Lil B Gives Away "I'm Gay (I'm Happy)" For Free

UPDATE #2: The Based God gives away his album for free to those who can't afford to shell out the asking price.

Lil B recently sent shockwaves through the hip-hop community with the announcement of his upcoming album I’m Gay, but he promises that the final product will change the game. Speaking with Gowhere Hip Hop, the Based God explained that the LP will encourage listeners to expand their minds.

“Really, the album is going to be revolutionary,” he said. “It’s going to be something that’s like going to change the world. It’s going to spark the minds of people. That’s what I wanted to do, really break down some barriers and let people live life.”

The Pack member also touched on his upcoming projects with Lupe Fiasco and Jay Electronica, explaining that the latter will be recorded shortly.

“Me and Lupe, we coming out with something. But me and Jay Electronica, we’re dropping a project. We’re just going to get in that studio and knock it out. He’s here for a living. He’s someone that’s deeper than rap. I think there will be a lot of questions answered on there, on that project. There’s going to be some stuff that’s coming in real soon. Shouts out to Gucci Mane.”

[June 22]

UPDATE: Lil B has unexpectedly released I'm Gay (I'm Happy) to iTunes. Check the tracklist below.

1. Trapped in Prison
2. Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
3. Game
4. Unchain Me
5. Neva Stop Me
6. Gon Be Okay
7. The Wilderness
8. I Hate Myself
9. Get It While It’s Good
10. I Seen That Light
11. My Last Chance
12. 1 Time Remix

[June 30]

UPDATE #2: Lil B is giving away his latest album for free to Twitter followers, explaining that "if you don't have 10 dollers [sic] to buy my new project here it goes for free." CUZ I LOVE YOU IF YOU DONT HAVE 10 DOLLERS TO BUY MY NEW PROJECT HERE IT GOES FOR FREE- Lil Bless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


  • Lil B(Verified Account)


  • Justine Braser

    Hi Lil B baby I love the message its great its a wondeful idea...please ignore all these chidish immature remarks I can't believe people can be so simple and one-sided love you boo keep up the good work muuah xoxoxo

  • steveo

    i mean who gives out an album? BASEDGODDOES SWAG SWAG

  • steveo

    this my dude forreal tho. based as fuck ma nigga

  • nick1239

    whats cracking lil b showin luv suwooooooooo rhode island

  • Lil B (Verified Account)

    Thank all my fans for fuckin' with my music.

  • mikaju

    i luv you lil b, dont be put off by the haters, IM GAY is closest to being flawless, lovin every track on it, please stay strong. WE LOVE YOU

  • ahahahahahahaha

    damn!!! ya'll enjoy putting your ignorance on display. Might as well walk around with a sign saying I'm ignit..on top of that you guys got ya panties (gay) in a bunch over a dudes title, and what he decided to do for himself (gay). Keep up the good work, with ya buddy system (gay) of hating!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Man its 2AM in my city.... and the only thing open this late is @LightAbyss butt cheeks for LIL B.... haha hey nigga Is it true it isn't gay unless you push back?hahah

    • DodoBird

      "After I got done playing wit the little man in the boat" LOL aye Niggah is that lil B you in the boat playing with? haha SMH It aint that your niggah is gay... It's that he wack and trying to rock the boat by saying wild ish....If anything Lil B is Bisexual....but thats just my opinion...

  • LightAbyss

    lol @closed minded people! I'm not even going to bother roasting all you bigots and hypocrites. Lil B has officially EARNED my respect with his cd "I'm Gay". You know what, some of you homophobic catz are more sensitive than the females I know, after I get done playing wiht the little man in the boat. I couldn't resist, all the eewwww lil B is gay mess, is truly homosexual. Anyway, lil B should be applauded for his bravado! HIs delivery could of been better, but the content is top of the line IMO.

    • Anonymous

      LOL THis Niggah On LIL B's nuts a little to hard Cuh"

    • Funky Chicken

      Man Look at this bitch nigga talking bout "ya niggas more sensitive than the Females I know" Nigga We don't believe you..... I bet you run from pussy you on the down low sweet cupcake nigga... haha Talking bout you gon roast us... bitch GTFOH.... haha

  • DodoBird

    the nigga shoulda called it "I'm Wack(I'm Horrible)" Atleast he chose to come out the closet though gotta respect that....

  • dr phil

    He's a genius he puts out cooking songs sayin stupid shit and being ignorant and then he finally puts out an full album with all serious shit and makes people stay away from it so wen u say he aint got lyrics people will say listen to the album "im gay" but u wont because of the title so u dont WANT to listen to real lyrics "hip hop heads"

  • Anonymous

    Noone was gonna buy this gay shit, you had to give it away for free, admit it Lil Balls.

  • Scottie Minor

    ook at all these wiggas on a black website trying to be black…white people still feel they can comment on hip hop… how can u comment on something if its not a part of your culture… white people try so hard to be black.. you know how stupid u look when u try and act and dress black… they made a movie making fun of white people trying to be black (malibu most wanted)… how does it feel to listen to something u can’t relate to… for an example.. when you listen to nas (second childhood)or (destroy & rebuild) or too short (the ghetto)or watch (boyz n the hood)… how can a white person relate to any of those… you cant really get into the song white people because u dont go through what they rapping about… u got some white people on here commenting saying they live in the hood… first off lets define (hood)… just cause you or yor boyz slang a lil crakk and hang on the corner (thats not the hood)…. just cause u and yor boyz own a gun (thats not tha hood)…. just cause one of yor boyz got murked (thats not tha hood)… jus cause u shot someone (thatz not the tha hood)… know in the real hood . the housing authority… when a white person walks through the projects.. everybody starts looking at him for to rob him or sell him drugs.. when a white person shows up in my hood or housing authority .. everbody jus stop and look with they mouth open… cause they gonna either rob that muthafuker or serve him… i seen a thousand times a white wigga come in the hood trying to black and get hiz goofy azz robbed… whu got that (hood 2 hood)dvd… they go through every hood in the united states jus about.. not one white person on the whole dvd… lol lol lol…. to all the white people trying to be black … hip hop is for black race created by the black race… go look at a paul wall video and look at the way he moves his body trying to look black .. that shit never comes out right.. cause white people have no Rhythm…. thats like the funnyiest thing when whites act or dance black lol lol lol lol lol i

    • Nigga shut yo mouth

      Who is this Puerto Rican trying to talk about black people and our causes... man nigga shut your goofy gay vampire lookin papi.... and shave that gay 70's porn star stache you rockin nigga its more offensive and annoying than your post SMH Scottie Minor a

    • eat a million

      You are a racist piece of shit. No better than the KKK. So I guess I can't watch avatar cuz Ive never been to an alien planet a fucked a blue chick before riding on the back of a dragon thing? FUCK you and the pussy that birthed you, you close minded prick.

    • Bump Ugly

      nigga this the most ignorant shit ive ever read on this site. tell big pun(r.i.p) or eminem they cant rap cuz they not black. so that mean we cant golf, play tennis or hockey or skateboard cuz those are ''white sports''? tell that to tiger woods, the williams sisters, p.k. subban or terry kennedy. if those niggas that rob white folk who pass by your hood were to jump off a bridge you would follow them? way to set us back 150 years...

    • ignorance is bliss

      Hip-Hop is only for black people huh?? & what makes you so high & mighty to make a ridiculous statement?? I want to see some facts.

  • Jim C

    All these people crying over this album title need to man up, hes pushing boundries with the title, which actually translates to Im HAPPY (if anyone knows the English language) and the cover artwork is one of the best covers ever. Production is classic and Lil B rips it up, spits some thought provoking shit. This will go down as a classic album. Basically hes shown the majority of rappers how to make an album and sent a big Fuck you to everyone! Great!

  • Anonymous

    So lemme get this straight. He says he's so NOT GAY he can call his album I'M GAY and he doesn't give a fuck. Then he changes it's name to I'M GAY (I'M HAPPY)? That's like saying, "No homo". If you have to justify it and make an excuse, then there is obviously insecurity there and something he is trying to hide. So basically, I lose all respect for this guy because he fucking bottled it.

    • ugetnoBUNZ

      he didnt change it to (im happy) thats always been the title Im Gay ( Im Happy ) but right after he announced it people took it and ran with it and make a big ass deal and they forgot it meant "im happy" and people want him to be gay or some shit because he obviously isnt gay even if u dont like him

  • Anonymous

    i think i share yur view, i aint fucks wit shit like dis

  • jnr

    Ok, i understand what some of you guys saying his album is good etc.... But just the title alone fucks me up so that makes me not want to even click on the link let alone listen to it. No disrespect to the gay community but i dont fuck with that shit so anything concerning that makes me walk away from it. He could have named it anything else and that wouldnt push people away from him but to do it either for publicity or he is a downlow gay nigga aint fuckin with people like me. Once again no disrespect, just my personal view!

  • Gaylil B

    To all yu dick riders, here's a piece of gay b to ride on

  • Anonymous

    LOL at that nigga ready to go to war for his boyfriend.... man GTFOH nigga

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if lil B slobs his fans up first or makes them niggas lick they lips Damn haha

  • Anonymous

    Me > You aaawww shit look errrbody we got Lil B's numba one fan checking it.... What up my nigga.... So let me ask you somthing does That bird ass nigga lil B Slob you up first as a gesture of appreciation for being his fan or does he make your mark ass play groupie and lick your lips first my nigga...lmao at this On the down low ass nigga trying to go to war for this busta as fruit loop Nigga and to answer your question nigga I'm not dropping no album I'ma sit here and talk shit all day... what you gon do when your bust it baby lil b flame go out Hey Me>You I bet you stay up late at night listening to this bitch nigga music while you stare at his shitty ink....It's all good my Nigga NY just passed that Gay marriage shit... Maybe someday he will wife your bitch ass... haha you made my night nigga thanks.... for the

  • Anonymous

    @ Me > You aaawww shit look errrbody we got Lil B's numba one fan checking it.... What up my nigga.... So let me ask you somthing does That bird ass nigga lil B Slob you up first as a gesture of appreciation for being his fan or does he make your mark ass play groupie and lick your lips first my nigga...lmao at this On the down low ass nigga trying to go to war for this busta as fruit loop Nigga and to answer your question nigga I'm not dropping no album I'ma sit here and talk shit all day... what you gon do when your bust it baby lil b flame go out @ Me>You I bet you stay up late at night listening to this bitch nigga music while you stare at his shitty ink....It's all good my Nigga NY just passed that Gay marriage shit... Maybe someday he will wife your bitch ass... haha you made my night nigga thanks.... for the

  • Anonymous

    @ Me > You aaawww shit look errrbody we got Lil B's numba one fan checking it.... What up my nigga.... So let me ast you somthing does That bird ass nigga lil B Slob you up first as a gesture of appreciation for being his fan or does he make your mark ass play groupie and lick your lips first my nigga...lmao at this On the down low ass nigga trying to go to war for this busta as fruit loop Nigga and to answer your question nigga I'm not dropping no album I'm finishing school and getting a job... when your bust it baby lil b flame go out I'll be still living my life and making money my nigga.... @ Me>You I bet you stay up late at night listening to this bitch nigga music while you stare at his shitty ink....It's all good my Nigga NY just passed that Gay marriage shit... Maybe someday he will wife your bitch ass... haha you made my night nigga thanks.... for the

  • Anonymous

    lol hip hop dx is a quick one , once i leave a comment stating that lil b isnt about selling records, look at his twitter he's giving it away for free...the next day they post the news haha

    • Anonymous

      (posted this on Lupe's respons to the album yesterday ) He aint in this just to sell records , check dudes twitter he posted a link to download it for free , he just wants his message heard. This album is dope.

  • o

    its funny that he said "chameleon" though cause he is very chameleon with his raps

  • o

    damn haters got Lil dude all paranoid, big ass security hiding him and shit... thats fucked up of yall

  • sks706

    I honestly can't see what's so fuckin' special about this dude, why so many of ya'll keep defending him, why Lupe would praise him so much, or why Jay Elec would want to work with him. Would his fans please let me know why the fuck they like his music so much w/o sounding dumb or gay as fuck? All this gay shit I keep hearing and seeing about this dude (along with all these people praising him) is really making me lose even more faith in the direction rap/hip-hop music (mainstream at least) is going.

    • sks706

      @ Roshizzle: First off, I don't listen to or even give a fuck about Jay-Z. Second, how come every time someone criticizes a rapper, a pro athlete, etc., ignorant-ass niggas and/or dick-riders like you come out and say the same-ol' shit (quit hating, you mad cuz he gettin' paid, Based God go ham, where's yo' CD, etc.)? Like I said, I don't see anything about Lil B that sticks out from most other mainstream or underground rappers. Besides this weird-ass gay gimmick that he's doing (which is the main reason why he's getting so much publicity for some reason), what the fuck is it that you guys like about him so much? I done heard about half of the CD, and, to me, it sounds like just a mixtape. The beats weren't bad, and the lyrics were pretty decent, but he raps kinda slow & it sounds like he's freestyling or something. There were actually moments in some of the songs where the dude paused like he forgot what to say or something. I've heard far more upcoming rappers that are better than this mediocre-ass closet nigga, so will you come up with an intelligent answer to explain why you think he's so good or just shut the fuck up?

    • Roshizzle

      Maybe if you quit hating so fucking much your eyes will open up. Everybody aint Gay Z bitch nigga.

  • Anonymous

    SMH at this bitch He just knew his shit would Flop....LMAO He knew no Nigga wit an ounce of Dignity and Self Respect woulda step to the cashier to cop the CD... No nigga wanna get that IM GAY online purchase email confirmation either....Shout out to all these down low ass niccas ready to go to war for this fruity nicca too...lmfmfbao!!!!!

    • Get Money click

      Damn nigga!lol

    • You Gay

      LOL at this gay nigga defending his boyfriend lil B..... lol Man nigga tell lil be not to make sharp turns he might break your nose nigga... let me ask you this nigga do lil B slob you up first since your such a big fan or does he make you go into Groupie mode and lick ya lips first? hahaha Talking bout you go to war Nigga please only place you going for him is the

    • Me > You

      I'll go to war for him nicca. So when your album drop?....... didn't think so. Fukin buster.

  • BlakOut

    Thanks Lil B. I work 50-55 hours a week and dont have 10$, and i really wanted to hear your album. Thanks for the free download, ill get you back someday bra! Btw love the album, Respect.



  • Jiz

    Free?! That's too much. If he sends me a check for 10 "dollers" I might give it a go.

  • WoulduBUYit?

    i downloaded this BULLSHIT... it fukn sucks. idk what idiot would buy this trash besides the little kids that bought soulja boy's last cd. but since we're being honest i this is one thousand times worse than souulja boy's last album smdh

  • hustlesmart

    this man is a marketing genius. he put out a bunch of sing song trash just to get a buzz. then when it was time to drop his real album he put out something with a lot more thought behind that will give him some staying power in the music dude and keep in mind he from the middle or no where haha.

  • fhsjdsalk

    My opinion on Lil B has changed completely in the last week. listened to the album, it's dope as hell! Basedgod Swag#

  • Bro

    The white people that got him where hes at will most likely not like a lot of the lyrics on this album. He actually comes across as an intelligent black man and that scares most whiteys.

    • Anonymous

      @sks706 There are white fans of his that are well aware of Lil B's "real" side and that's why he is where he is. To think that just because he has white fans who gave him credit during his entire publicity stunt era doesn't mean they were oblivious to what he was actually doing. Hell, most of his true fans knew all along be it them being black, white, whatever. All I'm saying is that don't get mad at someone who points out that there's a person who makes a generalization about the skin color of Lil B's fan base because the truth is, just as hip hop overall, Lil B has a following that's multicultural. It may not being a massive fan base but in today's world people from all over thte planet show love to different artists. Even the lesser known.

    • sks706

      @jburnz: Really? Bro's the cause of racism(and you have the nerve to call him a fuckin' idiot)? I hope you're just joking or something. If not, I honestly don't know why there's so many delusional people in this world like you that keep believing that "Black people are keeping racism alive" type of bullshit, but ya'll really need to just keep your fuckin' mouth shut.

    • jburnz

      you are the cause of racism. idiot

  • trooth

    only the based god would do something like this.... swag. thank you based god

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    I don't have "Dollers", I have Dollars

  • XxLegacyxX

    No disrespect to Lil B but Charles Hamilton been making underrated classics have you guys ever herd this perfect life? normalcy? what im saying if you listen to Lil B you should listen to the sonic man..

  • BenBen On Da Track

    Lil B Is really earning my respect. I honestly liked his wonton soup song..but i felt he was making bullshit songs, until i started hearing his real songs. and the stuff he is doing is stuff i can honestly say i Respect

  • Ben b

    The brokeback mountian of albums.


    EM TOLD ME ^

    • ManUP9

      and the same nigga that had some nigga's nuts like 4 inches from his face. Wasn't it that gay man bruno? yea. in his face. on tv. in front of millions.

    • Ok

      /\ That was right around the same time he held hands with Elton John on stage right? Or was that around the time when he rapped about fingering a man in the ass on his Encore album?

  • fuck ur rights faggot

    if u straight and u buy this shit then u a faggot and should come out the close faggot FUCK LIL BITCH

  • Iamthetruth617

    I don't think this was a very good marketing idea... I mean it could be but giving the link to all the young and older crowd that doesn't know how to download leaks now can download this. But randomly dropping your album on itunes wasn't smart because all his supporters and he does have alot don't even know its on there til they see a blog. But maybe it will work out for him I hope it does I don't like his music but I love his movement freeing the people from mental slavery.

  • Anonymous

    not even for free

  • currymedia

    I dont like this nicca, but he is a marketing genius...

  • Scope

    wow im actually very suprised that his album is as good as it is. I honestly hated this fuckin guy cause that swag swag bullshit but i kept hearing that his album is diffrent. He fooled everyone into thinking that he was a joke for promotion and pulled a 360. Now i get why J electronica and lupe are gunna do shit with him.

  • Jerz Inevitable Success Davis

    WTF why he just aint wait till the fans leaked it this dude does know hes in a music business right????? CHECK OUT THE MUSIC

  • Biggest T.I. Fan

    This is not revolution but some gay porn shit. Garbage title = Garbage content. Period.

  • RideOutMusic

    if you like Lil B you will love this no lie

  • lil boss

    man i had to dumb it down so yu sucka's overstand it -lil b

  • Yup

    This album is just as I expected. At first I didn't know what dude was about. You know, with all the "ellen-justin-whatever-the-fuck" songs. Then I was told he had songs with more substance and his "cookie-swag-bullshit" was just a publicity stunt. So I said OK, let's see what he's really about. When I found some his real songs, I have to admit, I was releaved that he was more keen to the introspective view of life, which I believe hip hop is in DESPERATE NEED of. But to judge, the song based solely on the content alone is not what we, as music fans, do. So after listening to a couple of tracks I still had to say that kid is subpar to average to me. The flow is low grade and he lacks emotion. After listening to a couple of tracks of the I'm Gay album I still feel the same. The beats are nice, his content is something the game is needing (which is welcoming), but he's still lazy as far as carving out a gem. So, all in all, my take is that the album is a little bit of a breather for any hip hop lover that's tired of the same ole rhetoric. Yet, its still not high in quality when it comes down to flow and delivery. 2 and 3/4 stars.

    • Philip Carpenter-Powell

      That's exactly how I felt, just because he's not saying he "looks like Jesus" doesn't mean he's a good rapper now.

    • Bloodline Of Kings

      ^^ Unbiased and accurate review bro. And truth be told, I wouldn't give this lil nigga the time of day. All I could relate em too was "gangstalicious" and knew it had to be some ploy to greatly lead this generation away. After at least listening to some of the songs on the new project, nothing great flow wise or mind blowing lyric wise.. But its the direction, the motive on the songs that I dig. I can respect that, the positivity. Its a reason I suspect alotta these niggas, ie... Jay Elec, Lupe, Killer Mike is showing this nigga any kind of love. Real recognize real, point blank. Peace

  • rushhour3

    he did everything on purpose

  • Mass Hole

    lil b aka brontosaurus neck

    • pico presi

      Bwaahahaa. thats fuggen funny cuz I was like someting about this dude looks funny as shit but I couldnt put my finger on it. He got a bronto neck to reach the high ass trees in avatar land. hahaha!

  • Samuel

    Please stop fucking dickriding Pac for Godsake. The Best emcees are Jay-Z, Nas, Common, Talib, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, just to name a few. These cats are spittas and put thier heart and soul into thier shit more than Pac ever had. research the people you dickride. But I hate the title of this project (not a homophobe) but this is the best work Lil B has ever drop. Stop the hate and respect young dude growing up a bit

    • Biggest T.I. Fan

      Ask the same question to Nas Mos Def Talib Lupe etc, I'm pretty sure they wont co-sign your shitty opinion.

    • Tallimi Morgan

      pac was everything those rappers u named are, cant get no better than pac youngsta, u need to listen to pac more.

    • sssssss

      more soul than pac?are you stupid?i grew up in the years pac was little kid who discovered pac on the net.i dont have to list the songs where pac has proven to be the greatest of all should do some research.mad cuz dude clown the shit out of everyone you like and never got a diss back.lyrically bitch slapped jay-z and nas;while on top of the game

  • dallas Champ

    My unbiased opinion, I like his positive message but his lyrics are weak. The sound production suck. Some of his words are slurred in songs. It's amateurish and low quality. I have heard better mixtapes. He is not writing his lyrics and just freestyling on top of his head. He is not a great MC for that. Did he have a producer?

  • DUBZ

    Damn ppl hate hard these days. I could never be a hater tho real talk; look how much time they waste hatin instead of doin somethin positive or productive; yall need to congratulate the nigga for puttin his heart into an album not too many artists do that now days real talk. you know im right. Keep doin ya thing B can't knock it.

  • J.T.

    SWAG SWAG SWAG...JK. Nah but for real. i dislike Lil B and everything he represents. To me he proves that any body can get famous these days doing anything if they got the internet and a beat machine. Im listening to it now and i must say this is better than anything lil B has ever done. thats not saying much but its still better. production is better than in the past and his lyrical CONTENT is better. with that being said his flow is still very slow and sometimes boring. This isnt great or solid at all but its still the best hes ever done.

  • Nice

    The sad part about this whole plot is that many mcs/groups release albums with production like whats on this album but nobody ever listens...It takes this dude calling himself gay/queen/fag and all sorts of other shit to get yall to listen to something other than lil wayne, drake, jayz? I see what he was doing with all the gimmicks now.

  • ANON

    The production is really good on this album. Too bad Lil B's annoying ass voice is played over it. The lyrics were also really bad. Better luck next time fag.

  • V.o

    Bra u sound like shit this nigga csan't rap be real nobody ain't gon buy ya shit out the store homeboy u just a person got lucky to be on t.v. but rappin ain't for everybody..

  • This Shit Wack Too

    Man, they deleted my post. Anyway, this shit is fuckin WACKKKKKKKK! Man I cant believe Lupe backed this ninja??? And who ever say the production is tight can eat a fuckin dick. Man this shit is wack on so many levels. Production, delivery, concept, rap. All dat shit is lame. This shit WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT SALE SHITTTTT!!!!! Did I say this shit is wack? Damn little homies, where are yall's Pac and Biggie's of today? Lil' Wayne = fake blood, Rick Ross = correctional officer/fake gangsta, Drake = (he cool, but) This nigga has NO rhythm what so ever. Be jumpin around like he got two left feet or something? Yall niggas are fucked!!!!

  • war22

    i think im going to God we went from All Eyes On Me to this hot garbage..

  • Urgent Message

    Romans 10:9 If you confess w/ your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you shall be saved.

    • Johnny Pree

      "When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she will not be freed at the end of six years as the men are. If she does not please the man who bought her, he may allow her to be bought back again." (Exodus 21:7-11)

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    i love all the hate lil b has been getting in the past, and now people are on here saying that this record is actually good. Haha. Based God knows how to fuck with all of you.

    • This Shit Wack Too

      This Shit Wack Too: Man, they deleted my post. Anyway, this shit is fuckin WACKKKKKKKK! Man I cant believe Lupe backed this ninja??? And who ever say the production is tight can eat a fuckin dick. Man this shit is wack on so many levels. Production, delivery, concept, rap. All dat shit is lame. This shit WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT SALE SHITTTTT!!!!! Did I say this shit is wack? Damn little homies, where are yall's Pac and Biggie's of today? Lil' Wayne = fake blood, Rick Ross = correctional officer/fake gangsta, Drake = (he cool, but) This nigga has NO rhythm what so ever. Be jumpin around like he got two left feet or something? Yall niggas are fucked!!!!

  • Anonymous

    damm he mos def on sum other shit wit da album (good shit) got kinda dat 90's era style

  • Anonymous

    whats the point of a playlist if it's no song info, features, producers?

  • Rain

    YO this album is pretty good, No lie he might shock all you guys out there who doubt him. the production is great and his lyrics are good if you like his flow, there's not one stupid song on here.

  • Hmm

    Surprisingly the album is actually pretty good from the songs I listened to on youtube....I guess he mustve did all that shock value shit just to get people to listen to a hip hop album like this.

  • Anonymous

    4 years ago he was spitting hot 16's. like rick james said. cocain is a hell of a drug!

  • luke

    Shit the rest of the country can have him....cuz The Bay does not play his shit....he'll get stomped out here

  • Pro-

    i bet most people commenting haven't even heard the album yet. dudes come along way from BIEBER BIEBER JUSTIN JUSTIN, and all those other shit songs he was doing. but i dont see it being from him. done a complete 360 from wonton soup to that first track trapped in prison. some one ghosting for him or that old shit was to get attention. either way something positive happened. by the way i hated this nigga wen he came out but i thought i'll have a listen its not terrible i havent heard him say swag yet

  • Eyes

    Lil B and Jay Electronica are making a project together? That doesn't even sound right. Shouldn't he be working with 50 Tyson??

  • east coast bias

    I just listened to this dude. While is lyrics are suspect, the production on this album is SECOND TO NONE!!!! And Im a 95-00 era dude!! Give credit where credit is due. Even if you think the lyrics suck, the production is classic album worthy!!!

  • Jay R. Gillings Jr.

    Its ideal to cause such discussion, but honestly a lot of you guys haven't heard more than his "SwagSwag" style music. Listen to the song "Unchain Me" and "Trapped In Prison" before you make judgement about this album. Its NOT the same type of music. Its thought out, and I frankly support it fully. I am one of the many people who loved his funny rapping style, but he's not even the same person on this album. He doesn't even say "Swag" or "Woo" one time. I'm telling you, try before you judge.

  • dr PHIL

    and Lil B isnt really gay you dumb asses its called "im gay" because he's happy u dumb fucks

  • dr PHIL!

    i Love Lil B...he's the only nigga who got a project wit jay elec(idk why the act II hasnt come out but he's puttin out a EP wit lil b first like wtF?) and a song wit lupe...then can shout out gucci mane i mean he fucks wit jean grea & phonte and soulja boy & waka flocka..SWAG. i fucks wit lil b but i'd rather hear a EP by Lupe & Jay Elec not Lil B & Jay elec it'd be okay if he made one song wit each of them i wouldnt care as much the ''im gay'' album is pretty solid too

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah, can't wait for this, Lil B & Drake are doing it right now, top 2 in the game, but Drake is the best.

  • Anonymous

    Get money Lil B, but don't be surprised if you get gay-bashed on for your preliminary plans of your album title.


    Naw, I gave him a chance he just aint for me.

  • nibs

    he is whack you can't deny that, but I do give him credit for being more honest than 99% of hip hop, even if his opinions are retarded, at least he speaks his mind.

    • Anonymous

      True, I just heard a couple of tracks after never listening to this dude before. Not my thing but at least he has some substance. From what I heard though, the rest of his stuff is just pure shit. It's a pass for me, but if can stay consistent with that content, I can't knock him for that.

    • Lil B Sucks

      Agreed, it's good he admits to being gay even though his music is WACKNESS

  • Anonymous

    Lil B is too hip hop what a Troll is to a message board, If you ignore him he'll dissapear

  • Anonymous

    wheres the im gay track featuring the game lil wayne and drake lol

  • eascreenplay

    you people are ignorant, this shit aint about music its about promoting this messege of loving each other as brothers and sisters on this planet. people are dying out here because we hate ourselves and each other. and yall have the type of mindset that is keeping this shit going. so what if you dont like his music. some people do, and its having a positve affect on them. if you dont like it listen to another rapper, like jay elect, or nas, or j cole, or kendrick lamar or lupe fiasco who all promote positive music. but dont hate on a man trying to do good.

    • eascreenplay

      i didnt say you have to like it, of course everybody is not gonna like it, Im just saying why would you hate on someone who is trying to do something positve. you can say you dont like his music. but when people start saying fuck him he should die or he's ruining hip hop then that is just ignorant. and you just proved how sad of a human being you are by saying you put business over doing whats right. thats what ignorant is. you are brainwashed, thats the reason they killed tupac,martin luther, and malcolm x. so people like you can continue to think like that. dont get mad at me if I call you out on it, thats my right. fuck music business fuck a blog we live in the real world. wake up.

    • Ice ice

      i got nothing against gays and I also promot peace and uplifing your people but I still dont like his music. Does that make me ignorant?

    • Anonymous

      He is in the business of making music. If his music sucks... he is in the wrong fucking business. People are entitled to not liking his music. If they dont vibe with his music that doesnt make them ignorant. people listen to music to enjoy what they hear. Just because dude is talking about love and peace it doesnt automatically make his music good. eminem rapped about being raped by his uncle... will smith rapped about enjoying summertime... but whose music is better? Eminem's. The music comes first. get over it

  • Drake Owens

    The fact the this dude even has a record deal is an amaazment.He fucking sucks so god damn bad it everytime i hear his fuckin name it makes me want to tear my ears off. I mean he's just a fucking waste of life. I hope he OD's on the shit he's on and rids the world of his shitty music.

  • Don P

    It's so funny how whenever somebody does something that people dont understand, they call it "deep and creative'. But in actuality, it really doesnt make any sense. This guy lterately says the first thing that comes to his mind...

  • Rain

    You guys are hating he actually got talent but all you guys can do is hate. He's not the best rapper but he can make a good song. What was that song at the beginning of the video base god went in on that track. Maybe it's off his new album.

    • G

      If you think Lil B is good you are retarded, his music sucks and is nowhere in today's game with all these dope rappers out right now.

  • BGG

    How is anything you do revolutionary when less than 1% of the world knows who you are????????

  • Anonymous

    Whoever likes this '' Lil' Bisexual '' is an ignorant FAGGOT!

  • Anonymous

    since when is rap about exposing your sexuality ,rapping is about spitting lyrical skills over beats not this shit. besides anybody who is not gay will not support this album.

  • Anonymous


  • Atl2Trill

    I didn't know this clown was apart of the pack. Now I see why he's so wack.

  • Andreas Theruno Shampapi Camps

    Are you tryng to say you are a gay??...You are ruining hip hop Base God,step dwn be4 you get fck by th real Niggas you are tryng to mingle with..If you wre a toilet paper ,i could abuse you on toilet pot... I will never waste my dollars on Gay Album..

    • john doe

      amen eascreenplay

    • eascreenplay

      name one reason why he is destroying hip hop? you are destroying your mind with that method of thinking. Why are you promoting violence? So its not ok to support gays but its ok for you to promote violence. wake up my brother you are smarter than that.

  • WTF is going ON?!

    Even beyond the publicity stunt songs he's still whack. The real songs I've heard (I'll admit it's not more than three) were still subpar to average. Sorry, just because you try to inject a positive message doesn't mean you're good. But hey, if Jim Jones can make it in the rap game I guess it goes to show how much talent you really need to be "successful". P.S. Dude needs to stay off of the drugs. It's too evident he's blanked out during this interview.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with retards 100%. Just because you mean well dont mean you got talent and should be rewarded. If it was that easy everybody would be a fucking rapper. c'mon son. this got nothign to do with what's wrong with society.... if people only needed a positive message they would listen to spoken word poetry or read a positive book. Music has more requirement than just good intentions.

    • eascreenpay

      retards, dude we dont live on hiphopdx, we live in the real world, with real people dying out here because people hate each other. i dont care about no fuckin website brother shit is real out here. i care about people dying and lil brothers and siters being led down the wrong path. so what if you think he sucks. rap can be a platform to promote positive thinking. wake up dude.

    • retards

      eascreenplay we r not talkin bout his positive message. this webiste is called HIPHOPDX. its about musicn n his music is wack. he can promote homosexuality all he wants good for him but when it comes down to the come down he straight garbage on the mic PERIOD.

    • eascreenplay

      So you are saying you dont support him even thoght he has a positive messege... thats exactly whats wrong with this society. you people are rediculous man. its too sad.

    • Anonymous

      giggidy giggidy

  • Gaytown Liver

    I am so happy we have a spolesman for Gay rap, I love Lil B & Drake so mush their styles are similar & great.

  • LastWordMobster This shit goes hard ^^^^ Lil B...well his name has Lil in it so...cant be that good


    Yo listen to some great music off my upcoming mixtape. download them all on

  • trooth

    he shits on j cole...based 4 life!! album of the year right here faggots

  • RA

    He said "he's prolific" NOT "he's here for a living".. lol smh shit didnt even make sense.. cmon DX E-D-I-T

  • Anonymous

    Yesssss, Lil B & Drake are so good, best hip hop artists out right now, straight hard, can't wait till they do a "We're Gay Together" album.

  • CrookCastles

    i seriously doubt jay electronica would ever drop a project with lil b then again i dunno why we havent heard jay confirm or deny it

    • nibs

      I love people like this that think they are tight with artists because they've downloaded their entire discography. jay electronica could take nut on his chin! you have no fucking idea you loser

    • eascreenplay

      why would you doubt it? Jay Electronica has stated many times that he and lil b are close friends.

  • Positive youth

    Thank you Based God!

  • Anonymous

    worst rapper ever!!

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