Game Asks Fans To Contribute A Verse To "Pot Of Gold" Single

UPDATE: The Compton spitter is now asking fans to contribute a verse to "Pot of Gold" instead of "Red Nation."

Game’s ever-delayed R.E.D. Album is still tentatively set for August 23rd release, but before that, the rapper wants his fans to contribute a verse to the album's single "Red Nation."

Game made the announcement in a short video message explaining his idea for a new contest. “I’m looking for another verse for my single 'R.E.D. Nation,' you could write or record your best 16 bars,” he explained. “I’m going to record my favorite verses on video and share with the world. For the winning verses, your name and link will pop up during your lyrics so everyone knows that your verse was pretty fucking hot and I chose it.”

The Compton rapper encouraged fans to participate in the contest with the promise of publicity via his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Check out or for details.

[June 29]

UPDATE: Game has changed the contest from submitting verses for "Red Nation" to "Pot of Gold" featuring Chris Brown. Head over to Talent House for more information on how to enter.

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  • ShowTime NY

    This nigga wildin.. U cant Change that shit! Its not about how long It takes me to write a verse.. Its the fact I stopped out of doing what Im doing to enter your contest..Im coming out with my own dam album.. I gotta memorize my own verses..O gotta listen to all 15 songs constantly to make sure everything is write.. U cant waste PPl's time. I understand U changing ure mind but sit on ure Idea for Sec Before u waste ppl time. Cause serious artist wont fuck wit u.



    • Shit aint gott nuthin to do..

      Shit Aint got nuthing to do with Bi Polar.. PPl Change they mind all the time Fool.. Its about Failing to Plan and Planing to Fail.. Get off that 12 year old bullshit.. Dont disrespect ppl with Bi Polar..Something U or any but the ppl with that shit know about because a rapper cant make up his mind!

  • Scottie Minor

    ook at all these wiggas on a black website trying to be black…white people still feel they can comment on hip hop… how can u comment on something if its not a part of your culture… white people try so hard to be black.. you know how stupid u look when u try and act and dress black… they made a movie making fun of white people trying to be black (malibu most wanted)… how does it feel to listen to something u can’t relate to… for an example.. when you listen to nas (second childhood)or (destroy & rebuild) or too short (the ghetto)or watch (boyz n the hood)… how can a white person relate to any of those… you cant really get into the song white people because u dont go through what they rapping about… u got some white people on here commenting saying they live in the hood… first off lets define (hood)… just cause you or yor boyz slang a lil crakk and hang on the corner (thats not the hood)…. just cause u and yor boyz own a gun (thats not tha hood)…. just cause one of yor boyz got murked (thats not tha hood)… jus cause u shot someone (thatz not the tha hood)… know in the real hood . the housing authority… when a white person walks through the projects.. everybody starts looking at him for to rob him or sell him drugs.. when a white person shows up in my hood or housing authority .. everbody jus stop and look with they mouth open… cause they gonna either rob that muthafuker or serve him… i seen a thousand times a white wigga come in the hood trying to black and get hiz goofy azz robbed… whu got that (hood 2 hood)dvd… they go through every hood in the united states jus about.. not one white person on the whole dvd… lol lol lol…. to all the white people trying to be black … hip hop is for black race created by the black race… go look at a paul wall video and look at the way he moves his body trying to look black .. that shit never comes out right.. cause white people have no Rhythm…. thats like the funnyiest thing when whites act or dance black lol lol lol lol lol i

  • My Verse For Game

    Nas is the best rapper ever Illmatic is the shit, you crap is never Fuck Lil Wayne cuz he's a faggot Fuckin' Eminem in the ass for a habit Gay-Z and Cock-A-Fella Records suck dick I'm tired of you niggaz rape the same shit Lil B has an album called I'm So Gay He better shut up and get out of my way Nigga I will kill Drake and hang Wiz Homo rap that been rapin' the ears of kids I wish 2pac was alive to kill the game He's the only nigga that'll feel the pain Listen to real rap like Nas and 2pac Immortal Technique, AOTP, and AZ's back Cuz all the rappers you like are illuminati Only gettin' money but I rap for a hobby

  • ciph3r

    what a fuckin fag gonna switch it like that? i already wrote my fuckin verse and tried hard on it, fagget ass nigga

  • GMaNDaBeAsT

    im lost is bottles and rockin j's or pot of gold the 2nd single cause e said bottles was the second but its not on itunes and pot of gold is.

  • NY

    I like the idea of a fan submitting a verse but it should recorded by that person, see some cash out of it and why a song with chris brown in it? What self respecting emcee would do a song with chris brown?


    one more album for dude after this if that then you can get the fork out noooo buuuzzz


    Hotshot shot on camera

  • David James Robinson

    Nice way to get a buzz for the single. But if you listen to a Game mixtape, it's clear he doesn't need fans writing verses for him. Dude is a rapping machine.



  • Anonymous

    stop saying hes lazy for not writing his own lyrics for a song that has already come out with the video. 50 did write he lines for him when he first started but hes past that. get over yourselves people. god damn

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Game is better for the straight rapping, but 50's hooks are untouchable.

    • Onyeka Mashîach Onyekwelu

      Must i say something: 200 Bars and Running, Lyrical Homicide. 300Bars, 400 Bars....

    • thinkRED

      get over yourself gunit stan boy.. 50 is a nursey rhyme rapper only good on hooks, Game spits lyrical flame quotables untouchable material b! where 50 at now?

  • Wa-Gwan UK

    If he chooses my lyrics will he let me suck his dick? I've wanted to suck his dick for so long...

  • Nico 3

    I'm sure Game means well and is just having a little fun with his fans, but the last thing you want is 5,000 hood rats sending you recycled lyrics. Use them as extras in a future video, but write your own verses.

  • Anonymous

    Man fuck that. Lazy ass motherfucker. Write your own shit. You paying motherfucker? Probably not since it won't be copywritten at all. You collect royalties off MY work. Maaaann...FUCK YOU!!

    • Anonymous

      Nobody can create attention off of 16 bars? Nas. That is all.

    • Anonymous

      It's unbelievable how people are so easily used. Learn business if your dream is to be in one. Otherwise.... "They'll be RAPING YOU...RAPING YOU...RAPING YOU!!! Bitches.... p.s. That's what Game called you, not me.

    • Anonymous

      Wow somebody announces a contest and people catch feelings. What a joke.

    • Anonymous

      U mad bro? Btw, that was TL;DR. No one cares about your bitching about the legality of it all. It's 16 bars. You can't rap and no one who can will get recognition off of 16 bars. On top of that, how smart are you trying to argue anonymously over the internet? Plus no one said they were trying to rap. Get the fuck out of here with your oversensitive ass.

    • Duke

      i feel what your sayin but 16 bars/55 secs isn't crap for a good aspiring rapper trying to make it. if they're good as they think they are then they can come up with something quick, they know the song, what it is about, and how the flow goes, they should be able to do it. if giving Game one of the biggest names in hip hop a few lines for an ALBUM, its not like it's going on a mixtape that will be forgotten, will help you get some buzz then hell yeah why not? you said it yourself it will sell 200,000, their video will be on youtube and all over Games personal websites so people will know. its better than only being known around your own town. you can say "fuck you pay me" all you want but fact is you dont get paid if no one knows you. you dont know exactly what the contest could do for somebody. you may be right and they get screwed but theres no point and not trying. i say worth a shot but thats just me. just a different mans opinion.

    • Anonymous

      As a matter of fact, let continue on with my rant since you don't understand the logic behind making this motherfucker pay you for you verse. Let's use a little mathematics here. OK. You get on twitter, follow Game, drop 16 bars. He likes it, uses it. You get a little internet popularity, and he collects royalties from the song. Without the proper legal procedures being taken by you, the "aspiring rapper", before you hand over your verse so he can sell it you gets nothing. Diddley-squat! Nil! Nada! Him well...who knows. Now check this out. If you DO take the proper legal procedures to claim full ownership of the verse he'd use, and he does use it,you get a nice payday. How much? Well let's put it this way. Say you write the verse he selects. After it's inception into the song, you're now co-writer, partial-owner of the song as a property by legal right. Let's say legally, because of your contribution to his single, you're now 15% co-owner of said property. If that song is sold for one dollar on iTunes and is downloaded enough to be a platinum selling single, you're entitled to 15% of the profits. Just for simplicity I'll avoid all of the fees that iTunes collects for an artist using their services and say that the song brings in a cool million. You, as 15% co-owner, are entitled to 15% of that million. That's ONE HUNDRED, FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS, son. Are fuckin' kiddin' me! Add to that the amount you'd rake in IF he'd include your version on the album! And you want to leave that on the table, for some TWITTER FAME!!! GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!! I'm a bitch?! We'll see who's bitching after they get pickpocketed on the low!! That's real talk. Hip hop is big business. Don't let these "big wigs" use your work to up their brand without due compensation. Or not. Just do it for free. Or bragging rights. Whatever floats your boat, homie!! "Rebel, renegade, must stay paid!"

    • Anonymous

      No I ain't rappin'. But that don't make me stupid. If he gonna take my verse I want CAPITAL!!! Fuck that and fuck you. You want motherfuckers to ride you 'cause you ghostwrote a verse for Game. Fine. As soon as it hit you that you need to get paid for your work you'll be mad. Especially after you realize how much money you leave on the table having co-written a song that's on an album that's bound to sell at least 200,000 copies. As a matter of fact it's a single so God knows how much more you'll leave on the table after that gets downloaded another 200,000 times. Call me a bitch. Nah, son. I'm smart. You get fucked by "the game". Not me. You heard it before..."FUCK YOU! PAY ME!" You rappin' for free ass chump!

    • dumb nigga

      man u actin like u can rap and ppl gonna actually give a fuck hahahahaha fkin queer ass nigga yo no one wants yo shit, let alone use it commercially. go back to yo fucking gutter and "keep it real" poverty stricken there bitch ass nigga

    • Anonymous

      Of course some bitch is gonna complain. You ain't rappin', stfu. It's a fun competition, but someone's always gotta have a problem with it. You're not important, quit trying to act like you are.

  • Payne

    were do i send my verse to tho?

  • joe

    Game is a real stand up dude, more rappers should do stuff like this

    • G5

      Stand up dude my ass. This nigga not only promotes a lifestyle he never lived but he also is doing this shit to help him sell a extra CD. Nobody is interested in his shit no more so now he's letting niggaz cut verses for him. FOH, these kids might think you mean well but I see that bullshit a mile away. This nigga is a clown, just so happens he can rap. That's all.

  • confused

    so hes gona spit the fans verse or put them on the song?

  • tricksters

    he's trying to trick his fans into ghost writing his songs for him, LOL thats jokes

  • Anonymous

    i gotta mean 16 fa dis b


    anything to get a buzz i guess i though he wouldve wanted a hook

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