D-Dot Lashes Out At Kanye West For Slandering His Name

The Mad Rapper chooses some dicey words for his former protege.

Kanye West supposedly ghost-produced for Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie at the onset of his career, but turned on his mentor since his career found legs of its own. Talking with XXLMag.com, Papa Dot, also known by his rapping alias The Mad Rapper, explained that the two are on speaking terms, but he still feels like Yeezy did him wrong.

“When we see each other we shake each other hands and say what’s up, but he didn’t do right by his O.G.,” he said. “I didn’t do nothing to him. I didn’t rob him. All that ghost production shit he started and had the world makin’ ‘em think that he did everything." 

In the past, ‘Ye claimed that D-Dot wrongfully took credit for producing tracks that he helmed. D-Dot, who co-produced with Kanye on Nas’ “Poppa Was a Playa” and his track “Ghetto” featuring Raekwon and Carl Thomas, claims that the G.O.O.D. Music honcho is slandering his name.

“He’s doin’ it right now and been doin’ for the last 5 or 6 years,” D-Dot said, “so all that shit he had people believing is actually disrespectful by believing that somebody like myself would actually take his music and rob him and put my name on it like he didn’t get credit.”

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  • Anonymous

    Fuck D-Dot!! Jealous fuck!!

  • GoldenBoY

    Kanye's complains are ridiculous because ghost producing is almost like an apprenticeship in the industry. It's been going on for years! Puff's Hitman is a prime example. Ye is being hypocritical because even Cam'ron's 'Down & Out' was ghost produced by someone too.

  • Beat Mna

    you ppl dont understand what a PRODUCER is. a producer doesn't have to even touch a piano or drum machine. He gives instructions on how the beat should go. Quincy Jones does it like this. Dr.Dre does it and so does kanye. You tell the piano player to play whats in your head. then you have the string musicians do the same. Dr.Dre does his own drums and dawuan parker does the keys. Kanye does his own drums while Jeff Bhasker and others play keys. Kanye IS A PRODUCER not a BEATMAKER.

  • the_truth

    Kanye West ghost produced for D.dot and NO I.D, then he blew up and now he has ghost producers... thats just the way life is.... there is no reason for D.dot to be hurt by it... he got the majority of the Mase album checks when Kanye proly did most of the work. He didnt have a problem with it then? has a problem now cos Kanye mentions it? Almost every dope producer has a ghost producer... but you don't know them until they themselves blow up.... D.Dot had Kanye West Dre had Scott Torch Timbaland had Danga Teddy Riley had Pharell Thats the circle of life!!

    • the_truth

      Didn't mean to forget Chad... was thinking even further back. Was thinking of Wreckx-n-Effect's Rumb Shaker..... no one knows that was a young Pharell but most credit went to Riley

    • GoldenBoY

      Teddy Riley had Pharrell & Chad! Don't forget Chad Hugo man! Chad & Teddy are credited on Jay-Z's The City Is Mine



  • Nate

    They used the same sample, but still different production


    none of them produced the poppa was a player beat, it was stolen anyway from french hip hop song IAM feat Fonky Family - Bad boys de marseille http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x772du_iam-et-fonky-family-bad-boy-s-de-ma_music

  • g pops

    this guy has the most annoying voice in hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/0/9vi4NFbxXSg ENTER MY LATIN QUARTERS..GET YOUR HEAD BLOWN OFF INTO A MUSICAL MASSACRE, NO BEATNUTS ON THE BEAT GOING NUTS http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/1/EEvorFA5_Ow GET LACED

  • Get Um D

    Kanye is a fraud. He's hardly a producer at this point. He finds samples someone finds for him, and has somebody add live instruments over it. Then he gets credit for being the most creative producer out. Kanye also has used ghost writers and writing pools since he started. Consequence, Rhymefest, Kweli, Mos Def, Common, Pusha T, Big Sean, have all written for Mr.West. Let's be real, his biggest song was written with the help of Rhymefest. It's funny, how a lot of the fans that love everything Kanye does, will shit on Dr.Dre's methods, when Kanye does the same exact thing. Difference is, Dre's sound defines gangsta rap, and Kanye's sound defines modern pop.

    • Anonymous

      Kanye has even said himself that Rhymefest wrote Jesus Walks and he basically bought the song from him. Acting like Kanye is some sort of hip hop God is retarded.

    • Anonymous

      kanye's work is all under a guise. his earliest beats, while dope, were simple soul loops, and jacked drums. kanye admits to jacking dre's exxplosive drums. late registration was done with jon brion playing original music. and now kanye is working with mike dean, who is the genius behind almost every classic album rap-a-lot dropped in the 90's. these kids don't want to know the history, they read rolling stone and play along. i've never seen one of dre's production partners air him out like this. everybody knows dre has writers, dre credits every musician working in the studio. read the notes sometimes, i haven't seen kanye without a co-production credit for sometime.

    • Anon

      Kanye was the ghostproducer what the hell are you talking about? Haters can't even tell the truth anymore

    • keys

      I think Kanye does a little more then Dre does... I don't think Dre does anything but the piano parts. Kanye used ghost writers in the beginning, but he doesn't do that anymore. But I will admit most of the beats he does these days are done with other people. Ye's beats are better then Dre's on average though.

  • Anonymous

    Ive been waiting for this to come out. Kanye is and always will be a fool for the things he says. Look at him now... just like timbaland using new producers to make beats for the 'established brand.' Kanye slandered D.Dot, blows up and does the SAME thing to a handful of new cats. SMH

  • Anonymous

    ego wars rappers act girly sometimes

  • Anonymous

    Kanye should not take credit for ANYTHING he doesnt make his own music. Look up all your favortie Ye songs he sampled a ish ton of old music. Nobody makes original music anymore because a lot of people who 'make' music can't use instruments.

    • BOYZfromMARZ

      You must only listen to hip-hop music when you say 'no one makes their own music anymore.' Ever heard of Tim & Bob, Darkchild, Chuck Harmony, Danjhandz, Max Martin, Stargate? These are some of the most musically talented producers in the world and very rarely use samples. However, sampling IS an art. Hip-hop arose from DJ's mixing songs together at dance clubs in the 1970's...aka a primitive form of sampling! If you say Kanye shouldn't get credit for his music because he samples then every hip-hop song made from 1979-1997, the producer shouldn't get credt either because that was the primary form of production style. I'm tired of people coming onto music forums and making stupid statements when they don't know the history or business of the music industry.

    • Anonymous

      You ever hear of the trip hop artist Amon Tobin? He made a career off sampling and turns the samples into things that are not remotely similar to the source. What about DJ Shadow? Sampling made him famous and his album Endtroducing is a classic. Sampling is a respectable art.

    • Its Sik

      sampling is done by almost every artist and it's not easy to sample. Sampling is becoming an art of hip hop and Kanye West is a genius when it comes to sampling. Every sample he uses fits perfectly with the song and I can easily say that all of his beats are great.

  • Your Father

    That's real rich, coming from Kanye who also had a ghost producer. Brian "All Day" Miller did the beat for Cam'ron's Down & Out. 'Ye even confessed at some point.

    • Anonymous

      Kid Cudi handled a lot of production on the 808s album too. Its about time karma starts catching up to Kanyes ego.

  • bizzalls

    Yo....D-Dot was talkin about this in an interview a few months back. Kanye says he produced the track. No, he may have "made the beat", but D-Dot PRODUCED it. Which means, Kanye may have made the original beat, then sent it to D-Dot, and D-Dot did a whole lotta other shit to it. Like he said, there's a total difference between a "beatmaker" and a "producer."

    • Special Ed

      Beatmaker, producer, arranger, composer... All these play a major role in a song... Remember Dre's line from 'Still Dre'? ...'Waker up in the AM, compose a beat..' Understand that he knows exactly what he's saying... RZA'll tell you that he does more composing than actual beatmaking... He rearranges melodies to fit with lyrics, that's why Kanye needed him for 'dark fantasy'... These top guys don't have the time to sit and create new products... Usually they let their underlings do that... They then pick up all the jumbled up sounds and rearrange them and turn them into classics... Diddy was a master at doing that... It's kinda like Preemo too, who takes bits and pieces of tracks and makes a totally different sound, then loops it... Also, you'll find that most of the time, the sound that made that beat worthwhile was from someone relatively unknown... Look at most of the tracks from 50's Get Rich or Die Trying... You'll find that most of the strings, and additional piano keys came from elsewhere... The process of making a song in hip hop is moving from the basic 'make a beat', to compose... I mean the Justice League use an orchestra to come up with tracks... Listen to Damian Marley explain how he produced most of Distant Relatives... Live instruments, natural sounds... In my opinion, that's why The RZA will remain one of the top 3 producer/composers ever... He's been doing this since day one... Letting the melody drive the song...

    • Clyde "Knuckles" Smith

      Anom = Moms Should Have Swallowed Me Damn idiot. F you think Dre has been doing all of this time.

    • DOD

      Exactly....perfect example, Eminem's "We Made you"...that shit was produced by DOC ISH. But everywhere you look, it says "Produced by Dr. Dre." By the way, that doesn't mean that a beatmaker can't be a producer, obviously...It CAN be two different things...

    • BOYZfromMARZ

      Yeah anom, you're an idiot. Any single song can be split up in production or 'mechanical' publishing in a million different ways. You can never touch a keyboard or instrument and get the majority of production credit. If you arrange vocals, songwrite, have the original idea, or tweak a song...you ARE producing. Plus, production is negotiated (if you're smart) with split sheets prior to any song being made. If Ye, wanted full credit for the 'beat' he should have negotiated that. However, no industry veteran is gonna give an up & comer full mechanical royalties. That'd be retarded. By boy Pharoah brown wrote and produced blame it on the alcohol entirely yet by the end of the negotiations he only owned about 15% of the song. So stop talking out of your ass, you know nothing about the music industry

    • Anonymous

      /\ Actually hes right...That is how the industry works. Dr Dre had scott storch, mel man and a few others doing most of the production on 2001 but hes still giving producer credit. A producer in music is basically the dude that gets the whole song put together/finished...It doesnt necessarily mean that they sat down at an mpc/keyboard and played every note and drum on the beat.

    • anom

      Fuckkkk no. You are dumb as shit. I have experience to say that that is not how it goes in the industry. If someone sends you a beat with the beat already in it, and you go ahead and just format it to sound like a song, that is not music producing.

  • Gerard

    There is ghost-producing!? :-|

    • word

      yea, most big name producers do it. I have a couple friends that have ghost produced for bigger producers. They get paid a lump sum and keep quiet. They usually bring a smaller producer in and replace the sound bank with the bigger producers samples and patches. Happens a lot. Even Just Blaze has them.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    Why is he just saying this now?

  • southafrica

    kanye must start producing for this future http://www.sharebeast.com/121isaxy1t4g

  • Charles ExSavior

    I have the CD, and Kanye is rightfully credited in the songs. It ain't the first time 'Ye did producers dirty, No I.D. is another example.

  • Hannya

    This nigga is just salty cuz he never blew up like Kanye did. Fuck all fair-weather friends!!

    • Anonymous

      U can't be serious with this statement...that D.DOT is mad at KANYE? D.Dot, production wise, is STILL bigger than Kanye. check the credits, sir

    • bizzalls

      Never blew up?! Huh?? This dude was in Diddy's main in-house production team, The Hitmen, during the Bad Boy years. Those dudes were the coldest producers out at the time!! Them and Easy Moe Bee!

    • Anonymous

      ddot worked with biggie and he'll be immortalized for being on biggies album which will be remembered 50 years from now. not many can say that.

    • Anon1

      Young hip hop fans show no respect to pioneers. The young cats run the game now, yes, but they never pay homage. D-Dot aka Madd Rapper produced: Hypnotize, All About the Benjamins, How To Rob (which he was featured on), Where I'm From (Jay-Z) & much much more. Get ya facts straight

    • Anonymous

      Did you even read the fucking article?

    • Anonymous

      You mustve just started listening to hip hop a few years ago...This guy was producing for a ton of people during the days when DMX and everybody else at Def Jam were blowing up. Kanyes always been a bitch about things.

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