Drake To Release "Take Care” Single In Two Weeks, Discusses Album

Drizzy also reveals that The Weeknd will appear on several tracks on the LP.

After releasing “Marvin’s Room” and “Trust Issues” over the past few weeks, Drake is gearing up to drop the first official single off his sophomore set Take Care. Speaking with The Fader, the Young Money rapper explained that the album features The Weeknd on several tracks and that the single will arrive shortly.

“The single’s dropping a week-and-a-half, two weeks. It’ll be fun. It’s going to be a blast,” he said. “It’s great. I’m really excited about it. Just trying out different things, different sounds, different flows... We’re all in a really great place in our lives just as a team, the team’s coming together. 40’s doing really well. We’ve got new editions. We have this affiliation with The Weeknd. It’s really great. He’s on the album a bunch. I’m excited about it just for the people to hear the evolution of the music.”

He also touched on being considered “emo,” agreeing with the assessment. “I only really know how to do one thing. I don’t know how to make generic songs about the struggle and things that aren’t about me, I just know how to make songs that are about me,” he continued. “If I make a song that’s emo or emotional, then I guess yeah, I’m going to stick to that. I make songs about my life, because if you want me to be honest with you, that’s the best way I know how. The things I’ve experienced and the things I’ve lived. That’s what I like to do.”

As for the amount of singing and rapping fans can expect on the next LP, he remained mum. “When I sing, they tell me to rap, and when I rap, they tell me they want to hear more melodies. You can’t please everybody all the time,” he said. “I’m just having fun making music, I feel like I know what it’s like to drive around at night in Toronto and think about life. I just make music for those kids who are doing that right now, just driving around reflecting on life who want to help the people around them. Just that kind of thing.”

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  • Come On

    Haters make me laugh the only reason why you guys hate so much is cause he's canadian, has whole album was good top to bottom and you know it and probably sign the songs at home so whataeva...

  • Triune

    Daymn, where did all the Drake hate come from?! Well, i'm not the biggest fan but I am looking forward to his album. Hopefully it's good and does well. For someone who isn't a complete stereotype, I root for him to win the same way i'm rooting for Cole to win, Jay-Electronica to win, Odd Future to win, all the niggas that ain't typical.

    • Mu

      Well said homie. I root for niggas like Kid Cudi for the same reasons. S/O to all the people and artists who ain't afraid to be themselves even if they're "different"

  • Supadupa

    can't wait to hear the Weeknd/Drake collabs

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Edi Kajmolli

    drake has no right to big up toronto he never did shit for anyone trying to come up out here

    • Bro

      Edi, we all know you're from Staten Island, there's no putting off your guido heritage. Now go gel your hair and put some lip gloss on.


      LOL fuc the dude who says fuck Palestine. Sneaky ass bitch... put a photo with your comment then atleast I know who gets the 50 knife stabs in his eye lol

    • STFU

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  • John Carter

    please dont drop no gay shit. PLEAAAASE. >:(

  • Keezie

    I'm happy that a lot of the rappers that have come out within the past decade are making music about regular situations. Everybody isn't rich. Everybody doesn't trap. Everybody doesn't buss a gun or claim a set. The majority of the people who listen to the music don't fit those descriptions. If real life is emo then I'll be a emo dude. Call it what you want. Hip hop needs genres. I feel Drake's artistic expression. It allows him to fit in all kinds of situations whether it's penning a song for A. Keys or rhyming with Wayne & Ross. A lot of other hip hop artists CAN'T do that so call the young man what you want. He'll be a fixture in this music of ours.

    • Mu

      @De Von.. Ur right, Drake does rap about money because its a realistic part of his life at this point! But he stands out because he also can rap about thoughts and emotions that most human beings feel in their everyday lives.. things that these so called "hard" niggas would have you believe they never feel

    • De` Von

      AFTERTHOUGHT: And even if wasn't spitting about money, he still has that same generic sound. All I'm saying is that he shouldn't front as though he's unique when there's other dudes who's styles are. But I could be wrong, so eh...

    • De` Von

      This is where I'm lost... Drake DOES rap about having money and whatnot. Isn't that that stigma for today's artists? I'm not looking for war, so don't start screaming, cuz I think that he CAN spit when he wants to, but still.

  • Rod Stewart

    Drake & lil B fo life, Gay Rap is cool

  • Toney

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  • Edi Kajmolli

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  • ak

    will be checking this just for The Weeknd.

  • Drake

    Let's all just chill here, fridge. My new album will change you haters' minds, thinking. Yall jus wait n see, eyeglasses. Ya boy Drizzy got the tracklist ready, spongebob. 1. Lovers Ft. Lil Wayne & Birdman 2. Super Sensual Butt Orgy Ft. Lil Wayne, Lil B & Geraldo the Flaming Gay 3. F.A.G. (Flaming Ass Gangsters) Ft. MC ILuvBooty & DJ Big Dick Nut Sucka 4. Real Emotions 5. Really Bad Emotions 6. Really Bad Depressing Emotions 7. Really Bad Depressing Relationship Emotions 8. Really Bad Depressing Realtionship Emotions That Hurt (The track you'll skip) 9. I'm So Red, Apple. 10. Playin With My Barbies Ft. Nicki Minaj 11. For My Hood Ft. Bruno Mars & B.o.B 13. Dirty, Rough, Sweaty, Kinky Love Ft. Eminem & Rihanna 14. Meet Me In The Steam Room Ft. Wiz Khalifa 15. Super Sensual Butt Orgy Remix Ft. Lil Wayne, Lil B, Geraldo The Flaming Gay, Birdman, Ricky Martin, Elton John & Emimem.

  • Flames2Ash

    Y'all niggas are wack if you're hating on this dude, he's the new generation of intelligent rapper who has the fluid ability to switch up his style depending on the song, sure he makes songs that are slow and for the "bitches" but then he jumps on a track spittin' "All I care about is money and the city that I'm from" talking about living that successful life. Drake's versatile and has the ability to appeal to many different people and that's what makes him ill, cause lets face it, theres no fuckin rapper that'll blow up only talking about ONE subject and relating to ONE type of crowd, y'all hatin ass haters need to understand that.


    nigga with CMR/YM so they hate him if drake was on rocnation then they cant wait for his new album to drop

  • LastWordMobster

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  • Anonymous

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  • Myan McConico

    i was just saying how people always complain one way or the other about things they want to see and when they get it they're never satisfied with the outcome (at least this generation coming up). you may not like the subject matter in his songs, but respect the fact that he's being himself. *waits again for someone to make some stupid reply to me that has nothing to do with the subject, either about my picture or my name*

    • Hardonimaculate

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    • Portfacebuttkillah

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