Zion I Talks Remaking Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs' "Be A Father To Your Child"

Grouch and Zion I paid tribute to Edo's 20 year-old classic, with Roy Ayers on the vibes, with very good reason.

In March of this year, the Living Legends' emcee/producer The Grouch and veteran duo Zion I teamed to release their sophomore collaborative album, Heroes In The Healing Of A Nation on Z&G Records. The project features the song, "Be A Father To Your Child," featuring iconic Soul-Jazz vibraphonist Roy Ayers.

Speaking with KevinNottingham.com, Zion I's Zumbi confirmed that the song was intended to be a remake of Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs' 1991 smash single about paternal responsibilities. 

Zumbi explained the trio's inspiration in re-tooling the song. "We all have seeds, and feel that it is an important message to hammer home, as we all strive to be good fathers. There are so many jams about sex, but very few about caring for the children that are created through it. Working with Roy Ayers was surprising and inspirational for me. I grew up listening to his tunes, as he is a direct ancestor of Hip Hop. It was an honor to be able to work with such a legend."

Read the full interview at KevinNottingham.com here.


  • Giovanni Funes

    The best dup ever

  • LastWordMobster

    Yo...old school hip hop shit http://www.datpiff.com/LAST-WORD-CLIQUE-Old-School-Feel-New-School-Chill-mixtape.242218.html

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  • dazeone

    Yo I was listening to this track just on the strength of it being classic and to hear Zion I flipped it ...yo its tight...and by coincidence its father's day one to all my good brothers out there....we don't get enough credit for being good men the ones of us trying and surviving

  • Ramiro

    yo it's edo g, not Ed O.G. Cool tribute, a message that needs to be heard by everyone.

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