Mr. Porter To Produce Two Songs On Dr. Dre's "Detox"

The D12 member reveals that he laced Dre with two beats for the elusive "Detox."

Billboard recently caught up with Mr. Porter (a/k/a Denaun Porter) to discuss his contributions to Eminem and Royce Da 5'9"'s acclaimed collaborative EP Hell: The Sequel. During the interview, Porter revealed that Bad Meets Evil's reunion EP isn't the only Shady/Aftermath project to which he's contributed beats. The Detroit producer revealed that he has two tracks featured on Dr. Dre's long awaited Detox. Porter discussed what it was like to produce for such a HIp Hop icon and why he's willing to wait for as long as it takes to  hear Dre's third solo LP.

"[My two songs are] really different," he explained. "I didn't want to do what everybody else was doing and...send him a weed-smoking song. Dre's like a big brother to me, so I know what to approach him with, and the songs we did for him are totally different."

Porter added, "I don't care when it comes out, really. It doesn't matter to me if it ever comes out. I understand the pressure he's got on him, everybody asking for it. He's just real particular about songs. If it comes, it comes. If it doesn't, it doesn't. He can do whatever he wants."

Denaun Porter also discussed what it was like to work with the newly reunited Em and Royce. He said that it was very satisfying to see the two emcees to reconnect on such a project. He even added that he was stunned by how Eminem was able to jump back in to the violent, drug-addled mind of is alter ego Slim Shady without compromising his sobriety.

"I believe for those two guys it was a lot of, 'Man, I wish we could've done this a long time ago. I wish this would've happened back then,'" he noted. "For them I felt like it was a really gratifying experience...I had this feeling that Em would be right on it, but we were thinking about how Em could talk about being on drugs and everything being that he wasn't in that place anymore. But it turned out crazy. He wound up jumping right back into that character, and that showed how clear-minded he is, to be able to remember what to say and how to say it when it came to that concept."

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  • Alabaster Jones

    Dre and Detox are a total joke. And yes there are lots of producers who are more talented than Dre...But why do all the people who say that then name Rza and 10 other east coast producers or one's who sound like they are(dilla). Obviously you don't even like west coast rap. Here are some non east coast producers who are as good as or more talented than Dre; Organised Noise Dj Quik Mike Dean T-Mix Bosco Ant Banks Battlecat Studio Ton Andre 3000 The Legendary Traxster Cold 187um(in his prime) The east coast might have better lyricists but not producers, they're mainly sample kings. And yes I've got all that 88-96 East coast shit before you start crying, even Kurious Jorge and Diamond D's albums. And yes Dilla was dope, but he didn't change the game and neither did a lot of the people on my list. Dre did but that was 20 years ago when he took cold 187's samples and worked them harder than 187. 187 came back and killed it with Black Mafia life though.

  • Anonymous

    Now i realeased it .Dr dre is most outrated producer out there.Dre is lazy ass hell he doesnt do shit.He has ghost writers ,ghost producers and makes bunch of bullshit. Dre detox is going to suck.And its not your album.Its you jumping on your friend's songs. eminem can stop talking about drugs and keep doing bad meets evil shit. dre i still love the chronic whatta hell happend to you.

  • Anonymous

    I see your truly colorssss

  • Anonymous

    yea this album is becomin like year old salmon!!!

  • goodman

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  • Anonymous

    Was defending all the Detaox nah sayers now im sayin fuck it

    • TheDickJesus

      Im going to catch your mother and stick my long thick dick in her ass, then stuff it in her mouf till it hits the back of her throat and send her back to your Father!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Aint Know body checkin for doctor gay...and why do you guys keep putting up post of the niggaz who suck his we dont care anymore!! when it comes out it wont sell.

  • DonJulianTheDickJesus


  • Patrick Nomvia

    I probably am the biggest fan of Dr Dre, and i'll still be...but FUCK DETOX!!!!!

  • Supa Dupa

    I love the Chronics but what the hell is going on with Detox? Fuck out of here. Just release that stupid album and you get my 16 bucks, lol. By the way; Dre Beats my ass.

  • Anonymous

    Tomorrow we gonna read: Warren G says he did 3 beats for detox. Nothing but hype!!!!!!!!

  • Deep

    It's cool. The albums actually comim out. The tracklist leaked wit some new joints added: 1. Intro: Sorry For The Wait (prod. by NotDre) 2. My Career Needs A Doctor ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey 3. Even More Kush ft. Snoop Dogg, Akon & My Weed Dealer 4. Lil Niggas make me money ft. Odd Future (prod. by Tyler) 5. 666 Ima Join Dat Shit ft. Tyler, The Creator (prod. by Tyler) 6. We Relevant ft. 50 Cent (prod. by my grandmama) 7. Nutin But A G Thang Pt. 2 ft. Bruno Mars (prod. by Dre's personal fitness instructor) 8. The Watcher 3 ft. Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka (prod. by Lil Trappy Money Stacks Samson) 9. Streets Is Watchin ft. Drake, Nicki Minaj & B.o.B (prod. by The Neptunes & the owner of the gay bar across the street of Dre's studio) 10. Real Criminals ft. Rick Ross (prod. by Dre's Lawyer) 11. Aftermath Killaz ft. Eminem doing every verse (prod. by Eminem) 12. Some More Shit With My Name On It (prod. NotDre & IzntDre)(Written by Dre's housekeeper) 13. Fuck Wit Dre Day pt. 2 ft. The cast of Glee (prod. by Dre's ex-lover) shits gon be dope...


    fuck detox

  • Solid Snake

    Dr. Dre= Dj Khaled

  • Anonymous

    ok if dre isnt making the beats.. and we know he doesnt write his own stuff.. then how is a dr.dre album? what does he bring? just his deep voice and good delivery? granted they go great on tracks but this is ridiculous

    • dockevoc

      those are great albums too, no doubt...however, the chronic was all over the radio and mtv/bet for 2 straight years with no attempts to go pop...not sure if you were into hip hop in 92' but every person i knew had that shit and bumped the shit out of it...the chronic overrated? your out of your fucking mind.

    • Anonymous

      LOL The chronic and 2001 are so overated. Try AZ - Doe or Die Eminem - Infinite, SSLP, MMLP NaS - Ilmatic,It was Written, Stilmatic Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt Big Pun - Capital Punishment Pharoahe Monch - All 3 of his albums Etc... These are some real near classic / classic albums. Chronic and 2001 are not better then anything ever made.

    • dockevoc

      what does he bring? His name on two cd's that are better than anything ever made in hip hop history...guess you forgot???

  • achpe2

    Stans still wondering about Dre, the dumbest thing I have ever heard. This ho a$$ producer wondering what we are going to say before he release an album. Fans have been talking about this album for 10 years. Let the sh$$ go. Move on to something else. That's the fu$$ing problem, ni$$as is worried about dum sh$$ instead of bringing the underground and good HIP HOP back. I dont a sh** about Detox. Stop being a pawn in the record game. I bet you if we stop caring this album, Dre would bring his ass out. Shady/Aftermath is about Drama, controversy, and keep sh** going. This album could be done and Dre just sitting back laughing at us fighting over an album that was supposed to come out years ago. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Kenyon

    great hes acting like people havnt been patient for detox... how many years? not that i dont like mr porter but why is it not all dre beats on the album

  • GlowStreet31

    dre isnt writin his own lyrics we know that already. but he isnt goin to produce the music for detox too? so what will he be doin?

  • Keef Sweat go here!!!! go here go here go here

  • djsaltydog

    OUTLAW Remix - 50 Cent & Game

  • dockevoc

    who cares if he writes/produces it? did that fact make the chronic or 2001 not better than 99% of everything ever made? ya'll sound like fucking idiots...

  • That Jigga

    And announcing for the first time in history a album that will contain the discography of one artist... this is looking like it might be 3-4 discs of music, unless he does the move that Em did by dropping one long awaited cd and then popped another one out in a year...

    • Anonymous

      That´s right, Chronic : The Chronicles, Volume 1-10 :D Or maybe they will release those hundreds of tracks as posthumous albums when he will die.

  • Anonymous

    jbird produced the whole detox album now listen to his music

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Okay this is fucking ridiculous every fucking week somebody talking about I produced this track for detox or I put in a verse on detox. Whats the fucking point of posting these stupid ass articles about detox when the shit probably isnt coming out ever!!!! If you read this article carefully Mr. Porter hints at the fact that this detox shit might not come out. So I wish this site, rappers, other websites, and producers stop saying shit about detox. When you look at the situation Dre doesn't have to release detox for the simple fact he has his headphones, he gets a cut of whatever eminem and 50 does. All this bullshit about Dre is under pressure what pressure? This shit was suppose to drop like 10 years ago. At this point it really doesn't fucking matter if detox drops or not!! Im just fucking sick and tired of hearing about something that will never happen!!!

  • Beenhearingboutthisalbumfortoolong

    So who gon' be producing this album? Just Blaze Nottz Mr. Porter Hi Tek Boi1Da Scott Storch Burt Bacharach (?????) who else is said to be involved?? I know there's hella people. Quik said he heard about 60 of Dre's Detox tracks back in '08. Who else????

    • Anonymous

      pretty much everybody and their grand momma made a beat or ghost wrote some lyrics except for dr dre actually producing or writing a single track on his own for his album that took him 15 years to release

  • Anonymous

    Mr Porter is a good producer but Dr. Dre should produce this whole album. And is every song going to feature somebody? I was never planning on buying the album and not a fan of Dre as a rapper (he doesn't even write his music) but I'm sure his fans don't want only like 13 verses from Dre due to guest appearences.....

  • Anonymous

    Guns n Roses Chinese Democracy has been released, Duke Nukem Forever is finaly here. I believe Detox will be released too.

  • Anonymous

    Its just a shame that this album will never see the light of day.

  • Brian Andrew Smith

    so...the new name of this record is "Everybody Detox: Dr Dre and Friends."

  • joe5286

    Don't get me wrong, I think Mr Porter's a great producer -- but how is it that everybody rides Dre's dick about his producing skills, he doesn't release a solo album for over a decade, and then when he finally does he doesn't even produce his own shit?

    • chillin

      I'm aware of those albums. I threw out LP's that are widely considered classics...the one's you listed are also widely considered classics. Not disputing that. People are going to differ in terms of what they think are better amongst the best LP's of all-time, that's natural. I acknowledged that the Chronic was a classic album in my earlier posts. I do think that Liquid Swords and OB4CL are better than every album you listed, that's a preference. Other people will agree others will disagree. But we can both acknowledge that these are all widely considered great albums. I'm not in the studio with Dre, but relative to other hip-hop artists who are producers (e.g., Kanye) he does do less--he has people ghostwrite and co-produce or ghost-produce and has throughout his ENTIRE CAREER. Other people don't do that with such frequency, who also oversee entire projects. That might be Dre's thing, but when people list him as one of the greatest emcees of all-time or producers I find it laughable because there are people who have put out way more material and done it without surrounding themselves with an army of people in order to get the job done. His 2 solo albums are as guest heavy--producing and rapping wise as a Khaled album (note: his albums are clearly better than Khaled's albums). I never said Kanye wasn't commercial. Please tell me where I said that? Of course he is!! I did reference Kanye because he's a more versatile hip-hop artist. Like Dre, the peers of RZA and Kanye have said that they are perfectionists when they are in the studio. No I can't confirm that but when 10's of people in interviews say the same damn thing who have no reason to lie, I'll take it at face-value.

    • J

      @chiilin ok mr. hip hop head, let me make a list for you: chronic 2001 doggystyle get rich tracks on all eyez on me marshall mathers lp slim shady lp documentary all of n.w.a.'s shit ice cube etc etc etc if youre trying to tell me that the college dropout and liquid swords or any of what you listed even compares to 90% of what i just listed then you need to get your ears checked..and who says all those guys are perfectionists? who said dre barely does anything in the studio? are you actually in the studio with them? its absolutely retarted to make these so called "facts" without any insider proof whatsoever. how the hell do you know how much work these guys do in the studio? because of what you read on the internet? "isn't commercial, isn't selling or doesn't have a fabricated marketable image" LOL so youre saying kanye west doesnt fit this descripton? you mean the guy that thinks dressing with tight rainbow colored clothes is cool? you mean the guy that just made a song about alien sex with katy perry? that guy? LOL GAME SET AND MATCH

    • chillin

      @j: We are all aware that producers don't just make beats. That's is not earth-shattering news. Other producers have to oversee projects. My point is that he's not doing anything that other people don't do, in fact he does less than what other "artists" do. Yeah I listed Madlib and Oddisee seeing as they produce and rap and oversee projects no Oddisee hasn't been "producing" for decades, but his product is good. My apologies if he isn't commercial, isn't selling or doesn't have a fabricated marketable image...he's just a damn good hip-hop artist. As my previous post outlines many other producers have classics and do more as artists.

    • chillin

      @Special Ed: Now that's an intelligent argument against what we all said, I can respect that. You raise some good points. I'm more criticizing him as an artist than as a person who is capable of putting out a quality album that has his name on it. Kanye and RZA have had integral roles in putting out multiple albums widely considered classics (Liquid Swords, 36 Chambers, Only Built for the Cuban Linx, Iron Man, College Dropout, MBDTF, Common's Be), they are also perfectionists, but put out quality product much faster and are capable of doing more as artists. Thus I think Dre is a bit overrated relative to a number of other people within hip-hop.

    • J

      @ chillin YOU sound like a groupie. why don't you read what i said instead of incessantly rambling and writig an anti-dre novel? PRODUCERS DON'T HAVE TO MAKE THE BEAT TO BE THE PRODUCER OF THE SONG. THEIR ONLY RESPONSIBILITY IS OVEERSEEING AND DIRECTING THE FINAL SOUND OF THE PROJECT. whether that means they "made the beat" is irrelevant, WHY DO YOU THINK PRODUCERS ALWAYS HAVE THE SAME "SOUND" FOR EVERY SONG THEY PRODUCE? they put their own touches to it that no one else can duplicate. and LOL at kanye being better than dre; and i quote kanye west himself "Xxplosive', off 2001, that's where I got my entire sound from—if you listen to the track, it's got a soul beat, but it's done with those heavy Dre drums. " and did you really just put Madlib and oddisee as proof that dre's overrated? LOL END OF ARGUMENT

    • Special Ed

      All I know is Dr Dre loves being the underdog... He probably wants all of you to write him off as an artist then 'BAM'!! Another classic... That's exactly what he did with 2001... He waited for people to write him off, then he put out a genre-altering album... 50's get rich or die trying, people thought Dre had gone soft with Eminem... Then, there you have it, an album that redefined gangsta rap and hip hop beef when it came out... Not so long ago, everybody wanted Dre to reach out to their favourite rapper for beats, saying he the all time great... Dre was always mentioned in the Top 3 producers out there... Now the same people are bashing him because of one album that he;s probably done with, but doesn't want to release until he sees who will truly ride with him to the end... The tracks you heard so far were teasers... He knows exactly what he's doing... He's been doing it since before most of us were born... Detox will come out, at the perfect time... All of you guys mentioning Dilla, RZA, Premier, etc... These guys, who have been in the studio with Dre respect one thing, they all respect the same thing about him, HIS WORK ETHIC... He may not necessarily be the best beak maker, but when he adds that Dre flavour to a beat, it's an instant hit... Read any article about a producer that he helped out... The man's beyond producing, he's a composer... One who knows what to add where to make something hot... So gentlemen, go listen to 'Forgot about Dre' and 'Still Dre', then tell me if his situation has gotten better or worse since then... Analyse the comments about Dre just before 2001 and compare to his current situation... If you do that, you'll understand that Aftermath/Interscope is a calculating machine... It'll come, and with it, hip hop will take another direction, but you'll hate him before he drops

    • chillin

      I like how you didn't really try to speak to what I wrote..sorry if I tried to present an argument. Those artists aren't my favorite rappers. And based on the producer/rappers I listed that should be pretty clear. Me and my friends probably won't be banging it given the two singles that I've heard off of it, I'm a hip-hop head not a "hip-pop head". I respect artistry not some fabricated image of an artist (cough "Dre"). Yes the first Chronic was a classic, 2001 was good, but he doesn't have the production catalog that a Dilla, RZA Premier or Kanye do and what he has "produced" is often produced by other people. And I've already spoken about the raps. I also like how you listed snoop, another person who has had ghostwriters and famous because of an image, not lyrical dexterity. NWA also doesn't get formed without Cube or D.O.C.--who was the prime ghostwriter.

    • Anonymous

      And yes dre doesn't make beats like he used to but when you that far in the game why should he have to.....He is a boss dumbass!!!!

    • Anonymous

      To the dumbasses calling dre overrated........... Your favorite rappers favorite rappers looks up to this man.....matter of fact without dre there would b no nwa,eminem,50 cent,snoop dogg,death row records,aftermath,etc etc.....So call me a dick rider who cares??? All i kno is when he brings it out you and your friends will be banging it.....Get your own dick out your mouth hater!!!!

    • beatrixkid

      @chillin Obviously not chillin. You mad?? Dre screw you over or something? Damn!! A novel on your hatred for Dr. Dre. lol

    • chillin

      @j: Why are you calling the people who posted above you stupid? You sound like a Dre groupie. Instead of making the comparison to the movie industry compare Dre with other hip-hop artists or producers...when Kanye, Dilla, Pete Rock, Madlib, RZA, 9th Wonder, Oddisee etc. put out projects (or songs) with their name on it they are also involved in the mixing and mastering and selecting which artists are on songs the only difference is that these producers who are all great write their own lyrics and produce their own shit. Dre has always had other people help him out since the first N.W.A. album (D.O.C. and Cube were writing his shit). Why label yourself as a rapper if you rarely if ever write your own rhymes? Or why label yourself as a producer when for the last 12-15 years you've produced little on your own?? It's ridiculous, he is the most over-hyped artist in the history of hip-hop. People have held his hand along the way for well over 20 years. To call him out for that isn't stupid, it's a fact. Many other producers/emcees deserve more credit/accolades than Dre that simple.

    • j

      A producer isnt required to make a beat u simple-minded motherfuckers..does a director always write the script for a movie? its called mixing and mastering, as well as picking certain lyrics, even if theyre not written by you, and selecting which artists are on which song, which are all make-or-break decisions on making a hit record. Educate yourselves before you write stupid shit morons

    • Anonymous

      yes everything these guys are saying is spot on, how are you a producer that doesnt produce? all he cares about is money, dr pepper, beats by dr dre, hp laptops by dr dre

    • CooL RauL

      Not only is he not producing, which is suppose to be his forte, but he is the weakest of all rappers. He pays ghostwriters, I mean how does this get so overlooked?! Dre = Overrated!

    • D

      Finally someone agrees with me. Dr. Dre is utter garbage as a producer. He has never produced anything, and buys beats off everyone. California Love, Guilty Conscience, Westside Story, How we Do, and every track on 2001 were produced by other people. I'm sick of people referring to him as a "legend", he is so far up Jimmy Iovines ass it should be illegal

  • Moo

    So when all is said and done, detox should have about 30 to 40 tracks with all this "so and so produced a track" talk...

  • lol

    I was wondering when the weekly news update on Detox was gonna happen this week. Why does anybody even mention this album at this point?

  • m.i.c

    i sent dre 2 tracks myself last nite! real talk!!!!!!

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