Master P's Ex-Wife/TRU Rapper Sonya C. Seeks To Adjust Child Support Pay

According to Sonya C., Percy Miller is paying less than $300 per month of child support for their four children under the age of 18.

In 1993, rapper Sonya C. released Married To The Mob on In-A-Minute/No Limit Records. The onetime wife of No Limit Records' founder and longtime CEO Master P, Sonya C. also was a reported member of the collective TRU throughout the 1990s. No longer married to the New Orleans, Louisiana mogul, Sonya C. Miller is now claiming that her onetime mega-millionaire ex-husband may be paying too low of child support.

According to, Master P's present monthly income is filed as $1,387 leading to a $271 monthly payment to his ex-wife. The pair presently has four (of six) children under the age of 18.

Sonya aims to increase payments. Between 1993 and 2003, No Limit released a number of multi-platinum albums and singles from the likes of Snoop Dogg, Mystikal, Magic, Silkk Tha Shocker and Master P himself. The label recently resurfaced, and is now under the management of P's son, Romeo Miller (f/k/a Lil Romeo).

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  • ericasl

    unreal, as much money as he has!

  • booroe

    Dear Sonya, how and the hell did you sleep on that? you mean to tell me that all you are going to get out of this deal is $2,000.00 per month. Girl you need to set up a lunch date with Juanita Jordan. Ha, while Michael Jordan was hoeing she was soeing.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, dudes only making a little over a 1000 a month and this bitch wants more? Just cause youre on tv/famous it doesnt mean youre rich.

  • gaetarick

    This is the funny's shit!

  • Hiphopdxstaff

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  • Mr Flamboyant

    Master P has the GOAT lawyers!LOL!!! Yeah as someone alluded to previously... when you get in a certain bracket, it's not about how much you bring in; it's all about how much you spend. I'm pretty sure P is more than doing his fair share for his shorties. No question. This is a beautiful way to cease the bullshit women do with these outrageous child support payments in the tens/hundreds of thousands... what kid do you know needs 47,000 a month support payments? I can see if the kid has some type of debilitating medical issue. But just to live high off the hog from seed money? Bitch please. All P has to do is show everything he's been providing for his kids, which more than likely he still has receipts and everything else, and this case gets thrown to the lions and eaten away.

  • Lauderdale J

    That dude is worth $300M+, lol. I don't blame him for not wanting to hand over unaccounted for money to his ex -- so she can do as she pleases with the money. That's the biggest flaw in the system. Father's are paying for the mother's clothes, rent, bills, car payment, etc. P takes care of his kids -- look at Romeo, that dude walks around with racks on racks. He and his lawyers flipped the script.

  • Nico 3

    P should remember that this is still his child, and for all the money this dude made, he can afford whatever the court designates.

  • Anonymous

    She back smoking crack

  • Micah

    i would be overly suprised if master p is broke. the man had more money than J, maybe he stopped kickin her cash and she just trryna make sure the judge givin her the cake. those numbers is way low tho

  • Anonymous

    did he realy lose all that cash? also, even if he did do some fraud surely it was not to the extent that he is earning only 1 grand a month. that seems too obvious for it to be a lie.

    • Anonymous

      His millions were most likely what he was worth and not actual cash he was holding...So his mega mansion was probably purchased with credit thru his business worth at the time...If you didnt notice, no limit records hasnt done much in a long time so he is most likely not nearly as rich as people think he is.

  • ark

    A REAL hip hop website shouldn't be posting bullshit like this. TMZ of hiphop is NOT a good thing

  • Beedeezy11

    Don't be a fool and think he isn't still rich. He out smarted the game! Child support is based on your income...Since he's in a different tax bracket, then this is how it's broken down. Once you make over a certain amount annually, you stop getting taxed before you make your money, but you get taxed on what you spend you money on. His taxes reflect a $1400 a monthly spending habit! Plus u factor in multiple kids! That boy is a genius! This is hilarious to me! But,It's different for someone who's making 37K, since he's taxed before he even see his money, which makes that 37K looks more like 40ish to the courts. SO, he'll play more than P. DAMN SHAME! Nas, takes note homie!

  • Anonymous

    WTF i have clients that pay more than that for 1 kid in NY and they live in the projects and make like $37K a year. Maybe I need lessons from that lawyer.

    • Mr.Cappuccino

      This ruling was made waaaayyy befor nolimit got big and signed that major deal. some one who makes 37K a year obviously gets more the 1387 a month, which was how much P was making back then when they lived in california. so this realy isnt bull shit. it was and IS the right amount for anyyyone to be paying, if they are only getting that a month

  • Anonymous

    I guess it all evens out in the end b/c there are those celebrity baby mamas getting $25k+ a month for 1 child.

  • DV

    Wow I make more per month then Master P? yeah right, I know game when I see it. Thats right P show'em how its done!!! Nas should take notes.

  • Anonymous

    $1400/month as Income for Master P? cant be life

    • oksfinest

      and i was just saying how i could survive off 1400 a month. how often do you hear people go "yo, i just re-bought that "Ghetto-D," I used to love that album."? Royalties arent coming in and No Limit Records isnt doing anything.... no money coming in. I doubt this dude is going out and getting a job.

    • oksfinest

      It could be if he still owned a bunch of shit he already bought. Dont know about you, but if I OWNED a house, cars, cell phone company (HAHA REMEMBER THAT SHIT!!!), but still, if i owned a house and car my monthly utilities would be around 900 a month. It can be done... now how this fool went broke is WAY BEYOND ME. “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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