Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Hodgy Beats Recording With Nas

Three OFWGKTA members are working on a song with Esco, with Frank Ocean at the helm.

Odd Future’s Hodgy Beats recently revealed that he, Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean are currently working on a song to be recorded with Nas. Speaking with Pitchfork.com, the MellowHype member explained that Ocean is putting the track together and that they’re waiting on Esco to drop off his verse.

"The song is almost finished; we're just waiting on a verse... I'm just stoked to be on a song with [Nas],” he said.

Ocean and Nas previously tweeted about working with one another, though Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy were left out of the equation. Nas has praised Odd Future in recent interviews, naming them as one of his current influences. It is unclear whether the collaboration will end up on Nas’ upcoming album Life is Good.

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  • Smuva Johnson

    Of course Nas fucks with Odd Future, if yall remember Nas used to be on the same hype...remember Live at the bbq? "When i was 12 i went to hell for snuffin' Jesus" and i could easily name 5 more tracks, including a few on Illmatic where he says something similar, like back to the grill again, where he says "I'm waivin' automatic guns at nuns, stickin' up the preachers in the church" Nas didn't believe in any type of religion, or God back then

  • Illmatic

    they don't deserve to work with a legend like nas

  • Nick Crookshank

    100% of the OF hate is purely because you guys are jealous. Tyler is 20, the rest of them are all 17-19, YOUNGER than most of you. Ya'll just jealous because this dude has done more in three than most you have done in your entire life. Tyler is not going anywhere, so just learn to enjoy it.


    LOL at a hater, do something usefull with your time!! OF is really making some good ol hip hop.

  • Mando


    • Dennis Ndiema Ndiech

      Tyler and the rest better bring their A-game,though.Cause if they dont,i dnt wan2 hear them on a Nas album.

  • reikithebeast

    OF! got heads talkin...must be doin' somethin' right.

  • JE

    They better step it up or Nas will murder their career on accident with one verse. I think if Nas is putting faith in them we should do the same, but they better seriously step it up.

  • Anonymous

    i dont like this shit there 100 REAL MCS TO MAKE A SONG WITH OPE IT WILL B GOOD THO SMOKE WEED

  • G

    Why are people hating on odd future? they got skill, i bet you guys haven't even given them a real chance.

  • unclesam

    Fuck you Nas, go do a song with AZ, Jigga, Preemo, Pete Rock, Lupe, KENDRICK LAMAR, not these faggots.

    • LMAO

      Nas can do a song with anyone he wants to. He doesn't have to listen to you. Stay off your mom's basement and accept its 2011 not 1994.

  • andrew

    frank ocean mixtape nostalgia,ultra is sick this will be a good collab

  • Anonymous

    the title of this article is a LIE!!! if they are waiting for nas to "drop off a verse", he aint record nuttin yet. Duh? The titles should be "Odd Future's Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean & Hodgy Beats waiting on a verse from Nas.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Mos Def, The Roots, Pharrell, Diddy, Kanye, Jay-Z, Game, Method Man, Nas... Odd Future = Hip-Hop

  • Hiphopjudge

    whether they like it or not... Odd Future is HIP HOP. So im looking forward to this. Should be really dope

  • Tyler, The Creator

    Fuck all u hatin ass niggas. Ima find all of u, tie u up, slice your arm off, rape u with it, use the hand to jerk my shit, bust all over your girl's face, rape her in the ass while mah nigga Frank Ocean fucks her mouth, then mah nigga Nas gon come in to finish with his monstrous dick. Thas how we do in Wolf Gang. Kill niggas. Rape niggas. Big fuckin butt orgys everyday. No doubt. You invited Nas with ya broke ass. 666 Golf Wang. OFWGKTAWSGAN!

  • BZA

    This song better only be on one of the OFWGKTA's albums if all those Turds are involved, that way I don't have to waste any time deleting the mp3 when I cop the album... Will only be acceptable on a NaS album if he just has the ladies crooner Frank Ocean on a hook... We're not hating cuz these Turds are "on the rise;" we're hating cuz they're awful.

    • oro

      this is just a matter of taste! it doesnt care if your absolutty sure they suck, cause there are people who think different! so, why hate? we just have to accept thing that go against what we believe... open your mind, dons like it, accept it

  • Travion Coker

    Damn sahn, niggas hate in OFWGKTA hard.. Tyler can't spit? Do you even listen to his songs? Everybody in that group goes in. But y'all niggas just hating because they on the rise.. If Nas and Em dealing with these niggas and putting them on, then no doubt they are the real deal.

    • Anonymous

      boyy i tell ya if lil wayne signed lil zane dey would b suckin his dick its da return of 2pac

    • Panik

      so basically because nas and em are feeling them, you feel they're the real deal? Dick riding at it's best!

  • Proffesah

    Damn this is gonna be fuckin sick. Too bad Earl ain't out to join in. FREE EARL MUTHA FUCKA!!!

  • ark

    Mark off Tyler, kid can't spit.

  • Moses Adekunle Esan

    I hope Tyler and Hodgy are just producing and not actually rapping on it.

  • Masshole

    Damn Nas must be really broke

    • gossip is a disease

      Nas on "Nasty," "Talk money, is you jokin'? Cash everywhere, in my bank, in the sofa In the walls, In the cars, In my wallet, In my pocket, On the floors, ceiling, the safe, bitch I got it, you envy." I swear if you want to put anything out about a person and make haters believe it just put it on the net. A hater will believe anything about a person that they are LESS successful than.

    • Anonymous

      Nas is as broke as fuck. I respect the man music prior to the later mistakes but this is really low.

    • The MG

      "How enormous is Nas' pockets is a pop quiz to gossipers"

    • masshole

      to reallymusic.Embrace new artists? At least Ocean can sing I guess but Tylor should never be embraced he brings nuthin new or fresh to the game he madd wack.Ima Nas fan he can do better

    • Anonymous

      nas owes the irs millions of dollars for unpaid taxes he paying kelis mad child support he def aint super rich anymore

    • Anonymous

      $10,000 is alot my god

    • Anonymous

      Nas made more money than your uneducated family in five generations combined.

    • B Dank

      haha nas, broke? maybe ya'll aint heard of distant relatives? they still rakin in tour/album money. dont knock shit till you hear it.

    • reallymusic

      Damn another idiot who thinks that Nas has to be broke to embrace new hip hop artists. You niggas are clowns. I wish Nas would just become less humble and do a remake of "Hate Me Now" but call it "Fuck You Bum as Haters." Why is it okay for other hip hop artists to collab with the newcomers but when Nas is capable of doing it...he is broke? Hip hop fans are fucking dumb! If Kanye, Jay, or Em was doing this niggas would be hyped but because it is Nas niggas hate.

  • Anonymous

    Don't know about this. Hope it turns out to be great.

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