Details Emerge In Police Scuffle At Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun's NYC Release Party

UPDATE: Six patrons were arrested and five cops were injured in the melee.

Last night, the release party for Pete Rock and Smif-N-Wessun’s new album Monumental turned ugly. According to eyewitness reports, fans enjoyed the show at Tammany Hall in New York City, New York when, following the show, policemen attacked several patrons outside the club.

Though it is unknown what sparked the scuffle, UK DJ/Presented Jay Diamond released a video, posted below, explaining what went down and showing footage from the scene.

“There was a fight outside the club and it got really nasty. We had no idea what was going on in the club, like absolutely no idea,” she said. “Everything just shut down and we were told to make our way out the building, and as we did so, mace was thrown into the building. [...] Bascially all the NYPD turned up and fucked up Pete Rock’s wife, is what I heard, and his daughter in the car. There were artists on the floor being battered, women being battered. [...] Instead of talking, trying to get people to move, they were saying, ‘Fuck off! Get off the block!’”

Several artists have commented on what transpired. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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Napoleon Complex man! its so lame to hit a woman,there was a tough lady cop acting like she was gonna do it to somebody,FOH!!less than a minute ago via Social Beat Favorite Retweet Reply

UPDATE: According to The Lo-Down, six patrons were arrested and charged with various offenses last night including disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer and inciting a riot. At least five police officers were injured with cuts and a broken nose.

NYPD arrived on the scene after club security called for help with a fight that broke out during the show. Upon arriving, cops found a large crowd and arrested one person for disorderly conduct. The patron struck one officer in the face and broke his front tooth.

Inside the club, patrons said the concert was "peaceful" and that officers used pepper spray to clear the scene.


  • Anonymous

    Damn police are bitch ass fucks in Colorado and i see they are the same in NYC or should i say worldwide. Fuck the police..

  • Anonymous

    Man it's obvious Niggas was actin stupid... I don't side with the Laws at all but its obvious niggas wasn't acting right... It's all in the video...How these coon ass niggas gonna start shit then cry victim when they get dealt wit? lol

  • Deputy

    Excessive force is uncalled for, but yelling fuck the police doesn't help the cause. If I was a cop and people were shouting fuck the police, I would probably split your wig with a night stick.

    • gebhard

      then you're obiously the wrong person for this job. The article says they beat up Pete Rocks's wife. No one can tell me a wife of someone who is involved in the event has an interest in messing it up. So how is that?

  • j.lopez

    what people dont talk about is the amount of work and effort the nypd do here to keep it safe. crime is at its lowest in 10 years...everyone is quick to blame the finger, but obviously security called the police for a reason. it was a situation out of control and they called people more equipped to handle it. then you have a couple of asshole who will get in a cops face and curse them out and then all hell breaks loose. NEWS FLASH its a arrestable charge and considered assault to get in a officers face and berate them. they were just doing there job,

  • Anonymous

    Man I was at the show I just seen this BS Thread!!!! Niggas was looking for trouble and found it...What you don't see in the video is how a couple of them niggas was being all apologetic to the laws after they was acting like they was untouchable right before they got himmed SMH Niggas can never have a good time with out wilding out!!!!

    • Wolfman

      Props for postin this. Everyone can make some dumb assumption off 4 minutes of video, but never take into account the other side. Like the police was at Dunkin Donuts sayin, "yall wanna go bust up that release party?" Smh.. I'm not even a fan of the police, but I am a fan of truth and facts. Fuck all these dudes who cause ruckus at good music events, and get shit shut down.

  • murdock

    The fight would have just been done but the cops jump in and make it worse alot of times..fuck them dickheads

  • Dominic ImaBeast Herrera

    its 2011 and we still cant get a decent damn video out of 600 dollar phone???? u know what, just write the news, dont worry bout posting garbage videos.

  • RaRa

    U NYC niggas some pussies! Check out how them Greeks dudes handle the MF police!

    • Wolfman

      Good video.. Too bad it's for a cause that actually matters and not some bamas startin shit at a party. Police gonna win that war all day.

  • Anonymous

    Custer anyone?.. the cops look to be outnumbered 20 to 1.. what would any of you do against those odds... would you just let people run roughshod over you... It's funny that when anyone stands in the way of letting you do what ever you want they become the enemy. Just to play devil's advocate, your saying everyone at the event was a total gentleman and did nothing to provoke the police and the police just decided to start a fight while greatly outnumbered?

    • shane

      Cops normaly show up for the right reasons and i bet people were fucking with them but how can you be a man and really try to take there side when theres a video of like atleast five beating a woman with nightsticks. Is that really what law enforcment is about. If you've ever been at a situation like that you know that cops get mad skiddish because there outnumbered and start beating people up as if that really helps get control of a situation.

    • H N

      no. that's why the police were sent. to get control. you don't get control hitting females in the head with nightsticks and right hands. that causes even more chaos. cops in NY have had free reign for too long, NYPD is one of the biggest gangs in the world. this was an a reckless act of aggression. i didn't see any civilians attack any officers in the videos, i DID see police attacking defenseless civilians in the videos. one fight breaks out and the cops are knocking girls out? THAT'S CRAZY. unfortunately, this probably isn't the worst thing the NYPD did that night. there's controlling a crowd, and causing chaos. these cops were causing chaos.

  • Anonymous

    What would be so hard about leaving?

  • what?

    so 6 civilians got charged. what about the cops throwing hands, hitting people with night sticks? oh yeah. that's part of the job. beating down civilians that KNOW they're getting locked up and beaten for any contact. i'll take a beating over a beating AND charges, but these cops need to be put on the stand. problem is, they ALL lie on the stand, and they never get rolled on. this isn't a case of "reportedly". look at the footage, cops are the ONLY ones instigating a PHYSICAL attack. so cops can just beat the fuck out of you if you don't move when they say move? really? and people wonder why certain people say "fuck the police". they're never there to serve and protect, but they're always there to make life difficult. in a cell as he does it to someone else. i had a friend get his oribtal smashed by a cop for being drunk on the street. no threat, no action, just clubbed the kid with a cup and left him for the ambulance. public intoxication will provoke a cop into a full blown beatdown. cops need to be drug tested more regularly, a lot of these fucking cops are steroid heads with a need to test their strength in the real world. disgusting.

    • FTP

      That's a good point about the drugs. Coke too. My best friends' brother is an NYC detective, former undercover drug squad, and even he was telling me how much f**ked up ish they do. MAD Corrupt. The biggest problem is probably they continue to operate with impunity. It's amazing the things they do and get away with. Like the young man they shot in upstate NY; DJ the football player. Cops ordered him to move his car, and when he did, another cop shot him trying to say he tried to run him over. College football player, middle-class family, great kid with no record, is REALLY going to try and run over a cop for no reason. But the DA declines to persue charges. They always f**k with people and don't have to pay the consequences! Not an easy job, and they're not always wrong, but they have way too much uncompromised authority. Most of my encounters have been negative, with over aggressive officers who seem to be looking for a confrontation

  • RichFromNY

    Where's an article about the Philly flash mob that just showed up and beating people on the street or the other flash mobs just whipping people's asses in the street???? funny how everyone going hard at the police for doing the same shit other cats is doing... is what the cops did right, probably not but I've seen dudes in the street doing a 100x worse than that so...oh well...

    • Anonymous

      Real talk above. to the OP, cops are there to help the public, not beat them the fuck up, let alone beat up women. Power-abusing parasites.

    • A.S.

      Different paradigm; police abuse their power and influence in a way that regular cats can't ever be held accountable for. And i'm by no means exonerating any party.

  • Anonymous

    @Matt.. The police have no right to physically assault innocent people. You dumbass, the caused the scene first and that is why people were standing around. You silly faggot. You probably agree with them assaulting an innocent woman and her daughter. Fuck you! @ Newyorkpricks... I agree with you and it was not an ignorant statment

  • new york pricks & dicks

    too bad no cops got killed...yea im ignorant so the fuck what

  • Big Ol Dong

    It looks pretty much to me like they showed up to start shit.


    S/O to the homie who punch the pig in the face

  • matt

    only watched half the first video cus my computer was so slow, but obviously if the police give you a lawful command and you do not do it, they have a right to physically make you do it. all them people did not help themselves by standing around yelling at them.

    • Anonymous

      hi white boys. cops probably gave y'all stickers growing up. i used to get questioned by the police for walking to a friends house in the suburbs. lawful command. STFU you square. imagine how you would react to getting clubbed in the head with a night stick, for being another face in the crowd. i wish the crowd would've swarmed the cops, and fought back, but then you're talking casualties.

    • Big Chill

      I agree that standing around doesn't help matters. You have good and bad cops just like good and bad people, but 90% of the time when someone gets gaffled in these situations, they did something stupid to warrant a butt whooping.

  • Herewegoyo

    Amazing no one got shot. Why in the hell would you need that many officers outside that small ass venue? Just by showing up in those numbers is a sign of (unnecessary) aggression.

  • Anonymous

    Babylon just came in and tore shit down, hope they capture every little incident and sue those bitches

  • shame on Rick Ross

    why, Officer William ROberts aka Rick Ross?? why you gotta ruin a release party held by real mc's?? ur not even an officer at the NYPD! so why??? is it because your music is wack and theirs is awesome??? smh

  • Big Log

    To all your'll gang bangers,climing sets act like your'll know. If you dont know! now you'll niggas know who is the biggest gang in the city, yeap you hear me its NYPD.


    I don't doubt there was probably some rowdy ass nigga that started something, but then they just take it to the next level causing chaos instead of keeping shit DL. NYPD = NYPIG Dope Album!!!

  • shane

    To much love for that lady getting this video out but yea this was some depressing shit to watch. I wonder if this video will be on cnn and all the major news stations. prob not.

  • Robert ProfessorNumark Watts

    yet NWA and Ice-T were so in tha wrong 4 their cop songs......fuck them swine muthafuckas!

  • myass

    Yeah, you push a cop and you get your ass beat. Deal with it. You niggas always gotta nig.

  • Phil House

    america land of the to the power of the people in uniform

  • jae

    cops are dick heads,but ny is to closed in like theirs no space ppl out side chillin and got no space u cant really party in ny party in like nj,florid,or cali , ect,tall ass buildings every wer and crooked cops dam that shit,but im glad they got them on tape doing that foul stuff to ppl

  • Ryan MacQueston

    biggest gang of cocksuckers in the world

  • damn

    was that rock from heltah skeltah takin a beatin wtf?

  • Crystal

    Yo, fuck the police!

  • Anonymous

    Kill the police and it will prevent swine flu

  • reportedly?

    id say its a lot more than just reportedly when im watchin the video evidence and i almost skipped this one cause of "reportedly"

  • Anonymous


  • r.pgh

    everytime I try to have a good time, why, somebody always fucking it up, killing my high.


    man thats why sometimes you got to say fuck the police

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