Method Man Sounds Off On Father's Day

The Wu-Tang swordsman explains that fathers don't necessarily get the credit they deserve.

Conveniently timed for Father’s Day, Method Man sounds off on the annual holiday by explaining why pops across the world deserve more credit. Speaking with Soul Culture UK, Johnny Blaze explains that dads should be honored for their parental skills, which are often overshadowed by mothers.

“You know what’s so fucked up about Father’s Day? It’s so fucked up that I’ll give you a prime example. Dad usually holds down all the bills, keeps the lights on, everything. Put the food in the house, he go out and fuckin’ fight for the bread and all that shit and bring it home to the family, go out and kill the moose, drag that shit back on his motherfuckin’ back so his wife can cook it,” he said. “When Mother’s Day come around, they get mugs, they give ‘em flower pots, all kinds of dope shit. You know what dads get? We get that little construction paper tie. It’s not a big deal. Mother’s Day, first 50 ladies in free at the club. It’s Mother’s Day. Father’s Day, you don’t get that shit.” 

For Meth, the holiday just goes to show how society looks at father figures. “Father’s Day sucks. We deserve way more credit,” he continued. “As far as the market goes, they about to drop Father’s Day because they don’t really make no money. But Mother’s Day, that’s up there. That’s tops.”

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  • Cool

    Thats some dumb shit. Meth is a dumbass. Any real man knows that if it wasnt for the mother he wouldnt even be a daddy. im a dad. real fathers dont need a day or to complain about mothers getting recognition. be a man and give respect where respect is due. to the women in our lives.

    • uhh....

      Cool is a lying dude, or a woman impersonating a dude. Every single man that has ever walked the earth lives and breathes for personal recognition; men want glory. it's the search for personal glory that has driven our species from the days of cave homes to the days of paved roads. It's the sparkplug that ignites evolution. The only reason men wanted to be fathers in the past was for the recognition the title warranted from his community and family. That type of recognition no longer exists so many men no longer feel the motivation to follow that path. No one has ever done something just because it's "right." People do things because they get something out of it. So Cool is not a dude. Cool is a woman who feels slighted or insulted, personally, by what Meth said. Nice try.

    • Cool

      B must be for Bitch. i do get recognition. from my kids. a real man dont need to be crying and complaining and moaning like a bitch about being praised. men raise and support their families, thats it. be a man. also bitch ass meth got a shitload of money. he cant even relate to real hard working fathers in black and brown communities. we bust our ass everyday and we dont cry about our wives and baby mothers being respected and praised. we raise our families.

    • B

      u talkin dumb homie! why is it when a man takes care of his kids & do right by them then society looks @ that as "thats jus what he suppose 2 do"? but yet society praise mothers like no other 4 doing the EXACT same thing!! i ain't got no kids & i take offense 2 that as if i did. i agree wit Mef. i ain't sayin mothers don't deserve credit, love or attention. but how about sharing some of that 4 the fathers? if u don't want recognition then thats u!

  • crazy wala

    method man one of the best and most hard working rapper ever he lives on tour hes well respected u got ppl with his logo tattoo all over ,wu tang fans will kick lil waynes fans asses anyday

  • Anonymous

    lol method man is the best

  • Era

    haha the man. Respect just shot up for this nigga.

  • kennyken

    meth is mad at everything i see. lol

  • DoRite

    the crazy thing about this is IF so many black men would step up and do real man shyt they could change the entire balck culture right now. homes with fathers would significantly reduce the amount of young black men that are killing on another. fatherhood and more education could really facilitate in turning everything around in our communities but cole said it best.. a lot of n1ggas getting older but they never grow up they do they sons like they fathers did and never show up...shyt will never change.. another thing he said that caught my attention is "going out to get the berad". if you out there pushing some illegal shyt to "feed your family" as so many fools use as an excuse to do ignorant shyt, you are not a real man. your family needs your presence. you cant do shyt for them from a jail cell or a coffin. learn how to be creative and get money legally...or at least do something that wont get you locked up for 10yrs...

  • DoRite

    LMAO.. is meth serious? ok im sure theres a little bias on my end but (speaking specifically about african americans) just look at the statistics of how many households actually have fathers. black men dont generally celebrate having a child but seem to treat it as more of a burden. they will abandon their child in a effort not to deal with actually spending money to help take care of their seed, to chill on the "block", to avoid baby mama drama even though the child has nothing to do with that. men have brought this on themselves. be a REAL father, do all of those things you claim AND actually spend time wth your child daily if possible. mothers do just as much. from the birthing of the child, to the nurturing, to the cooking, to the PTA meetings, to the after school activities, to the disciplinarian (these days) and everything in between. so to the good FATHERS out there they definitely deserve more but to the mufukas that talk about it...stfu and be about it...

  • Bababab

    Wtf? This reminds me of a performance by Dave Chappelle when he talks about 9-11 and when MTV calls Ja Rule for reactions. Like, who the fuck is method man? Cmon son, you jus keep smoking your blunts and occasionally make an ok track.

  • jae

    it all depends whos in your family if u have good ppl who love you in your family your fathers day will be great if you dont then your gonna live a life of funk up ness,maybe reason y he might be biter cause the ppl in hes family ant treating him rite,meths a good dude but sumtimes i feel like hes aeround wrong ppl sumtimes

  • BasedGenius

    I grew up in a single parent household, except it was my dad that was the one who fought for custody of me (not the usual way for a young black kid). My mom was there.... on every other weekend and holidays and shit.... Hell my grandmother was way more of a mother than my mom was. I'm older now so i'm not gonna hold it against her. Anyway imma have to go with Method on this one. Fathers aren't appreciated as much as they could be. Still, their both dumb holidays so if you really wanna show appreciation, why wait until one day out the year? I bought him a shirt though.

  • dockevoc

    mef continues to be the most bitter motherfucker in the history of hip hop

  • Anonymous

    he really has a good point. i always feel like Mother's and Father's Day are both some bullshit holidays though because arent you grateful for both of your parents everyday??? it's kinda one of those holidays where the businesses can make a lot of money off of due to sales and shit, so it's pretty bullshit. but Meth still does have a very good point

  • NY

    I agree Father's Day doesn't get the same attention as Mother's Day but it is only like this because fathers are way more common to walk out on their children or do emotional/physical abuse. The fathers that don't do those things do deserve more respect for the job they do.

    • DoRite

      WTF??? blame the mothers for the father's choices? for him running out on his responsibilities. im not sure what world you live in but step into a slim jim dog. thats bs. why is it not the fathers fault for choosing a bad mother to have a child with? IF what you say is the case then its also the responsibility fo the father to take that child and raise it if the mother is so awful. dont just walk away. excuses and lack of accountability for your decisions. i dont even understand your logic. crazy that you would even say that. sounds like you would be one of those muf's that would be fine with not taking care of your seed.

    • Anonymous

      1. If you have a father that runs out on his family, blame the mother. She's the one that chose to have a child with a loser (and he was mostly likely a KNOWN loser). 2. Mothers can be just as abusive as fathers. Your reasoning makes no sense.

  • jack

    instead of addressing the fact that mother's day is more celebrated than father's day, i'm quite surprised he didn't address the social problem of many black kids growing up without a father. many kids today didn't get to celebrate their dad, because he isn't there. that is just plain sad in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    can you imagine having meth as your dad? FUCKING AWSOME.. but not as awsome as mine :)

  • Jkid84

    Meth is my man..but he sound like he's living in 1940 right now. My house..and most of the homes i've encountered..the Mother is putting in just as much work as the father. I was blessed to be raised in a 2 parent household..and i've never seen my mother take a day off from work ! Feet burning..dead tired..and still made all the parent teacher shows.. homework..made sure we ate...etc... All the while having just as much to do with making sure our lights were on, and food was on the table as my dad If you want to make a general argument that men dont receive the same appreciation on this day..thats fine. I would say thats a valid argument. But I dont agree with the examples he chose to give... As unfortunate as it is..I think the real men out here get slighted on a day like today because of all the weak fools who DONT take care of their kids. Its hard even finding a good card on Father's Day. As a society we put so much focus on those who are NOT doing their job..we dont put enough emphasis on those that do

  • Christian Livingbible

    Man i love my kids everyday i raise them we got to help these kids. We need to take our place under God and help change people for the best anything less is uncivilized. You can read and listen to the whole Bible at Change your life and everyone around you today become a Christian and Start listening and reading the Bible daily How can we become more productive?

  • Anonymous

    Where's my dad?

  • Holiday Worshippers

    How can it be Father's day on Son Day? Always respect Mother Gaia the Womb. Don't get all Oedipus Complex and start actually fucking your mothers now you literal Mother-Fuckers!

  • Anonymous

    Fathers did'nt have to carry you for nine months in her stomach and the monther is the first teacher, always much closer to her kids than the father. So why bitch about you need more love and appreciation when you obviously get alot more freedom

    • Anonymous

      you people are stupid.There are some mothers who have the baby and dont take care of it so its up to the fathers to teach them the bases of life.And a woman cant teach you manhood.So its best for you two to shut the fuck up with your cliche ass quotes.

    • Anonymous

      They can keep their mothersday gifts

  • nnamdi

    he is ABSOLUTELY right!! and second of all FATHERS are the anchors of the household not mothers. Fathers are who make men out out their sons, not mothers. When mothers are left to raise the sons alone the sons grow up mentally WEAK!!! fathers should be given MUCH MORE RESPECT that they are due!!

  • Anonymous

    He got a good point tho, then again most fathers dont even want all that shit they just want to chill for a day. I understand that dads might want more apprieciation, but if you look at the genetic differences between men and women, women require more support and love than men, so its only natural that mothers day is more extravagant than fathers day. If i was a father, all id want on fathers day would be a free pass on marriage so i could fuck my sexy ass accountant.

    • Anonymous

      Fathers did'nt have to carry you for nine months and the month is the first teacher, always much closer to her kids than the father. so why bitch about you need more love and appreciation when you obviously have alot more freedom

  • Anonymous

    ur fuckin idiot meth, i love ur rappin but cmon. dont be rattled because ur kids arent showin u love

  • Anonymous

    When Mother’s Day come around, they get mugs, they give ‘em flower pots, all kinds of dope shit. ^^ thats a hilarious quote! meth is mad he dont be gettin mugs and flowers pots !!!

    • Anonymous

      the fuck is wrong with this website, anytime i try to paste some shit in here it comes out lookin all wack

  • guylloyd200

    pretty decent english accent at the end there mef.

  • Valeria Quinn

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  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck bout both of these days anyway ?? it should be father's and mother's day every fuckin single day just because they gave us life !

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