Strange Music Releases Official Statement On Reno, Nevada Shooting

UPDATE: Strange provides details over this morning's shooting: an isolated incident from the tour, that has left a label affiliate in serious medical condition.

One of the newest members of Strange Music was shot in the buttocks early this morning during a shootout in downtown Reno, Nevada.

According to Kolo TV, the collective had just finished a performance at the Knitting Factory when shots rang out in the Douglas Alley between the Knitting Factory and the Old Fitzgerald casino. Two unnamed victims were shot during the melee, but neither of their injuries are life-threatening.

Police described the scene as “chaotic,” with close to 16 rounds being fired. Officers arrested the suspected shooter who matches descriptions provided by witnesses and had a gun that matched the shell casings on the ground. Officials believe the shooting was not gang related.

The newest member of Strange Music, who sustained injuries to his backside, had only joined the team a few weeks back, and was serving as one of the openers on the tour.

UPDATE: Strange Music provided HipHopDX with the following official statement: "Earlier this morning in the city of Reno, Nevada an unfortunate incident took place involving a performer with an opening act on Tech N9ne’s current U.S. Tour. Nearly two hours after the show had ended, it appears that this performer was the victim of a random and senseless act of violence on a nearby city street adjacent to the club where he had performed hours earlier. By all reports, the victim was talking on his phone when he was approached by six individuals who had not been in attendance at that evening’s show. Shortly after, shots were fired and the victim was struck multiple times. He was rushed to a local hospital where he remains in serious condition but is expected to recover. Not long after the incident took place, four suspects who had fled the scene on foot were detained and taken into custody by local law enforcement, including what appears to be the main suspect and shooter in the incident. No other info has been made available at the time of releasing this statement."

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • Tom Kinnebrew

    Six dudes walked up on this guy while he was on the phone, fired 16 rounds, and didn't kill him? They need to consider a change of career, because they're pretty fucking terrible at gangbanging. Seriously though, glad this guy survived and hope he has a full recovery.



  • anom

    WTF HipHopDX, give us straight facts before you claim a "Strange Music" member got shot. It was an opening act. Only an affiliate. SMH. This article isn't even buzzworthy no more.

  • mdub420

    the opening act may have been this piece of crap group who call themselves "Vampires of something". Basically goth looking pieces of crap thinking they are vampires. I wanted to shoot them too when I saw them. I don't think they are part of Strange Music. They are just a local act maybe?

  • I

    jay rock is gonna drop his album and get dropped by his label, they arent gonna tolerate bullshit like this on strange. strange is about their business, they dont have time to nurse butt shot wounds. fucking up the tour money? you're finished. newest member of strange bout to be a former artist on strange.

    • Alf Gang Janitor

      Jay Rock's not the newest. The newest is Young Bleed, with ¡Mayday! and Stevie Stone signing before him.

  • T-RO

    You would maybe think Jay Rock but isnt Stevie Stone the newest??? Or Mayday!??

  • Eyes

    Jay Rock openly gang bangs. Talk the talk, then walk the walk, haha!!

  • Brandon Nixon

    Prolly an upset Hopsin fan lol....they should sign his ass too tho

  • haha

    forest gump ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    obviously its Jay Rock...he recently joined Strange Music in order to release his debut album,Follow Me Home, out July 27th. Thats lame that it happened..check out the video for the single on youtube..its called Hood Gon Love It. Its pretty dope

  • Anonymous


  • kevin vania

    cheap reporting. we want to know WHO? cheap

    • deadboy90

      the cops never release the names of victims unless the victum lets them. just look around the strange music HQ for the guy with his ass in a sling

  • Anonymous

    Man these dudes bet not get Jay Rock into no trouble... shit is goin good for him rite now. Keep him out of watever bs yall got goin on

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