Wale Discusses How Rick Ross' Writing Technique Inspires Him

The Maybach Music rapper explains how Rozay's pen game keeps him on his toes.

As part of the Maybach Music Group team, Wale has been taking notes on Rick Ross’ writing process. Speaking with MTV2’s Funk Flex Full Throttle, the Washington, D.C. rapper explained that Rawse’s pen game has spurred him to want to step his rhymes up.

“It’s another whole vibe with him. I’ve never been so inspired to write. It’s almost a competitive nature in that environment with me and Mill in there and me and Pill in there and me and Rozay in there,” he said. “But he goes through these morphs into something. It’s really an incredible thing to watch.”

He likened Ross’ process to Jay-Z’s writing method, where he doesn’t use a paper and pen to craft rhymes. “You always hear these stories about Jay-Z mumbling, but you actually see the whole thing. He might not even say a word. He may go 20 seconds without saying a word, but you understood everything he just said. I’ve never seen anything like it. And then he just morphs into this person. Everybody just sit and watch.”

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  • TP

    THIS nigga WALE looks like a burnt hot dog. like a frank i forgot on the grill. just another fag rapper lookin for a life vest, let em drown officer ross.

  • Jake Bourey

    support underground hip-hop http://hiphopfightsback.tumblr.com/

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else feel like Wale's being sarcastic? He really said Ross won't say a word for 20 seconds and yet, somehow, you understand everything. Like Pootie Tang my nigga? Fatboy, ya' phone's ringing....

    • foekist

      I don't think son was trying to be sarcastic. I just think that he is stupid. "He may go 20 seconds without saying a word, but you understood everything he just said." That stankment says it all!

  • Marlitocruz

    First off Rick Ross entire career is a fucking sham. His real name is William or some regular shit he was a regular cat who obviously had some rapping skills he took his regular nigga knowledge of the dope game prolly hung wit a couple real niggas and he spits like he was the real freeway ricky ross in another life...shits make believe!!! and 50 cent was right dude is albert from cb4 so fuck em!

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/M3lVYTjjrv8 IM DA s**tAND I DONT NEED A TOILET OUT AND ABOUT..ALL ABOUT..STRICTLY BUSINESS http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/4/OQyVQ5lNMds GET LACED

  • anom

    They need to split the line between rap and hip hop. Because these rappers are fucking the game up. These hip hop artists still have hope for good music. If you can distinguish the two, congratulations.

  • Anonymous

    they dont touch a pen to a paper because they have someone else do it for them jbird is always a 100% no ghostwriters or producers listen to me and tell me im the next tupac http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch its a shame when a cop makes it in the game

  • X

    How much Ross pay Wale to say this shit?

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    he put jayz in the same sentence with ross shame on you wale

    • Anonymous

      deezy you need anger management. straight up. complete over reaction.

    • Deezy

      shame on you for taking ur own picture with that lame as shirt on.. u fucking loser.. got any friends? of course their names can be in the same sentence they're both rapper you fucking cum wad

  • Lilworm

    damn...hatin is common on this site huh? lol

  • MURK

    Too bad nothing good comes out of that process.

  • Anonymous

    rick ross's real writing techniques....watching american gangster(the series) bfore writing

  • Young jeezy

    i ghost write for rozay

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      to me ross is not even the typical southern rapper he is below the radar the gimmick is wack all day.

  • JohnBoy

    Not sure how you get inspired by someone that you are better than. Thats like a doctor getting inspired by his nurse or a district attorney getting inspired by a paralegal. Fuck outta here. I know you signed to him but please dont kiss his ass.

  • Anonymous

    Only Jay and Wayne can do that shit well ... Ross just spitting 3 words every 10 seconds, that aint hard to freestyle.

    • BrownSuga

      I dont know that Wayne does it all that well. He can spit but alot of his shit is just random. No storyline. No theme just random shit. He doesnt even like some of the shit he says, he's admitted that much, but he's Wayne and he has billions of fans. He could probably belch and fart on the mic and people would call him a visionary.lol

    • Yup

      A-FUCKING-MEN!!! I'm a boss...(pause) Call me Bill Gates...(pause) Big House...(pause) Real Estates...(pause) That ain't hard to do. I made that shit up of the top of my head just now. He does that for a whole album and people give him credit for being "good". Yeah right. He's ok. But skilled?! Never.

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Of course the hatin ass niggaz gonna come out the woodwork sayin Ross has ghostwriters. Ross always wrote his own shit and wrote shit for other niggas too. Niggas on here always be talkin bout that officer Ricky shit, who gives a fuck what he did in the past. Nigga was feedin his family. All yall niggaz just hatin cuz you know Rozay makes the hottest shit and has the bangin beats. Most of yall niggas favorite rappers aint doin the shit Rozay doin. Only Hov, Wayne and Feminem as hot as Rozay right now. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • illegal ass foo


    • Anonymous

      The hatin comes out because the BAWSE is WACK!! I seriously dont ross writes his own shit but then again wack as his shit is he just might. Name me one person who ross has written for because I dont see that happening at all. But hey if you like gimmick ass mc's then thats what you like.

  • aarontodavis

    lol how da hell u get inspired by Ross? Ross can neva do wat Jay and Wayne and Em prolly do.Him and Pill r da worse ones in da group

    • Anonymous

      I have to disagree Pill and Wale are the best ones in the group. With that said the both of them should have never signed with ross its just going to bring Wale and Pill down.

  • Andre Cooper

    I knew as soon as the story posted there was go be hatin.....How do you niggas know that ross has ghost writers? Was you there? No....... The man is talented and despite the hate he still shitz on your favorite rapper!!!!! Don't bother gettin a reply outta me......Bawse

    • JohnBoy

      If being wack was a competition than I agree. Ross is better than my favorite rapper.

    • Anonymous

      Excuse me but what talent does ross have besides knowing how to do a head count.


      but you didnt say shit in that response kick rocks pussy

    • psssh

      woow argument just weak as fuck he doesnt shiton anybodys favorite rapper get off that weak ass line


      man i never heard of dude havin a ghost writer until today niggaz on HHDX madd funny hands down ross making good music he just need to used more producers

  • slimm

    sounds like rapper mad skillz writing for a lot of rappers not saying he writes for ross ,but skillz is one of the best ghost wrters in the rap game check his track records. dont sleep "the world need more skillz" check all this man work

  • Donnie Cooke

    the more people say they dont write down lyriks...the more it sounds like it!

  • John Murray Hill

    Rick Ross has to be one of the worst rappers in the game. His stuff is just generic and boring as hell.

    • Anonymous

      CO-SIGN THAT ROSS IS WACK!!! Gimmick all day long not a true mc whatsoever.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Nigga the fuck you know bout hot music. You prolly one them bitches who dick ride Feminem. Go back to listening to that wack ass european swedish rap. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    wale is a true mc! cant wait for his next album he been makin some crazy songs of late he is one of my favs for sure out there

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/a/u/0/M3lVYTjjrv8 IM DA SHIT AND I DONT NEED A TOILET OUT AND ABOUT..ALL ABOUT..STRICTLY BUSINESS http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/4/OQyVQ5lNMds GET LACED

  • r

    Rozays technique is to just lie lie lie

  • Anonymous

    Wale's and Pill's career are about to go in the toilet due to them signing with BAWSE of gimmicks. Ross writes his own shit?!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!! Even if ross doesn't write his own shit he still needs to get a better ghost writer!! Sad SAD state of hip-hop that we are in right now. Oh well as the saying goes ALL GOOD THINGS DON'T LAST.

  • Anonymous

    NO NO its true he's an average mc, I don't know about any help he has been getting but he aint completely downright wack.

    • Anonymous

      He does make good records end of the day, e.g. Aston Martin Music/B.M.F., the Justice League joints. An artist is an artist. The original form (esp. the 80's) got you called out, challenged and somewhat disbarred if even a slight doubt arose about your skills. For everybody...b-boys/b-girls, graff writers, dj's, mc's. Show & prove was a way of life. Rick Ross cool tho. Peace out

  • Area 514

    Even ghost writers 'signature' their rhymes, if you listen carefully to the structure and verbiage. So many things that use to be a sin in Hip Hop has become commonplace.

  • Area 514

    Ross aint been writing all that. Maybe as of late, he's caught on to the form, but he been getting "help". All good, as long as the songs come out dope.

  • oro

    rick ross's writing style sucks!!! he is a wack ass fake rapper selling a fake image of himself through his wack music waaaaaack rick ross please stop "rapping"

  • W. Castillo

    Ross writes his shit brah, knock off the booboo...yall all can't be Jay and in Ross' case BIG...



    • Anonymous

      yea cause wiz released the most pop sounding album of the spring, and if you actually bought the album there is alot of writing credits that dont go to the King of the Taylors. HAHAHAAHAHAH

  • Rick

    Yea Lex is getting real typical. 23yr Old Hiphop-Head Discovers How to Earn $180-$360 Daily (Free video) http://CareerDailyIncome.com


    thats cool but its time for MMG to switch up on them producers lexx killing me

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