Freddie Gibbs Sounds Off On Lil B And The State Of Hip Hop

Gangsta Gibbs lets his tongue do some lashing while talking about a few of his contemporaries.

Freddie Gibbs isn’t one to mince words. Speaking with, the Gary, Indiana rapper elaborated on his previous comments attacking Lil B for naming his album I’m Gay, claiming it was all a marketing tool. Though he disagrees with the Based God’s title, he claims he has no beef with him.

“All that shit was some bullshit, I just called it on that,” he said, recalling his first meeting with Lil B. “And he told me, ‘You know what man, you right. I’m not gay man. It’s love Gibbs, man.’ He thought I was about to dig into him, like do him like my song. But I’m not about to take my time to be dissing this nigga.”

He chalked it up to Lil B being irresponsible with his platform. “Don’t get it twisted, I’m not knocking no gay people or gay-bashing. I just see a young black dude putting a message out there like, ‘I’m gay,’” he continued. “I think that a motherfucker with a platform like that should use that for something other than that.”

As for other rappers like Wale and Big Sean, Gangsta Gibbs didn't hold back. “That’s some buttfuck rap. That’s a whole issue. I’m saying, you can’t even put these niggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category. You don’t know what they fuck they are. I’m a gangsta rapper. That shit is just like if you had a box in here of shit you didn’t want, it was just miscellaneous shit, that’s where you’d throw them niggas. It’s a box of lost and found shit.”

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  • Anonymous

    read the actual review you dumb fucks gibbs didnt diss them the editor twisted the words to get this ariticle more popularity

  • Anonymous

    That niggas interviews make 50's look like they're from a rocket scientist.

  • fuckhiphopdx

    thats some low sneaky shit dx, tryin to make it seem like he was dissin big sean n wale, yall need to read the full real interview at complex cause dx just twisting the last part

    • Anonymous

      yea i just looked at the real interview they twisted this bad dont listen to hiphopdx here people

  • Darren


  • Asparaghost

    He wasn't talking about Wale or Big Sean on the "buttfuck" comment. I like how this article's editor tried to make it seem that way. He didn't even remotely diss Wale or Big Sean. Buttfuck rap = lil b

  • Thabet

    Freddie Gibbs shouldn't talk about the state of Hip Hop. Who the hell is he? What has he accomplished? Yah thats what I thought

  • ummmmm

    i think gibbs is mad cause big sean album come out

  • smart dumb nigga

    so because they rap about being themselves thats buttfuck rap....not every black rapper is a gangster or has gone thru what u went thru freddy...its all good tho ull be werkin at home depot out in gi when ur 40

  • Anonymous

    tha whole interview was a good read he goes off on niggas man lol

  • Tom Kinnebrew

    Looks like he's better at rapping than regular speaking. “I think that a motherfucker with a platform like that should use that for something other than that.” ...What now?

  • B. Tolbert

    I feel like J. Cole said it best "Either you play the game or watch the game play you, and be that broke muthafucker talkin bout I stayed true."

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. They're just bitter as fuck, the thing is, they fail at selling out.

    • DetroitTwoPointO

      Yeah and this coming from the guy who is giving us the best content that is out here in the game right now too.

  • DetroitTwoPointO

    I agree with Gibbs to a certain point. I fuck with Sean creativity, but I can't take him seriously, because I'm from the D. He cool but his music doesn't tell our struggles, its all commentary, funny stuff. Nothing really touching on the issues we face here. He is hilarious rapping though, says some funny stuff. As far as Wale I don't really know to many people who actually listen to dude from this city so I wouldn't really have a comment. I mean after I saw that LADY GAGA ft. in his video I stop even checking his music out. As far as Gibbs and his music, people here definitely like what Gibbs is saying. Dudes from Detroit got love for Gary,IN. They got real street dudes out there who got real struggles. And Gibbs deals with that in his music. His movement is legitimate on a street level, and his lyrical skills are definitely there. (He could have left that insult out though)

    • smart dumb nigga

      you don't know big sean how do you know if he really struggled or was grimy like the rest of the d....nigga was doing church rap when he was 14 hes not the voice of the streets there...go listen to trick trick if u want that

    • Jamel James

      well you need to listen more close to big sean's mix tapes cause he touch's all that gibbs just mad cause he a one lane dude ,like this nigga never had a good time,or never laughed nigga's kill me over doing this gangster shit,he just need attention so he naming names that he dont think will hurt his career,if he wasn't he would have said drake,j cole dudes like that.i bet mic to mic sean will eat that nigga alive.niggas got better shit to talk about than selling coke and dry snitching on them self's lol.dude not about to sell no record's he done fucked his career up already

  • Joey Ogoley

    Wait one question? Is this guy even comparable to Wale lyrically? no. Just because he's rapping about struggles and being a thug dosent make his raps anymore interesting or at all better for that matter. This guy is probably pissed at other sophmores that actually persued a path that they can make a career off of. This guy will flop and end up quitting hip hop in > 5 years.

    • Swish

      Yo Bitch this is indiana, if you havent actually listened to his mixtapes, then dont chime in wit ur 2 cents. Gibbs An Wale Both tight but also very different to even compare these 2 is beyond me. u ignorant young'n keep bloggin shit cuz you aint ever gonna b shit haha

    • Zing

      wale is a horrible rapper tho...

  • sssssssssss

    the next kids who didnt live the 90's;pac use to speak the brutal truth.from the hughes brothers to polticians to 99% of an entire coast.its time for shit to be made clear.fruity ass raps aimed at kids from the friendly music.ever noticed the steady decline of explicit rap from mtv/bet?be it gangsta of gritty thought provoking shit.after the era of ring tone rappers and the southern exposure,we are left with a merger of pop/rap/electronica/rock/ originality.wayne dresses like a nerd and does rock tracks.rnb singers are rapping in robot voices.niggas wearing non prescription glasses.what the fuck?is pac the greatest?is BIG the greatest?is Big L the greatest?but you dont like gangsta rap?lol

    • Anonymous

      Did you ever think about the people who actually buy rap records? It's the kids from the suburbs.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, he should rather talk about how he kills niggas, deals with drugs and makes a lot of money.

  • Afrojack

    Is Gibbs supposed to be hard? Has the nigga even seen a real gun before? Well put it this way... he aint a correctional officer turned Kingpin drug lord. If theres one dude in the rap game who won't sell out its Gangsta Gibbs.

  • eascreenplay

    This is why they killed tupac, so niggas like this can corrupt your mind into thinking like an ignorant slave. Dude said he not bashing gay people but he doesnt think lil b should use his platform for gay rights.. but then he promotes gangster rap. like niggas aint out here in the hood dying over that mentality. what the fuck is wrong with you people. WAKE THE HELL UP BROTHERS AND SISTERS!!!!

    • eascreenplay

      dude is fighting for the rights of human beings, yes he raps. hes using rap as a platform to change his life and try to teach his fans to care about the next human being. So rap is just a way to speak to the masses because most of the people that need that guidence are not gonna pick up a book or have any other positive infuence. So thats how he chooses to do it. Why would you want to hate on something like that. Dont let these blogs and comments fool you do your research on things before you put someone down.

    • eascreenplay

      and as for lil b fighting for gay rights, if you have followed lil b from the begining you would know that hes been standing up for human rights since day one. he makes those songs for fun and purposely makes them ignorant so that his fans know that what he's talking about is ignorant. some of your favorite rappers say the same things only they try to sound cool saying it, which then leads people into thinking those things are cool.

    • eascreenplayi

      @ shane people in the hood die because they are poor and they have no role models and then the community and gangster rap and other media infuences them. thats a fact ive seen it with my own eyes

    • shane

      If your talkin about me i am black not that i see where that matters.

    • role model

      i wish ppl just stfu n take as entertainment damm have SELF CONTROL

    • Anonymous

      you talk like as if your a black person but your white aren't you?

    • Shane

      besides people dont die in the hood because of ganster rap they die because there poor.

    • shane

      Were did you get this idea of lil b naming his cd that for gay rights. This is a guy that normaly talks about fucking bitches in his songs so if i was gay if anything i'd b offended some asshole trying to exploit that to make money. Plus people need to stop acting like every music artist is a role model. Theres an explicit sticker on it and i know for a fact that any parent that really cares about what music their kid hears can make a big difference in what music they listen too.

  • Anonymous

    im not hating or anything but just cause you speak your mind dont make you a gangster or gangster rapper...the worlds definition of gangster has changed from what it once was

  • keem

    who the fuck is freddie gibbs ? its based world for life . this nigga talkin bout he a gangsta rapper , he probly never looked at a real gun b4 . shut the fuck up bitch

    • Anonymous

      lol@baseworld im over here rollin

    • paris hilton

      lmao uh oh

    • lilb=wack

      i cant take any person serious who defends lil B's garbage ass music. I think you have to be literally retarded to feel that bullshit lil b puts out. Gangsta gibbs just keeping it real and speaking his mind plus he could literally run circles around lil b lyrically. fuckin fruity loop niggas

    • baseworld

      freddie gibbs you ugly bitch the Bitch Mob will come smack you into another race why are you over there looking like gerald from hey arnold idiot.

  • Anonymous

    JEEZY AND FREDDIE GIBBS >>> ROSS and everybody he signed. and Big Sean and lil B

  • Rocc

    You got it right you a gangsta rapper not a gangster, so shut ya mouth speaking on the next man bidness.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    idk i dont think he was really dissing big sean or wale its more like he doesnt understand them thats all no big deal, and fuck it there in there own category diversity isnt a bad thing

    • Anonymous

      Calling them buttfuck rap is definetly a diss. Maybe you've been buttfucked too much by Batman to understand that.

  • Anonymous

    the gibbs dissing wales prolly just a branch off the ross jeezy beef...i hate seeing those 2 diss eachother but on the other hand its prolly just a stunt

  • Anonymous

    Is Gibbs suppose to be hard? Nigga please.

  • mcmastermind

    Gibbs is ill and his comments I can say have much truth in them. Some shit that is considered rap definitely is in another category, and much of it should go in the category "buttfuck rap" like homey said. You can't be mad at him saying that, because he is iller than both of those rappers, but who's getting more attention? exactly, Gibbs is justified in what he said.

  • Previn Jetlife Moore

    everyone needa quit hatin on mi nigga gibbs he always keeps it 100 i met the nigga nd he rlly do b sayin whatever he thnk ....nd for the record jus cus he a gangster rapper dnt mean nigga be wearin baggy clothes the nigga wears diamond clothing nd camo shorts

  • wtf

    Wale+Sean+Gibbs are alll dope idk why he's dissin them if he even did Gibbs works wit the cool kids & chip the ripper which is close to sean and wale i thought they were cool but gibbs comin at them for no reason

  • Makin Chapman

    fuck Freddie gibbs that gangster rap shit is played out dont ever come at my mans wale like that he will eat you alive #MMG baby

    • Anonymous

      you just contradicted yourself even more LOL you said and I quote. "saying MMG, which is home to a lot of fake gangsta rappers. IE Rick Ross, Meek Mill, etc." upon which before you said "gangster rap shit is played out" then you exclaimed "MMG baby". SO what have we learned? well.... YOU FAIL

    • Paul David

      Funny how you contradict yourself by saying MMG, which is home to a lot of fake gangsta rappers. IE Rick Ross, Meek Mill, etc.

    • mcmastermind

      Son, Wale was a lot more ill before he was with MMG. Gibbs would eat his ass up.

  • Milan Ray

    'As for other rappers like Wale and Big Sean, Gangsta Gibbs didn't hold back. “That’s some buttfuck rap. That’s a whole issue. I’m saying, you can’t even put these niggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category. You don’t know what they fuck they are. I’m a gangsta rapper. That shit is just like if you had a box in here of shit you didn’t want, it was just miscellaneous shit, that’s where you’d throw them niggas. It’s a box of lost and found shit.”' lol he didnt even mention those rappers the journalist added it in. freddie gibbs is sick but you journalist fags are taking his words out of context. you guys are worse then the hip hop police

  • dlp

    Gotta love this guy...

  • Everett Da Amin Rucker

    less bitching about everyone else, more rapping

  • free

    my respect for gibbs went way up after this interview. bout time one of these young fellas checked his queer ass generation. i don't know what's going on, but the black community is drenched in some mystifying faggot shit. all these kids idols look and act like gays. i'll support this kids record anytime. the warriors in the black panther movement, would be devastated to see young black males, acting like materialistic women, after the girl. rap is the gayest genre out. a lot of gay stars.

    • Anonymous

      mystifying faggot hilarious, yet true at the same time...there really is some questionable activity going on in the hip hop world

  • Mr Flamboyant

    LOL at some of the comments... but none gained a bigger laugh than this: As for other rappers like Wale and Big Sean, Gangsta Gibbs didn't hold back. “That’s some buttfuck rap. That’s a whole issue. I’m saying, you can’t even put these niggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category. You don’t know what they fuck they are. LMAO at "buttfuck rap". Yep. Couldn't have come with a better description of them pansie niggas style than that. As for the Issac nigga below (nh)... Huh? I'm from Gary, IN and what in the heck are you talking about? His pops had to quit the force cause of him? You sure it's his pops? You sure he was in the military? In the words of the homie Scarface: You ain't no muthafuckin man...nigga you's a failure. Stop it. I actually know cats who know Gibbs. Who've known him since elementary. So what. So what does it prove by you coming on a site to spew propaganda about nothing... You lil BITCH!!!LOL!!! The dude used to work at Best Buy. So? Or did you know that? I'm not defending Gibbs or anything. Just what was the entire point of you coming on here saying garbage. You must be a Wale and/or Big Sean fan with ya gay ass.

    • ice t

      trooth get ur skinny jean pink wearing gay ass outta here bitch

    • life aint fair

      bitch ass nigga suck gibbs sperm from ur mommas jewish buttcrack filth phaggot SWAG

    • Anonymous

      His pops had to resign in '91.

    • trooth

      shut up nigga u don't know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who's sister fucked him. ur lame..gibbs is lame..and gangsta rap is lame. this nigga gibbs prolly rock bagggy southpole jeans with timbs lololol and a fuckin boss shirt. get tha fuck outta here. this nigga aint' even nice

  • integra83

    When DMX gets out of prison he should work with Gibbs, looks like they have the same point of view. Lol @ putting them in a box of shit you don't want

  • Wiley

    Wow I thought he was cool with Big Sean...Never the less Gibbs is one of the hardest new artist out

  • Anonymous

    .......cant wait for based gods album

  • Ddot

    fuckin' right gibbs! Someone's gotta say that's like every rapper is straight homo now...not meaning they're all into gay sex...just meaning that people are afraid to keep it real...just cuz I say "Kanye West is absolute garbage when it comes to rapping" doesn't mean i'm hating at all. I'm just tellin the goddamn truth! Let get back to keepin' it real in hip-hop, and start weedin' all these faggot-rappers out!

    • Anonymous

      kanye is a good rapper but saying he better than 99% of rapers is the most foolish thing to say

    • trooth

      but the goddamn truth is kayne west is good at rapping. he's not the best. but he's dope and he makes better songs than 99% of all rappers. see he's an "artist" not some dumb nigga who sells drugs and spits a couple bars on the weekend. and thinks he's cool cuz he wears baggy clothes. i swear these lame nigga's can't let anything go ..ya'll wanna cling on to the 90's for dear life... its a new day you lame ass niggas

  • Yup

    He said throw them in a box of shit you don't want. Awesome. Thank you Freddie.

  • ez duz it...

    gibbs is a funny dude but stop talking bout these other cats n talk about u and make good music..idk bout that statik collab could hit or miss..signing w jeezy wasnt the greatest descision either..oh yeah with saying he's a gangsta rapper n putting himself in a box he won't escape that...dunno if its a good thing cuz gangsta rap dont sell unless ur ross or a fake gang member..wish him luck all the same

  • Kashif Ilyas

    Freddi Gibbs is a lyrical hardcore gangsta rapper. check him out, if you haven't heard his music yet. He reminds me of Tupac a lot.


    @Dessalines Isaac Gibbs had to go to boot camp to avoid charges for theft and gun possession, after he finished he got a dishonourable discharge for smoking weed. His father was forced to resign from the police force following a scandal in the department. Gary, Indiana is not a middle class neighbourhood either.

  • JoeM

    Man I knew Gibbs should of never signed to Jeezy.. dude is already bugging. Big Sean is dope, Wale... I don't give a fuck about him. Gibbs.. Gibbs was ill at first, more 2pac-ish than anything, now he's just another one of those mindless "bangers" trying to be hard 24/7... C'MON SON! Even 2pac had a soft spot, don't believe me? Brenda's got a baby, Hold ya head up, Changes, Unconditional love, Dear mama, Life goes on, Me against the world etc etc.. Come on Gibbs, get off the bullshit, stop hatin' start creating.

  • Anonymous

    this dude is right! fuck big sean, wale, wiz khalifa , all these tight pants wearing bitches


    well thank you freddie gibbs for your two cents. but u can keep the change you fuckin moron. gangsta rap is ironic is that


    Nigga said that's some "buttfuck rap" LMAOOO #DEAD.

  • Dessalines Isaac

    Wow this poor guy seems to be trying a little too hard. He must be trying to compensate for his stint in the military and for his father being a policeman. Freddie Gibbs might be the first middle-class rapper to be famous doing gangsta rap in a long time.

    • LOL @ these comments

      And you thought by you airing out his personal life that you were gonna get an award and score some points on the thread? #epicFAIL

    • On That Rah Rah

      Damn my G ...U talkin like u grew up wit my nigga Gibbs.....son is on sum Pac shit ..dont hate


    homie imma check you out cause some fool told me big sean will eat wayne an his YM fam up i never heard gibbs music bout go check it out

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Big Sean can't eat a gatdamn kids' meal by his damn self let alone a record label and let alone any rapper. Get Straight Killa, MidwestChevy...whatever the mixpate name is. LOL! I can't recall it right now but it's in the same vein on southernplayalisticcadillacmusic. I think it's midwestboxframechevymusic or close to that.

  • rahrahrah

    All right Gibbs. We need some more classic music from you. That Statik Selektah piece wasn't it. We know you got it in you. Don't worry about what these other cats are doing, feed the people.

  • SutterKane

    Lil B is to Hip Hop what a troll is to a message board, only here to annoy people, ignore him and he'll dissapear before you know it

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