DMX Talks New Album, Reality Show & The Bible In Jail Interview

Darkman X bares his soul in a new interview from behind bars.

DMX is currently serving a jail sentence in Arizona for parole violation, but pending his July 13 release date, the Yonkers rapper has plans to make some big life changes. caught up with him in jail where DMX explained that he approached things differently during his latest stint behind bars. Instead of focusing his energies on a workout routine, X says that he began to read the Bible. “I realized that [change] is something that I want do this time. Like the last few times I couldn’t wait to get out and go have a drink,” he explained. “Like all my focus was on going to the club or things of that nature. Now, I’m in a frame of mind where I’m like ‘right into the studio and get my grind on.’"

Over the past decade, DMX has been locked up over a dozen times for a series of offenses, but claims that recently he was a target of Arizona law enforcement. “The sheriff--he openly spoke about how he wanted to make sure I stayed locked up,” he said. “If these things happened in New York, there’s no way I’d be in jail. Or any other state where the law is like, followed.”

And despite his newfound interest in the bible, DMX also revealed that he will shelve his intended gospel album for a new project, titled Redemption of the Beast. He says that 26 tracks for the album have already been recorded, with production from Scott Storch, Swizz Beatz and Grease, as well as features from Sean Kingston, The LOX and Tyrese. "It’s funny how it came up. I was stuck between two titles. The first one was Redemption and the second title was Beast," he elaborated. "And somebody hit me like, why don’t you make it Redemption of the Beast."

In addition to prepping his album, the former Ruff Ryders rapper says he is reviewing offers for a new reality TV show which would center around his 10 children. In 2006, he starred in BET’s DMX: Soul of a Man along with ex-wife Tashera Simmons.

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  • Nico 3

    DMX has always acknowledged God, but it's more than being religious. IMO, X is a deeply troubled person who seems to want to do more with his life, but always falls back into his old ways, probably because he's broke now, and needs to support his family. Get your mind right first, because if that ain't right, then back to prison he'll go.

  • Maurice D. Randle

    Man, FUCK DMX for this bullshit! You're readin' the bible? So, what, is that supposed to help you stop bein' a crackhead? The bible is a stupid ass book that makes zero sense and is unsubstantiated in its teachings. The only thing the bible is gonna do for DMX is drive him back to dem rocks. I used to fuck wit' this nigga supa heavy too man; it makes me sick how he just ruined his career so crazy man....

  • Bring it X

    I dig that title because it totally displays what X is planning for, which is always good. Can't knock someone for planning a positive future, whether crackhead or a sober person. X is one of the best to do it.

  • hmmm

    Lord give him a sign!



  • GlowStreet31

    it sounds interesting but all the joints that x is talkin about about just like the one with sean kingston or the other with tyrese have already been leaked a while ago. anyways, i hope this time he gets clean.

  • Jaydorl

    He's one of those rappers who are stupidly over rated just because he's been around since the golden era, like Busta Rhymes. Neither of the dudes have ever released an album that has been top notch but people run around mentioning there names with Nas, Jay, Em, Big etc.

    • john

      you come to wonder how could people hate on such a legend. then you realize that they are just punks who don't understand and sadly we must forgive them for their ignorance they display.who cares what DMX does and did in his life. his music is what is important.punks have to pick on the most meaningless parts of a rap artist, including their personal life because let's face it, that is all that you could possibly put DMX down for, his mistakes in his personal life. DMX defined rap with his powerful lyrics in his songs. WAKE THE FUCK UP and listen to what he is actually saying in his is amazing.people who hate on DMX do not truly understand how great he is.their limited minds seem to not comprehend. they prefer to live in denial of the fact that he is a legend.they don't understand how his words leave people in awe.maybe it is because people do not want to accept the fact that he is one of the best.maybe it is beacause they don't understand what makes a real artist.i know there are those who understand what i am trying to say and im relieved that there are people who do.DMX please save rap once again and put the ignorant haters to shame.let their minds open and understand what makes a true and real artist like it or hate it DMX will always be a legend unless you have words better than his that could challenge that fact

    • big Wo0orm45

      well i was just about to xplain 2 Jaydorl how much of an idiot he is for even typing that shyt let alone thinking it. X is a legend. u prolly a dumb ass who only listened to radio hits even tho those wer gr8 as well. He had an amazing story telling ability dat not many idiots see, but da real fans n ppl who know real music kno X is a monster. Poetic and hardcore. he got it all. so i was saving this for the end cuz i wanted u to read this coment 1st. now that its over go ahead and kill yourself

    • hellrazor

      @sssssssss, these fuckin kids today need their skulls bashed in for their disrespect. you made some truly valid points, i liked busta a lot in the 90s (when disaster strikes was his sophomore LP) and DMX brought the grittiness back to rap music when shiny suits & dancin took over. these little cunts today dont value artistry, creativity, authenticity or storytelling, they are spoonfed bullshit & swallow it.

    • Anonymous

      That sssssssssss dude made some points. You lil youngin's talkin' about X ain't shit need to be slapped with some Hip Hop history. Ungrateful lil bastards I swear...

    • GlowStreet31

      if you think that the only thing x does in his songs is barkin, then you are a retard.

    • sssssssssss

      jaydorl, theres a few reasons why busta was the being When Disaster of the greatest debuts..when that shit came out the mothafuckin album was hot.pre "gangsta" busta.when the nigga was wild..two, the fuckin videos..nuff said..three, whoo hah ODB!!! and pretty much Leaders of the new school.but since you memory only stretches back to soulja boyz rise to fame,you have no idea what the fuck im talking about.kill your self

    • sssssssssssss

      shut the fuck up.punk ass kids from the suburbs dropping eminems name like the dude is a legend.sales dont mean SHIT!.SHIT!.i prefer em when he was saying some off the wall shit.real slim shady shit.not the emo em.the 90's wasnt "the golden era" or was the BEST ERA of rap.when white people hated diss to white folks.if you grew up after PAC died you shouldnt talk about PAC like you heard dude alive on the radio.get my drift.DMX was and will always be one of the best.shit happens to rap artist..death,drugs,prison..ala Shyne. when dude was on top of the rap game releasing classics you were shitting diapers to baby you shouldnt talk about artists from that era of rap when you obviously dont have a fuckin clue about rap.rap is,for the most part,is GAY AS FUCK now compared to 1990-2000 rap..just ten those 10 to 2000-2010..all the legends you named came up between those 10 can blame the downfall of rap on supply and demand.little kids who dick ride rap labels like young money and still ask who is D.O.C. and Deathrow?rant

    • nibs

      nope, I co-sign this. DMX was whack when I was in junior high, and I couldn't understand why everyone thought he was dope. his last 12 arrests have proven he's a retard, and has always been one. barking into a mic does not garner you the same respect as an album like illmatic

    • Anonymous

      GTFOH!! Thats bullshit.

  • Wolfman

    "It’s funny how it came up. I was stuck between two titles. The first one was Redemption and the second title was Beast," he elaborated. "And somebody hit me like, why don’t you make it Redemption of the Beast." Hah... How clever...... Seriously, when will rappers learn that "I'm Back" shit doesn't make any kind of splash. No content, boasting off past successes.. Kids DON'T CARE that you were hot in 1999! The album title says it all. smh.... I HOPE for his sake his gets his shit straight, and puts some raw feeling back into his music. Slippin' was my shit when I needed a jam to relax too.

  • war22

    DMX needs to get back on his bullshit just music...Em,Mystikal and DMX have the most unique voices in hiphop

  • imeafk

    i wish he will stay out of trouble and make the music he is able to make.

  • Special Ed

    Tech N9ne and Travis O'guin need to sign DMX... He'd fit right in with Strange Music... He'd have the freedom to be himself, while having the backing of Strange... In my view, he needs to read and read and read... Look at Prodigy, he managed to stay focused because he educated himself while inside... X needs to know more about himself and his environment if he is to survive in it... He probably doesn't understand how much his fans love him, and doesn't really get why as soon as he comes out, someone reaches out to him for a song, a record deal, an album, a collabo... Everyone feels pain, and if the world can relate to your pain, you're still a bankable artist. Jay couldn't do it, too insensitive... Whenever Nas tried, he sounded like a cry baby... Lupe is too political and complex... The only other artist I know who can touch you inside with his music is Tech... That's why I feel he and X would make a great team... Come on Tech, sign this guy and take over the industry once and for all... Do for him what Travis did for you... Straaaaaaaannnnnnnggggggggeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  • gnigga/pleeze

    so i guess walk with me now fly with me later is no longer? is he still on bodog music? well redemption of the beast is a hot ass title lets hope he gets it out and its a return to form (it wont be if he's clean, he's never been clean he was coked out on all his classics lol)

  • Anonymous

    Rap needs you D. Come back hard!

  • Keef Sweat go here!!!! go here go here go here

  • BlazeDatIshUp

    Dark Man X will always be one of my fav artists, so I'll be looking forward to the album....But still 10

  • Anonymous

    X needs to DISTANCE himself from all the mainstream techno-hop shit, and fakeass fools like OFFICER ROZAY. X needs to be INDEPENDENT and DO HIS OWN THING!!!!

    • L-Boogie

      While I agree that Dmx needs to distance himself from the wack mainstream shit but when rappers do their own thing how come rap fans don't go out and cop the album. Heads always complaining about real hip hop but never support it.

  • Apollo Greed

    All that shit sounds good til he hits his first piece of crack... then it's the same old shit. DMX need to find his strength in Earl, and quit fucking with that stupid ass Bible. The white man's Jesus been failing nigga's for 500 years in a row- and the sand nigga's Muhammad ain't no better! Stop smoking crack, nigga! That's the first step to getting your mind right!

    • Maurice D. Randle

      THANK YOU!!! That's exactly what I'm sayin' lmao The bible ain't shit but an old ass archaic book from 2000 years ago

    • Anonymous

      LMAO Yeah I know but it takes a fool to know a fool!!! LMAO



    • Anonymous

      This how I know the world is coming to an end when you got people dissin the bible!! All you ignorant muthafuckas talking about the bible not helping people or its a white mans book I hope you all enjoy JACKIN EACH OTHER OFF IN HELL!!!! If the bible was a white mans book how come the illuminati agenda was fulfilled by taking prayer and things of that nature out of schools and other programs. So if the bible wasnt helping people tell me why you also dont see people talk about jesus and things of that nature on t.v. like you use to. So if the bible wasnt a threat why is it constantly being removed? YOU STUPID FOOL ASS NIGGAS BETTER WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

    • Bill

      I'd have used more polite wording, but i totally agree. The Bible ain't helping anybody.

    • Anonymous

      to the four bitches, the bible is not a white man book nore a black man book either !! as long as you put the race dilemma on it we all fucked !

    • BasedGenius

      Apollo Greed is right, the bible is bullshit and all you stupid ass people are brainwashed by a 2000 year old book written by a bunch of sheep herders who had no concept of how the world actually works.

    • nnamdi

      @apollo greed: The bible is a white man's book? check revelation 1:14-15,exodus 2:17, lamentation 4:8, jeremiah 14:2, job 30:30, daniel 10:5, and daniel 7:9, finally deuteronomy 28:15-68. See if its a white man's book then!! go read it before you make silly, childish, and unlearned comments!!

    • Anonymous

      You one lil ignorant bastard!!! Thats all im say about that cause the good lord will take care of your ass indeed you fool ass nigga you!!!!

  • Anonymous

    get a DJ premier track for once bitch!

  • Tommy The Turkeybaster Henry

    I will let X pound my booty anytime as long as I get to suck on his turkey baster. I want to be basted with juices in my face.

  • Anonymous jbird's reality show is about him planting corn now listen to his music if dmx joins maybach i will destroy all of their small careers Jbird gettin all up in that ass

  • Anonymous

    i heard x was goin to maybach music i hope its tru i would love to hear x ross and pill on a track there all hard spitters!

    • Anonymous

      x and pill would be a good collab but miss me with the ross shit!!! pill and wale need to get the fuck up away from that fake ass industry gimmick muthafucka!! x dont need to be down with that nigga either!!

  • shone jones

    X needs to get out of Arizona, for one. Don't be surprised if he somehow manages to get a deal with Young Money, of all labels. Or even RocNation.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is such a mess and a fuck up 10 kids ??! and you still find yourself going in and out of jail for all these years ?!! and you have the nerves to talk about bible ?!! i mean if he can come good this time it's all right, i'll go all for it, but nigga please ! stop these prayer songs cause you dont have credit no more when you talk bout God just like rick ross dont have none when he talks bout the streets !

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      read between the lines mothafucka, i didnt say he cannot turn to God, i said he has credit no more when he talks bout God cause ovbiously he is smokin the fuckin crack pipe while he is reading it !!

    • Anonymous

      anybody can turn to God!!! Who the fuck are you to say who can go to the lord and who cant. Do you turn to the lord?

  • Anonymous

    10 children wtf ever heard of a condom nigga you got more kids than ODB

  • Anonymous

    I will check out any album X drops. I hope he can make a comeback and stay out of jail and off the drugs

    • Anonymous

      What you just posted is all that needs to be said!! All these people on here making negative comments like that havent fucked up before or like they shit dont stink.

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