Sean Price On Why He Doesn't Like Female Rappers Except MC Lyte & Rah Digga

Sean Mandela elaborates on why he isn't feeling lady lyricists.

Sean Price isn't one to mince words. The Random Axe member recently spoke on why he hasn't purchased an album by a female rapper since copping MC Lyte's 1988 debut Lyte as a Rock and that Rah Digga is the only other lady lyricist who gets his stamp of approval.

"I like no female rappers. Not like I don’t like them personally; they don’t hold my interest. Except MC Lyte," he told Vlad TV. "I haven’t bought a female rap album since MC Lyte, Lyte as a Rock. That album? I haven’t bought one since, straight up. I like none of ‘em."

P was quick to clarify, explaining that he holds a soft spot for Digga. "Let me take that back. Rah Digga. She get busy too. But other than that, none of ‘em. I’m not buying none of they albums. All of ‘em. That’s just me. I be fooled. You have a nice single. If the single is good, I’ll buy the album. I got a fooled a few times. Who did I get fooled by? I was so pissed. Boss. Remember Boss? I was so pissed, b. I fell for a few, but I like no female rappers. None."

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    Yo I feel this dude. He is a consumer too, he can have his opinion. It was ill tho how he say he aint cop Ms. Hill neither. Not Latifah first LP? He said he check for a couple of singles so he might have Iggy Azalea on his ipod. Who the fuck knows. Cant tell u what is the last female emcee LP neither. But I gotta couple of free ones i dig. but that shit he sayin he believe it. I heard that b4 from him. And yo he got the right to spend his money on whatever he chose. Just like you and I do...

  • Anonymous

    Id still fuck nicki minaj on the real


    LOL P always entertains, its always fun to see dude get people all emotional with his political incorrect awnsers. Its his opinion why try to convince him who else is best besides Lyte and Digga. I always thought that female rap is 4 females cause they can relate more to the subject mather or else you got girls acting like men...oeps sorry to all you emo's out there

  • HeRBaN LyRiX

    Some kats are just close minded, there`s mad women rippin` the mic... *Lin Que *Eternia *Masia One *Mystic *Paula Perry *Remy Ma *Rah Digga *Lady Of Rage *Shawnna Just to list a few... STaY BLeSS`n...

  • Anderson McDougalsworthiness

    Jean Grae got skills.

  • Anonymous

    BAHAMADIA,Jean grae,Invincible there is a list of dope female emcees that sean price shud show respect for

  • Keef Sweat go here!!!! go here go here go here

  • 1

    The Lady of Rage She could battle most of these bitches. I have always liked her topics. Girls, if you talk about money, materialistic shit, pussy or dick i might as well put on a action flick. same goes for the dudes. We want real life. I don't want Hollywood. I don't want to HEAR a movie.

  • Nana Tamakloe

    UNDERRATED= BAHAMADIA, ALSO MIA X (People underrated Mia X lyrically bcus she was with the South when the East was in fashion). I just feel Bahamadia and Mia X should have been mentioned, but then again maybe he did not go out his way

    • really?

      MIa X?? haha the bitch from make em say uhhhhh! yea she ripped that track and all those fire no limit records shes so under rated

  • Reese

    Bahamadia! That's all i need to say!

  • Bowski

    Yo I totally agree it's like this, Lauryn Hill definitely fooled me. I heard that "Lost One" & went crazy, bought the album & it was a whole bunch of singing. She'll never get another dime of me. Heather B's 1st album especially w/KRS on the co-sign I copped it & never played the damn thing ever again. Lady of Rage's 1st album even w/beats from the likes of Preemo & Dre I'm thinking definitely a classic right, HELL NO, the album just didn't go hard enough for me. Basically Rah Digga either albums, Foxy's "Broken Silence" was dope, and Lil Kim has a couple of albums that was dope, 2 at the most, the rest of them - Trash. I like Jean Grae, not enough to buy her album though, not yet at least but I'm damn sure listening. Female mc's got it bad as far as I'm concerned, if it aint Rah Digga I aint buying it, Sean P's a funny dude though (lol)...

    • Bowski

      @ TaZzZ. So let me get this right, I'm a fool because I feel the way I feel about Lauryn Hill? Hmm, First of all you need to take it easy & understand my meaning. Lauryn Hill's album did NOT meet my expectations based on the 1st single she dropped. The song "Lost One" was incredible, but misleading to me because the whole album wasn't in that "Lost One" lane. I was expecting a HIP HOP ALBUM, not a glorified R&B album which is what it was. I see what you're saying, I don't think she's wack, but NO - I just aint buying it.

    • TaZzZ

      Your a fool... Lauryn Hill blows your favorite rapper away. Just cuz she has a beautiful voice and knows how to use it is no reason to devalue her shit. Miseducation is one of the greatest albums of all time, female or not, period. Amazing songwriting, production, vocals, everything is crazy. She is one of the most talented people to ever grace a mic in the name of hip hop, even in an age where there was still real talent in the industry. You can toss on the album 20 years from now and it will still give ppl the chills. Its a shame she put music on the backburner but she was right, hip hop doesnt deserve her at its current state, especially for women.

  • The Man From Johnson Street

    This guy saying he doesn't like female rappers is like white people saying they don't like black people: most people feel that way, but would never say so in public. Well, now that the elephant in the room has been acknowledged, yeah... female rappers generally suck. And I remember thinking, after hearing, "Deeper", that Boss was gonna be the shit. But she sucked. Sequence, Salt-n-Pepa, Lyte, L Boogie, Missy, Diamond, and, uh... dat about it. Honorable metion to Fox, Kim, and Rashida. But as a rule, chick rappers suck. On a related note, I'd rather watch porn than the WNBA... everything ain'tfor everybody.

  • Jarrod Simpson

    Everyone that commented on this might be surprised that a lot of dudes actually feel the same way. I just take it as I'm not the demographic for most of what they rhyme about. I would add Jean Grae to the list, but that's where it pretty much stops for me.

  • Jkid84

    We're all entitled to an opinion..but all he's saying is that he doesnt want to listen to women..whether they nice or not. Because if we're talking about a thorough album and sure we all could name a TON of men in the game that are just straight up basuda !! Theres been several of dope female spitters..but unfortunately for women lyrics aint enough for mainstream appeal..

  • Duke

    ummm Lauryn Hill!!! she can spit. he just isn't listing.


    i respect the man's opinon but sean price been sleepin on lots of dope female emcess maybe he was fooled by a few but its not an excuse for someone who been in the industry for years he shoulda known better, is this the whole boot camp mentality?? that explains why they never had a female emcee in duckdown, beside im disappointed that none of you guys mentioned Da Brat, Yo-Yo, lady of Rage, Isis from X-clan they were all dope and had great albums plus Foxy Brown outshined everybody on the affirmative action joint, sean p needs to do some homework

  • kcadence

    I agree i always never like female rappers i dont care who i just cant listen to them.

  • Anonymous

    Lady of Rage "unfucwitable"

  • Anonymous

    Jean Grae is great.

  • HipHopUpdate

    He is entitled to his opinion but I would just like to state for the record that I do not agree. Lauryn Hill is by far better than many emcees of her era and of this era. I do agree w/ Rah Digga tho but if U mention Digga than U HAVE TO mention L Boogie... Did P forget how epic Lauryn & Rah Diggas back-n-forth flow was on "Cowboys" ( off of The Score was?! The 2 femcees basically stole the show and had the dopest verses, hands down! Its a new dope femcee on the rise too by the name of K'La the Lyricsist. She has a boarderline cheesy song gettin play on BET but her mixtape "The Coldest Winter Ever" ( is COLD AS F#CK! Sean was prolly high as a kite when he did this interview though Lol.

  • inspirmentalist

    what about rapsody? ....old ass nigga lol he's still dope but i don't respect this opinion. and rah digga is dope too!

  • whowho

    Who cares what this old nigga say?

  • Ben

    I agree with him 100% though. It's not hip hop anymore, it's sex appeal

  • The B

    MC Lyte, Antoinette, and Remy that's it. Maybe Kim & Nicki

  • Anonymous

    When Shante was out, she was actually above dudes, but that was her whole statement through her career.

    • Nike Champ 718

      What?!?! Shante wasn't even the 5th best in Juice Crew, so she was nowhere near the rest of the rappers outside of her crew.

  • Doubl Negative

    Don't sleep on Doom's girl, Starr tha Femcee. I'm also lovin' Invincible, she's iller than most rap niggas.

  • Joshua

    And who the fuck is this guy?

    • Fuckhoes

      U pips misunderstood P, he is saying when last did u hear an album from a female MC that was dope? basicaly one single or 2 will fool u into buying the album only to realise its forgatble. Hes not talkin abt mixtape artists, potential lyricists and 1 good verse MC's, no. Jean Grae-gud bt not gud enuf for a complete CD, L-Boogie lost her mojo wen she started singing to much n less rapping,Kim was ait not anymore,Remy jst a gimmick MC, all these otha funny female MC's not worth of album material unless it Diggah...

    • Mic

      Sean Price aka Ruck from Heltah Skeltah is a member of the boot camp click. Wiki moment aside, hes wrong, Monie Love was great, so was bahamadia and Jean is still the shit. I can understand him saying they're not in his collection, I dont personally know whos collection they're in and thats down to them being undersold as opposed to the more sleazier, less talented, pop oriented female rappers.

    • khordkutta

      choke yo sef

  • Ian Stainthorp

    Didn't really elaborate now did he? Just barely expanded on it in shitter words than the title did. Good story.

  • Aaron B. Baldwin

    Funny how kats wanna forget and sleep on Queen Latifah just cause she doesn't really do the rap thing anymore. She doesn't need to, she's already conquered that! Sean is entitled to his opinion, I DO agree on the issue of not being able to rock an entire Cd of dope material but that happens more often than not to MOST!

    • Nike Champ 718

      Latifah didn't write, though. Treach, Apache, and a bunch of other people wrote for her. I'll give her credit for not letting her writers give her degrading rhymes like Kim does.

  • Anonymous

    I agree mostly, I like Jean Grae Bahamadia and Lady Sovereign.

    • Anonymous

      Take the last one out because we all know she got caught in the cock-a-fella transatlantic hype signing.

  • Sensaye252

    For the most part I agree. And as fas everyone mentioning Jean Grae. She's a decent MC but she puts me to sleep. She's just boring, it's as simple as that. Lil' Kim's first album "Hardcore" was dope, but she didn't write it. And Foxy Brown's third album "Broken Silence" was very dope. Not sure if she penned it, I think Shyne wrote it.

  • rbgwarrior

    I've been fooled a couple of times by female rappers albums, but not as many times i've been sucker by male rappers cd's!!! Gender really don't matter to me, if ya dope, ya dope....and noone can deny the talent in Bahamadia, Heather B, Lyte, Lauryn, Latifah, Rage, Jean Grae Rah Digga, to name a few...

  • Roland Muskelly

    Bahamadia, Jean Grae, Rah Digga and Eternia. They are the only 4 I supported. As far as Sean's opinion, that's his opinion. He's allowed to have it.

  • Dylan

    What about Jean Grae? "Wild style, my mouth gone to train up, I spit Krolyon in five colours, when I speak I spray my Name up split your wig up like Denny and Bruce Splash your remains and brains out on the street Like Henny and juice"

  • Mr Flamboyant

    I see a lot of you niggas don't have comprehension. He's saying the majority of female rappers put out shitty albums...which is indeed true. Jeanius was a cool album but it wasn't kicking down doors by the way. And Lauryn Hill... come on. Bitch was proven to be a fraud in court. LOL!!! Seriously. We can go to the tape with her recent performances that she is past ass. All she did was really sing anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Most dudes don't support Female Rappers, not new.

  • Crystal

    Haha, Sean Price is such a funny dude!

  • Im At Work And Bored

    Apani B Fly MC

  • Hip Hop life

    Yeah, Sean P must be having memory relapse, especially since every female that was named on here gives complete service to a lot of male hip hop artists. Wake up Sean P., from Gene, Bahamadia, Medussa, Lauryn Hill, Dessa, someone wake up Sean P.

  • Anonymous

    Sean is one of the funniest dudes I've ever heard. Dope music and great interviews. Jean Grae is dope though.

  • nuc

    Dessa - Badly Broken Code Lauryn Hill - Miseducation Jean Grae - Jeanius 3 female hiphop albums worth checking out, if you lack interest in female mc's.

  • MIKE T


  • ty

    lauryn hill is better than a lot male mc's out right now

    • Anonymous

      *was. She's too whacked to do anything now. You hear about how her live performances have gone lately?

  • bluerazor

    "Heather B", was some live nigga rap!

  • Doug Nichols

    Jean Grae is the only one I give a shit about. Bullshit like Nicki Minaj isn't even rap. I don't know what the hell it is.

  • Anonymous

    This just in, Sean Price says he doesn't care for mustard on hot dogs, just ketchup.

  • Anonymous

    cant forget the lady of rage!! p!!!!!!

  • Ryan MacQueston

    Sean P you were on Gutter Rainbows... as was Jean Grae... nicer then Rah Digga

    • Anonymous

      Do yall Jean Grae fans just say that for the sake of saying it? Seems like on every hiphop site you see tons of messages from people proclaiming how great she is and when she drops a single/album nobody buys it.

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