Ron Browz Says He Originally Offered Jay-Z The Nas "Ether" Beat

In an interview with ThisIs50, Ron Browz says Jay-Z could have had the beat that Nas ultimately used for one of Hip Hop's most memorable battles.

Jay-Z fired the initial shot in his memorable battle against Nas by dropping “Takeover” in 2001. But he also had one of the first opportunities at the beat Nas used to answer him. Producer-turned-artist Ron Browz says he shopped the track that would eventually become “Ether” to a bunch of different emcees, including Jay-Z.

“It was just one of them beats that I let everybody hear,” Browz explained in an interview with “Whoever came to the house, I was like, ‘Yo hear this.’ One of Jay’s A&R’s actually came to the house to hear that beat too. He said he was gonna give it to Jay, but I guess it never got in his hands. I went through a travel agent to get to Nas, and it got in Nas’ hands. I guess it got to him at the perfect time. Nas was like, ‘Come to the studio and hear what I did.’”

What Nas did was his most inflammatory song to date. “Ether” was sandwiched between a handfull of back and forth diss tracks between Nas and Jay, including “Super Ugly,” “Last Real Nigga Alive” and “Blueprint 2.” Ultimately, Nas and Jay reconciled and eventually became label mates for a brief period.

Ironically, Browz could have potentially placed a few beats on a Roc-a-fella release. Browz was behind some of the late Big L’s more memorable tracks—including “Ebonics.” According to Big L’s brother, Donald Phinazee, Jay-Z and Damon Dash were courting Big L in hopes of adding him to the Roc-a-fella roster. Unfortunately Big L passed before he could potentially take Roc-a-fella up on their offer. And despite the criticism of Browz later Auto-tune heavy productions, “Ebonics” and “Ether” maintain their place on many fans and critic’s list of favorites.

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  • Anonymous

    Please shut up about the beef already. It ended a long time ago.. And if you guys think Jay-Z sucks so bad listen to Reasonable Doubt. Lightyears ahead of the Blueprint 3 and the other stuff that you've actually heard from him.. (oh and im a way bigger NaS fan then Jay)

  • Muhammed Ali

    Wait.. so Nas killed Jay-Z on a beat that was originally offered to Jay-Z? LOL FUCK JAYZ

  • Anonymous

    The thing is, BEAT-WISE, ether is not that hot. The beat didnt drive that song. The beat for takeover was definitely hot. But what Nas was saying is what made Ether, honestly.

    • Bowski

      @ Seriously, I totally agree w/you regarding Nas making that Ether beat hotter, but honestly if I had to choose b/w the Ether beat or The Takeover beat,the Ether beat would win hands down. That beat just speaks man listen to the instrumental, it had way more character than The Takeover joint; Then ofcourse Nas just took it to a sicker level.

    • Seriously

      I agree and disagree...The beat to Ether is heavy, but The Takover beat is just more suited for the go in for the kill beat. Ether is on some assassin shit, while The Takeover is more like war on an open field. Regardless, you're right, NaS' rhymes did amplify Ether. It's like GZA said "A live beat without a live emcee isn't enough..." And NaS came through...

  • what a loser

    talk about reachin, damn this dude needs some attention cause nobody wants his tired ass beats no more, they all start to sound the same

  • Mr Flamboyant

    LOL at all of the comments. You all have great points and statements. Why should I add anything else?

  • justice

    It is 2011, Nas and Jay had beef in 2001 and made peace in 2005. So why does this matter at this point?

  • shane

    Oh god tell me this dude isn't the pop champagne guy. I've known about him as a producer for a while and i knew the guy who made that song had the same name but i would have never put it together. Man his shits wack now.

    • yup yup

      hes the pop champagne guy, arab money, gimme $20, thats y he always says ether boy on his songs, thats his claim 2 fame

    • Cage

      ^^ That's the guy, and he shouldve DEFINITELY stuck to producing... I cant believe how garbage he was as an artist...

  • the_truth

    Hold up whilst i check the date..... i could have sworn this was 2011

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