Drake Calls Out Universal Motown Records Over Stopping Song Leaks

According to Drizzy, "Marvin's Room" and "Trust Issues" are for the people, not UMG.

Toronto, Ontario emcee/singer star Drake is apparently fed up with his parent label. The Young Money artist used Twitter yesterday (June 23) to call out Universal Motown Records over cease-and-desisting song leaks of "Marvin's Room" and "Trust Issues" - records that Drake seemed to want fans to have.

With sophomore studio album Take Care planned for fourth quarter release, Drake and his label will have to come to terms.

Universal needs to stop taking my fucking songs down. I am doing this for the people not for your label.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Recently, Drake's touring buddy J. Cole and Sony/Roc Nation have also been halting online posting of songs from the North Carolina native's debut album.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.


  • Anonymous

    Oh hammer, don't hurt 'em! Don't cry on their fist homie, it might make their knuckles too wet!

  • jae

    dam he better be easy lol

  • Anonymous

    Dashie Banned FROM TV SHOW SUPPORT PEOPLE http://youtu.be/yKws3LK3aWA

  • Anonymous

    The labels are doing you a favor. These rappers have to stop giving away music for free if they expect to SELL records. This same rapper will be complaining if they label doesn't want to give him any budget money because they feel like they are going to lose. We didnt start seeing sales this low until the mixtape era took over. The labels do not profit off of mixtapes.

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      It's called promotion, dumbass. How can you expect to sell records when nobody even knows you're releasing new music? Because of the FREE Marvin's Room alongside Drake's appearance on "I'm On One" he instantaneously made himself the HOTTEST rapper again. Time's have changed. The labels just don't understand that and are stuck in an old rut.

  • idiots

    this just in retards...you dont have to be some ghetto scrub dreg of society to be a rapper...get that through your thick skulls

  • purplehazee

    drake when wont u understand you dont call the shots..... if u want to do that go independent. sorry fo ya ha

  • Anonymous

    fukkk universal motown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at least their a&r department! most of all "doc"!

  • Alec ThompSin Thompson

    Not a fan of Young Money at all, but Drake just earned a lot of respect from me for that remark. Props to him.

    • Anonymous

      @zoo, I don't think drake has very much substance, I see what your saying you don't have to conform to some ghetto bullshit. But he is more pop than substance. Rapper or no Rapper.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Gatdamn it's some smart dumb mfs on here, jack! (looks at big dan) (nh) A fool isn't known to be such until he opens his mouth and removes all doubt...or in this case types some of the friggin nonsensical madness that makes as much sense as lil zane putting out any song. Stupid muthafu...

    • Anonymous

      loool at how stupid big dan is

    • zoo

      @big dan.. he gave them away through his blog... meant to be leaks.. not as singles.. he stated that when he released them.. why should we stop calling a rapper he rappers what he knows and has song of some subtance rather than bullshit like most the rappers... and i ain't the biggest drake fan in the world.. i was ant-drake when he first started.

    • Big Dan

      You buying that crap? It's a marketing ploy. I have not heard these songs on the radio yet, if they are supposed to be singles. "Fight" with the label, get some buzz. I understand, Drizzy got himself put on after giving away free mix tapes, but now that he's signed, I'm sure he's like every one else.. your album flops, you blame the leaks, so f outta here. And yes, please let us stop calling Drake a rapper.

  • Anonymous

    dx will make a story out of anything.

  • Nathan Harvey Malcolm

    i personally loved those two songs,


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  • Anonymous

    Good to see a rapper doin shit for the fans. Drake and Cole are the future

    • astroarmz

      drake is a rapper ....but i also respect him as a singer..or a vocalist ..that's the right term for him a vocalist..cuz i never really heard him go ..luther vandross ...boyz 2 men or even trey songs on a joint lol...he could rap his ass off though ...

    • lol

      he's an artist (no-label), as he should be. Kanye has destroyed the barrier of rappers being labeled. So get over it, and enjoy the "music". for your own sake.

    • DoRite

      considering he does both he's a rapper AND a singer... despite some of the small thinkers you can do both of you have the talent...

    • KrayZ

      He ain't no rapper he's a singer a R & B singer just correctin your ass

  • LOL @ these comments

    Hey kids did you even read how Universal Records has blacklisted most rap sites, even this one? What this means knuckleheads is that we don't get any new music from any rapper unless the label massa says so.

  • guerilla jones

    thats why hes on top,it makes sense.Like Stalley,and Big Krit giving away free quality mixtapes,you got to do SOMETHING to connect to the audience.Other then Jay-z,and maybe Nas who can you guarantee is going to give you what you expect nowadays sight unseen?Good move

    • LOL @ these comments

      You don't understand that what Universal is doing with the music can affect mixtapes too. Rappers can't put out "free", rejected album music anymore on websites like HHDX, NahRight, & RR. The labels own those "free" songs.

  • tim

    those songs suck. The label is doing ppl a favor

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