Big Sean and Chris Brown's "My Last" Causes Legal Controversey

The lyrics Chris Brown and Big Sean's "My Last" recently led to a lawsuit at Molloy College.

Without even releasing his debut album Finally Famous: The Album, G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean finds himself in a legal controversey. He and Chris Brown have been wrangled into a lawsuit at Molloy College over the lyrics to their hit single "My Last."

According to MTV, 19-year-old student Caitlin Ortiz posted a lyric from "My Last" on a picture on Facebook. The line "And I'm put this drink upp like it's my last" was posted under a picture of Ortiz drinking an alcoholic beverage. 

After the picture was posted, the school's coach and athletic director Susan Cassidy-Lyke referred to the Facebook posting as, "thug-like," which Ortiz contends prompted Molloy College to revoke her softball scholarship.

"Cassidy-Lyke referred Ortiz to a printout of Ortiz's Facebook page and stated Ortiz should not have posted the typo-filled song lyric [including] 'and imm put this drink upp like its my last' - because she did not want recruiters to think Molloys' softball team was 'full of thugs," read an official complaint.

Ortiz has since responded with a lawsuit against the school. Another of her Facebook postings, one that was reportedly a threat made by Ortiz against a house mate, is also mentioned in the complaint.

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  • Anonymous

    "THUG" is the new "NIGGER". So this should be an easy lawsuit. Make them come to court and explain why drinking is thug-like. I wish I could sit in.

  • Dru

    I dont feel America has progressed that far it just racism is concealed more. Its a good percentage of people who are still racist, but I dont think anyone pities themselves for what others think.

  • mcmastermind

    So a line from a song ruined this girls life. Jesus man, wtf is wrong with people. It's far from thugged out, as well as far from being dangerous to the team. What a bitch. The coach probably got mad cuz Ortiz wouldn't scissor with the her.

  • Anonymous

    Wow this shit is really stupid but i think its funny how the school is so tied up about the lyric (an BTW My Last is very far away from a thug song, another example of conservative ignorance), but they forget to mention that its a 19 year old drinking, that sounds like a much worse offense.

  • HEY

    Shut yo preachin ass up!

  • chris

    Go to a private college play by whatever rules they perceive as right. If her name was O'Callahan instead of Ortiz think she still would have lost her scholarship?

  • Illmatic

    Am I the only one finding it strange that a 19yo gets in trouble for drinking? Hehe in my counrty we can drink at 16 at 19 you're considered an adult here.

  • Anonymous

    It's only thug-like if it was a 40 oz.

  • wad92

    She posted a SONG lyric and it was considered 'thuggish' what kind of bullshit is this? I thought it was a feel good song, its not like she posted a NWA lyric

  • Kels

    @cama Honestly why everytime race comes up in one of the posts some dumb white kid gets on lecturing black people about how its our fault we are preceived the way we are by society. Really? Anything connected to hiphop be it gangsta rap, political, club music, or hipster gets automatically labeled as thug like. I myself who has never been arrested, dont dress urban often, and maintains a 3.8 grade avg in college even get called/labeled a thug. Therefore there is nothing we can do to persuade an ignorant society that fears us that all black people are not thugs. So its not self pity its being realistic. By the way why come on a hiphop site to make such remarks? Are you a fan? How can you be a fan of an art form dominated by blacks and have a negative view of blacks? Racist prick!

    • Anonymous

      he wasnt being racist idiot. there are black people that will say the same thing to other black people. it basically depends on where you leave how you are perceived. its not society anymore, we're way past that. it's an individual thing. if someone calls you a thug and you practice what you preach then they are racist. racism does still exist, but only in some people not a whole society. everyone is under attack these days, there isn't one race that is constantly under attack anymore. so yes you can shut up with the self pity.

  • section80

    hahahah thats some of the dumbest shit that ive heard.. how many people post fuckin lyrics under there pictures an shit ? how bigs sean gunna get in trouble over dat ? lmao



  • Anonymous

    to be honest i was really surprised to hear chris brown singing the words "AND I'MMA HIT THIS _________ " bad choice of words for a woman beater

  • Graham Molly

    I had a fight with my wife last night and I ended up beating her up real bad, then I put our baby daughter in the micr5owave for thirty seconds while the bitch screamed and cried and tried to get the baby out, but I held her away from the microwave I'm too strong, our shit child survived I'll kill it next time my whore wife argues with me.

  • Phil Paddock

    yep. crazy thugs spending hundreds on getting drunk.

    • Graham Malloy

      Shut your gay lookin mouth bitch, you spend so much time sucking cock and fondling balls hoe, I take no shit from no man NO MAN you want it with me? Step on up, but get in line like you are in a line at the movies, cause I got a lot of fools that want to ride my bike.

  • Chris

    She's finally famous now tho!

  • Obi

    They are about as thug as a couple of stuffed teddy bears...

  • Sound Packs

    Wow, really lol, someone has really have to not like you to get sued by a college, i mean snookie from jersey shore has done worse at colleges lol

  • BlackSoulPower

    Black people are constantly under attack. And we're too morally weak minded to see it and take a stand. Because when silly shit like this happens (and it shows up in the news everyday) its a direct assault on us. No one, Black people especially, cant rep their own culture in this country without being attacked and demonized for it.

    • NY+

      Morality is subjective, there is right and wrong, then there is the grey area. This is the grey area, no reason to march or fight the power. It's silly BS, but they had a track record on her, and I believe they calling all of her behavior "thug-like". This looks more like a last straw type of thing. It was her fault, underage drinking previous threats, etc. No reason to feel sorry or call Jesse or Al.

    • Cama

      Enough with the self pity. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how hard it is to be black. If you are not satisfied with the way the majority looks at you, then prove 'em wrong, instead of bitching online..

  • amp

    mayne, this is some bs, they doin it just cuz she hispanic...

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    "Thug" that is so stupid, Big Sean & Chris Brown are far from thugs, and drinking alcohol isn't thug like either, a white person could say that line just as well. That is pure ignorance, stupidity, and possibly racism

    • Anonymous

      Maybe if she would have typed "And I am going to place this drink in the air like it was the last one i would ever drink" it wouldnt be a big deal lololol

    • lol@u

      y do niggaz always have some gay ass nickname on facebook. "jhuntdaprodigy" lmao

  • what?

    how the fuck are they going to take a girl's scholarship away for a song lyric? The bitch is 19 and she was drinking an alcoholic beverage, that's what they should have been the reason why they took that shit away.

  • Christian Livingbible

    Lets just share music big sean this should not be a problem in the 2011 everything is out there God Bless your success and please give back like you know. he is young like Jay z song going

  • Skratch

    nothing but racial profiling at its finest, i bet if it was a white mans lyric this wouldnt even make the news

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