Flying Lotus Denounces Big Sean's "Finally Famous" In Twitter Rant

The producer calls the G.O.O.D. Music rapper's debut a "shitty album" during a Twitter rant.

Producer Flying Lotus has expressed his disdain for Big Sean's debut album Finally Famous during a Twitter rant. The beatsmith, who previously hinted to HipHopDX about at a collaboration with G.O.O.D. Music chief Kanye West, blasted the LP for what he claims is "the same shit i heard in the last album i bought (nothing)."

This Big Sean album is not sweet. I dunno why I try to like this stuff.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

I want my time back!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

same wack ass post drake cadence,talking about the same shit i heard in the last rap album i bought(nothing).more autotune.more snare repeatless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Oh rap.. You used to be such a beautiful bitch, now look at you.. Look at you!less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

@G_O_O_D_Music I am hip hop! I just care too much, that's all. Don't worry I paid for the shitty album, so the joke is really on me anyway.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Lotus most recently released his mind-warping album Cosmogramma last year, and was recently in the studio working on tracks with Erykah Badu.

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  • BradZuk

    The biggest argument on here isn't about Flying Lotus, or Big sean. Its about something bigger than that: just having an opinion. One guy hates on another, then gets hated on for bein a hater, and then that guy gets hated on for hatin on haters. Its fucking ridiculous. So im going to chime in. I'm with the people who say its ok to have an opinion in the world. To criticize, and analyze, and "hate" if you will. But I agree that theres a problem on this site. For me, however, the problem is that you people are all fucking retarded. I dont mean your opinions are retarded. Sometimes they're spot on. I mean YOU ARE. You are all completely incapable of communicating. And you are all so shockingly angry. How bout you take your opinions, think critically about them, and then express them in a legible way. So we can have a discussion. This forum is literally asinine. Its fodder for racists. Its justification for hating a beautiful genre. Flylo has an opinion - albiet a tired an irritating one - and he is entitled to that opinion. But if, like me, you're tired of hearing about how much rap sucks now, how bout express why? Or, perhaps, provide examples of other people saying the same thing? Or provide a counter argument? Any of the above would be a huge step up from, MAYNE... FUCK DIS FAGGOT ASS HATER. You sound childish.

  • Joe Frasier

    I feel bad for anyone who takes Big Sean seriously. Please, GOOD has Kanye, Pusha, Common, Mos,Cudi, CyHi, and few others who are actually really good. Big Sean is just a silly rapper.

  • Mandy Sandy

    god, all u muthafuckaz need 2 stop hatin on big sean. hiz album wuz dope, u niggaz r just deaf. big sean had no i.d. producin da fuckin album, da same nigga dat made common'z "i used 2 luv h.e.r." which iz a song a lot of u confused bitchez like rite? and big sean'z rhymez r dope and on anotha level. he influenced flake'z style. big sean iz da future of da rap game along wit j cole whether u faggotz like it or not. RNGMB BITCH! FUCK FAGGOT LOTUS AND U HATERZ!

    • LOL @ these comments

      So what if No ID is on the album and Sean is new in the game, Sean don't even know if he has a future in rap music himself.

  • Anonymous

    so fkn wat ppl still like love it

  • For Real

    After reading all the comments, all i see is a bunch of grown men bitching and moaning about having opinions and how big sean is "soft" or "gay". "Do you fools listen to music or do you just skim through it?" I bet more than half of you guys never even listened to the album, so you're not entitled to have an opinion on it. None of you so called hip hop fans have made a coherent, plausible, or credible comment about the actual album. It sounds as if you guys are just jealous that Big Sean is blowing up.

    • For Real

      so what is "pure, dope hip hop" (LOL) to you? "Pure" hip hop to me is Grandmaster Flash, Slick Rick, or KRS-One. nobody makes that kind of music anymore, so your argument makes no sense

    • Che

      agree with the jjj stokes dude

    • jjj steez

      i hate dudes like you that brush these bloggers off as "haters" or "immature" or "jealous" or whatevaa. there's a difference between aimless criticism and straight up real talk. big sean is not nice, and alotta these new dudes on these labels are whack. yea, some of the people that shit on big sean are just jealous losers that think its cool to make fun of new mc's, but a majority of the "haters" are people smart enough to know that this is no where near pure, dope hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    yo big sean always sucks he a joke rapper niggas wit ears can tell he suck he cant take himself seriously softest nigga from detroit since D12 marshmallow asses

  • Anonymous

    The internet amazes me lol so when an artist you don't like listening to expresses their opinion you call him/her a "piece of shit hater-garbage-fag-sellout", but when an artist is labeled as "non-mainstream" (which immediately means better for some strange ass reason) who is CLEARLY hating his balls off with numerous posts about a single album it's completely ok and understandable, right? lol wow.. I even see people on here bragging about how much money Flying Lotus makes with all of his current the same idiots that bitch about lil wayne, etc making money with their art.. I hate people and their dick riding tendencies :)

    • Jesus

      Sensaye speaks the truth.

    • J.T.

      I agree with Sensaye. My friends got pissed off when i said i didnt like Big Seans album either. Calling me a hater and blah blah. No one is allowed to have an opinion these days. Sure sometimes people are really just hating but if you have a real reason why you dont enjoy something then so be it. We arent 5; we dont have to agree on everything.

    • Sensaye252

      The word 'Hating' needs to be retired from the hip-hop dictionary. Listen man, people are aloud to have their own opinions, that's not 'hating'. 'Hating' is when someone tells the girl you're trying to fuck that you got gennital warts. 'Hating' is when someone scratches the paint on your new car because they're jealous. 'Hating' is when someone pulls the plug out of the wall while you're on the mic. Saying you don't like a motherfuckers album is just your OPINION. This new era of dumb fucks don't HAVE an objective opinion out of fear of 'hating'. Hip-Hop, and America for that matter, is supposed welcome differences in opinions, not be a fuckin' robot factory.

    • Anonymous

      I think you need to recheck who really is dick riding. There people bashing lotus as well. so what did you learn? You *Fail*


    This is what time it is. I said it on the moment I heard Finnaly Famous... I gave it a try but to me that guy sounds exactly the same as Drake same voice same flows. That's why Drake is switchin his voice nowadays to a little lower , I guess I am not hating, really Drake can write and make songs. With my girl its Ok but I am not so with that Emo shit. Cant help it. Its just my opinion

  • Anonymous

    Yeah it's horrible alright but for lotus to call out hip hop for being shit is an insult seeing as how he is is completely garbage.

    • Anonymous

      In no way is calling todays hip hop garbage an insult when quite simply put it is garbage. Both underground and mainstream are at fault. Underground for becoming more and more wack and not releasing quality/classic shit on time. Mainstream for overpopulating the media as whole, so that we cant turn the tv on without seeing your wack shit.

    • Anonymous

      your a loser keep the dicks out ya mouth and listen to a beat homo


    i dont rock with homie so i couldnt tell what his album sound like besides the radio soft single

  • Dark Chocolate

    and who is this dude again? if i was big sean i'd tweet some shyt like suk my nuttz and thx for the support ur wackness......and i dont even like big sean. you n1ggas be hating point blank. if you dont liek something thats fine but why did he buy the album in the first place? sean hasnt put out any singles that would make you think his album was in some way "deep" so wtf? if you want ot hear a certain type of hip hop and you;r ein his position then PUT SOME MUSIC OUT AND STFU!!! so tired of you females complaining

    • Anonymous

      no. are you dumb. he said the last album he bought. Big sean doesn't have any other album out that he could've bought. this is his FIRST release stupid. he was talking about the last hip-hop album he bought. dumb-ass

    • Anonymous

      are you dumber? he bought the first album and said it sucked. why would he buy the next one?

    • Anonymous

      are you dumb? he didn't know it was wack until he bought it. he thought it was going to be a good album so he bought it. AFTER he listened to it, he realized it was trash. what about that don't you get?

  • eit

    flying lotus is shit, i have his album shit is boring and random, there is no real musical talent like some idiots claim, anyway the joke is on me...

  • Anonymous

    Flylo is a genius

  • Onaje Jordan

    Speak the truth brother

  • Anonymous

    "if i don't like it, i don't like it, that don't mean that i'm hating" - Common, sixth sense

  • tracee

    He is right that album is garbage

  • 2Da9thPwr

    Ahhh, the power of celebrity. I have never heard Big Sean before and I was about to give him a chance until Fly-Lo intercepted. Thank you fly-lo, if it wasn't for you I would of wasted an hour plus listening to this garbage...

  • whooooaa

    wait! first freddie gibbs, now flying lotus?...means one thing: sean is about to blow up and they know it. All you d*ck riders co-signing with his statement probably already bought the album already, be your own man, dont let his opinion of seans album taint your judgement, FINALLY FAMOUS has already gotten positive reviews from music critics all across the web so its official...#letitgo

  • Anonymous

    It's not his opinion, it's how he expressed his opinion as to why he could be considered as "hating". For example, if I tell all of you right now that you are the most moronic lot I've ever seen, a bunch of dumb, pussy-ass motherfuckers, you'd get mad right? Now if I told you I disagreed with you and I don't think you're in the right, which one are you more mad at? Homeboy's entitled to his opinion, but the whole "I want my time back" comes off snarky and like a douche. It's cool if you don't like it, but when you openly attack it, then you look like a hater who needs some attention.

    • A.S.

      Uh huh. I never use the term 'hating' but the level of disdain dude is coming with comes off a little unwarranted, leaves me wondering if there's more to it.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. ''Would you rather be underpaid or overrated''? Jay-Z

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    It really is a garbage album

  • don mccaine

    and real type, FF is straight meh status. But even Public Enemy's "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" was meh and overlooked until "Rebel Without A Pause" came out. "My Uzi Weighs A Ton" is rarely spoke about when PE is mentioned. So all of that "niggas is hating" jargon is foolish thoughts coming from one who is assimilated to doing what the status quo is doing and follows like a Twitter account. Real artists don't follow trends (Twitter got y'all confused) and set their footprints in the concrete. "how do you know if it's good unless you buy it" is that realness right there. I was waiting for someone to post their download technique. Bottom line, if you don't buy the music, stop complaining because you are part of the problem, not the solution. Shouts to the homies/lurkers that recognize me. Hope all is well.

  • Anonymous

    clown trying to get his name out and get his own shit on jealous of sean's fame

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      Anyone expressing their disdain for something = "HATING" People aren't allowed to have opinions anymore?

    • JohnnyBlaze

      Flying Lotus is well-known in the music world. he is clocking nice figures through the adult swim network as well. he is a relative of the late great Coltrane. He is wayyyy more established than big sean who just dropped his FIRST album. so the real clown is you STAN!

    • darius

      your a genius. who would have thought. one artist expresses his opinion of another on his own twitter page and his grand scheme is revealed. fuckin brilliant! get a life man.

  • don mccaine

    What a thread...can't see the hatred for an artist connected in the industry who purchased music and let out his critique...but I do see cats here trying to push thru the ignorance...keep going tho...

  • Myan McConico

    anybody who has watched adult swim and heard the music between commercials knows at least some of his stuff...

    • don mccaine

      respectfully, these young buls don't know unless there's a major press release on a web site. You can tell the Hip Hop fans from the mainstream rap followers from the commentary. They only know who's "up next" instead of "who's talented".

  • David James Robinson

    Just strikes me as uncreative. Couldn't even come with a better album name than "Finally Famous" after 3 mixtapes with the same title.

    • Matt Tompkins

      These "artists" obviously aren't making transcendant music that touches everyone, which is why these "non-artists" as you are basically calling them, gain fame and fortune. I know the Blu track produced by FlyLo was all over the damn place, and kinda makes me never wanna listen to his music again...

    • Harry Choo Choo

      I agree bro! its like when slim thug named his album 'already platinum' We call these people artists. ahhahahahahhahahah. I see them as just employees of major labels who are told how to walk, talk and dress. Real artists do what the fuck they want to do. they follow nobody but themselves! It seems as if ONLY SICK MUSIC MAKES MONEY TODAY!

  • Hannya

    I refuse to take anybody that goes by the name "Flying Lotus" seriously. Unless you are a female Japanese ninja.

    • Anonymous

      Fuck all yall and Flying Lotus. Pussies.

    • David James Robinson

      He probably gets more money from royalty checks from one night of Adult Swim than you make in your life. But you don't have to take him seriously.

    • Rob JJ

      It seems as if this Hannya or whatever you call it was trying to be funny. but really just wasted space on my screen with insignificant drivel. think before you type :)

    • larry david

      what the fuck is a Hannya?!?!?

    • chaka

      Big sean or Young this or Lil that? get the fuck outta here nigga with your conventional remarks. High-functioning moron

  • jimmy

    shame on flying lotus now people are going to start talking about how they know real hip hop you guys need to shhaattt thee fucckk up if u dont like it dont listen to it obviously hes more talented than u because he made it through why cant you ever be happy for people...why you always gotta fuckin hate?

    • sherv

      It sounds as if Jimmy has yet to go through puberty. Dont worry son, in due time!!!

    • LOL @ these comments

      ^^^ young boy logic. How is he hating if he bought it? If he didn't buy it, and did that THEN he would be hating. But I can see the stan in the comment "obviously hes more talented than u because he made it through"

    • Jamal fades em all

      jimmy is the simpleton who interprets personal opinions as hate. simpleton who interprets quality as quantity sold. simpleton who introduces nothing new into the discussion amongst adults. save that hater shit for another forum fucker!

  • ~L.I.E.~

    In a way I kinda agree with the nigga. Big Sean's mixtapes were all better than this album. True story. But Big Sean isnt wack, and he isnt garbage. Its just based on a person preference. If u dont like Sean, y bother buying the album? Y bother going on this website to talk nonsense? Y talk shit behind the keyboard. Im sorry yall I got love for Hip Hop/Rap which ever yall prefer to call it. I just respect anyone whos making music, and they making that money.

    • Anonymous

      Hey genius, don't act like you can't find the music free online first. It's the internet, you can find anything on here.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      Why would I waste my money on a garbage album when I can just download it?

    • Anonymous


    • Diana hearts hip-hop

      I agree. i respect anybody who exploits music for fortune and fame and rapes the shit out of the culture of hip-hop. you are so profound. ASSHOLE!

    • Che

      ^^ such a tool, man. you missed the whole point genius. Sean is a product of the corporation, pharmaceuticals if you will. Flying Lotus is more of a natural, more organic specimen, hence the herbal medicine reference. Which is grown or produced naturally :)

    • Anonymous

      Pharmaceutical drugs are scientifically tested and proven to work. They've been FDA approved for a reason. They're also the most effective. That analogy's kind of bad...but I like your spirit, lol.

    • Hip-Hop Junkie 88'

      Flying Lotus is more like Herbal Medicine. It is natural and beautiful possessing great healing properties that nourish the body, mind and spirit. The medicine of the people! Big Sean is more like Pharmaceutical drugs. Chemically processed and toxic possessing great side effects that damage the body, mind and spirit. The medicine of the corporation! The choice is yours :)

    • Cindy Carta

      unique and passionate artist. real artist.

    • Anonymous

      Don't you have a search bar on your computer?

  • Anonymous

    why'd you buy the album then dumb ass? if the last one sucked?

    • Anonymous

      It's called the internet. It's what you're using to try and sound smart.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      no i dont because if he hates dudes music, why buy it? then denounce it so others want. hows that helpin?

    • Anonymous


    • lala

      because im a hip-hop fiend. I need my fix. unfortunately, this album is more suited for little boys and girls. so i bought the new pete rock/smif album. im high again!! ahhahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is the master of metaphors.

  • G5

    I fuck with Big Sean but I wasn't happy with this at all. FF1 & FF3 were both way better than this shit. Nigga went super pop on this shit. Not cool Boi...

  • Sensaye252

    Exactly. That's why I don't listen to these niggas. Everybody is ready to jizz in their shorts everytime they hear a rapper that can say a couple slick metaphors and shit. But it's all just slightly different versions of the same shit. Let me guess, you get all the girls, you're the flyest dude in the world, your swag is on level 90 cabillion, blah blah blah. None of these niggas have any character. With respect to Flying Lotus though, his last album was weak too, I ain't gonna front. It's one thing to be creative, but it still has to SOUND good.

  • JOE

    Big Sean is one of many gay rappers out today. i can't prove he's gay. but he is very feminine, that can't be challenged. he has a soft voice, and he giggles and postures his hands like a woman when he speaks. this young man cried at every listening party he hosted. waterworks. i wouldn't be surprised if GOOD music had a backdoor initiation ritual. Big Sean is very sweet. he's seen some hellish things in his time. he sounds harmless, like he'd be laid up in the hospital after a pillow fight. pusha t is also a homosexual. his brother malice got closer to god and distanced himself from his brothers deviance.

    • Sensaye252

      I know you're half-joking. But you might be on to something. I mean, personally, I don't really care if a nigga is gay or not. But I really think it's gonna come out that alot of these rappers are gay, especially this G.O.O.D. music crew. It's becoming a fad to be gay. This happened with women in the late-nineties/early 2000's. It's almost like a movement in America going on to homosexualize everyone or some weird shit. I actually saw a billboard the other day PROMOTING homosexuality. It wasn't advocating homosexual rights, it was actually saying "Hey...being gay is where it's at". Hip-Hop now is like Hollywood. All these niggas have been so overindulged that they become sexually extreme, which leads to homosexuality. I think G.O.O.D. stands for the "Gay Order of Dick-Lovers".

    • Anonymous

      Joe is the faggiest fag on this page. That is all.

    • dinklebarry

      damn, that's deep man.

  • Philip Henery

    If having a different opinion is being a hater, just because I choose not to be a follower of your opinion, then let me the president of the Hater Party!

    • LOL @ these comments

      + a millie to what Greg said.

    • Greg Jones

      I agree 100%. Thank you!! Its refreshing to see somebody who is not afraid to speak how they feel. The hip-hop industry and it's marketing genius's have created this paranoia amongst its listeners for not accepting with their product. They have injected this so called "hater" persona into the psyche of all hip hop fans who oppose their product. STAND UP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • dinklebarry

      shut up philip

  • Harry Prince

    Fuck a so tired of so called hiphop fans..everybody into wht their is greater than ever cuz u can get wht ever it .is.u shout out big sean...if u like it like it ...but stop fuckin hatin let a nigga get his....

    • John Brown

      Dear Harry Prince, You sound like a juvenile. Dont worry...with time you will one day be able to form your OWN thought and opinion instead of sounding like a broken record (no pun intended). Otherwise, you will remain a simple man with no identity echoing the sentiments of a bunch of idiots who cant express themselves. You sir represent the 'HERD MENTALITY.' damon waynes is right, you suck.

    • LOL @ these comments

      And you, are part of the problem.

    • damonwaynes

      You Suck!

  • Jefferey Mason


  • Whiterthanmost

    Preach brother Lotus! Used to buy 2-3 a week! Random Axe, Hot Sauce Comittee, Apollo Kids, Pauls Botique reissue, Cuban Linx 2. Now sadly I can remember the last 5 I've actually purchased. Truly is sad.

    • Anonymous

      Nah I think he knows the good ones man. He probably just had some faith in this dude or something thought he wouldn't be so trash cause kangaye had him under the wing. Goes to show you what GOOD music is capable of.

    • SpikeyJamez

      I agree, Hail Mary Mallon, Blueprint, Atmosphere, Sole & The Skyrider Band, Apathy, Evidence, Vakill, Grieves, Noah23 & hundred of other MC's & Dj's are making good music this year. Flying Lotus should spend more researching good music than the ones on the radio.

  • DX is WACK

    Steven J Horowitz you instigating faggot. I see You Snake. I SMELL PUSSY...

    • sherv

      why are you knocking the messenger? be grateful. Steven J. Horowitz sparked great dialogue amongst the DX community. we must speak on these issues man. How else can we improve and grow. I enjoyed this post :)

    • DX is WACK is

      really Big Sean

    • dinny

      get the f*ck outta here mane! go back to 2dopehoes! shake and meka are hoes my ninja! hi-yah! karate chop dat a$$!

  • Che

    FlyLo let's go! Mom and Massage Situation are the truth.

  • Anonymous

    There majority of people are crying on the net about the state of hip hop. Look at the comments on here, every other rap site and youtube. Everyone has the time to diss mainstream artists. Then, take a look at the sales of underground rappers. Around 1,000-7,000. Fake ass people.

    • truth101


    • Anonymous

      what are you dudes like the hip hop messiah. you bought all of the 700 copys? If you didn't notice right above Flying lotus ( a producer ) is complaining. Hip Hop is on the down, worrrd

    • Yup

      The internet is a place where some hold the illusion of being righteous to make up for being cowards in Real time/Real Life.

    • LOL @ these comments

      You can't compare an indie rapper who gets no shine on BET or MTV or most rap websites and is only known in their region and has to PAY to perform when a famous rapper comes to town to a rapper like Sean, who's connected to Kanye and is backed by Universal Records, who can put a song by Sean on NBC/Comcast and the little ones will think he's blown up and the people approve of this rapper's music.

  • Rival X Jordan

    He's right. Big Sean album was shitty. Very disappointing. Was looking forward to the album to. Glad I didn't buy it.

  • ms_hiphop

    i wrote something about this....Opinions anyone?? Freedom of Speech???

  • Josue Silva

    Flying Lotus is no one to mess with, he'll put one of the dopest MC's (ELZHI) out there on a track with one of his beats and slaughter you (big sean)

    • yessurrr

      Amen! I never listened to flying lotus before this post. I took about an hour of my time to sit and digest his art. Im very much impressed. Cool post man. Im always looking for my hip-hop fix which has been lacking these days. When I listen to his music I can tell its genuine, pure and organic. When I listen to big sean, I hear desperation in the music. I actually did my homework tonight to lotus. While big sean's music not only gives me real bad A.D.D. I also feel uneasy and nervous. toxic fast food music!!!

  • Anonymous

    See I hate this shit. The guy expressed his opinion on an album WHY does that always end up being classified as "hate" or "not understanding" He didn't like it and don't like a lot of current rap. There is NOTHING wrong with that and nothing he doesn't understand. I understand a lot of rappers but that doesn't mean I like it or enjoy all of it

  • Anonymous

    PROPS to flying lotus...speak the truth...

  • Anonymous

    BIG was right more money more problems. BIG prob didnt even see money for a long time. These days these soft candy rappers ride these wack trends and get rich over night.

  • guerilla jones

    um ...well i guess just release some music ill listen to and....ill listen to what you have to say, other then that...suck more baby dicks?

  • Lol

    Only hipsters who like things in their anus could disagree


    what makes me laugh about this nonsense argument that isnt really an argument is that you guys are not even writing what G.O.O.D. MUSIC wrote to him and tweeted 'You are not a hip-hop fan, & thats fine, but focus on improving your own craft rather than hating on a different young artist' ' No, youre not.Hip-hop is from all perspectives. It is close minded & immature to hate on what you dont understand or relate to.' and flying lotus is the "immature" one HAAAAA! idiots

    • okkkkkk

      yeah i kinda agree with you on the whole people being labeled a "hater" for voicing their opinion, but i think you all are missing the point, its still a bad look for him to get on twitter and put up several posts regarding another mans album because at the end of the day he still looks like a......hater.

    • Willy

      Marc Mac... I agree 100 percent. The term hater is thrown around so much these days. I see nothing wrong with having an opinion. And voicing it. But at the same time I have a real problem with people (especially on this site) just clicking shit and hating simply because of the title. (You see it on every Eminem, Jay-Z, Drake related link on here). If you don't like someone or something simply don't click the link. I don't like Lil' Wayne. So I don't click the links involving him. I LIKE Eminem, I LIKE Jay-Z, I LIKE (some) Drake. So I am interested in the news involving them. Again... I agree 100 percent. Simply calling someone a hater because of how they feel about a song/album/artist is quite dumb and unnecessary.

    • marc mac

      willy, I was not directing my words towards you or chemtrail. just pure emotions. it got the best of me. im just tired of hearing the same ol problems with music and when somebody voices their opinion like flying lotus etc they are quickly labeled as hater. as good music tweeted back called flying lotus a hater. hater this hater that. Its all I hear. Im an A&R for a major label, it is soooooo depressing to see so many people all do the same thing to reach success. it is disenchanting. the moment you have an artist that wants to speak against the HERD of hip-hop, he is labeled as such. It is a shitty business bro. I just have so much love for hip-hop i cant let it go. Its all love. not hate. Often, the two are confused.

    • Willy

      Marc Mac... Who are you typing to? Doesn't matter really. Neither Chemtrail or myself are probably worthy of "pharmaceutical" swallowing. I LOVE how you are so pro-opinion voicing. While "scolding" others for voicing their opinions... Hypocrite much?

    • Marc Mac

      Wow. I love how the moment somebody expresses a personal opinion regarding anything he is automatically deemed a hater. give that a rest man. How old are you? Do you make music? No...then shut the fuck up!!!! WAKE UP! The industry is filled with people who are part of the problem regarding the MATURITY of hip-hop. GROWTH FOR CHRIST SAKE! People like you who scold others for voicing their opinons are fuckin toxic to society. Continue to be a zombie and an advocate for bullshit. Now go swallow some pharmaceuticals :)

    • Willy

      What was immature about what "G.O.O.D. MUSIC" posted? I think, considering the circumstances, that they handled it with class and maturity.

  • freshyboy

    some of the corniest lyrics of all time appear on this album


    I will agree on the "drake-wannabe" part. A lot of rappers on the commercial side of music are copying each other too many times that it becomes a complete tiresome. Sorry, but Big Sean needs to stop following the trend and try to experiment new idea to build a brand of himself and not from other artist.

    • chris

      nah dude, that shit's been around for years. it's never been so prominent as now though. people are making whole albums of it and even the biggest artists are releasing their singles using that type of flow. was better when cam did it back in the early 00's

    • Chris

      sean was using it before drake though, drake adopted it for Forever and just ended up doing well with it. they are both essentially the same artist so it doesn't really matter.

    • shane

      I'm sick of people acting like that one word punchline shit was started by big sean. If you listened to a decent amount of rap at all you know he's not even close to the first person to do that. Hell in my opinion him and drake are biters.

    • SpikeyJamez

      Are you serious?! The dude is a bastard child of Drake, the music style of the two are almost the same. Look I don't mind if you listen to his music, but giving him so much credibility than hundreds of other better artists completely shows the complete ass side of Hip Hop fans in general.

    • chris

      big sean CREATED the style you idiot. he's actually a trendsetter. drake even big ups him for the style.

  • Jamal Illegal

    Flying Lotus makes music for passion. Big Sean makes music for profit. Of course, this will be evident in the sound. What else do you expect to hear from a guy whose album is titled finally famous. You should not be surprised if all you hear on the album is the same boring nonsense (ho's, clothes, cars, d*ck, pus*y and drug abuse). Remember he is an employee of the record company. this is the formula for success according to them. Yet in the 21st century we call these people Artists. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA

    • bkstylz

      Yo spikey, there was just an article on here talking about how Drake bit hias style

  • Anonymous

    if i knew who this guy is i can make an opinion on this, but i dont.

  • truth

    Whats the big deal is he not speaking the truth?

    • SpikeyJamez

      Yes, and I definitely agree with you. Sadly, most Hip Hop fans are so narrow-minded and believes all the hype from the TV & the radio that it makes Chuck D feels completely disappointed from these so-called "Hip Hop fans" who support the culture, which in reality they don't. That's why Hip Hop doesn't belong on the corporate industry at all for this reason in particular about this "following the trend" agenda from these artist wannabes.

  • freshyboy

    this album is trash, this is music for little kids and girls, if you dont fit into one of those categories you need to check yourself

  • Steve Christopher

    Hmmm what is it with

  • OK

    just got it and listened to it, don't know what he's talking about, it's a decent debut, Sean will only get better, but FFVol.3 was better in my opinion. Don't know why Flying Lotus is so butt hurt though.

    • yeah

      okay, but if you're going to accuse rap of going to shit, don't target Big Sean, target douches like Soulja Boy, YC, Lil Wayne, Wiz khalifa, fuckers like this sit here and criticize people like Big Sean saying he sounds like Drake and all that shit, why don't they criticize lil wayne for sounding like garbage lyrically and vocally, soulja boy for being shitty lyrically and vocally, Wiz for being a gimmick rapper that's getting rich of rapping about weed; Curren$y does it too but he's actually lyrical.

    • Anonymous

      hes mad cuz he sees that rap is turning to shit. Wack corny artists.

  • Brian Andrew Smith


    • woah...

      this dude has a doll's head in his mouth, legit if you ask me. Brian, will you also cosign my comment that you're a fag? Your cosigns mean a lot and all, people will surely take notice.

    • Anonymous

      stop posting

  • JB

    hes flying lotus. he can say what he wants

    • Anonymous

      Cont. Especially when you dedicate 10 tweets concerning the matter and you put things in a bigger perspective and bring up the whole "hip hop is dead" thing for dialogue. If with one tweet, he something like, "Just saw the Hangover 2. Horrible. Don't watch.", it be cool and if he had the same conversation in private it would be cool.

    • James

      I'm a big fan of both, but I'm on Sean's side. There's nothing wrong with having taste and expressing yourself, but it's not cool when you have some level of fame and you're speaking negatively about someone whose from a world that's not too distant from yours.

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