DJ Quik Plans To Create His Own Marijuana Strain, Recalls Eazy-E Offering Deal

DJ Quik Kush may soon be available in a Los Angeles weed dispensary, while Profile Records baller-blocked two Compton legends getting money together.

Compton, California producer/deejay/emcee DJ Quik recently spoke with Karmaloop TV. The Fixxers member and longtime producer for acts like Suga Free, 2nd II None and Kurupt recalled a contract offered from late Ruthless Records co-founder Eazy-E. "He offered me a record deal. He offered to buy [my contract] from Profile Records," recalled Quik, who released three albums with Profile before the Arista Records merger. "I was with it, called Profile, they was like, 'Get the fuck outta here.'"

Despite not signing, Quik was an instrumental producer for the label on projects such as Paid The Cost by the Penthouse Players Clique.

In  April, Quik held a Los Angeles Book of David album release party at an unnamed marijuana dispensary. Quik revealed that he's partnered with one on his own strain of potent "kush" marijuana. "I'm actually waitin' on one of the dispensaries in L.A. to give me my own strain called DJ Quik Kush."

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  • HeRBaN LyRiX

    DaMn, just imagine the music that they could`ve made together.......Eazy spittin` over Quik tracks, I would loved to have heard that!!! STaY BLeSS`n...

  • Christian Livingbible

    Dj quik is the best all around hip hop, rap, or gangster rapper, producers and engineer to ever do it. We need to take our place under God and help change people for the best anything less is uncivilized. You can read and listen to the whole Bible at Change your life and everyone around you today become a Christian and Start listening and reading the Bible daily



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