Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 6/26/2011

Pitbull scores a Top 10 debut with his J Records return, as Grieves puts on for Seattle Hip Hop with a chart appearance, and Gorilla Zoe hangs around while Random Axe is off the chopping block.

Jilly from Philly scored the #1 record this week. The Soul singer's fourth studio album, The Light of the Sun topped the charts in its first week, featuring Hip Hop artists such as Paul Wall, Eve and the legendary Doug E. Fresh. The Warner Brothers Records project has production from Roots affiliate Khari Mateen as well as Dre & Vidal.

Royce Da 5'9 is enjoying what may be his best year ever, by way of a partnership with longtime collaborator and friend Eminem. Bad Meets Evil's first full-length,  Hell: The Sequel, found the Slaughterhouse-D12 connection commemorating the new Shady Records roster, with a project that had been hinted at for over 10 years. The project maintained a Top 10 spot, with production by Havoc, Mr. Porter and veteran underground Hip Hop producer Joey Chavez.

Bruno Mars, who worked on Hell: The Sequel, and his Doo-Wops & Hooligans climbed three spaces to #18.

Pitbull's sixth album, Planet Pit, scored a Top 10 debut. The Miami, Florida emcee's J Records project features T-Pain, Ne-Yo and Jamie Foxx, selling over 50,000 first-week units. Clinton Sparks and longtime Pit producer Jim Jonsin contributed to the album musically.

Another party act, LMFAO released their second album, Sorry For Party Rocking on Interscope Records. The project landed a #12 debut, featuring Busta Rhymes and will.i.am.


* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
1 Jill Scott Light of the Sun 135,000 136,000
6 Royce Da 5'9 & Eminem (Bad Meets Evil) Hell: The Sequel
63,000 234,000
7 Pitbull Planet Pit 55,000 55,000
12 LMFAO Sorry For Party Rocking 27,000 27,000
18 Bruno Mars Doo-Wops & Hooligans 19,000 1,127,000

Nicki Minaj climbed seven spots with Pink Friday. The Young Money Records star is fast-approaching 1.5 million sold with her November, 2010 solo debut.

Kansas City, Missouri emcee Tech N9ne and his  All 6's & 7's skipped to #37 in his third week on the charts. The Strange Music release has presently sold just over 85,000 overall units. This project features a number of high-profile guests, including Yelawolf, B.o.B. and Lil Wayne.

Rick Ross' re-vamped Maybach Music Group roster fell 14 spots (the same as last week's move) with their new compilation, Self-Made, Volume 1. Now backed by Warner Brothers, the trio of Wale, Pill and Meek Mill sold another 8,000 units. MMG's Teedra Moses, Stalley and veteran Gunplay of Triple C's also appear on the project.

Onetime Boyz N Da Hood member Gorilla Zoe fell 37 places with his King Kong album. No Longer signed to Bad Boy Records, the E1 Entertainment artist's latest work features Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti and Lil Jon.

Seattle, Washington-based emcee Grieves snagged his first Top 200 appearance with  Together/Apart. The Rhymesayers Entertainment artist's third album since 2007 features production partner Budo.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
25 Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 14,000 1,446,000
37 Tech N9ne All 6's & 7's 12,000 86,000
60 Maybach Music Group Presents... Self-Made, Volume 1 8,000 109,000
86 Gorilla Zoe King Kong 5,700 16,000
112 Grieves Together/Apart 4,000 4,000

Will Big Sean grab Def Jam another #1? Can Smif-n-Wessun kick the charts with their Tims and some buttery beats from Pete Rock? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.


  • noah the destroyah

    fuck buying music...i download that shit for free....even though i didnt download none of the crappy music on this article...fuck the industry..ima keep pimpin these hoes

  • Anonymous

    Pit Bull is not hip hop

  • Anonymous

    @Realtalk, i see the point you trying to make...you actually have a good one but at the same time i think a bit biased............ personally i wasnt into music before started a few years ago.... and i really dont support random acts... i support people i want to hear..it might be their own artistic expression but it might also be a bit of mine....and usually if you listen to an artist who works hard it shows in their music..... thats qhy i believe in supporting artist who take their music/art serious not for the money/gimmick but because they have the passion.... usually when i like an artist i also have to like their personality as well .. so that it feels more like im donating to them because i think they deserve it for me liking their work....trust me when an artist/musician is just doing it for the money you would see sense it in their music/artform ... i get what you mean tho....

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    All I wanna say is that I'm glad to see Jilly From Philly is number one. I've always liked Jill Scott's music, so I'm happy to see her doing it like that....

  • don mccaine

    Hip Hop started out donation, when it was the house parties and jams in the park. A lot of times the cover charge for those shows at the center were for a real cause, or to rent the space to even have the show and you got music performances that people value as defining moments in their life. Once it became a corporate commodity where purchasing is law, it was over. We're listening to Universal's Music. Sony's Music. Warner Brother's Music. Not Hip Hop music. Makes you wonder why the category is named rap. RIP Hip Hop music.

  • don mccaine

    Although I've been on both sides of the coin, i see what you're typing. Fans work so hard they sing the songs for the rappers at shows these days, even though they think their showing how much they feel the song. I'ma start using this donation/purchasing stance a little more.

  • Real Talk

    Its very simple. Take a poll. Ask people would they rather be A:On stage and making money or B:In the crowd and losing money. I guarantee you that over 95% of people would choose A over B. And for me personally if I was on stage I would have to understand the fact that I'm only there because of the 100s or 1000s of fans that are in attendance so I would be an asshole to financially profit off of them because they are just as important to the performance as I would be. I'm the one on stage achieving my dreams and I'm only able to do so because of the "fans" in attendance. So why would I want to profit off of them?????? They have already supported me by taking the time out of the day to listen to my performance. If funds were exchanged it would become a scam and a gimmick because my buyers would not be getting any financial substance in return.

    • Anonymous

      i see the point you trying to make...you actually have a good one but at the same time i think a bit biased............ personally i wasnt into music before started a few years ago.... and i really dont support random acts... i support people i want to hear..it might be their own artistic expression but it might also be a bit of mine....and usually if you listen to an artist who works hard it shows in their music..... thats qhy i believe in supporting artist who take their music/art serious not for the money/gimmick but because they have the passion.... usually when i like an artist i also have to like their personality as well .. so that it feels more like im donating to them because i think they deserve it for me liking their work....trust me when an artist/musician is just doing it for the money you would see sense it in their music/artform ... i get what you mean tho....

    • LLC

      you said earlier: "Entertainemnt does NOT qualify as commodities. It only qualifies if people are stupid enough to pay for it." A commodity is simply some good for which there is demand. You seem to understand this when you say "it only qualifies if people are stupid enough to pay for it." Well people pay for it, so therefore it is a commodity and you are wrong by your own reasoning. Also, just because you think someone's preferences are stupid does not make them stupid because your opinion does not matter (in the words of DMX: talk is cheap, motherfucker).

    • don mccaine

      "So the fans are "working" as well because they are giving their time to be a face in the crowd. Any financial exchange that takes place, if it is not considered a donation, is done so through a manipulative proces. The fan and the artist are the 2 pieces of the puzzle to make music successful. One shouldn't be making money off of the other, because if so they are taking advantage of them." ^ now you're unleashing the bombs! Personally if it was me, I would sell t-shirts or hats and give the music away, but there's a system in place where my version would be deemed foolish, because it's seen from a purchasing view and not a donation view, where I'm actually giving you 2 things at once. The consumer would have a great advantage.

  • Real Talk

    Very simple. Both movies and music. Seller:makes money, becomes the star, gets to create using equipment that costs money, gets to promote the exact artistic expression that they envisioned. Buyer:loses money, gains no accolades, does not get to use any equipment which creates movies or music, has no say in the artistic expression. When you look at real purchases in life they differ from this, because real purchases are beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. Movies and music are only beneficial to the seller, not the buyer, thus it has no monetary value.

    • LLC

      no you dumb fuck, people don't buy things unless they get value from them. for example, if you tried to sell a cd you made, no one would buy it because no one gets value from it. If someone does buy a movie ticket or a cd they are getting value. the value someone gets from something depends on their preferences and each person probably values a certain purchase differently. most people would call the value they get from movies or music entertainment value. entertainment is a multi-billion dollar industry and a very profitable export of the united states. but enjoy the delusional world you have created in your mind where you understand everything better than everyone else and fail to grasp basic economic concepts.

  • Real Talk

    @Don and I definetly agree with you that marketing strategies to promote artists can be overbearing to the point where a lot of people are just buying some music just becuase its been implanted in their heads to buy it. I agree with you on that, and you have to look at who the majority of those buyers are. They are mostly under 21 or in the 13-25 age range. It is the same thing with movies. Over half of the people who go to see a movie are under 25 and many of them are doing it because the advertisers and marketers who control the media where the release dates are promoted make it seem like a thing that must be done in order for that person to enjoy themselves. When in reality enjoyment in life can be found anywhere and the true enjoyment that comes out of a music or movie purchase goes directly to the seller, it doesn't go to the buyer. The seller is achieving their dreams being allowed to take part in their artistic expression, while the buyer is a nothing more than a pawn in the game that has been duped for further financial gain to the seller.

  • don mccaine

    @ Real Talk I can actually see your point although I don't agree with it. Yes the marketing strategies to promote artists can be overbearing to the point where a lot of people are just buying some music just because it's been implanted in their heads to buy it (i.e. so and so is the future or the hottest out). Yet at the same time I can't see a jazz album being manipulative when it's just instruments and the people who purchase it find value in the sound it resonates and apply it their lives. Would you care to elaborate a little more on your stance?

    • @don

      very true. and time is money. If the "fan" doesn't take the "time" out of their day to listen to a song, be it on a record or live performance, then there is no successful artist. So the fans are "working" as well because they are giving their time to be a face in the crowd. Any financial exchange that takes place, if it is not considered a donation, is done so through a manipulative proces. The fan and the artist are the 2 pieces of the puzzle to make music successful. One shouldn't be making money off of the other, because if so they are taking advantage of them.

    • don mccaine

      Cool, I understand you now. One would have to take it back to the early stages of this music industry to see the complete stark difference between the "donation" and the "purchase". Musicians and singers were given donations in the form of drinks, meals, gas and maybe a couple of bucks for their performance duties, because there were no "buy my album in stores" or "we have CDs by the bar" purchases, and they had day jobs, not even considered artists. Most of them didn't even have their own songs, they were performing other people's songs that had been around for ages. A lot of the older singers and musicians didn't get to cut records, and if they did, it was in the latter stages of their performance careers, most likely in the form of a live album.

    • @don

      great post. Yes there are different kinds of music, and in the case of a jazz album which includes just instruments if someone were to pay for an album I would see it more as a donation than a purchase. Either way though the music itself has no monetary value. It has no financial value to the buyer. When you say the people who purchase it find "value in the sound" that may be true, but there is a difference between "value" and "monetary value". Almost anything you could think of could have value, but is it worth money. And the answer for me as far as music is concerned is no its not worth money. A purchase is supposed to benefit both the buyer and seller. A music purchase does not benefit the buyer monetary wise, although I do see your point and could consider an exchange of funds as a donation, but not as a purchase.

  • Real Talk

    Charging money for music=circus clown status. So keep typing in and anybody who disagrees with me is a circus clown themselves looking for excuses to make a living out of manipulating people and wasting their time.

  • Jake

    Laughed my ass off when I read '' the Miami emcee, Pitbull... ''.

  • Anonymous

    Ah, thtat's how productive you are. Posting your wannabe philosophy about true value on the internet.

  • Lil B

    Hip-Hop is music you dumbfuck...what is being played in the Radio is more like Hip-Pop...Most mainstream rappers now a days are to Dumb Down...For example look at this chart..these guys make stupid music to be the most played...society now a days likes listening to stupid lyrics...so be it your are the consumer...real Hip_hop is still alive you just have to find it...

  • theguy

    hip hop is not music. rap is crap everyone knows that. anybody can rhyme words together.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    @Real Talk Will you shut the fuck up with all the same garbage you keep talkin bout. Nigga we get it, you think music isn't worht a damn. Well now that you've posted like 100 times we get your pt, shut the fuck up and stop posting. If you dont like the fuckin music dont buy it download or any other garbage. Fuck nigga, stop posting the same shit! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • @bawse

      get a job. Stop standing on the sidewalk clapping your hands expecting there to be a pay out for the noise you created.

  • Nico 3

    Nothing is free in this world. Would somebody go to work everyday if they knew they weren't getting paid? Artists deserve to be compensated for the time they put into making music for their respected fans. If all people do is download their shit for free, then eventually the artists will just stop making music all together. Parting with a few bucks to buy some CD's isn't asking alot of the consumer. Most CD's are down to $7.99, with Deluxe Editions now about $9.99. You'd pay more for a round of drinks at a bar. Stop being cheap.

    • @nico

      and nothing is free in this world is complete bullshit. A park is free you can go on the swings or play soccer or football. Roads are free to drive on, except ones that charge tolls. Water fountains are free. Watching a nice sunrise or sunset is free. Taking a walk in the mountains or through nature is free. GTFO with that nothing is free bullshit. That is the excuse you use to think you are owed money because you played with some equipment in a studio.

    • @anon

      downloading has nothing to do with it. the music has no monetary value. It is not a prodcut that benefits the buyer and seller. It only benefits the seller and tricks the buyer.

    • @nico3

      "stop being cheap" is an excuse to get money out of someone when it does nothing for them. Music does NOTHING for anybody worth monetary value, it is just something to listen to. If they think they need to pay $7.99 they have been manipulated. plain and simple

    • Anonimous

      So they should tour, and give there fans shows instead of sitting on soundscan. Eventually the internet will change and all this downloading will stop which will be great. But the upside to the situation is that in the last 3 months I have seen more great shows of artist I actually admire than back in the day when they were going gold.

  • Real Talk

    Charging people for music is circus clown shit. "Hey look at me, I'm performing pay me!!" Yeah too bad your performance isn't worth shit. What the fuck am I going to do with your artistic expression. How exactly will I financially benefit? None of the above. Get a fucking job you circus clown freak.

  • Real Talk

    Again, you went into the studio and worked hard to make a song. So what. What the fuck am I going to do with YOUR song. Eat it? Consume it? No. None of the above. I have to take the time to listen to it and be a so called "fan" of yours and you think you should get paid? Get a fucking job.

    • @llc

      Entertainemnt does NOT qualify as commodities. It only qualifies if people are stupid enough to pay for it. Otherwise it has no value. Purchasing music is NOT consumption. You can't consume it, you can only listen to it. And whether you listen to it or not the song doesn't increase or decrease in value because it has NO VALUE.

    • LLC

      you are an idiot. certain forms of entertainment qualify as commodities. is that really so difficult for you to understand? if you go watch a movie, you just paid to see other peoples' performance/artistic expression. no you can't eat that. just because you can't eat something doesn't mean you arent consuming something you dumb fuck. please go get an education and stop posting your moronic comments like you are clever or something. purchasing music IS consumption, its consumption of premium entertainment. although a moron like you probably listens to such garbage music that i can sort of see why you are confused and don't understand the difference between eating something and consumption.

  • Real Talk

    You went into the studio and worked hard to make a song. So fucking what. Don't expect to get paid because in actuality you haven't done anything for anyone that is worth money. Someone now has to take THEIR time to view YOUR artistic expression and you think you are the one who should get paid. Like I said fucking get a job.

  • Real Talk

    Its very simple. What I posted is 100% accurate. Which is why I received a postive comment from dat-mayne who is probably a real person just like everyone else. Then when the corporate heads read what I wrote I got a bunch of fake comments in backlash to what I posted. Why? Because those are the people who want to continue the process of using propaganda to gain music sales, when the product is worthless. dat-mayne:real person. what's really real & 2da9th:people who want to manipluate others to make money because it works in their favor, when in actuality music carries no monetary value to anyone except the person who created it.

    • @anon

      Yes it is. Music does not carry the same monetary weight as other products which benefit both parties. Selling music only benefits the person who sold the music, because whoever bought it received NOTHING of monetary value in return. They were only tricked into thinking they had to pay for your artistic expression. When your artistic expression is only worth money to YOU. Mainstream media more than likely was behind the manipulation because that is where most of the songs get airplay.

    • Anonymous

      What you have been posting is not 100 percent accurate.

  • Notafan

    I'm mad you even asked if Big Sean would get a number 1, when Beyonce drops in the same week...


    If your argument is that artist now dont make music that touch many different aspects about life or artist don't make music people can relate to..then maybe you have an argument. But not the bullshit your tryna' kick. Its obviously a cop out for being cheap and disrespectful. And the fact your on a music site proves you dont even believe your own logic.

    • @what

      Your trying to kick bullshit. The fact that I am on a music site has absoluetely no bearing on the facts that take place. Regardless of whether I post, click on the link to this article or not, what has taken place has taken place and I had no influence on what went on. I am simply typing on a blog. The facts are the facts. Music is about manipulation when you start charging people because in reality YOUR artistic expression has NO monetary value to anyone but yourself. It is not a physical product that carries the monetary weight that so many other prodcuts that are important do.

  • Stuntmoney

    i bought hell the sequel, fuck everybody else here


    @RealTalk Your argument is so dumb its funny. You pay for the music that you like to listen to. Your saying "Im paying for their music". You have a choice. Dumbass, do you not understand that artist make music to appeal to masses. You go to Mcdonalds and you're eating the food the way they wanna cook it, but they cook it so the masses will like it. People have been paying to hear/view music being played for thousands of years. Yet your broke ass says paying for artist music is senseless? There are artist that did more with their music than you probably will ever do in your life. Since you're apparently musically gifted and can create your own music, do so. I just dont understand how you can live your life and listen to different artist's music and have the audacity to think they don't deserve to be paid for it..Fuck you! If you feel that way then whatever but dont get own a fuckin' MUSIC SITE and say some dumb shit like that. Your obviously too poor to afford music so do us a favor. Get the fuck of this site, turn off the radio, bang on the table, and spit your wack ass lyrics. Cuz its "your music"!

    • @whats

      Its not an arguement. It is facts mixed with my opinion. That's all. You don't pay for music, case closed. Because it has no monetary value to anyone, especially after so many songs have been created and music can be heard for free in so many places. Those are facts. You can't do anything with music, but listen to it. It doesn't carry monetary value weight like a house, car, food, clothes, etc. Its just bullshit people use to manipulate others so they can stand on stage and say "Hey look at me", get paid in the process while people who pay money receive none of their accolades. You don't deserve to get paid for music because you are NOT DOING ANYTHING FOR ANYONE. You are wasting their time making someone else believe through mainstream media and other advertising techniques that their artistic expression is worth money because they have better connections to receive more airplay. And BTW what money I make is not an issue, but I'll tell you one thing. I make money the real way by actually doing something for someone. I won't say what it is, but I for sure don't go into the studio and then expect people to pay me for something that I created when it has no monetary value to anyone else.

  • 2da9thPwr

    @Realtalk: I wish I could make the music I want to listen to but I cant play the guitar, piano and drums all at once and I lack those tools. Remember, artists and labels also have to pay for studio time, mixing and product packaging. What you said was so ignorant on so many levels. That's like saying don't read novels, if you want to read something, write it yourself. I once thought music was an art, something to use to express yourself or a tool to discover the expressions of others. I already know myself so I don't want to waste my time listening to my own music. How do you inspire yourself through yourself. I draw inspiration from external sources such as other people's music. It reminds me that I am not alone, it gives me something I can relate to. I don't have a say in the recording process but I have a say when it comes to who I want to listen to. I don't mind supporting my favorite artists because they do what I cant do and i still believe music is an art form, something intangible and abstract. Music is priceless not worthless. "But however measurable, there is much more life in music than mathematics or logic ever dreamed of."- Gabriel Marcel

    • @2da

      What I posted was 100% correct. Just because someone works does not mean they should get paid if they are not producing a product for anyone. I can go out and cut my lawn with a nail clipper. I will bust my ass and it will take hours and it will be a lot of work that I have to put in to do it. But at the end of the day I haven't done anything, I have just wasted time. Just because you work hard doesn't mean you should get paid. The work has to be productive. Working to create music is counter productive. It only benefits the creater of the music. To everyone else it is a waste of their time by making them believe their artistic expression is worth money. And that quote by Gabriel Marcel that you used, that is his opinion. The real facts are music is not worth money. It has no monetary value.

  • dat_mayne

    @Real Talk.. ay man..wow! those were the most truthful post i have ever read on HHDX. Well said! thanks for the fresh perspective

    • @datmayne

      Thanks. I'm glad there are real people out there and I got a quality response from a good normal person. Best of luck and maybe I will post more often on hhdx.

  • about lol

    lol is some wack motherfucker typing in bullshit comments on some blog trying to trick people into paying for music when it is worthless. Music is worth nothing. Fucking get a job.

  • Real Talk

    I'll give you an example. I'll use Rick Ross and Eminem as an example. I don't hate either of them and wish them the best. However when they go into the studio I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck what song they made or what it sounds like. Am I going to pay $50 for Rick Ross or Eminem to go to a five star restuarant and eat a meal? Am I going to pay for Ross or Em to eat their food? HELL NO. If I pay $50 I'm going to eat the damn food myself. I'm not paying $50 for somebody else to have a meal especially if they are already millionaires. Another example is like a roller coaster. Am I going to pay Ross or Em $50 so they can go on a roller coaster at Great Adventure? HELL NO. If I pay $50 you better be sure I'm going to be the one going on the roller coaster. Music is the same shit. It only has value to the person who creates it and/or performs it. Any sales off of music is through pure manipulation. Music is not worth shit. There is no physical product. It is all a gimmick. If you feel the need to pay $20 for Ross album or Em album or anyone's album for that matter, you are only doing so because they have manipulated you in some way to make you think you need to fork over dough to obtain unlimited samples of their songs. And everytime you listen to Ross, Em or anybody all you will ever hear is what THEY wanted to create. You have no say in the process and you have no say in what was recorded. You are simply trying to live your live as a fantasy through other people. I want to live my own life. I'm not paying $100 for some stupid concert ticket and stand in a sweaty crowd for 3 hours while you get to stand on stage and be the center of attention and make a cool $20,000 grand in the process. Go find some stupider motherfucker who you can manipulate to buy your music. Cause I ain't given any of ya'll fake motherfuckers 1 penny.

    • Fish

      ehmmmm..... Do you think that i'm jimmy iovine or something???? I have no stake in selling music, im just a dude who cant understand why ppl catch feelings on this site everytime the soundscan comes out. I might even go as far as to say that YOU may have a stake in selling music, but no one wants to buy the garbage u put out and THAT is why u say the shit u say...

    • MV

      Everybody is entitled to their opinion, however yours just happens to be ignorant and pretentious. How can you begin to say music does nothing for people? Through all the propaganda and lies the media already instills in us, hip hop has allowed people (who choose to listen) to see through it. Hip Hop is about keeping it real, its a culture, a movement that gets people on a wave to strive for better. Each instrument/sample whatever contain notes, melodies and harmonies that trigger an emotional response in people and brings people together in a world where we are deviated from each other via conflict. Not to mention, its obvious you have never been a part of the music industry because you don't see the amount of work artists put into their craft. Let me guess, your pissed because you're working a 9-5 making an average income. Artists devote ALL of their time to music, theres no punching in and punching out, theres world tours, 2 hours of sleep, studio sessions, the music never stops because they want to make sure they are putting out quality music for their fans to enjoy, because people enjoy music. Take it back to the primitive era where tribesmen where dancing their asses off to some heavy drumming. Just because only the stupid meaningless catchy songs get promoted and sold more heavily does not mean music as a whole without value.

    • @jake

      You want people to be ignorant as fuck so you can sell music to them. I'm NOT ignorant as fuck which is why you will never see 1 penny from me for your bullshit music. And I don't download either, could care less. I'm not taking time out of MY DAY to listen to your bullshit song.

    • Jake

      @Fish Agreed with you. '' Real Talk '' is igorant as fuck, lol.

    • @anon

      Your fake industry is broke.

    • @fish

      Your an example of an asshole on the internet that continues to use fake propaganda because you personally have a stake in selling music. My clicking on an article has absolutely nothing to do with what people do. I'm just typing on a blog. These assholes are trying to push a product that is worthless. Music isn't worth shit.

    • Anonymous

      You're broke.

    • Fish

      @Real Talk You're another example of the sort of inbred retards that come on this page every week. If music has no value and you think music should not be bought, why did u click on an article which is exclusively about the selling of music????? Go to Datpiff, the music is free there, you'll love it. The reason these people are millionaires is BECAUSE they sell the music, so your point is totally invalid anyway. You're talkin about the end of the music industry you retard. It has flaws, but holy shit, I would sooner have it exist than not exist. Dick.

    • @lol

      You shut the fuck up motherfucker. You want money? Get a fucking job. Do something for somebody. Stop trying to manipulate people into paying for your artistic expression. It doesn't mean shit to them. Its worthless to them. Now fuck off with that wack shitty comment.

    • lol

      shut what we call the fuck up

  • Real Talk

    And when I go into the studio and record its for ME not YOU. I would be an asshole to accept $1 from you for my song. Its what I wanted to hear, not you. People who try and manipulate people to sell music are moochers. Get a fucking job.

  • Real Talk

    Music has no monetary value. It's not worth shit. You pay money for something you consume, be it food, a car, furniture or clothes for your house, etc. You don't pay money for some bullshit that some asshole went into the studio and recorded. IT'S THEIR MUSIC!! It has no monetary value other than to the person who created it. If I'm not on the mic, or scratching up the records or producing the track I don't give a fuck about it. Your track and your song means absolutely nothing to me. When are you people going to realize that. Music isn't worth shit. Its like some asshole going up to you on the street and asking you for a dollar when they are not broke. Get the fuck outta here. I'm not paying you MY MONEY so you can acheive YOUR DREAMS. My money is for MY SONG and MY ALBUM. Not yours. Music isn't worth shit.

    • @anon

      Your post is complete bullshit. Just another loser on the net making excuses for worthless shitty music. "Why cant they make money for their art?" I'll tell you why. Because it doesn't produce anything for anyone. It just tricks them into thinking they need to hear a song made by someone else. I don't give a fuck about celebrtiy status.

    • Anonymous

      your an asshole for real.............so the clothes,crs etc ...wasnt it the way the designers wanted it that it came out, but you chose what you want to buy....the same goes for music choose what yyou wnt to listen and who you wnt to support ....why cant they make mmoney for their art?...and people need music..you sound silly and maybe a bit jealous of their celebrity status...some of them do give back by helping with charities.

  • cash

    real music wtf is real music go listen to some opera hip hop is hip hop music is music stfu n choose ur team or player

  • Anonymous

    Y'all keep thinking it's piracy killing these sales. It's the fans, these ain't the same fans that would line up for blocks to buy a CD at the store, these are the fans that get the free mixtape music, and as soon as the release date is near, they use some "selling out" excuse as a cop out to buy an album they never were gonna buy in the first place.

    • @anon

      Not at all. I'm not a "fan". I don't give a fuck about music like that. It has NO VALUE to me because I'm a real person who is smart and understands that. Music only has value to FAKE people because they are stupid enought to buy it. And I don't download shit because it sucks anyway I could care less. I go to a club if I want to hear music, its in the damn supermarket its all over the place. It has NO monetary value.

    • Lorenzo Melendez

      Yeah,Sounds like my nxt door neighbors and upper one.Pyracy easy need some fame their game is f....Hip Hop Rap.HLG fareal.

    • Anonymous

      thanks, you just proved that what I said is correct.

    • @anon

      Dude, who gives a fuck about buying an album. Nobody cares. So you went into the studio and played with equipment and keyboards and you came out of the studio with shit you wanted to hear and you had fun doing so. Nobody gives a fuck. I'm not giving you a fucking dime. I don't give a shit what song you make. Its your song. If I want to hear music I'll go into the goddam studio myself and make the shit I WANT TO HEAR. Not what you created and what YOU want to hear. I don't give a fuck what music you make. Stop blaming fans for music downfall. Fans PAY MONEY for music and lose money in the process. Artists MAKE MONEY off of music and profit in the process. How are "fans" blamed for anything?? They are the ones paying while the artists gain the accolades. Your problem is you want these average salary motherfuckin fans to pay money to people who make 6 to 10 figures a year. Its stupid. Music isn't worth shit. There have been so many goddam songs created and replayed thousands if not millions of times in the past 50 years. Nobody gives a fuck anymore. Paying for music is complete bullshit. It doesn't mean shit. Everywhere anyone goes all they hear is music, in the car, on the radio, on youtube on the net, in a club in a mall, in a store you hear music nonstop. Its all over the fucking place. Nobody needs to pay for that shit. Wake up and get that through your head.

  • Duke

    damn album sales SUUUUUCK!!! also Grieves dropped his album? what the fuck? sad that I have to search the internet from end to end to figure out if good artists have new music out or are dropping an album, but i turn my computer on and see shit about lil Bitch and those wolf gay faggots and their new music everywhere and their shitty Im A Fag albums being hyped. FUCK HIP HOP!

  • Jefferey Mason


  • The.Watcher

    Grieves murders everyone else on this list.

  • Nico 3

    The Pitbull album was actually pretty good. Of course he's hip hop, but often gets dismissed because of the whole trying to appeal to the Latin market.

    • jgraves58

      How about he "often gets dismissed" by people that don't like his music. It has nothing to do with him trying to appeal to a Latino market, Cartlos Santana doesn't have problems selling latin influenced music.



    • Anonymous

      shady need to get his penis out ur anus u seem tense rozay

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Get Shady dick out of ur mouth or ur ass. Album is alright (mostly cuz the nigga nickel nine) but stop suckin on Shady's cock. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose Vasquez

    Glad to see Jill Scott murder Pitbull in her first week. Including Jill Scott, Pitbull and LMFAO are hip hop?

  • Dirk Diggler

    Nobodies making money off rap sales anymore because of musical piracy. Instead, rap artist are making their money off concerts now.

  • brent roger

    Who Cares none of us make a dime off sales so why do we bother to come check it. Sales is irrelevant to good music(not kanye)

  • ssk

    its no surprise that the numbers are shit but really is surprising is the non hip hop acts like lmfao and pitbull having bad first week sales. any time you go into a club or put on the radio its either lmfao or pitbull. But who really cares its not like anyone of us on this blog make a penny off of these salses.

  • D-Money

    Shouts out to Seattle Hip-Hop & Grieves! I didn't even know he was a Seattlite but knew he was with Rhymesayers. Figured he was in Minnesota but glad to be wrong on this one lol

  • Anonymous

    lets be real here, only like half of these albums are hip-hop, so dont call it hip hop album sales bruno mars? naw jill scott? nope LMFAO? fuck no pitbull? in his dreams nicki? no way jose

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Teflon Don >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BME. Only Feminem dick riders will say BME was better. By the way niggas, Teflon Don sold more in the first 2 weeks than BME. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mrnoluv

      You're not actually trying to say Dick boy can sell more than Em are you? Can dick boy even sell a million let alone 4??? I realize you don't like the cat and you are into those cult rappers that don't sell, but come on, you are kidding yourself if you think he has or can out sell Em.

    • vbvb

      Oooh Im sorry its more like 7000 units.

    • hjjkj

      10 000 units more first two weeks in the US for a real studio album by Rick Ross, as to eminem and royce putting out 9 random tracks on an EP. Without even having Ems name on it and no promo.

  • Anonymous

    more faggot fans playing sound scan like label heads. nothin to see here. keep it moving. you work for minimum wage and you're gonna talk UNITS like lyor. kill yourself, you faggot bum.

  • Anonymous

    see this is why Eminem is not GOAT if he does not go pop he cant sell...HE is a POP star not hip hop

    • nibs

      nope, it's new age pop. you just don't want to admit you like pop music. "Pop music (a term that originally derives from an abbreviation of "popular") is usually understood to be commercially recorded music, often oriented towards a youth market, usually consisting of relatively short, simple songs utilizing technological innovations to produce new variations on existing themes." this is the wiki entry for eminem

    • .........

      Relapse wasnt pop and sold 430,000 first week!..so?...the only maybe pop album even though the lyrics are still there is Recovery....

    • Anonymous

      what do you mean he is a pop artist?....yes he is POPULAR...Eminem is one of those people that cnt go down until his fans stop buying his shit...just like Jay Z...s long as the fans especially diehard are supporting and buying he wld keep making music till he quits.....if anything hes the one keepn mainstream rap and the image of hip hop alive unlike the other mainstream idiots that wnt to ruin it..... also considering the album leaked 2 weeks before its release thats a good number for an Ep..... hiphop is dying a slow death and its not the artist fault its the so called fans who love to download...so i dnt even blame him/any artist for doing one or two song with pop to sell records...

    • Anonymous

      SSLP was so far from pop and sold so many...

    • Anonymous

      Oh and BME was barely known 8 years ago when it disbanded, it reformed and nobody knew about it (maybe labelling the leaked tracks that people put on the internet Bad Meets Evil (Eminem and Royce Da 5'9", instead of Eminem ft. Royce Da 5'9" would've helped) and with little promotion still managed to sell 234k. So in my eyes it's selling fine. And it's not pop (apart from one song.)

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Feminem been garbage since Eminem Show. Then the nigga changed up his flow, started making dumb accents, doin pop shit with Rihanna and now is a shell of his former self. Face it Eminem dick riders, the only reason that pop selling bitch sells so much is cuz he white and now is more pop artist than rapper. Callin Gaga dope, doin shit wit Pink, what's next Feminem prolly do pop shit wit Miley Cyrus to sell records. Fuck Shady! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Prime from 1999-2005? He was awful in 04'05... Try '95-'03. Anyways he's the GOAT for mastering every aspect of rap (only NaS has also done the same.) Just because he's mainstream doesn't make him not talented. It just means he's on a major record label that requires him to sell alot.....INTERSCOPE/Aftermath I mean c'mon....

    • nibs

      nope, I co-sign the above statement. if royce wasn't on this album, it would have sold more. eminem is pure pop. ask any 14 year old girl.

    • Heat357

      Pop is short for popular... If an artist isn't a pop star it probably means they haven't made it big yet. Just be happy you were around to see the Eminem show. It was an amazing show. If you never saw him live in his prime between 1999-2005 you missed out. But stop trying to cut his career short. When he leaves the rap game will suffer.

    • huh?

      That doesn't make sense man.

  • SutterKane

    SMH @ the numbers BME doin alright, I didnt even know the album existed till yesterday because I've been offline for 3 months, gotta pick up a copy 2morrow

  • HHH, thats me

    To all so called "real hiphip fans", sit your ass down and shut your mouth, hoe. Yall the first to bitch and complain about a drake or a big sean and run your mouth about some "real" rap bullshit BUT YALL CANT EVEN GET YOUR ASS OUT THE DOOR TO SUPPORT THE "real" RAPPERS? How random axe didnt even CHART you ungrateful bitch made faggots? Your hiphop cred card is now officially REVOKED! If yall cant support Nas who barely sold anything off his last joint and yall cant support random axe then you have NO SAY in determining who is wack and who is dope. Miss me with all the drake/wiz/big sean hatred you little hoes, yall aint even fans of your own shit... YOU ARE the reason this genre is going down... Yall dont even support what you claim you like but ur the first to go and bitch about another mans taste.... AT LEAST THOSE FANS BUY RECORDS AND SUPPORT ARTISTS YO HOES. Motherfuck a hiphop elitist.. All of yall just lost ANY cred you had speaking on hiphop.. I dont ever wanna hear some bitch whine about such and such when you dont even have the decensy to support so called "real" shit. Fucking leeches.. Parasites.. Sit yo ass DOWN! Fuck yall hoes. Your

    • Anonymous

      i swear its artist on here tryin cop a plea haha

    • Jason Williams

      I have to agree with Homey on this one, you aren't lying Boss. I see it all the time even from independent artist who don't buy anybodies CD's then complain when they shit don't sell, I be like WTF??? I cop all albums I like Official which is anywhere from 10-20 a year, and I put people on to what I like about their music. Often it falls on deaf ears though. Only 2 Artist I support that others do, seems to be Kanye and Young Jeezy and they are both mainstream so it doesn't take much supporting by me.

    • HHH, that's me

      Answe to Sales: What the flying fuck are you talking about? Each and every day we have about a thousand motherfuckin haters up in this bitch complaining about some popular rapper, and saying how everyone should support so called "real hip hop" instead. The problem is that ya'll motherfuckers don't buy that so called real rap anyways!! Im not saying Random Axe should do Drake numbers, Im saying damn ya'll really can't even save them buy making them chart?? Ya'll idiots know what it takes to chart on the billboard 200? Maybe 1000 copies, TOPS! Yet, we've got about a million of ya'll haters here, and on youtube, and on nahright and on rapradar and every other fucking place where they play hiphop.. You bitch about popular rappers and tell people to listen to real rap but ya'll don't even support your favorite artists.. LAMES. Fuck ya'll. You have no say whatsoever when it comes to who's dope and who aint. If you can't support an artist for the love of the genre then you aren't a fan of the genre and therefore should get your ass out of here. That goes for all of you leeches.. As for the Drake/Sean/Wiz fans who BUY the albums, ya'll the real fans. Keep doin your thing and ignore the parasite haters that are ruining this genre.

    • Lol

      Random Axe charted last week. It's a disgrace it didn't lasted longer though

    • Anonymous

      It's not that we don't buy the albums... its that theres barely any fans... I've bought like 15 albums and an many more additional songs in one year.

    • Anonymous


    • Lloyd

      He's right instead of complaining about every little thing that another artist do maybe we should go out and support that artists that we truly enjoy instead of hating all the damn time


      I always go out and support the in my eyes good/real hip hop! If not in the store I order it tru the net. I dont download that shit. @ Dale Mabry... youre right dude

    • Onaje Jordan

      Damn b who pissed you off?

    • Sales

      You don't account for the fact that Drake and Big Sean are well known in the mainstream. More individuals (outside of hip-hop) are aware of their music. Not everyone who buys albums are strictly Hip-Hop fans. Also, sales don't quantify quality. While taste is somewhat subjective, sales are an indicator of whose popular not who is the most talented. Then again, your ramblings indicate that you are incapable of rational thought.

    • Anonymous

      i go out and try to buy records but they never in the stores,

  • Razorblade

    please don't post the bruno mars numbers again and again and again!!! we know he passed the platinum mark! please post some other numbers from hip-hop albums instead!!!


    i just found out what was a random axe had no idea im good no thanks damn jill was looking good at the award show props to her

  • Dale Mabry

    Random Axe is barely in stores!! And considering most people are stuck with Best Buy, that means at least hundreds-- low 1000s?-- of people who'd have bought it for $9.99 didn't. I had a local indie shop order mine but not many people are that pro-active. In Tampa/St. Pete, all of TWO Best Buys (forget any Target) are stocking Smif N Wessun "Monumental." Random Axe #s are bad but Duck Down is getting fucked with distribution too.

  • jae

    the fuc is this? wer not record labels ppl dont care how much they sell they wanna hear dope music,how is this benfit any of us lol

  • Marlo

    SMH @ Random Axe not even charting

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