Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 6/19/2011

Eminem and Royce Da 5'9 fulfill a decade-plus promise and get a #1 in return. Random Axe impresses the charts, and Gorilla Zoe isn't "lost" after all.

Detroit, Michigan veteran emcee Royce Da 5'9 scored his first #1 album this week, by way of a partnership with longtime collaborator and friend Eminem. Bad Meets Evil's first full-length,  Hell: The Sequel, found the Slaughterhouse-D12 connection commemorating the new Shady Records roster, with a project that had been hinted at for over 10 years. The project grabbed the #1 by a margin of approximately 10,000 units, with production by Havoc, Mr. Porter and veteran underground Hip Hop producer Joey Chavez.

Bruno Mars, who worked on Hell: The Sequel, and his Doo-Wops & Hooligans landed the #22 spot.

Kansas City, Missouri emcee Tech N9ne and his  All 6's & 7's maintained a Top 25 sophomore week on the charts. The Strange Music release has presently sold just under 75,000 overall units. This project features a number of high-profile guests, including Yelawolf, B.o.B. and Lil Wayne.

Wiz Khalifa's major label debut Rolling Papers is headed towards gold status. The Rostrum/Atlantic Records release features Chevy Woods, Curren$y and Too Short. A few units behind, Rihanna's Loud grabbed the #28 spot.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B) 

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
1 Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5'9) Hell: The Sequel 171,000 171,000
22 Bruno Mars Doo-Wops & Hooligans 18,000 1,109,000
23 Tech N9ne All 6's & 7's 18,000 74,000
27 Wiz Khalifa Rolling Papers 14,000 459,000
28 Rihanna Loud 14,000 1,326,000

As stores were filled with Bad Meets Evil buyers, Eminem's 2010 album, Recovery, noticed some chart growth. The album climbed seven spots to #37. The work also features production from Mobb Deep's Havoc and D12's Mr. Porter.

Rick Ross' re-vamped Maybach Music Group roster fell 14 spots with their new compilation, Self-Made, Volume 1. Now backed by Warner Brothers, the trio of Wale, Pill and Meek Mill sold another 11,000 units - just a thousand less than last week. MMG's Teedra Moses, Stalley and veteran Gunplay of Triple C's also appear on the project.

Onetime Boyz N Da Hood member Gorilla Zoe returned with his third album landing a Top 50 debut. No Longer signed to Bad Boy Records, the E1 Entertainment artist's latest work, King Kong, features Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti and Lil Jon.

Another super-group with Michigan ties impressed the charts this week. Random Axe, consisting of Heltah Skeltah's Sean Price, Guilty Simpson and producer/emcee Black Milk, sold over 7,000 first-week units. The Duck Down Records project has been in the works for over two years, and landed a #73 debut. Guests include Roc Marciano, Trick-Trick and Rockness Monstah.

Like Em, Rick Ross benefitted with a surge of sales from his recent project. The Maybach Music Group leader's 2010 solo album, Teflon Don, climbed eight spots, as it inches towards 650,000 sold.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
37 Eminem Recovery 12,000 3,905,000
46 Maybach Music Group Presents... Self-Made, Volume 1 11,000 101,000
49 Gorilla Zoe King Kong 10,000 10,000
73 Random Axe (Sean Price, Black Milk & Guilty Simpson) Random Axe 7,300 7,400
150 Rick Ross Teflon Don 3,500 638,000

Will Blaq Poet and Rhymesayers' Grieves shock the charts? Will Random Axe go on to be Duck Down Records' best-seller in a high-profile year? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.


  • i dont have a name :(

    ight, so let me get this right.... tell me if im wrong.. so kanye west does joints with katy perry... lil wayne does songs with so many pop artists i dont even want to name them and so many other rapper join up with pop artists. it doesnt make em pop! fuck, i like all music, i take them for what they are , not what the media wants them to be. my point is.. just because shady does records with pop artist doesnt mean he fell off. you should here the respect he has from all the rappers in the game. imo em is slowly gettin back to normal. lil wayne is slowly gettin back to normal. kanye is gettin back to normal, my point is, hip hop is comin back, haters keep hatin, it only makes thr artists better

  • Jake

    RELAPSE WAS GOOD! Did you even fucking listen to it? The lyrics are fucking insane and the instrumentals are on point. RECOVERY WAS GOOD! Even though it had some '' hip pop '' going on for example 'Love The Way You Lie', it still was lyrically insane. The only things that were pop on RECOVERY: the hooks. I'm not Em's dick rider, my anus ain't that big but y'all have to fucking take your time and listen to the both albums and then talk shit. Don't reply if you disagree; fucking tired with you teenagers. Grow some balls, damn it!

  • SuperGucciRap

    Eminem sucks. Royce sucks ass too. Bruno Mars? LOL that motherfucker named himself after Bruno and some fucking planet. Get out of this clown. This is all wrong btw, the illuminati hate Gucci! Here are the real sales this week: 1. Gucci Mane/Justin Bieber- Gucci Relatives- 6 billion copies in 1 day ... 19837409. Nas/AZ- Some shitty album only dickriders who live in their mom's basement listens to...- 1 copy It's Gucci Time!

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Feminem is all pop now, fuck this sell out piece of shit. His next album gonna have shit like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Royce the only reason most niggas copped this shit. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Yu

    royce must be happy as hell

  • Jefferey Mason


  • Anonymous

    Royce kills Em on this album he just cant keep up anymore!!!! King of Detroit Royce da 5 9 saves this album and i jam all eminem

    • Anonymous

      So your telling me Em just didn't try? Doesn't sound like eminem listen to the interview before you talk, they went bar for bar dumb ass go jam recovery!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Eminem said in an interview that this album was Royce's time to shine...since the D12 fued, royce fell off the map and eminem just gave him a spot in history...you must not know the real slim shady, dude...

  • themighty

    who the fuck keeps buying recovery??????????????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    royce is a great mc I would have not known if not for this ep

    • Anonymous

      and THAT is exactly why this EP came out, and why you gotta give props to em whether you like him or not.. he has allowed people to see how fucking dope royce is.. now go cop slaughterhouse and royces old shit!

  • Matthew Swan

    I bought one!

  • khordkutta

    Sooooo, Zoe sells more than Random Axe... Damn the Rap Game!!!!!!!

  • Toppa shot

    It'll be interesting to see if Royce can maintain these type numbers on his own or with S-House. Good to see he's having some success with this EP despite the obvious reasons.

  • Lil Doobie

    Can we get an update on Lil Waynes "Rebirth" album. That shit rocked!

  • L-Boogie

    Eminem is a great rapper but he's to inconsistent and he's failed to put out great albums throughout his career.

    • Anonymous

      Since when did low sales equate a good album? Exactly. I'm not even an Eminem fan, but you gotta pay respect where it's due. Eminem rapped his ass off, I want to see somebody who's able to do that after you've been into the game this long and received so much success. Immortal Technique has no flow, laughable lyrics and is a bitter, desperate fuck.

    • ghgh

      Immortal sucks you backpacker nerd

    • Anonymous

      "So if your message ain't shit, fuck the records you sold / cuz if you go platinum, it's got nothing to do with luck / it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck" - Immortal Technique, Industrial Revolution

    • Anonymous

      Since when did high sales translate into meaning you had a great album? You guys are Clearly retarded. Gucci mane could ghost write eminems entire album and I gurantee it would still sell more than 600,000 first week. Marketing and just the name "eminem" sell a hell of a lot more copies than the quality of the album. I'm not going to speak on the quality of the albums because this isn't what this is about and unlike the stans who feel the urge to post on every other artists songs saying "this is shit eminems better" I actually am not as sad as you guys.

    • Don't worry about my name

      Eminem is the highest selling Rap artist of all time. 2 diamond albums. Consistentcy....Every album tops the charts, evrery album goes at least triple platinum...this is the most consistent rapper ever you fucking retard

    • P

      Yeah, Em hadn't put-out anything listenable since 2002 "The Eminem Show". Encore, Relapse, and Recovery are all garbage. Em has overthown Wayne as the King of Hip-"Pop"... his sales justify this. Em can put-out an album, with him, just making fart noises and it will sale like hot-cakes. Hip-hip is dead, Hip-Pop is its new name.

    • C-Lo Dubai on youtube

      Highest selling artist (for all of music/all genres) of the 2000's, and for 2010. Now play my sh*t

    • fuck off

      ha you are a dumb mother fucker. 2 albums diamond and that's not great in his career. Get the fuck outta here

    • war22

      go hug a cactus retard

  • Nico 3

    Good for Royce. About time he enjoyed some success, albeit a collabo with the biggest rapper in the world.

  • Josh

    This website should be renamed RideEminemsDickDX. And Eminem is in my top 5 favorites, but I don't understand how any body can say Recovery was good. I just don't get it. Nothing about it was good, except for I guess his flow was good on it? But the lyrics are given wayy to much credit, with the exception of 25 to Life which was pretty dope. And hell the sequal isn't bad, I guess. Don't think it deserves the #1 spot though. It pretty much was the same song copy pasted with the exception of Lighters which was completely awful.

    • Anonymous

      same thing people said about the chronic and doggystyle years ago and people are still bumping that shit to date

    • anonymous

      actually i still bump MMLP in my car drug ballads my favorite rap song of all time i dont listen to pop... i just kno a few yrs from now ppl will mature and finally realize some of those songs that Em is spittin some real shit


      really the realest hip hop album this year stfu

    • manman

      @Rick Ross the Bawse Dude u sound like a fat ass kid, but if u r really rick ross then go eat a hamburger so that u can die from heart problems so i wont ever see ur annoying ass name

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      I been sayin for months but niggas on this site love to dickride this pop shit that Feminem now comes out wit. Recovery was a pop album wit like 2 rap songs. Doing shit wit Rihanna and pink makes you pop. All you shady dickriders stop being dumb ass fuckin niggas and realize ur favorite rapper Feminem is now a pop artist! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Every song you named sucked except for cold wind blows, and ive listened to recovery backward and forward, go defend your lil wayne, rhianna, and pink features, not afraid sounds like a damn gospel song so stfu!!! Jammin rock bottom, drug ballad, as the world turns, criminal, the reunion, renegade, bitch please 2, kim, til i collapse, yellow brick road, the way i am, deja vu, my darling!!

    • anonymous

      cold wind blows, WTP, seduction, Ems verse on no love, on fire, so bad, your never over, not afraid.... all good songs with good replay value on recovery.... idk why its became cool to just blindly call recovery wack.... ya ofcourse its not as good as MMLP or SSLP did u really expect it to be? Em is still a good MC that stays true to rap... even in his pop songs ( that hes forced to do like all mainstream rappers ) hes still spittin bars and hasnt sold out

    • Anonymous

      Whoever calls recovery real hip hop needs to stay away from hip hop cause it sounds like a pop album. Jamming SSLP, MMLP, ES, HTS fuck recovery

    • war22

      @Josh stay away from hiphop if u dont get it...go buy lady gaga album that way u can be happy

    • Anonymous

      yeh recovery was ass.. but all lil white 12 year olds woulda loved it

    • Anonymous

      Anyome can make a meaningful song. Its good because its creative and very lyrical.

    • hahaha

      see now i know ur just a little immature child.... ur accusing me of dick riding eminem.... where the fuck anywhere in my comment does it say anything about even being an eminem fan? o and u think its easy to flow on a song... name me any modern collabs that have better flows than royce and em did on these records... kickin lyrics is how hip hop started dumbass.... theres plenty of substance u obviously dont listen to lyrics if u didnt see it in records like above the law, living proof, take from me ect

    • Josh

      So, you're openly admitting that there was no substance to this album? Thank you for proving my point. It's not so much the website that dick rides eminem, it's kids like you that dick ride eminem. Realest hip-hop my ass. Any retard rapper can "flow" on a song, thats not fucking hard. And you expect me to think this album is good when that's all they're doing is..just rapping, with no atmosphere or meaning at all behind it. You're fucking stupid.

    • anonymous

      how old are u like 17? that ep was the realist hip hop music thats come out in years... 2 MCs actually goin bar after bar with mean flows.... none of the songs are the same at all shit if u wanna even call them songs... why u think they didnt promote it at all... they werent goin for substance its called kickin lyrics dip shit... somethin rappers do when there not makin albums..... and ur dumbass comment didnt even make sense.. how is the website an eminem dick rider when there just posting the album sales like they do EVERY week..... get outta here shouldnt u be in highschool right now?

    • Josh

      Yeah, as in, I don't think they DESERVED to sell the most, you fucking twat. Read more.

    • wat?

      there number 1 cuz they sold the most dumbass not cuz this website said they are

  • Anonymous

    Yall mad that Eminem is the most successful and still a dope rapper.

  • D.C The Producer

    Em is still selling wow.The Recovery wasn't even all that.What song was so great???Someone tell me??Someone tell me what the fuck Em be saying??He just raps fast and talks about anything.He got youll!!He don't say shit that makes me change my LIFE AROUND BUT HE CAN RAP BUT HE DON'T BE SAYING SHIT!!!THE OLD EM WAS WAY BETTER.LOSE YOURSELF IS HIS BEST SONG POINT BLANK.HE NEVER HAD A BETTER SONG THAN THAT TO ME.

    • Big Sal

      hey don't worry what my name is, when are you going to pull Eminem's dick out of your ass. Is he payin for your food or your family. If not pull his dick from your ass or mouth wherever it is and put it back in his pants.

    • Don;t worry about my name

      Recovery was an instant classic. Cinderella Man, You're never over, 25 to life, space bound, WTP...every song was excellent. AThis is definetly diamond worthy. HE HAD TO RE-TEEACH HIMSELF HOW TO WRITE SONGS WHILE HE WAS IN REHAB...some people work their entire lives to become great artist and he did it in 3 years

    • Mrnoluv

      White America? Stan?

  • da1

    I'm a black dude and even I get sick and tired of people always saying that the only reason Eminem sells is because he's white. Ugh what about Bubba Sparx? what about the Beastie Boys? what about Paul Wall and lil Wyte? What about Asher Roth? DO they sell? GTFOU Eminem sells because he knows how to rap and he has a built in audience who were big fans from his first three albums. He is now living off of his past, thats what it really comes down to. It doesn't matter what quality music he puts out now, he just has a big fan base and it's not because of his skin color.

    • Don;t Worry about my name

      Why does it seem like everyone can't enjoy all his music...I love evrey eminem song, some people love cleanin out my closet, till i colapse and fast lane but hate love the way you lie, wont back down, and lighters...Why cant you just enjoy the fuckin music or listen to someone with less diversity

    • khordkutta

      Uhhh the beasties dont sell now??? 1/4 mil and climbing aint bad. And they fill stadiums.

    • da1

      To the first Anonymous I know the beastie boys sold millions before but they don't sell now. I'm talking about the hear and now. No other white rapper sells now but Eminem. Relapse was incredibly wack but his fan base is still big enough to make something like Relapse go multi plat.

    • TheDickJesus

      The Music industry is ran by devils..the content of the music is a program of ......inerscope is ........ when the devil (Eminem) put out D12 there single (Purple Pills) was about taking drugs there fore they planted the seed and stated up Millions of people to take them and Kids to rebel!!!!Positive music does not sell Negative shit sells..you fucking Slaves Understand who runs this world (DEVILS)

    • Anonymous

      He sells because he's marketable. He's a very skilled MC but lets be real. Being talented doesn't make you sell. He's marketable and on a mainstream label thats why. He deserves the money he's getting paid, but for songs like "Rock Bottom", "It's Ok", and "Almost Famous" etc... Instead of "Love the Way You Lie," "Just Lose It," and "Not Afraid (decent song just not worth the 2 million dollars or whatever it made)

    • DonJulian

      Its Bigger than that your obviously a Dumb Nigger now shut the fuck up and come here!!!

    • Anonymous

      Your point is overall correct but the Beastie Boys have sold 40 million records (novelty might initially have had something to do with it but their early stuff are also sampling classics as well)

  • merkz


  • war22

    no i see why hiphop died...cuz u have artists like Tech N9ne and Bad Meets Evil and u dont support their album...shit is bad man...shit is bad


    worst #s ever with eminems name and face on a cover/album/ep #fail d12 sold more than this shit!! i cant get jiggy with this shit!! royce is a brown painted whiteboy with those corny ass lyrics!!

  • Joe Ramirez

    No one has mad a comeback in the rap game the way Eminem did.

    • dont worry about my name

      to the guy who said its ecause he's white...thats bull shit. Because he was white he was taken as a joke when he started. He had more to prove than others...so the whole "white" thing is retarded

    • TheDickjesus

      That's because he is WHITE..and you should know that..as a matter of fact you should know your momma takes it in the ass now get the Fuckoutofhere!!!

  • Osiel Salas

    Fucking BME was great. Better than random axe, watch the throne and all that other bullshit that's gonna drop. All 6s ad 7s was also sick as fuck cop that shit

    • okthen

      How is it better than watch the throne and you have not even heard watch the thrown. Typical eminem fan saying his shit is better without even listebing to the music. You must be a homo mexican who has a crush on Feminem

    • Cage

      ^^^ Hahah he did lil man dirty

    • ^^^ the guy above me is a mexican justin bieber

      oslel salas u look mad corny son!! lmao TACO EATER

  • Joe Ramirez

    Infinite - Legendary Slim Shady LP - Legendary Marshall Mathers LP - Legendary The Eminem Show - Legendary Encore - Weak Relapse - Weaker Recovery - Good Hell: The Sequel - Legendary.

    • RainMan

      everybody is always hatin on relapse..im not going to say it was his best cd but it was way better than recovery at least for the hip hop heads(the 12 year olds probably didnt like it which would make sense why half the people on this site bash it) BME is good shit though

    • L-Boogie

      Lol only Eminem stans bring up Infinite like it's a classic. Slim Shady Lp-Classic MMLP-Classic Eminem Show-decent Encore-trash Relapse-TRASH! Recovery-solid.

    • Anonymous

      they are all pop albums with catch raidio hits and annoying voices

    • ghost projects

      Relapse is so much better than recovery which was a pop album with the exception of bout 4 tracks

    • Anonymous

      relapse was shit Bryan.

    • Nick Crookshank

      Couldn't have put it better myself.

    • Bryan Moore

      Relapse > Recovery

  • DonJulianTheDickJesus

    Royce is way better than the Gentile (em) only white people think he's the best.Rappers aint going platinum no more accept the white boi and the coon master Wyane and the fake Jew boi Drake.

    • Anonymous

      Racist fuck.

    • Newman

      What the fuck you on about you daft cunt how the fuck is it white people's fault rap ay selling

    • TheDickJesus

      @Anonymous:Your right Rap isn't selling anymore thanks to you white uncivilized cave people and you fake Jew Devils..im going to catch your mother and shove my dick in her mouth until it hits the back of her throat so i hope she has good gag reflexes..fuckoutofhere!

    • Anonymous

      Music doesn't really sell period, unless it's pop. And stop hating on the white boy. Maybe you should stop being a Jew boy and go support your favorite black artists then. There are too many mediocre rappers, too many short attention spanned fans to sell records across the boards in this genre.

  • Anonymous

    Infinite = BORING AS FUCK Slim Shady LP = classic Marshall Mathers LP = classic The Eminem Show = CLASSIC Encore = OK Relapse = garbage Recovery = OK POP SHIT Hell: The Sequel = GOOD Nuff said. Eminem IS GOOD BUT NOT GOAT OR EVEN CLOSE

    • Cosign anonymous

      All of Eminems albums sucks ass. The only thing that suck more is Slim Gaydy stans.

    • lol

      you lost me when u said infinite was boring as fuck.... made you sound stupid and made your opinion stupid and lol at the guy who one above me

    • Slruim

      It's a good thing you gave us your opinions on Eminem's albums. I was beginning to get worried.

    • !!!!

      hey everybody.... eminem CANT be a goat cuz this dude said so..... we can finally all stop arguing and talking about it.... thanks man

    • Vegard Møller

      Infinite is boring? Try "unworldly lyrical"

  • Alex

    Your mom fell the fuck off my dick.

  • Anonymous

    Bad Meets Evil, Tech N9ne, and Random axe. Nice.

  • Samuel Snead

    I'm just happy for royce. I have been listening to him on the semi-underground for a long time and if you would have told me a few years ago he would have a # 1 record, I would have laughed at you

    • Anonymous

      if you would have told me a year ago he would do a corny pop song with bruno mars like that lighters up song i would have laughed and said you were on crack

  • Anonymous

    Infinite = decent Slim Shady LP = classic Marshall Mathers LP = classic The Eminem Show = good-great Encore = garbage Relapse = garbage Recovery = garbage Hell: The Sequel = garbage Nuff said. Eminem fell the fuck off.

    • fuckyou

      All of Slim Gaydy albums suck big dick. Fuck all you stans. You are all homosexuals.

    • Anonymous

      People say Recovery is garbage because its too mainstream (Eminem is on Interscope which is like the biggest mainstream label.. do you really think he has a choice?) Although Overall it was a pretty good album IMO. Just could've done with some actually decent guest features and some better beats..

    • Anonymous

      Infinite - Classic The Slim Shady LP - Classic The Marshall Mathers LP - Classic The Eminem Show - Great Encore - OK Relapse - Garbage Recovery - Fucked up gay shit Hell: The Sequel - Garbage (Eminem's verses and the hooks) Classic (Royce's verses)

    • murdermitten

      more like infinite- idk why everybody keeps bringin up infinite shit wasnt even released on a label but OK slim shady lp- classic marshall mathers lp- top 5 rap album ever released eminem show- classic encore- great... face it even somethin shady does below his standards is still better than just about anybody else relapse- good... great lyrics, production wasnt very good recovery- great... this shit is way underrated the flows are amazing on this shit BME 2- classic shadys style completely changed since rehab but that dont mean he fell off... how u gonna say someone whos goin 4 times platinum fell off.. haha ur dumb... his flow is just as good now the biggest difference is just substance and his voice

    • Anonymous

      dunno why yall keep saying recovery is garbage, shit is on point. that album is full of emotion and has alot of memorable songs. its goin on 4m for a reason. i know sales dont mean music quality but damn your wrong.

    • Anonymous

      More like Classic classic classic near classic garbage Good (great lyrics annoying accents) Good (great lyrics but too mainstream) Great (excluding the bonus tracks) or classic (including them)

  • Matt

    @Anonymous is still hating on Eminem while he's still winning.

  • bashin

    BME 2 did not get any promo and it did better than most rappers.So many people hating on Em but he stay winning cuz mad people (white/black whatever) love his shit.Dude does have skills plus Royce is a great lyricist too.Dont hate on dudes, congratulate.And no i'm not a dick-rider.

    • lol..

      lol at rickrossthebawse.... you do know that both Nick cannon and Rick ross went on a radio station and said the y were fans of eminem and wanted to end the beef right?......dumbass do your research ..eminem didnt have to reply bcos cannon and ross already pussied out..../

    • Anonymous

      Jay fell off and sold out ... Rick Ross flat out sucks Royce got outshined on the EP (still great MC) Tech N9ne has better flow and delivery atm.. worse lyrics though so i'd say they are near equals at this point in time Wayne has quite possibly the worst delivery in hip hop history. Also horrible flow and stupid lyrics

    • anonymous

      eminem could end rick ross sorry ass career with 16 bars

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      @fuck off Thats why no one fucks wit him LMAO. Nigga u a fuckin idiot. Em is the pussy who scared to go back at Nick Cannon. He soft as hell and he didnt have the balls to go at Rozay when he was takin shots. Same shit wit Wayne. Face it you eminem stan, get ur lips off em's cock nigga its pathetic. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • fuck off

      nickel nine has even admitted multiple time Em is the best... go fuck urself em still has the best flow in the game by far... why u think noone tries to fuck with him?

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      It didn't get no promotion? Nigga where the fuck you live, Antarctica. Shit was all over itunes for a couple of weeks, Em and Royce were on all the radio stations out here in Los Angeles and nigga you say it got no promotion. you must live in some fuckin wack place. Face Em sucks now, nigga is garbage. Jay, Rozay, Ye, Nickel Nine, tech 9 and even garbage ass Wayne is better than him. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hopit

    What??? Eminem is number 1?? What a surprise...

  • word

    if u think eminem is garbage u dont know anything at all about rap music

  • Nunya

    Hahahaha at the fag-a-muffins that said Hell the sequel was gonna flop....haha go fuck yourself. Haha nobody gives a shit about Watch the Throne or Odd Future...haha MMG makes the same song every fucking track. Haha Pac and BIG are dead get over a decade now; they ain't here get over it. Haha it isn't 1995 anymore. Haha Wiz Khalifa is fucktard. Honestly, I listen to all of these artists. I just think its funny how everyone that can't rap say how rap should be. Haha.

  • haha

    the best are always hated... u clowns cant handle the fact that a WHITE boy is the most dominant rapper of all time and its fuckin hilarious.... 170,000 units on an unpromoted EP on its first week... suck a dick haters

    • Anonymous

      it was promoted, we been hearing about this shit for weeks if not months, the leaks, the videos, radio play, the interviews, thats called promotion


    that white boy is not G.O.A.T dude was beefin with pop stars shut big an pac never did MMG making that good music

    • smh

      ^^ please die ^^

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      All you Shady dickriders get off the white boy's sack. Only reason why Hell is hot is the nigga nickel nine who carried Shady. I'll give Em credit this shit was much better than Recovery but Em aint nowhere near how good he was. Lucky he doing an album wit a nigga that can still actually rap. BTW Em did beef with pop stars you stupid fucks. Unless you fuckin idiots consider Mariah, Christina Aguilera and NSync rappers. Fuck outta here. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • smh

      u said eminem isnt the goat and yet u say mmg is good? hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhah ur 78 different kinds of retarted and have 0 say in anything hip hop

    • nope

      he didnt beef with pop stars he made fun of them big difference.... he had to cuz he was so big at the time that he didnt want middle america thinkin he was in there same category... hes a goat for sure

  • Anonymous

    Fucking idiots, show me one underground rapper who has the cadence of Em and is able to spit such beyond incredible flows.

  • Hate

    Haha, it's crazy to see so much hate towards em. His style has changed up, but it's still crazy. His flow is still sharp, his pen game is ridiculous, multi's, internal rhyme schemes, and now he's gone back to his pre slim shady lp days, with the ridiculous wordplay and dope punchlines. Keep hating, he's still selling. Royce is also one of the dopest in the game right now, but so anyone that knew about him since the late 90's/early 2000's is not surprised at all. 171k first week for an ep? hahaha that's ridiculous, SHADY 2.0

    • Andre Cooper

      Hoes on my dick cuz i look like jesus!!!!!*Lil B* Now anyone else that says em's lyrics r wack go kill yourself asap!!!!!

    • Nick

      "Let me put this shit in park like dog shit"

    • Reality

      "quit playing with the scizzors and shit and cut the crap" "I'm a shit stain on the underwear of life" "I'm standing on my monopoly board. That means I'm top of my game!" "Tell Lady GaGa to quit her job at the post office cuz she's still a male lady" "Why would I buy you a gay ass teddy bear, bitch. You're already bi-polar." This isn't ridiculous wordplay and dope punchlines. This is shit. Face it. Em fell off. You must be comfy there on his dick, eh?

    • Anonymous

      shut up stan

  • Anonymous

    The bad meets evil EP was fucking lame. The song they did with bruno mars was almost as bad as rebecca blacks "friday". Eminem should retire, he just doesn't know how to make good music anymore. #realtalk

  • Anonymous

    true hip hop is finally back. we got REAL rappers doing there thing and it shows. when two great artist (em which is the G.O.A.T) and nickel nine spittin real shit. finally. get g-unit back on top and roc a fella and young money. Once detox drops, if it ever does, then hip hop will be at its high point. fuck all those waka flacka gucci soulja boy fuckers.

    • Anonymous

      Ayo nigga do ya even know what true hip hop is??????? Ever heard of Rakim, KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, ATCQ, Big Daddy Kane, Nas

    • Andre Cooper

      @anon.......Go listen to waka flocka and then stick a fork in the outlet

    • Anonymous

      @ Early rocafella was hip hop before kanye came to the spotlight Eminem is a fucken clown putting out clown shit "hi my name is eminem and i eat you and i eat eminems LMFAO! " we mad you " mariah carrey diss " G unit is a bunch of snitches Young money is pop music

    • anon

      young money, g-unit, rocafella and eminem aren't real hip hop. this EP fucking sucked.

  • Anonymous

    I love that they did it this way bc next up is Slaughterhouse and EVERYBODY who purchased BME album will or should cop the SH joint..but lets be honest if Royce's name wasnt on this project I dont think album sales woulda been any less lol and thats no shot at Royce its jus the truth but Im sure his fan base will increase 1000 percent wit this!! #hiphopback

    • Anonymous

      If Royce's name wasn't on this it would just be called an Eminem EP which would've sold probably atleast 4x more, cause people don't know what Bad Meets Evil is. Oh well, Royce contributed some good verses to the EP. Can't wait for Slaughterhouse to drop another album.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Bad Meets Evil EP 171k with no promotion? Damn!

  • tdot1987

    eminem=most hated on rapper of all time

    • Bryan Moore

      If Pac and Biggie were still alive they'd be getting just as much radio play as Eminem. So I don't get how people can say Eminem is wack for being in the mainstream...

    • Anonymous

      Its cause people instantly assume he's wack since he gets radio play. If people would bother to listen (especially his '96-'03 stuff,) they'd find he's a legend. Whatever though people are always going to be close minded.

    • ya

      the best are always hated



  • Anonymous

    rick ross is winning cant wait for wale solo album that boy a problem!!!

  • cous


  • Good Meets Justice

    That bad meets evil thing was disappointing. Shit only sold cuz Em's big white ass is on the cover. "Shady til I Die, Like I got a pair of dice" and that lady gaga post office line and that bruno mars joint.. gtfoh

    • Anonymous

      Lol at everyone hating on Em for lighters. In an interview Royce said it was ROYCES IDEA.

    • Andre Cooper

      Funny how these haterz take em lines and make them out to be wack!!!!! You love the shit or else you wouldn't remember the shit to quote it.......Nuff said

    • Anonymous

      bruno mars joint is the gayest thing i heard in a while, never thought i would hear royce on something so wack, i would expect it from em as he always been an industry sellout but not royce????

  • Anonymous

    self made flopped, just admit it guys

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is buying rolling papers every week? how can he keep moving 14 000 copies of that piece of shit album every week???

  • Anonymous

    Why y'all praise to this white boy

    • Bryan Moore

      @RickRoss Too bad before the Slim Shady LP he made the Slim Shady EP. Andre knows what he's talking about.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      @Andre Nigga u lame. for bein an Eminem stan and dickrider you should at least know slim shady was an LP not an EP. LMAO at these dumb ass niggas who double as eminem dickriders. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andre Cooper

      Because is better than your favorite rapper...... (bumping the slim shady ep)

    • Jasper

      We praise this nigga because he's been doing his thing since he came out and whether you like it or not he is a legend not because he's white and raps but because the fact that he's white he pushes Harder ten 95% of rappers out.. He doesn't just throw together a verse for any one like these YM muff cabbages. Real talk he is the best hip hop artist to this date with real substance and emotions which make him the G.O.A.T,

    • Pray to Slim Shady

      cuz he's white and I'm white! That makes him super relateable! I don't know about that black guy with the funny head but if my lord and savior eminem likes him then I do too! Afterall, eminem is the best rapper alive ever in the history of time! He raps about jis life and issues and uses complicated lyrics and stuff! Recovery was the greatest album in rap music history! ohmigosh excuse me, I just had an extreme orgasm...

    • Anonymous

      Because he's a good rapper who did a project with another good one?

    • Jess

      we praise the white boy and that black boy too.

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