Easy Mo Bee Speaks On Working With Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G. & Diddy

Producer Easy Mo Bee explains why the game needs Biggie, how it was to work with Big and 'Pac and how he feels about Diddy today.

Producer Easy Mo Bee has become quite a respected man behind the boards after creating beats for Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G. and Craig Mack. While currently working with James Brown's son, Daryl Brown, Easy Mo Bee recently spoke with XXL about his production credits, speaking on some classic material. 

When speaking about his relationship with Biggie, Easy Mo Bee spoke on why he feels that if Big was alive, the bar in Hip Hop would be raised. 

"We challenged each other," he said. "Little did he know I was thinking this kid is nice! I need to give him my beats that I have in stash. He’s worth it. Big, at that time, he was a modern day Big Daddy Kane as far as wordplay is concerned. He was one of the most creative dudes I ever worked with. Our chemistry in the studio was incredible. I miss the dude. Sometimes I’ve worked with people after him and you have a little difficulty with them or you wish for more. In my mind I’m saying, Big wouldn’t have did that. If he was alive, the standard would be raised."

Mo Bee also had the opportunity to work with Tupac. While he worked with both emcees separately, he recalls working with them in the same studio for "Runnin'." 

"Let this be known, I worked with Pac and Big together and separately. The song 'Runnin from the po-lice, that’s right,' knocked down to “Runnin” which went on the Million Man March album (One Million Strong). The remix that you hear done by Eminem, people think it’s the original but it’s not. While I got the opportunity, let me clear the air. It was misconstrued that I was dissin Eminem. Nah, man. People talk and run they mouth. I don’t even think Em took it that way. Easy Mo Bee did the original to “Runnin” and Em did the remix."

After being a part of Bad Boy's success, Mo Bee said that he sometimes wonders if Diddy is mad at him for any disputes they have had in the past, adding that he harbors no animosity towards the mogul. 

"I don’t have any kind of animosity towards [Puff]. I don’t have a problem talking about it. I wanted my money. I realized I was owed a certain amount of money and I wanted it. I wonder sometimes, if he’s mad at me. I saw him at the [Notorious] premiere on Broadway. There were so many people trying to get at him so he was moving fast and we didn’t get time to kick it. After all these years, I wonder if he’s upset with me. I always just wanted to say, 'Dog, I’m just wanted to handle my business that’s all and just get mine.' Still to this day, I don’t have any animosity. If he calls me today and asks me to do something for Bad Boy, I’ll be right there. That’s the way I am." 

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  • gametime

    this dude did 'goin back to cali' and "love the dough" right. two of the hottest beats i ever heard period.

  • Bowski

    Mo Bee came thru with his signature heavy ass bassline that was absolutely bananas. He was doing that at a time when most hip hop producers focused more on their bass kicks and occasional 808's. Wish he could've stuck around in the game when things were heating up & changing sonically with the southern rap movement/production, he would've definitely been more relevant today.

  • rydersix10

    If Pac and Big did a record together then where is it at Easy Mo Bee???..if they were in the studio together then why hasnt this original version of runnin been put out there yet???..

    • TTec

      The song is out there, I don't know if it's posted on youtube or anything but I do have a copy of the song on a B.I.G. mixtape I have in the stash. I like the original better than the remix because it got the outlaws and stretch on it.

    • 4real

      and buju banton on the hook, respect, way bette than that lame ass hook on dyin to live

    • 4real

      ridersix10 is proly like 12 thats y he never heard the original, hes one of those fools mo was talkin bout that think the eminem remix was the real version, real version has a way better beat , big flows back n forth wit stretch and different pac verse and was recorded together, pac and big were friends, worked 2gether b4 the wack ass beef

    • Anonymous

      @ rydersix10 Big and Pac did also house of pain togehter an unreleased track from RTD and they did Lets get it on together with grand puba, heavy d and others

    • gametime

      original has been out for a while, do your research before man. think its also got some outlaw members, and strech if i remember.

    • DV

      O.G. version was released shortly after B.I.G died.

  • mcmastermind

    Def one of the most slept on producers. His beats are fire. His style is so nice, simple, but amazing beats.

  • DMV Dave

    Hip-hop history in the flesh right there... show'd RZA his first beat machine... Kane turned down "Warning" from Mo, probably why Kane fell off... ... Big wouldn't have raised the standard, he was the standard. R.I.P

  • HeRBaN LyRiX

    Mo Bee is one hell of a slept on producer, kats need to recognize... STaY BLeSS`n...

  • Anonymous

    Def. if Big was here a lot of those wack rappers today would not have a deal.

  • Gunn Starr

    Saying Biggie was that creative I guess speaks more to Easy mo bees depth than anything else-personally I think the most amazing thing biggie did was to ride pacs coatails into the afterlife -and still manage to benefit more from the 'beef' than his solo albums and personally legacy. Biggie managed to have a movie out-a label still maintaining his legacy-and Pac-the worst torch bearers and 'legacy maintenance crew ever....shiiiiiiiit

    • huh

      gunnstar wtf r u talkin bout? biggie hardly ever mentioned pac unless asked about it. pac was the one who blew the beef up and made countless diss songs, they both were exploited by there producers and labels in the afterlife (puffy, suge knight , bad boy, death row)

    • unclesam

      Biggie was SUPER creative. Listen to Gimme the loot, Warning, Suicidal Thoughts, Ten Crack Commandments, I've Got a Story To Tell, What's Beef, The What. All creative songs with new concepts. Listen to his wordplay, his flows, his choices of beats, his delivery. If Biggie wasn't creative, then no one was.

    • dv

      We have Suge and Interscope to thank for that. I wish all the Makaveli mixtapes where re-released in they original form.

    • Nana

      It's true, Pac's legacy hasn't really been done justice (and not just because he hasn't got a biopic).

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