Lil Wayne Plans To Retire, Hints That "Tha Carter IV” Will Be His Last Album

Weezy explains that he'd rather focus on raising his kids than putting out new music.

Lil Wayne has kept fans waiting on his upcoming album Tha Carter IV, but it might be the last time they get a new offering from Weezy. The Young Money chief covered XXL Magazine’s latest issue, revealing that TC4 could be the end of the line for the platinum rapper.

“I’m bowing out still on top,” he says. “I’ma make y’all want me when I retire. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Nooo!’ I ain’t leaving out this bitch when y’all be like, ‘Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.’ Carter IV might be my last one. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Fuck!’ Yeah, nigga, I’m gone.”

The 28-year-old elaborated by explaining that his children would be the cause for him quitting the music business.

“Honestly, this is the real truth,” he says. “I honestly think it’s unfair to my kids. I’m super dedicated into what I do. Like, it’s no questions—it’s hands down, I do this. I live this. I don’t have a day out my week that I do something else. I do this every day of my life, and I’m not about to stop, ’cause that’s the only way you can succeed in this business, is to do it the way I do it. I want to succeed the way I want to succeed. You can succeed. You can put out a hit… But to do it the way I want to do it, to be comfortable to do what the fuck I want to do, you’ve got to work like no other. Like I said, it’s unfair to my kids. So about 30, 31, 32, I gotta get ready.”

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  • OG Steezy J

    finally! thank god!

  • Camron F

    lil wayne is a beast but i can understand he good dad so im proud of him GO AHEAD DO UR THING & U HATER I LIKE TO SEE YALL DO WHAT HE DID.

  • RapGenius

    It's about fucking time

  • haha

    I'm not a lil wayne hater i listen to him a little bit, but come on people, his music isn't even that good. He puts out a couple of good songs every once in awhile and the rest of his shit is useless nonsense. Listen to real rappers.

  • mitch

    Weezy ain't done yet, he will drop some big shit in the next couple of years. Then he will retire.

  • Prem Patel


  • Prem Patel


  • Cameron

  • Cameron


  • barry

    lil wayne is whyy i listen to music if he does leave for ever remember lil wayne

  • Shylanta Beck

    Lil Weezy i luh you plz dont retire i mean i wont even git a chance to make a song wit you nigga plz dont!

  • Shylanta Beck

    Lil wayne, i love you dont retire you the main person i listen to. Omg he shouldn't retire. Luh you weezy!

  • Shylanta Beck

    dont retire i might wanna make a song wit you nigga plz dont!

  • Limi

    Seriously he can't retire!!!!! Who else should i listen to if this legend quits! I so hope he wont quit omg!! Lil Wayne forever! To the end! Haters are just bitchin because they aint got a life.

  • Jossy.alice

    hey bitches, shut the fuck up if you motherfuckers are hatin' on wayne, then why the fuck are you even on his site? looking him up, your wasting your fucking time. your just as bad if your like fucking talking shit about him, so why bother? hes fucking amazing. my best friend is like obsessed, okay..i dont think shes obsessed cause he sucks, kay..byee bitchhess

  • Stephen

    haterz make him famous so stf up haterz if u hate him so much let him b n dont search him up on google if u hate him haterz r a bunch of shit fucks peace bitches

  • Stephen

    i think u shouldnt cuz id b stuck listeining to bruno singing howd he commit suicide to b with someone tht didnt like him.



  • lilwaynehater

    and marie, you're almost just as pathetic as wayne. If you're going to tell everybody to stop hating him, maybe you should choose your words a little better. You sound just as pathetic as his stupid tweets.

  • lilwaynehater

    Lil wayne is the most pathetic human being on earth. He isn't talented in anything, and doesn't work hard at all like most other people in the world. Why the fuck are we spending money on him? Republicans are complaining about EVERYTHING, and yet they still are spending money on a douchbag like this. Fuck him and everyone who is spending money on him and buying tickets, GROW UP and just look at him and how retarded he is.

  • marie

    man you haters need to stfu.! lil wayne is the best if you dont agree keep that shit to yourself.! nobody gives a fuck what you think.! the whole ymcmb crew is amazing.! so stfu & half of you are white bitches hatin on this man ;leave him the fuck alone ; atleast his ass is out there trying,! & all ya'll bitches need to get a life & stop hatin.! i always see comments on hids videos on youtube; if you dont like tha nigga' why the fuck you listening to his shit.? seriouslyy. -.- & dont think just cause hes retiring its cause of you haters its cause he wants to be a good dad.! so again SHUT THE FUCK UP & LEAVE LIL WAYNE ALOONEE.! haters theese days. smh #lilwayne4lifeebabbyyy

  • Shauntay

    I love Lil Wayne. (:

  • annonymous

    he has enought cash to retire so why not? he can sit on his @ss till he dies and still spend a few grand everyday lmfao he hustled the rap game and came out on top his music may suck but he made his paper good for him.

  • annonymous

    he has enought cash to retire so why not? he can sit on his ass till he dies and still spend a few grand everyday lmfao he hustled the rap game and came out on top his music may suck but he made his paper good for him.

  • Corey

    Haters gonna hate Why do people even bother to argue about whether a rapper is good? Obviously it just comes down to taste. Lil Wayne being "bad" isn't stopping any of you from listening to music that you think is good. So go do that instead of hating on a rapper for doing nothing but making music that a lot of people enjoy.

  • Khard

    About fucking time.

  • mike

    Lupe Fiasco has been the best rapper for years finally people are gonna see it now that this wack rapper retires

  • E

    It's amusing to me that the most unintelligent sounding comments are from Lil' Wayne fans. Is this some type of conspiracy to make Lil' Wayne's music seem mindless??? Gotta be.

  • Anonymous


    • mari

      Bruhh real talk yal need taa chil wit all dhat cuxx wit out weezy no nicki minaj or drake! YMCMB is the top hip-hop group in thee game right now bhutt i understand weezy wanna chill wit his fam no problem bhutt wen my niqqka cumm bak he gonne cum bak hard! like always

  • iloveyouwayne

    WHAT? :( Noo, what the hell is wrong with you weezy? That's so young to leave rap and who cares about your prob don't even know half of them and all your baby mamas. You can't leave. This is the dumbest thing I've heard and he recently stated that he LOVES what he does and won't leave until he's 40..I'm suspicious about this article.

    • brandon

      "who cares about your kids?" did you really just say that? it's HIS kids, he chooses his kids over his fans, wouldn't you do the same?

  • Amorra

    All I have to say is-- HATERS WILL HATE! WEEZY IS DIFFERENT AND IS TALENTED WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. DON'T BELIEVE ME? CHECK HIS HATERS. YOU CAN ONLY GET THAT AMOUNT OF HATERS BY BEING DIFFERENT AND BRINGING SOMETHING TO THE TABLE THAT NOT EVERYONE ELSE BRINGS. EVERYONE LOVES A FOLLOWER BUT NO ONE LIKES A LEADER. The moment YOU decide to do something no one else dares to do, you get haters and shit talkers and people who will NEVER respect you or your hustle. THATS LIFE! So Weezy, I always have and always will respect you and what you do! You got a fan for life! :)

    • Anonymous

      No I hate him cause he isn't talented. He's unique (or was, the rest of the young money camp pretty much sounds the same and has the same rhyme and punchline style) but that doesn't make him good. Catchy choruses does not require talent. NaS Rakim Eminem AZ Crooked I Chino XL Biggie Smalls Big Pun Big L 2Pac etc. are good rappers. not this dude.

  • Lil B

    Finally this nigga retires been waiting for a long time...he can't rap..nigga don't write his own lyrics or make his own beats.Fuck lil Wayne.SWAG!

    • mauri

      man f yhuu boi yhu cant rap ion see brinqin in new rappers do yu hav yo own label ummmm Hell No! And do yhu have ah song nope so gonee

  • CaliKushBlunt

    I didn't realize how many of you fools have been ridin Wayne's dick so hard. Hate him or love hime, CD you don't have to try and get everyone one Weezy's dick. Save some room for all your other dick riders.

  • weezyfan

    imaa mizz lil waynez muzicc bhutt hee qotta behh a fatherr tooh hizz kidzz soo iim proud off him nd soo tooh all yall pplez that he doinqq na bad thnqq well he aint he doinqq da bezt thnqq yhuu can thnk of!!!

  • Lee Cohen

    If he wants to retire it is his choice. I don't think he has reached his peak yet...he will probably drop 2 more because he has love for the culture. As far as the money is concerned, he has nothing to worry about. Some of you on here do not understand how a business is supposed to be operated. You work really hard, find others that want to run with you (Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga) and you can eventually retire whenever the hell you want. Its called giving back and making your money work for you. All the big business owners understand this. Weezy has been around for almost 12 years. You have to defintely respect his hustle...and especially Baby. They own their own product. Baby doesn't have to ever work again if he chooses. Now they can both invest in other artists or business ventures; once again, make your money work for you.) Simply put, the key to having a successful business is helping others get what they want...and you will get what you want. lmcjr

  • Brendon Silver

    drake can handle it

  • Kaan Özel

    Yaaaaaaay! We will no longer have to hear his gay ass new songs soon

  • Bonzy

    He heard "Nasty" these new joints by J Cole and he said...Well that's it. F*** It. But, of course.."The F is for phenomenal"soo

  • Ozmosis Jones

    What the fuck happened to not quitting until you were 70 years old?!

  • Jermaine

    Wayne!! Did you forget that Baby and Slim run Cash Money? You cant retire until Baby or Slim tell your ass you can retire!!! You have to keep #1 Stunna rich!!!Listen to your daddy!!!! Its obvious the kid cant make a single for shit! 6'7 was not the record! Cant sell your album off that song. Why you think the Carter got pushed back? bc there is no chart topper. His biggest crossover radio hit was Lolipop and Static Major wrote the shit before he passed. He cant top his last single so he should retire. Wayne where the big record!!!

  • Anonymous

    i think he heard that "nasty" joint by nas and said "well its been fun boys, but i think its time to retire"

  • TheeGuy

    if the TC4 can match up to TC2 (which i highly doubt)then MAYBE he can go out on top but if its the same random punchline nonsense that we've been hearing for the last 3-4 years iont know man i really dont

  • Devon BelowtheHeavens Stumn

    if the TC4 can match up to TC2 (which i highly doubt)then MAYBE he can go out on top but if its the same random punchline nonsense that we've been hearing for the last 3-4 years iont know man i really dont

  • matador28

    Bout time. he should have learned from 3 Stacks who basically left after Love Below. thats why we always appreciate when he drops a verse. Yeah No Ceilings should have been it. that's the last time even matched the fire he brought on Drought 3 or Dedication 1& 2

  • ihjs

    Lol @ all you hipster ass fags. I respect the fact that he is focusing on family.

  • DR Jam

    LOL, Lil' Wayne, you've been over exposed, talking about market saturation. You need a long sabbatical for many reasons, including the fact that "art" sometimes needs to go into hibernation. If he thinks we believe he'll be done for good, he must be thinking of his younger fanbase. Anybody who has been following Hip-hop since the 80/90s knows how fickle this business is, and how artists will come and go, and then come again. He's far too dedicated in this thing to call it quits. Anyway, I hope the Carter IV is even better than the Carter III, and it allows him to leave on a high note. THIS IS JUST A SABBATICAL.

  • lol

  • AK

    i never liked weezy either, but i have to respect him, cause at the end of the day he's doing it for his kids...whats more important than family? family first is what my family preaches besides, the dude is 28, young as fuck..and with all the hype ya'll giving him (hate, or love) he's going out, not on top but as a legend, people will remember weezy for his different style and all this shit he gave rap..he pretty much was the sole reason white girls and boys started listening to rap, they worship this nigga and real talk, even though i cant stand half of his music, i show him love cause of this move he just made (btw, i havent heard of too many rappers quitting for their kids..they just die out)

    • Anonymous

      There is no way in 10 years Lil Wayne will be remember as a legend. Nas, Eminem, AZ will be known as legends. Not this dude who people only like because of his catchy hooks and the beats he buys.

    • anon

      what the fuck is wrong with you you old ass nigga. dont nobody in this GENERATION give a fuck about them old azz niqqas

    • eyensteyn

      you must be young... white boyz n girlz been listenin to rap cuz.... run dmc had that shit when they collabed with aerosmith... ever hear of the beastie boyz??? house of pain?? they been a part of the genre since the begining..

    • CD

      Wow the one of the first non hating comments on here!! The only one that said you don't like him but didn't talk all kinds of shit!! Congrats! But on another note, "he pretty much was the sole reason white girls and boys started listening to rap, they worship this nigga" - Ive never heard that one before and seriously doubt it's true. I know a lot of white people who listen to rap and don't like Wayne, and Ive never heard of anybody worshiping him white, black. asian or mexican. That's just plain ignorant racial profiling.

  • Kenneth Thomas


  • Brian Pap

    Please... take care of your kids NOW



  • Bryan Moore


  • CD

    Yal need to shut yal faggot mouths and quit hatin!! IF YAL DON'T LIKE HIS MUSIC THEN DONT LISTEN TO IT DUMB ASS FAGGOTS!!!!!! Don't comment on this nigga page talkin shit bein a bitch! Plain and fuckin simple!!!!

    • 412

      i bet $100 CD IS FOR 10-21 YEARS OLD

    • hellrazor

      cant make this any clearer: fuck wayne and you for posting that faggoty comment that sounds like you crying cuz he's not of some peoples' particular taste

    • CD

      No body said he was my boyfriend or my dad bitch! Did i talk to you and try to disrespect you like that, no i was stating my opinion! It's just annoying as fuck when you read an article and all you see is people talking shit about how he's trash! I ain't got nothing against him retiring, if he does he does. What im sayin is if people dont like the niggas music then they shouldn't listen to it, plain and fuckin simple! but i might give your channel a listen since you showed a little respect. And @ hellrazor: Wow an insult by someone on the internet, how will i go on? Did that make you feel better about yourself? Did your insecurities suddenly disappear, or will go on to another comment and run your mouth?

    • hellrazor

      that time of the month for you?

    • C-Lo Dubai on Youtube

      Relax man he's not your boyfriend or daddy is he? He's just a rapper. Lil Wayne retiring at this stage aint all that bad a move. Go out on top eff it. His work ethic will go down in history. I aint the biggest Weezy supporter but his run was classic. And C-Lo Dubai is nice. Not the best, hardest,richest and all that...but he's real and the music is good. Google or Youtube him.

  • Passport

    With the gun charge he can't go out the country anymore that's why he added all those tour dates..I respect he views the big picture regarding his family.

  • Duke

    yeah i doubt it. if he does he'll pull a Jay-Z "I didn't say i retired, I said I was TIRED!". but i can respect his decision if he does cause it should be all about the kids.

  • Proffesah

    Well in that case, I hope he hurries up and releases the carter 4.

  • Anonymous

    Sick some good news from DX I wonder whos even gonna remember this dude hes a fad. Good look by wayne tho its either you quit early or you become the next 50 cent.

    • Anonymous

      LOL Wayne being one of the greatest. Worst delivery ever Nonexistant Flow Ghostwritten Lyrics How is good at all????? Lets go through some of the greats (not in specific order): Big L, Big Pun, Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Eminem, Crooked I, AZ, NaS, Kool G Rap, KRS-One, Rakim, Pharoahe Monch, etc. If you actually think Wayne belongs in a group with these people or is better you know nothing about hip hop and care only about a catchy autotuned chorus.

    • Frank Eaton

      Lil Wayne is a fad right? But...he's been around since the mid 90s, right? smh, do your research, Weezy will be remembered as one of the greatest. His work ethic, his constant features, etc. Let the haters hate, you know you're doing something right when you've got people constantly talking shit....

  • murdock

    good he sucks anyway i ahte this fucking weirdo

    • CD

      Wow you hate him?? That's impressive, are you that jealous? And @ nigga: What the fuck? You went too far with that one dude

    • nigga

      yu fuking faggot i hope yuget hanged by yur nipplesnd get a tv remote shoved up your ass

  • Xokibix

    YES! The best news I've heard all day!

  • O

    Ya, its about time, dawg. If he wanted the "No!!!!" reaction, he should have bowed out after NoCeilings.

  • Ice

    Nice ...... We need to get rid of nicki minaj soulja boy and his sugga daddy 50 cent Who wants to be the trigga man?

  • oldglry

    Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.

  • TripperGetem

    Remember when Kid Cudi was supposed to retire after his first album? That didn't happen either.


    This is a smart statement from a rapper wow! Now the question remains is this a pub stunt to follow in JAy-Z's foot steps or random ish to cause a buzz on his new album. Artist like wayne should consider making real music instead of mindless pop when they come of age. The idea that hip-hop is forever the youth culture is insane and will lead only to its ultimate decline if there is one. Too much focus on whats next and not enough focus on whats good. As artist age they should be able to take new perspectives and slow down doing the music they want based on the character/brand they built in their youth. But in rap idiots act like 30 is 99 or some shit this comes from the ghetto mentality of get it now cause tomorrow you could be dead or locked up.

  • Anonymous

    retirement to a rapper is like death to a comic book character- you know theyre going to come back in a few months

  • Conor


    • awee

      please weezy dont retired we like you in this music industry ?Young money always make it happen .i even want to join young money crew.all becos they are the best ever had .when you retired whom do you want as to follow is foot step can retired 4 6 months and come back and blow the niggas again we love you .....this from awee in Ghana

    • CD

      If you don't like him or his music then shut the fuck up and don't listen to it!!! Quit hatin like a bitch!

    • John-Boy

      And Carter III was garbage as fuck so that shows how bad Wayne really is.

  • wad92

    They should change the title of this to "Lil Wayne plans to save hip hop, by retiring" lol I joke, a actualy enjoy Lil Wayne but if the spotlight is off him it will move onto someone else, pretty good for the industry i think

  • Anonymous

    Jay came back out of retirement, and now he's completly lost it!

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    "Don't leave while your hot that's how Mase screwed up." Kanye West

  • Grandson

    Come on now, real MC's dont retire. They may take some time off to focus on other things but they dont just stop doing what they love to do. That is reason why Jay-z came back, because of his love for the music. For any rapper to announce retirement in my opinion is better off gone, because they clearly werent doing it for the love of the music. Even rakim is still putting out music and he's been in the game more than twice as long as wayne. It may not be as often but he still is.

  • yesssss

    this is the best article this site has over posted, but we all kno he aint gon stay gon forever even if its his last album he'll always do features

  • tdot

    I ain’t leaving out this bitch when y’all be like, ‘Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.’ - Sorry, but enough people are already saying that. Not saying he still isn't sick, but the prime has been up since 'III'.


    thats cool maybe these other niggaz will get a chance to shine when he gone C4

  • Ryan MacQueston

    i've been waiting 5 years for this motherfucker to get shot or announce this. let's hope he doesnt pull a Jay-Z & come back even worse

  • Elba

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  • BigCedBeatz


  • Anonymous

    Wayne doesn't suck. yawl can talk all day on some bullshit but you know this nigga can rap.

    • CD

      And i guarantee that if you took his supposed "wack" lyrics and your favorite rapper said them you would love it! Your opinions aren't objective facts they are just your opinions and they are absolutely worthless to everyone but you because his "wack" lyrics will make millions!

    • CD

      You must be smoking crack!!! That nigga has so many fire songs it aint even funny!He raps way better than about 90% of the lame ass rappers thats out now. Maybe you should keep your gay ass opinion to yourself! IF YOU DONT LIKE THE NIGGAS MUSIC THEN DONT FUCKIN LISTEN TO IT, DONT GET ON THE NIGGAS ARTICLE TALKIN SHIT AND HATIN LIKE A LIL BITCH!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      You mean blab on about nonsense while failing to rhyme even when he changes the pronunciation of words to make them rhyme? Horrible delivery, no flow, weak lyrics. He can't rap. What he can do is make a catchy chorus, and that's not saying much.

  • Holland

    GOOD NEWS If he ''would' retire

  • zfg

    This is just some stupid shit to boost the sales of Carter 4. Even if he retired it wouldnt be for long. I bet you 2 yrs later he would be gettin back.

  • ps

    I hope he is going to quit doing music before he release Carter IV....

  • Slash

    Dude's 25 right? And he can't have a part-time job on the side of raising his kid? What a pussy. Anyway, he'll be back. Soon enough he'll start missing those millions of dollars he's getting paid for whining like a baby into a microphone. Probably raising his kids is just a temporary intermission to get some inspiration.

  • TiiDo

    About Fucking time. Nicki should follow suit or just pursue a career in being a video ho'. As for Drake? Really think dude should leave Young Money, should fucks with J.Cole a lot more. Wayne probably pulling some stunt to increase sales, but real talk he gotta put the mic the fuck down period.

  • 80sbaby

    this could be sum bullshit publicity so people can buy his album

  • Anonymous

    god litsened to my prayers

  • Obi Patrick

    About fucking time, real hip hop for real niggas is making its way back on the radio and Young Money is finished when NaS drops his new album, so its better late than never. This is probably a Jay-Z move but good ass news nonetheless..

  • ice t

    this niggas music sucks dick hes awful...thank god hes retiring the wackness will stop temporarily

  • G

    all of you that say wayne is trash is just a hater.......obvs hes doing somthing right to be 1 of the most successfull fucking rappers in the game give the guy a break

    • CD

      @G: Just because they don't like Wyane doesn't make them a hater, but when they get on the internet saying he's trash and all this and that does make them a hater, cause they are hatin on the person not the music. Lil wayne does have some garbage music but he has a shit load more good music. That's my opinion. AND @ EVERYBODY: If you don't like his music then don't listen to it, plain and simple!!!

    • CD

      @Truth: Actually all you are is a "HATER" period!! Legitimate criticism? No it is your fucking opinion!! If you don't like his music don't listen to it! Plain and fuckin simple! maybe you should invest in a dictionary and a proper education instead of talkin shit and wasting your breath being a "Hater"!

    • TRUTH

      Sometimes haters are right. Please, it's time to retire the word hater. It's just away to turn a deaf ear to legitimate criticism.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, he makes songs like 'Lollipop' for stupid 13-year-old hoodrats. That's how he makes money. Money =/= talent, you dumb fuck.

  • Great!

    Happy retirement! Please take Drake and Nicki Minaj with you.

  • Anonymous

    omg niggas have no lives. some people come on here just to HATE. pepole with sad n depressend lives hate.i salute u my nigga. go out on top.n all these hatin niggas can go suck a dick until they hiccup

    • CD

      Yeah all they do is hate! They come on the nigga page and talk shit! If they don't like his music then they should shut the fuck up and don't listen to it!! All the shit talking is gettin old!!

    • ice

      calm down bitch let dat niggas nuts breathe

  • Anonymous

    thank godl il wayne.I wish this is real talk. You suck and you are wack.Copying lyrcis and ideas.Red nation,drop the world and no love are enjoyable because of the game,and eminem on it. Milli is your only ok song but you suck.You cant sing and you have no style.

    • newschool^

      u must be new, weezy was good back in the carter2/dedication2/drought3 days.. pretty much everything after has been trash

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Good, Wayne you suck ass. Go back to kissin Birdman nigga. Rozay on top of the game now. Recognize niggas! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • CD

      Hahahahaha!!!! Nigga you smokin that crack!!!!! Rick Ross is a fuckin lame!!!! And suck big floppy donkey dick!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i dnt believe it..i think its hype for the album

  • Christopher Hanna

    "RETIRING, Brett Favre" - Weezy Sums up everything in a nutshell

  • Akilan

    About time this dumb midget fuck retires, fakeass homo if PAC & BIG were still alive this bitch would be working at mcdonalds.

  • Andreas Theruno Shampapi Camps

    I knw you ain't dreaming , i gat you back dawg.. i real nigga think of kids but not pussies tht ben pumpd whn you are away.. You gat my salut son... You wht a say to thm white ass bitch niggas? thy are fckn whites tht wht makes thm think tht thy is no end on gud thng.. rise our black kid dawg.. I ensure you th whites still gna hate th kid, bt on my sde i say ,let thm sit on thir whit faggot asses... You go weezy!!! i mean you go and you can still drop fr thm one evn aftr 5years... dick ass haters.

    • CD

      What the fuck is wrong with you nigga?? That's some of the most racist shit Ive heard! All you doin is talking shit about white people when a majority of the people hating on Wayne are black! Wayne is fire and i hope he don't retire but damn nigga you got some fuckin issues!

    • Anonymous


    • jbtv

      Yo, Shut The Fuck Up. Ya'll woulda said the same shit if Nas died, "if Nas was still alive, Wayne'd be jackin off to my gay porno", bitch stfu.

  • piggface

    about time this faggot retires!

  • Anonymous

    what he really mean 2 say is drake & nicki will b makin my money lol

  • zeus

    This lil nigga just tryna get attention to gain more pub for the carter IV. He knows damn well niggaz ain't fuckin' with his music like that no more so he trying to use every trick in the book to hype his shit up. You a fool if you believe this lil nigga. Smartin' up people!

    • CD

      @zeus: Just cause you aint listening to him don't mean shit!! His album is still gonna be one of the best selling of all time!! Period!! But i agree with your race comment to Andreas

    • Anonymous

      Oyame, pendejo. Necesitas estudiar nuestra idioma mas! Before you start trying to use "white" as an insult, think about this: not only can I speak English with better grammar and articulation than you, but I can do it in Spanish as well, hombre. Try sounding literate next time before you attack an entire race for no reason. Kthxbai.

    • Andreas Theruno Shampapi Camps

      you are an asshole nt thnkng of kids be4 you drop ya ass on a chair... I gues you are white ass bicth nigga.. kids need gud ftre..

  • Anonymous

    *Mega-success is a drug and Wayne shows all signs of being an addict.

  • fuckyou

    weezys retiring with drake so they can have a young money suckfest...those faggots suck jet life

    • CD

      @ Anonymous #1: Haha thats true as a mutha fucka!! And @ Anonymous #2: Put the crack pipe down for a minute and go to school

    • Anonymous

      this bitch wanna comment on the other bitch dat commented on 2 bitches anit dat ah bitch

    • Anonymous

      This guy comes on to comment on an artist he doesn't care about. He thinks in his mind that this funny joke. He is 13 years old and his favourite rapper is someone who he regularly masturbates too. He thinks that every comment he posts saying "young money are shit" will make his favourite artist much much better. In return he asks for nothing as he blindly worships his favourite artist.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly doubt he'll retire anytime soon. If he does, what he'll probably have happen to him is a post-superstardom-withdrawl-sydrome. I mean think about it like this.Super groups like U2, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Beastie Boys, Boyz II Men, etc. have earned more money in their lives than they ever need yet every single one of 'em been on tour for the last 20 years. Why? Because they love what they do and since they found such a high level of success it's hard for them to fall back into mediocrity. Some people can do it but it's extremely hard to stop doing something you love when you're still so successful at it. Only if something else comes along that he's extremely successful at can I see him retiring anytime soon. Mega-success is a drugshows and Wayne shows all signs of being an addict.

  • Anonymous

    rappers never retire. Jay-Z claimed, Eminem claimed, Lupe claimed Scarface claimed but they themselves are good evidence for it.

    • CD

      @Anonymous #2: I completely agree with you!!!!!!!! All people know how to do is get on his shit running they mouth about how much he sucks and how much they don't like him when the truth is: If they don't like it then they shouldn't fuckin listen to it, but no they gotta get on the internet and talk shit!!

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling he means it. He has a lot of haters now a days. He put out pretty good songs like nightmares of the bottom and Anne and those two verses and people would have went nuts for those two years back. But ever since eminem stans started creeping out he gets hated alot. It's pathetic really, I love the old eminem but his fanbase are completely pathetic. Most of them feel the need to comment on every article saying "this guy is nothing compared to eminem" I think he would retire and make a comeback, people fall for that shit. It also doesn't matter how bad your return album will be. You will still reach amazing sales and get great feedback. "crack a bottle" anyone? Won a Grammy and got aload of attention and it was a horrible song.

  • Michael Zeldin

    Didn't Jay-Z "retire" after his Black album? And there was speculation that Encore was Eminem's last album. Basically you dont stay retired in the rap game

  • Anonymous

    Well hopefully he does, I will always remember when he owned hip hop and had great mixtapes coming out all the time. Hopefully if he does retire he doesn't go Jay z and then come back with horrible music. This is the perfect time as he is starting to fall off a little and hip hop is doing fine without him now. If he retired 2008 people would have had a fit. Haters, you are ignorant fucks. Go listen to some mixtapes or carter 2 and you will see the talent. You guys are pathetic, most eminem fans comment on every artists song or article just to say he is the best. That's sad.

    • CD

      It's not just Eminem fans it's all the lame haters! Instead of just not listening to Wayne they gotta go on his pages and talk shit about how they think he's trash and don't like his music! IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIS MUSIC THEN DON"T LISTEN TO IT!!!! Every body has their opinions and just cause you don't like something doesn't mean it isn't good! And @ Anonymous: He isn't talented at all?? I respect your opinion that you don't like wayne and all but that comment is just total bull shit, if you don't like Wayne then don't listen to him but millions of other people do! There is a reason he has hundreds of millions of dollars!

    • Anonymous

      Lol quit blaming the Eminem fans. No real hip hop fan likes this dude, its not just the Em fans. He isn't talented at all. Horrible Delivery, nonexistant flow, horrible rhymes, stupid similies/metaphors... Not creative... etc...

    • Maurice D. Randle

      "Lights Out" is my favorite Weezy album to be honest. His lyrics were untouchable on every track, even the skippable ones lol

    • lilwaynehater

      Lil Wayne sucks, Carter 2 was his only good album, the rest is mediocre crap

  • Zach Evans

    i dont think this will be his last album but he always talks bout how he aint never gonna quit rapping.. but here he is now a grown man with kids and more money than he knows what to do with.. id quit too

  • bkstylz

    Some of the funniest comments I've read in a while.

  • Andoura

    Everything is Shady recors/aftermath/intercospe!

  • hahaha

    This shit is funny as fuck, all these fanboys getting heated at these comments.

    • CD

      No it's just annoying when you get on a page and it's full of people talking shit about how they don't like his music! It's pathetic. I mean seriously if they don't like it then they shouldn't listen to it, but no they gotta get on his pages and talk shit!!

  • lushlifeXL

    my prayers have been answered.

  • Lilworm

    wayne retiring, despite what you haters think...theres gonna be a HUGE hole in hiphop when hes gone.

    • CD

      @anonymous#2: That's true as hell! He may not be the most talented but he is one of the most influential and he does have a lot of good music. And there is barely any rap songs that are positive! And @ Lil Boogie, bkstylz, and anonymous#1: Please put the crack pipe down for a minute! If you don't like it then don't listen to it! He will still make millions

    • Anonymous

      @the first anonymous comment on here You make no sense. If he sucks why does he deserve respect? And if we think he sucks why would we be buying his trash??? And I wouldn't call Em corny when we're talking about Lil Wayne.

    • B


    • L-Boogie

      Fuck outta here with that, whether Wayne retires or not these A& R's will just sign a new artist and blow him up and you'll just dickride the next hottest artist...Wayne is wack!

    • Anonymous

      lol positive? since when the fuck done lyrics been about being positive? Wayne is gonna leave a big hole in hip-hop because he's been dishing out mixtapes like a machine gun for the most part, and for a while he was featuring on every fuckin' rapper's beats. dude was all over the place for a while. He may not be the most talented, but he's one of the top influential rappers in the game like it or not, along with Jay/em/Kanye whoever the fuck else.

    • Anonymous

      honestly some of you fags is takin it wayyy to far. wayne IS an important rapper. if i talked about how much eminem old tired corny washed up ass needs to hang up the mic you losers would have a fit. im just sayin although wayne sucks he deserves a little respect. half of yall sayin wayne is wack be da main ones buyin his trash. lol @ yall.

    • bkstylz

      I doubt there will be a void in Hip Hop. I would argue that Wayne has done nothing to better the culture. There is absolutely nothing positive about his lyrics. If anything, you could say Wayne made folks step their mixtape game up...other than that, he can leave & never come back and be barely missed

    • Lilwomr

      yo hater...sit.... good boy :)

    • weezy sucks

      fuckin faggot, keep wishing he fills the hole between your asscheeks

  • mhsvarsity32

    this is clearly some sort of scheme tor aise the album sale... im 99.99999999999% sure this isn't his last album

  • Anonymous

    man i neva seen so many haters in my life, bet the only lil wayne song u heard was lollipop

    • CD

      Yeah all they know how to do is talk shit!! If they don't like his music then they should just shut the fuck up and don't listen to it!!! And the people that say he cant rap are smoking plenty crack! Most of the time they just aren't intelligent enough to understand anything!

    • Tony Viera

      ha lollipop was good compare to the rest i download the carter 3 and is like a circus and like wtf people think about buying that album just hear his voice and you will notice even nikki minaj can murder wayne in flow, skills and lyrics and everything else!!

    • Anonymous

      the heard em all bruh they just choose to hate and deny the facts

  • Anonymous

    I am not a lil wayne fan but the carter 3 was not as bad as some of yall say it was. With that said there is nothing wrong with retiring for his kids even though i dont believe him. I am interested in how the carter 4 will sound, hopefully he will take it back to that sound he had when he was droppin a mixtape like everyday. Like it or not at some point in time wayne was the shit. If he really does retire hopefully he will mature.

  • Santiago Wu MugShot Irigoyen

    something good has happened for hip hop.

  • 2nPac

    Damn! I don't even like Wayne post TC2 but yall some hatin' ass niggas. I respect his grind and I definitely respect his work ethic. I respect, even more so , that he actually wants to chill out and be there for his kids. Can't hate on that, regardless whether you like his music or not.

    • CD

      So true!!! All people do is comment on his shit saying they don't like his music and how he's trash when the simple fact is that if they don't like his music they they shouldn't listen to it!!! But no they just hate!! I have mad respect for you dog!!

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Who is "Little" Wayne??? (Sarcastic)

  • lilnono

    listen i dont give a fuck bout weezy retiring it sux but now drake can have his rightful place as king of young money

  • Anonymous

    if you think this guys is gonna retire yall some goofy dudes lolololol

  • fukyallhataz


  • Anonymous

    Weezy F.ucks Baby, totally Gay good riddance

  • Lu

    This isnt spam, Im just trying to get views on my video. I sampled the willy wonka "pure imagination" song. As for this, Lil Wayne aint going anywhere. Hes "retiring" the same way Jay-Z and Too Short did.

  • realhiphop

    thank god for this ... I hope he means and doesn't just put out an album in 2 years .....

  • The roots fan


  • Moses Adekunle Esan

    Another rapper threatening to retire from Hip-Hop. How Original.

  • Jefferey Mason


  • pdfg

    So.......... i guess only white boys comment on this site now??



    • CD

      He fell off??? When??? From what i remember every album and every mixtape since the carter 2 has made him millions of dollars! How would that be even remotely falling off, with him having thousands of songs and more money then he can ever spend? Put the crack pipe away please! And @ Anonymous #2: I agree with the first half of your comment but the rest was just ridiculous and uncalled for.

    • ^wtf?

      you think wayne doesnt drink or do drugs? lmfao youre a fuckin retard. dude blows penis after The Carter 2. i hate stupid ass niggers who dont know shit. go listen to fuckin wiz and sucks your bros dick. TGOBS (taylor gang or be staright)

    • Anonymous

      your an idiot. hes on probaiton. he cant drink or do any kind of narcotics or drugs you fuckin ignorant bastard. wayne is one of the best rappers to ever live. go fuck your self you fuckin hater. i hope you choke on your dads dick and die. YMCMB

    • Anonymous

      right cause the carter 3 didnt go triple platinum or anything

  • Mandy Sandy

    yeah, b gone faggot! no1 wantz 2 listen 2 ur horrible azz voice n-e-more. matta of fact, ask cum money/fag money 2 retire wit u and well all live in peace. and tell all ur dickridaz 2 kill themselvez. j cole and big sean r da future of diz rap shit. da realest young rappaz out rite now. jay-z! and kanye still holdin shit down. RNGMB BITCH! FUCK LIL GAYNE AND CMFMB! (cum money/fag money ballickaz)

    • CD

      Oh and you might wanna go back to school and put your crack pipe away! Yeah J Cole and big sean are pretty good, The realest rappers out right now?? Your on some way more hardcore shit than crack! You must be on a combination of all drugs! A facebook wit no pic you must be one ugly ass fat bitch

    • CD

      Hahahaha!!! If you don't like his music then don't listen to it!! Your comment is just a hatin comment faggot!! That's pathetic!!

  • LastWordMobster Some Hip Hop shit for some heads^^^^^^ I doubt hes gonna retire....people say that shit but when you aint got nothing to do you just go back to work....peep the link though, much love

  • Truth

    Soo this is when the haters come out of their grandmothers house ehhh. ok its funny that the people hatin on wayne right now will listen to c4 and secretly love it. But when its time to talk about the album yall all like that shit sucked or wayne blows or worst rapper alive. yea i know

    • CD

      Yeah they still gonna buy it!!! All they know how to do is run they mouth and talk shit on the internet!!!

    • Anonymous

      Or we'll legit hate it?? And the only songs i'll be listening too are songs featuring Eminem and Tech N9ne if they're on the album. Cause I want to laugh at how bad Wayne is outshined.

  • The MG

    He's gonna pull a Jay-Z move. Just watch...



  • Anonymous

    i was a ol wayne fan back n the mixtape days n wut not.but lik dude said he fell way off to his old real fans.he more pop than rap.but so wut.let em do him.Mfs rejoycin lik its bout 2 their time 2 shine.y dont all u mfs who took the time 2 blog bout this,try n do wut he did n his prime.yea he past this prime but damn.dont yall kno ur opinion lika facebook account...erbody got one.btw these "essence of HIPHOP" fans b killn me.lik "HIPHOP" a religon r sum sht.mak yo stamp n the rap game,if u tired of bs music then talk. but 4 now,J us E njoy T he S hit "YOU" lik.(neva seen so many sht talkers n my life)

    • CD

      Your comment explains it all!! I agree! All they know how to do is hate like their opinion is objective fact. If they don't like his music then they shouldn't listen to it!!! But no they gotta get on all his pages and talk shit! Yeah they act like hip hop is a religion, No can ruin hip hop or bring it back, it's just music and everybody has different opinions and different taste!

  • bbomb

    if this is true, which i doubt it is, it would be the best news i've ever heard in my entire life

  • Octavian Johnson

    He's gonna release C4 and all the dumbasses are gonna buy it and he's gonna get a mill in a week again then he's gonna "retire" then he's gonna come back with the same bullshit just for more money

    • CD

      @Anonymous: Nowhere near a million??? And how would you know that? If you haven't noticed just about every lil wayne song that came out in the past few months have been downloaded over a million times and almost all of those people probably more will buy the carter 4! It may not be the first week but the carter 4 will sell millions of cd's

    • Anonymous

      ha, he aint gettin nowhere near a million.. the only rapper that even has a chance of doin a mil the first week anymore is eminem, and his last record was 250,000 copies short.. like 50 cent, lil wayne's best days are behind him.

  • Steak Sauce

    Thank you Jesus, its about fucking time. Cant wait for wayne to crawl into a hole and overdose and appear on an episode of intervention. Jesus is Lord!

  • Anonymous

    ive never seen anybody fall off as hard as wayne. id rather him retire than go on like this, its embarrassing for the whole south.

    • Anonymous

      LOL first off Em got like 750 in his first week. And his entire album leaked before it was released. Second falling off has to do with lyrics not sales.. His lyrics have just completely sucked now (I heard they were better in the past)and his delivery,flow, etc has always sucked.

    • @ the second Anonymous

      *Carter 3

    • @ the second Anonymous

      dumbass, record sales dont mean anything. do some research its all marketing and promotion, NOT talent. kanyes album was better than C4 and Recovery but didnt sell as much because of his image. The Taylor Swift incident lowered his sales

    • Anonymous

      yea he fell off a million in a week for tha carter III is really falling off....oh yea, kanye could only get 960...oh yea, and em can only get 500

    • Poppa Doppolis

      Cosign. I wasn't feeling Tha Carter 3, but it wasnt garbage you know what i mean? No Ceilings was also dope, but all of his recent stuff has been beyond shit

  • lol

  • trooth

    if he retires hiphop will suck even worst than it does now. J cole is not gonna save it...he'll be gone in a couple years

  • ejunco

    thats what they all say. The Game said he was gonna only do 3 albums and look he still putting out music. Jay-z said he was gonna retire and he came out with 3 more albums.

  • Anonymous

    its because since he stopped smoking weed his head cleared up and realized that he sucks now and lost his skills circa Dedication 2

  • Anonymous

    he's been living off his name for like half a decade now ...

  • DIRK!

    The rap realm just instantly got better without this man kissing faggot.

  • Assassin221

    Bullshit. I'm not even a Wayne fan but if music is your life and what you love doing you don't stop doing it around 30, you can't just drop your skills like that. So if he really retires that's like disrespectful to the love of music, if he's pulling a Jay-Z that's bullshit too, I don't dig lame publicity stunts. So bullshit either way.

    • CD

      I agree! And i respect your comment, you said it straight up and said you were not a wayne fan! Other people just get on here talkin shit about how hes trash and he sucks and all this and that When the truth is if they don't like his music then they shouldn't listen to it!!! But they gotta talk shit or they won't make themselves feel better about their shitty rap skills or their lame lives!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wayne has no skills.

    • Anonymous

      family >>> music

    • Mark Anthony Harris

      I agree.

  • Tim Wilkens

    “I’m bowing out still on top,” he says. “I’ma make y’all want me when I retire. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Nooo!’ I ain’t leaving out this bitch when y’all be like, ‘Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.’ Carter IV might be my last one. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Fuck!’ Yeah, nigga, I’m gone.” I had to read that like 4 times.

  • OnemikE

    Dont let him fool u folks he's just saying that to promote his record thats about to drop. What you think he gon do besides make music? Become a brain surgeon or have a political career.. He stops when Baby say he stops.. N*99a Pleez

  • dion

    when/if he retires all them brainwashed dickriders will finally open they ears and realize jcole and big krit is the future. not hatin on wayne cus da nigga do stay in the studio so he deserve that shine

  • hellrazor


  • Anonymous

    Thank you Based God

  • SirNonsense

    PEEP this ;)

  • Sean

    Hurry up retire. You Suck.

  • Dave the Axe Smithson YMCMB weed carrier

    If wayne reads these comments he might think about it again

  • 'Chise Jay...if I cud B like Jay...I wanna B, I wanna B like Jaaayyy!!!!!

  • sun_god7

    This is only a power move to get people around to buy the "last" Wayne album. He's probably retiring because Drake probably denied writing his stuff anymore.


    thank you ,this nikka riding jay-z dick retiring then thinking we gonna miss him and he gonn come back like jordan wearin the 4/5 ,aint nobody gonna miss your moaning on songs except 13 year old white girls and birdman

  • Anonymous

    This is great news! Please retire today you fucking ugly midget!!!!

  • yea

    just like jay, just like cudi, etc

  • DREW

    Retired then what is this????

  • Imperial Carter

    I'm not a big wayne fan. He's had some dope moments, but he's far from the greatest rapper. He won't stay retired, most rappers don't. Hopefully he'll stick to straight rapping instead of crying like dude said LMAO, now that he's sober.

  • coleworld

    YESSSSSSSSSSS God gives us J Cole and takes away lil wayne. Can this get any better?

  • Anonymous

    Hear a list of real rappers no bullshit rappers 1.kool g rap 2.rakim 3.nas 4.big daddy kane 5.bumpy knuckles 6.royce 5/9 7.eminem 8.gangstarr 9.lord finesse

  • Anonymous

    probably the best news i've heard this month. Now I can actually hear songs from artist I like that aren't ruined by someone crying on one of the verses.

  • Anonymous

    he just trying to be like jay z retire but will be right back

    • Anonymous

      co-sign, i dont see dude being out of the game that long. he's been in the studio and on the road since 13 or so, he wont adjust to a home life. I could see him going out for a few years, but not altogether retiring.

  • Anonymous

    Thank god , lets hope he retires for good and that he will never ruin a song or a beat again

  • Slruim

    I'm not gonna pretend to hate Wayne just because he get's so much attention, and I think he's a great Rapper. Those who say they're glad he's Retire are haters and don't really love Hip-Hop.

    • CD

      That makes zero sense!!! Im a big wayne fan and like a lot of his music but if they don't like him that doesn't mean they don't love hip hop. That just means they don't like him, that's their opinion!!! @anonymous#2: Just because you don't like him doesn't mean shit!! Other people still do, if you don't like his music then don't listen to it, that's your opinion!!

    • Anonymous

      How is he a good rapper... Delivery - 1/10 (Most annoying voice ever) Flow - 2/10 Lyrics 1.5/10 Creativity 2/10 Subject Matter 2/10 Punchlines - 2/10 I could go on forever about how much he sucks and his fans only like him because his beats and catchy chorus (WHICH DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GOOD/TALENTED RAPPER)

    • Anonymous

      lol they dont love hiphop because they're glad he's retiring? lmao some people just dont like him man, get over it

  • Jade Coleman

    Good for him. Be a family man, and cease being a wack rapper. Thank God.

  • who

    there is a god he finally answered back

  • tha real Gangsta

    thank you god this nigga sucks!!!!!!!!!!

  • CaliKushBlunt

    But I bought The Black Album and was upset about the possiblity of Jay-Z retiring. I will not buy The Carter IV and I am stoked that Wayne may call it quits.

  • Man...

    PLEASE let him be a man of his word. The day this happens will be one of the best things to ever happen to hiphop

  • CaliKushBlunt

    Can anyone say "Publicity Stunt"? Remember how big The Black Album was when Jay-Z said that was going to be his last? Wayne is just tryin to sell more then the Carter III and figures he can get a little vacation at the same time, and whenever he feels like it, he'll come back like Jay-Z.

  • cccccc

    thank god its about fucking time take drake with u

  • Chris

    na na na na, na na na na hey hey hey goodbye. Good riddance.

  • da1

    He's like Swizz beatz with all the kids and baby mamas. Speaking of Swizz he should retire too. But wayne had a good run but I know he wont retire that soon he's not rich enough.

    • Anonymous

      Being emotional in some (most of his songs arent) songs does not mean you suck. And considering hes on interscope/aftermath which are HUGE labels, he probably is forced to make music that'll sell. Swizz beats is a trash producer. Jay-Z fell off and sold out so bad. Nobody can even remember his parts on songs like "run this town" and "empire state of mind" which by the way are pretty desperate for sales too...

    • saint

      eminem's an emo faggot desperate for sales = as far as you get from hiphop. swizz beats? no comment, haven't really listened to him jigga is dope though, he can go on

    • Anonymous

      Like I said Jay sucks now Em's getting a bit too old and lost his old flow/delivery although still great rapper and Young Money I shouldn't have to explain.

    • Cage

      Actually that's a pretty solid list... That Anonymous cat hit the nail on the head

    • deandre

      you must have lost your mind you soun strait stupid but i agree about waka and souljaboy but youngmoney and jay z and eminem you lost me there

    • Anonymous

      Although part of me agrees i'm hoping that he'll retire And Swiss beats definatly should retire Infact heres a list of people who should retire. Every young money member Swiss beats Jay-Z (started off with a spark but now garabage, what a hypocrite) Soulja Boy Rick Ross Gucci Mane Wacka Flocka (how can u take this guy seriously with such a stupid name) OJ Da Juiceman Eminem (only rapper on this list that I'm a fan of, just needs to drop a classic album and leave on a good note, he dissed Benzino saying he's too old to rap when Benzino was 45.. and Em's approaching that age.) I've gotta be leaving some people out.....

  • YouSerious?

    umm..Rapping isn't a job, so you technically can never "retire" from it.

    • Anonymous

      Does he get paid? Does he file taxes on it? Yes? Then it's a fucking job, you stupid cunt. He might put 'musician' as the technical term, but the music industry is an industry nonetheless and therefore any artist signed under a label in the industry is 'at work'. Jesus, you hip-hop nerds think you know everything. On a lighter note, thank god he's going.

  • Tony Viera

    The Best News of the year"""""

  • joe5286

    If you believe this is actually going to be Weezy's last album - you might as well believe that bearded men in caves took down the World Trade Centers and there were WMDs in Iraq. No way Weezy is going for good. This "retirement" will be as real as Jay-Z's after the Black Album

    • ShNga

      Ya, they get paid to well and they are probably so used to the limelight. Just like Eminem, he says being famous is a curse yet he continues to release music and promote.

  • OneNaTrillion

    This is just a stunt so he can take a 2 year break and come back and be more popular. Its just another marketing ploy to sell Carter 4 and have him sell big when he makes his comeback. If yall dont realize this, its probably bc youre 15

  • Anonymous

    No Weezy Please I would Die :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • amp

    32 is still 4 years away.... watch weezy F sqeeze 5 joints into that muthafuck!

  • brandon

    LOL at all the hatin ass dirtbags on here. Wayne is an icon. Im sure he wont retire, but come on give this man some respect.

    • CD

      No they'd rather comment and talk shit about how they think he sucks! If they don't like his music then they should just shut the fuck up and don't listen to it!!! And @ anonymous #2: Yeah lollipop was a bad song but everybody makes bad songs, if you don't like his music then don't listen to it but just because you don't like his music doesn't mean shit!

    • The MG

      lmao @ cccccc. I love that spoof.

    • Anonymous

      An icon for teenage girls who only care about catchy chorus and hot beat. How can you put up with him i mean his voice should be enough to convince you he sucks... if not the stupid similies "Lick like a lolipop".....

    • cccccc

      wo hold on little man u got to take ur time with that one u got to let his career breath about 20 more mixtapes about 60 more albums he needs to get his lyrical weight up

    • Anonymous

      please..I'd rather respect your mama...

  • jrboy225

    who cares i stopped listening to this dude in '04 and im from louisiana. wayne is full of bullsht

  • Anonymous

    This is the best day ever.

  • WOOHHH!!!!

    There is a God!

  • war22

    i know why he's gonna retire...cuz lyrics are getting cool again...thank news of the Year

  • Lol

    Throw Soulja Boy on that shit

  • LastWordMobster Real hip hop shit right here ^^^^^^^

  • Thank you

    THANK YOU BRUH PLEASE DON'T PULL A FAVRE, JAY Z, OR MJ. Can't wait for Lil B to retire.

  • goodman

    I paid $32.67 for a XBOX 360 and my mom got a 17 inch Toshiba laptop for $94.83 being delivered to our house tomorrow by FedEX. I will never again pay expensive retail prices at stores. I even sold a 46 inch HDTV to my boss for $650 and it only cost me $52.78 to get. Here is the website we using to get all this stuff, GuruBids . com

  • MalcolmLittle

    “I’m bowing out still on top,” he says. “I’ma make y’all want me when I retire. I’ma make y’all be like, ‘Nooo!’ I ain’t leaving out this bitch when y’all be like, ‘Yeah, it’s about time, dawg.’" ==================== Yeah, it's about time, dawg...

  • Anonymous

    I know y he's retiring cos he knows folks wud eventually get tired of dickriding him for his wack ass lyrics n flow. I hope he neva comes back to hiphop. I hope the YMCM gang or whateva they're called retire too

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      he's doing a Jay Z like the last dude says... after a while one of his thousands of kids is gon be like they want him to rap again so then he gon be back in it and make a huge comeback... Wayne is here forever

  • IDK

    i bet he's doing a Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, and Brett Favre, to name a few: pulling a publicity stunt

  • Anonymous

    Has this nigga ever heard of condoms? dumb fuck!!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ U have to teach me how to tell someone's color on the internet oh wise WIZARD!

    • ProLife

      I don't know what the fuck you heard, but black folk are now the second minority in amerikkka cause of all the damn abortions we've been having. Fuck that if you can afford it you should have all the kids you can.

  • Zach

    Soooo... he's saying Tha Carter V won't be out until 2013?

  • Disisisi

    Just a trick to sell more records when you come back from retirement, kingdom come was jay's worst album ever and but sold pretty big because it was a comeback album, should've retired in my opinion

  • illmatic

    All I can say is...THANK YOU GOD

  • Kendall Walters

    i dunno of any rapper that has retired yet.. that could at least make money while doing it.

    • Anonymous

      I dont know any rapper that is retired. ALL of them still rap somewhere. It may be a small venue that you think they aint workin but they workin. Kool moe dee, Kurtis Blow, Afrika Bambata, Big Daddy Kane, Dougie Fresh. They all still working, LOL.

  • John_boy

    THANK GOOODNESS!! This is the best news to hit the hiphop world since Wayne was sentenced to prison. The rebirth of "real" Hiphop begins the second this syrup throat bum retires. Bout damn time!!!

    • CD

      Rebirth of hip hop??? It never died and will never! It's not a religion, it's music!!! Different people have different styles! If you don't like his music then don't listen to it, don't just get on the internet running your mouth about something that makes no sense!

  • OK

    Sure it is. Jay and Em said the same thing at one time.

  • New Rule in Hip Hop

    If you retire...then go away and never release another album.

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