Styles P Reveals Tracklist For "Master Of Ceremonies," Features Pharrell, Rick Ross & More

UPDATE #3: SP The Ghost also enlists Busta Rhymes, Lloyd Banks, Pharoahe Monch and more for his upcoming LP, releasing October 4th.

Back in January Styles P announced the title of his 4th solo album Master of Ceremonies but since then details surrounding the project’s release date have been scarce.

During an interview with ForbezDVD, Styles confirmed that Master Of Ceremonies is slated for a September release and he also announced plans to drop a new, still-untitled mixtape next month. “Kiss just dropped the I Love You  mixtape, make sure you get that shit,” he said, referring to Jadakiss’ May release. “My shit will be out next month, I ain’t name it yet, but the album Master of Ceremonies, September.” 

Styles also added that he was working on Invincible Part II, presumably the follow up to his first book Invincible, which hit bookstores in June 2010.

In April, the LOX member, opened up The Juices For Life juice bar in the Bronx, New York's Castle Hill neighborhood, citing an effort to be more health-conscious. Hear him promote the juice bar in the clip below.

(June 29)

UPDATE: E1 Entertainment has confirmed that Styles P's Master of Ceremonies will release on October 4. Guests will include The L.O.X., Rick Ross, Pharrell, Busta Rhymes, Pharoahe Monch and Lloyd Banks. Producers include Warren G, Pete Rock and Statik Selektah.

[August 26]

UPDATE #2: Styles P has released the cover art for his upcoming album, releasing October 4.

[September 9]

UPDATE: Styles P has revealed the tracklist for his upcoming album, Master of Ceremonies.

01. How We Fly f. Avery Storm
02. We Don’t Play f. Lloyd Banks
03. I’m A Gee f. Rell
04. Ryde On Da Regular
05. Keep The Faith f. Aja
06. Children f. Pharoahe Monch
07. Street Shit f. Sheek Louch
08. Feelings Gone
09. Harsh f. Rick Ross & Busta Rhymes
10. It’s Ok f. Jadakiss
11. Don’t Turn Away f. Pharrell
12. Uh-Ohh f. Sheek Louch

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  • Dennis Vitkun

    Im not from this country I represent Ukraine, and we see killing every day. Styles P is even respected in Ukraine. Gooo Styles

  • jnr

    Wow, 10 features on a 12 track album? Hmmm... Niggas were dissin GAME for having many features, very interesting!

  • tmacky

    Rick Ross is one of the top five rappers n the game

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    I'm fully expecting this album to be a banger. And what's up with all the Rick Ross hate? Gotta respect an artist like Ross who is making moves in the industry.

  • Curtis Grim Reap Maxwell

    I dont' see why everybody is trippin about the Ross feature. Ross isn't a bad artist if you listen to the right tracks and from a business stand point Ross put Styles on one of his biggest hits. Lets face it Styles is on of the best out but he's not one of the hottest RIGHT NOW so the BMF track was a good look. I like to see real rap artist getting on mainstream tracks so they can reach a broad audience.


    I Fucks With The Ghost An All The Features He Got Are Good I Mean All The Cats He Got He Featured On Their Biggest Hits... So What's The Complaining About I Wonder If Ya'll Complained When P Was On BMF Which Was A Big Record For Ross An Pharoahe Monch Also

  • jesterxxl

    Fuck everyone complainin about Ross feature how in the you gonna have Pharrell but no Ortiz or Budden!!!

  • JG

    looks like a feature on every track, but Ghost make good music so its gna be hot regardless. And all the features are from quality artists, no flavour of the months. Waitin on that that track wit Rozay

  • Sensaye252

    Too many features...rappers can't hold down albums on their own anymore. For everyone sayin' Styles is 'the hardest rapper', what the fuck are you talking about? Are you saying his rap style is the hardest, as in the most street? Or are you sayin' he's the toughest motherfucker in the biz. Either way...he's not...and either way...who the fuck cares? This isn't the WWF.

  • Frank

    I'm anxious to hear track 6 wit pharoahe monche that should be dope!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta listen to everything EXCEPT for the track with Officer Ricky sttr8t skip. Plz take off Ross of this gr8t album

  • jamiet

    TAKE OUT RICK ROSS , put anyone else please.......YE I AGREE, I WONT BE LISTENING TO THAT TRACK.

    • KapDiva

      If someone killed your mother, would you call the police? Would you want the correctional officers to turn their backs and let the person escape prison? You blogging, so I know you wouldn't kill nothing on your own, so chill with hating Rozay. If you work a regular job, then you shouldn't be allowed to listen to gangster, drug dealer nor murder rap, because you don't live that life. If you nothing but a customer, you should just listen to Currency, Wiz, Amy Whinehouse and etc.

  • Anonymous

    ok ill bang this while ill be playing some nba 2k12 oct 4 gonna be a good day

  • Anonymous


  • drphil

    TAKE OUT RICK ROSS , put anyone else please

  • jesterxxl

    I was hopin for a D feature & maybe a Drag verse!

  • smoking newports

    styles p A gangster and a Gentleman was dope Nobody believes me = classic styles p song

  • smoking newports

    cool news , wanna hear some new styles . but fuck that fat fake Officer Ricky . leave his wack ass off the album .

  • yonkers be dark

    thats a dope cover simple likes hes just thinkin a rhyme up as he smokes one styles never acted flashy he let his M.C skills do the talking hardest rapper ever

  • kingrichard1

    COVER WACK!!! BUT HE AITE MUSICALLY BEEN A SLICK FAN SINCE DAY 1 BUT IF HE AINT GOTTA TOP 40 HIT ON IT,ITS GON FLOP...wayne is a workaholic whether his material gr8 or nt but da industry being real 1 sided wit awards & his praise...

  • Shane Bell

    styles n monch should really bring out an album together, that would turn the game upside down!

  • Marcell

    This album gonna be poppin, would like a Nas feature on the album though

  • Anonymous

    The LOX has two classic albums if you ask me. As solo artist, Jada never really made that classic album but Gangster and a Gentleman is classic to me. Sheek first album was hard as hell too, not classic but, it was official. Nobody in the 90's/2000's era had the streets like the Lox. Dmx had the streets but he was more of an mainstream street artist.

  • Info

    For all you'll fronting on here, Name one rapper that is harder than Styles P, i am tell you this nigga is the hardest out there in the rap game,right now listen to this nigga drop bars, the nigga is crazy with his, none come close to this nigga period, and it like that

    • rell

      at jester 2 multi-platinum albums in one year. not bad for a crackhead. the dog was runnin things

    • Anonymous

      Beanie sigel come close but not as hard if beans can stay out of trouble then just may be

    • Anonymous

      Beanie Sigel!

    • Info

      @jesterxxl son you crazy thinking DMX is even close,that crack head not and to the next dude son where you been living at name five rapper that have an album with more that 5 hot tracks these day, nigga do your maths you got 4 hot tracks on a album them nigga is saying it a classic ask lil wyane and Jay-z & west.

    • Anonymous

      @ info i aint about hard. it is about skillz and the ability to make an album with 14 dope tracks and not 5 dope tracks and the rest garbage.

    • jesterxxl

      I'm not hatin or frontin man just statin you asked for harder I say DMX the audience says...

  • Crystal

    Master of Ceremonies, great title. He's one that deserve that title. There's many rappers around, but an MC is what you really want to be named.

  • LoL

    Looks like he's getting a dick up his ass on the picture.

  • Dr. Lyrical Surgeon

    We are looking forward to this!! "I'm Black" was dissected by us (great stuff)

  • tah

    If they stopped dropping shit they were'nt serious about they would have a good discography. They also have a lot of crap mixtapes out on the streets, them rapping over some of the most hideous commercial tunes. But they are one of the best groups repping this hip hop shit since the late 90s No mention of how the pharoah and style p mixtape is going, if it's actully still happening

  • Nnamdi

    i heard about 4 tracks off this album. The shit is FIREEEEE!!!! styles is hungry!!This is sounding like one of his BEST albums EVER!!

  • hellrazor

    i'm lookin forward to this album. rick ross i could easily live without though

  • ItsTheTruth

    Replace Rick Ross with Joe Budden and that lineup would have been phenomenal. That 'Dessert For Thought' joint off Mood Muzik 4 was crazy, I wish they would have recorded something and saved it for ghost's project.

  • Anonymous

    who cares for the lox. they talented but their discographie is average

  • Anonymous

    no warren g hes a terrible producer who nobody listens to anymore

    • Anonymous

      If u hating on d lox, men 4kk u! Got a heart full of hate, 4k u! If u hope they wouldnt make it, 4kkkk u!

  • dockevoc

    Styles has been one of the most improved spitters for years he keeps getting better and better...looking forward to this

  • drphil

    minus rick ross add someone thats actually good n it sounds like a good album :)

  • Anonymous

    Hate On The LOX? haha Shits funny go listen to your soulja boy nigga

  • Anonymous

    6 comments. it doesn't matter if LOX drops an album, these niggas are FINISHED. jadakiss last album/mixtape was TRASH, a dedication to the fans, please, 90 percent of his fans thought it sucked. sheeks last album was fucking terrible, full of sellout songs. he sold 4,000 copies first week on def jam. he's dead as a solo artist. styles cant even get distro for his indy projects, so it's all throwaway shit now. nobody cares about jada anymore, he's dressing like a hipster now looking for steam. LOX are the biggest underachievers in the rap game. all the talent, and NO DRIVE. everybody in the LOX is making trash music, and even their core fans lost interest. nail in the coffin.

    • hod_guy

      he's actuall right i hope styles rebounds from that terrible last album, they don't sell because they make mediocre music, bottom line don't trash music or insult the listeners intelligence. I love styles he's the best one in the group, but they under the eminem act terrible albums, good guest verses always on other people's albums

    • Anonymous

      nah u wrong

  • truf

    jadakiss n styles have a decent ear for beats but the lox as a group have an ear for extremely mediocre beats...i can wait for a lox album it wont be anything special

  • Toppa Shot

    not enough money to split in a group I guess. R.I.P. the Lox

  • tet

    another bullshit project from the d-block camp. sheek can drop a mixtape and an album, styles drops cd/dvd/mixtapes every 3 months, and jada just sold/gave away a mixtape, but these niggas can't record a LOX album? everything they drop now is wack to mediocre now anyway. it's over.

  • Anonymous

    g-host, space ghost, pinero, david, styles, holiday. ect=hardest ninja in the streets. period.

  • jae

    styles p got better over the years luv his music

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