Lil Wayne Discusses "Sorry 4 The Wait" Mixtape, Likens It To "No Ceilings"

After several delays with his upcoming studio album "Tha Carter IV," Weezy apologizes with his aptly titled mixtape.

Lil Wayne is currently prepping the release of his upcoming mixtape Sorry 4 the Wait, a peace offering to fans for Tha Carter IV’s consistent pushback. Speaking with XXL Magazine via MTV News, Weezy explained that he’s trying to make amends for delaying his album by several months.

"The mixtape is called Sorry for the Wait, and it's because [manager Cortez Bryant] pushed the album back so, sorry for the wait," he said.

The mixtape only features a guest appearance from Lil B, but there’s a chance other rappers will contribute. Wayne explained that the freebie will be similar in format to that of his 2009 mixtape No Ceilings , featuring rhymes over other rappers’ beats.

“Yeah, it's gonna be just like No Ceilings, taking the f--- over a n---a's beat. You know what it is, killin' n---as sh--," he said. "Make a n---a pissed, mad as a mother----er he ain't call me to get on that mother----er originally. Like, 'F---, if I'd have took this n---a call this n---a's song wouldn't be hotter than mine!"

Tha Carter IV is currently scheduled for an August 29th release.

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  • Cj Jackson

    DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE FOR FREE ----->Check Out The Commercial DOWNLOAD MIXTAPE FOR FREE ----->Check Out The Commercial Follow Me @Official1CJ

  • 80 GRAND

    Prolly pushed back because nobody wants the album or even cares. People are starting to wake up to this bs thats going on in HIP HOP. I love you wayne bcoz u r my brother, but we dont wanna hear that crack baby music no mo.

  • Anonymous

    Man why Weezy stay looking like a Tranny though for real....LOL nigga you look like Whoopie's Lil Sister...SMH I guess Baby like him that way...lmao at all this lil niggas ready to push back on Weezy dick too..... SMMFH haha

  • Anonymous

    im sick and tired of all yall lil bitches bloggin on here about how hes a hater or no hes not hes amazing. like cut the fuckin 3rd grade bullshit and just shut the fuck up. everyday theres arguments about shit like this and in reality its all about opinion. if people wanna hate then let them be haters their whole life. if people wanna dick ride let em dick ride. its only about album sales if you wanna talk about the greatest.

  • James Johnson

    thats wuts up


    if you get that nino brown pt2 you can watch him makE no ceilings with just weed an coffe no lean niggaz was saying homie fell off when C3 drop not the case C4 BITCHES

  • Wayne flopped...

    Damn, Wayne fell off hard. I smell flop.

  • Anonymous

    Except for the first 2 droughts and dedication 3, Every single official wayne mixtape is a classic. So…I cant wait for this.

  • Charles Lang

    Where is the release date?

  • da drought is over

    no lie, wayne's mixtapes are always better than his albums.. C4 will hopefully have some good songs on it, but this mixtape has to be fire

  • aarontodavis

    if it's anything like no ceilings, man da game's gon be in trouble.No ceilings was jus too raw but wat Wayne really need to do is hop on a track w/Los(youtube him) jus to c who'd come w/da harder, most clever punchlines...Los and Wayne r the best freestyle or "kill another rapper's beat" out there

  • Ido Benji Efraim

    Hate him or not, this just shows how close he is to fans, he releases a mixtape because of the delay, uno how many rappers just delay and delay it without releasing any material at all? Nice way to go Wayne. :)

  • Anonymous

    yeah so um wayne still hasnt confirmed that lil b track. that lil faggot lied.

  • Anonymous

    C4 was moved up to August 22nd. and still no date for the mixtape?

  • hellrazor

    "sorry i keep trying to rap" would be the appropiate title

  • MandOe Escobedo

    it should be called sorry for letting spitta walk jet life fooool

  • Rell

    Idc what anyone says, the Mixtape Weezy aint nuffin to bullshit with. Dedication 2, Da Drought series, Lil Weezyana, No Ceilings, The Blow mixtape wit Juelz. Im ready for the mixtape to come && if its gon be like No Ceilings its gon be ugly for other artists because when No Ceilings came out everything else didnt matter lol


      he fell of at rebirth? but he drop IANAHB album which was fire to me man if you dont like dude thats cool but you sounding like the madd blogger right now

    • what??

      That's not true at all. This dude aint shit because ppl are starting to care about real lyrical rhymes and weezy isnt that. he random all over the place with no direction in his rhymes. How many songs is he gonna say "Weezy F Baby"? Dude fell off at Rebirth.

  • latavia


  • This Nigga

    This mixtape should be entitled "Sorry, For This Shiity Mixtape." All the dickriders would probably buy it anyways.

  • Manny

    Haha, I can't wait to see which artist's beats Wayne is talking about. I'm sure one of them will take offense to this, lol. Anyway you guys should check out my music!

  • cockface

    lil wayne releases a lot of bullshit, but his dedication 2, da drought 3 and no ceilings mixtapes are the reason he is kinda great

    • Anonymous

      dats all thoses r wat put dat nigga over da top period.

    • Anonymous

      if you consider those great from him you probably need to check your history because thats when he started falling off. The original Young money (Currency & Wayne) was way better.

  • LastWordMobster

    this mixtape got no ceilings-----------------------------> I fuck with lil wayne though, people always on his case about autotune and shit, or rock or whatever. You gotta evolve as a person in this shit, thats what hes doin, look at Kanye's College Dropout compared to MBDTF....its still good shit just different

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