Big K.R.I.T. Speaks On Def Jam Debut, David Banner, Andre 3000 & Rock The Bells

K.R.I.T. explains why he is looking forward to Rock the Bells, talks about wanting to work with OutKast and the Dungeon Family and says he's producing his Def Jam debut.

Mississippi's Big K.R.I.T. has been crafting his Def Jam debut while bubbling in the underground with critically acclaimed mixtapes. The emcee, who is also a part of this year's Rock the Bells Festival, spoke with Bootleg Kev about his upcoming debut, his production, working with David Banner and his hopes to work with Andre 3000 and others. 

In the interview, the DXNext alum explained that he is finalizing his new album and working on more material.

"I'm also in the studio right now working on new material, so be on the look out for something new from me this year," he said.

When asked for his debut's title, K.R.I.T. was adamant about keeping that a secret for now, explaining that he wants to keep a "mystique" around his work.  

"Everybody will know [the title] pretty soon," he said. "It's important that I put the project together and then keep a mystique about it all. It kind of helps with the buzz." 

Fans of his production can be pleased to hear that he wants to man the boards on the entire project, something that has kept his occupied. When asked if he would be making beats for several other artists, he said he wants to wait to finish his own before he shares his instrumentals. 

"I'm actually going to produce my whole album. It's definitely difficult because every beat I make, I want to rap on it." 

While fans may be hoping for a K.R.I.T. collaboration with OutKast, he says he has only heard from Big Boi and hopes to collab with him. He also said he would want to work with Andre 3000, though he has not heard from him and that he has hopes to work with the Dungeon Family. 

One person he has worked with is David Banner. He shed light on the Mississippi connection he shares with Banner, a fellow emcee/producer, who has become his mentor.

"Banner's the big homie to me, a mentor, somebody I can call to get advice about the game and about the industry...He's doing a lot right now and he jumped on [the song "Sookie Now"]. It just worked out. Lord willing, we're going to shoot a video for it."

As for this year's Rock the Bells Festival, K.R.I.T. said he's excited to join the bill and looking forward to the atmosphere.

"That's pretty major right there," he said. "It's a different environment [when you do festivals], so to be out in the open, everybody having fun, and different fan bases all blending together, I want to see how everybody do." 

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  • Sharon Benjamin Hodo

    Seven Benjamin's father Andre 3000 would of course make a song like this. Another black man who isn't there for his son. Andre would rather buy a porsche and a loft in Buckhead instead of buy a home in Dallas to be with his son. He lets Seven be taken care of by Erykah's assistants and other lovers. That's why Seven acts gay and feminine. No real man in his life. If Andre is as rich as everyone says why didn't he buy a place in Dallas? Why???? Because he's really broke and doesn't know how to do business. Andre 3000 has made a sport of sleeping with his employees and groupies. Seven Benjamin should know his father doesn't treat people right and only knows how to stick his dick in women but doesn't know how to pick up the phone to call women back. What a great role model for his son? I wonder what Sharon Benjamin Hodo thinks of all this? (Andre's mama) Maybe if Andre lived in Dallas Seven won't look so malnourished and small!

  • AtlantaZoneBoy

    Andre needs to get on board man..but aye KRIT if that nigga keep BSin make a fie track with Big Boi and call it a day. Keep doin what you're bruh. Krit on of the future kings of the South

  • Zach

    Hoping this isn't another album people get overhyped for based on the mixtapes and end up saying "the album is alright, but it couldn't top K.R.I.T. Wuz Here or Return of 4eva." Either way, this album is gonna be dope as fuck. Can't wait.

  • Darius Frink

    Coming from somebdoy who from Bilixio, Mississippi we proud of KRIT def. the future of hip hop.

  • Sean Cody Mahoney

    KRIT is the best rapper out right now and has been for the past year.

  • big coach

    nigga thoed off sounds like pimpc on dat grippin da wood boi go off yup best shit in a while for da soufffffff alamo texas 956 nicca

  • chunker

    krit = king remembered in time big krit the best thing out right now.

  • calibeatbox420

    See ya in Cali Krit!!! Krit Wuz Here is in heavy rotation.....

  • Hannya

    One of the realest dudes in the game, hands down. Cannot wait for his Def Jam debut. Sounds like they are letting K.R.I.T. craft his debut himself. I hate when corporate interferes with an artist's craft.

  • UminorWEmajor

    3 stacks you a bitch ass nigga and this is coming from a HUGE outkast fan. You left Big Boi and the entire Aquemini records not to mention,you dont support any of the new talented artists and you completely turned your back on the fans. Hands down 1 of the greatest MC's ever but a real fuck IMO


    some fool on here say homie dont rep the south but which one of his songs/video getting play right now (country shit)


    He's probably the best new rapper out now.

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