LOL

    BREAKING NEWS: 50 Cent talks about Nicki Minaj's ass. lolwut

  • Jane Doe

    Ok 50 now that you have spoken, go find your career. SN : Nicki is fake & plastic from head to toe.

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