Ski Beatz Speaks On Producing Jay-Z's "Dead Presidents," Explains Nas Sample

The producer explains why he used a Nas sample on the track and why the song's sequel ended up on "Reasonable Doubt."

In honor of the 15th anniversary of Jay-Z’s classic debut Reasonable Doubt, Ski Beatz recently spoke to Soul Culture to discuss how the album was conceived. During the interview, he touched on producing the track “Dead Presidents,” explaining why he used a sample of Nas’ “The World is Yours,” later used as ammunition on Hov’s diss track “Takeover.”

“For me, when I made the ‘Dead Presidents’ beat, I first heard the Nas record ['The World Is Yours']. I was inspired by the music,” he said. “I was like, ‘Yo this is dope!’ so I just went into the crates and tried to find something which made me feel like that and I found the Lonnie Liston sample and I threw Nas’ sample on top as a tribute because I loved the song so much. Jay heard it and he was like, ‘this is dope,’ and went on to write ‘Dead Presidents’.”

The single’s initial release wasn’t the final version that made the album, as Jay laid a few new verses on the cut. “The new verses on ‘Dead Presidents II’ were to give people more of him. Back then, we didn’t really do remixes so for an emcee to give you an extra verse was just a bonus for you,” he said.

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  • Anonymous

    Reasonable Doubt is underrated by most of these so-called ''hip hop heads''.

    • NY

      It is Jay-Z's best album to date but it's still not a perfect album, Jay-Z has never made an album that you can listen to straight through without skipping a song. 11 albums in a span of 13 years is ridiculous it made his music less focused but Jay-Z was trying to cash in on his fame without having artist integrity to make it a good album before he released it. People give him way too much credit, Jay-Z is a pop artist that just puts out what is popular at the time and that's pretty evident on his albums.

  • Buckwheat_Grocery_KillA

    Yo why the hell we talking about these old azz songs?!?

  • Anonymous


  • daddy01

    Ski Beatz is known for more than just the Dead Presidents beat.

    • A.S.

      No one's denying that. But it would be silly to say that it isn't one of his most high profile works.

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