Drake Awarded The Hal David Starlight Award At Songwriters Hall Of Fame Event

Drizzy gets another accolade for his achievements over the past few years.

Drake has amassed several awards throughout his career, with the latest added to the mantelpiece last night. The Young Money rapper was awarded the Hal David Starlight Award - essentially a best new artist award - during the 42nd Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame ceremony, which took place in New York City, New York.

“Thank you. You’re far too kind,” he tweeted following the ceremony, posting a picture of his award.

Drizzy dedicated the award to his mother, who was in the audience “looking like Barbra Streisand,” and thanked Alicia Keys for giving him his "first placement." He then performed “The Calm” in spoken-word, later joining a band.

Chaka Khan was also given the Howie Richmond Hitmaker Award, while Billy Joel honored Garth Brooks by joining him during a performance of “Shameless.”

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  • Whatever

    I would normally give congrats to somebody for getting something like this but I took a minute to listen to the "hot" hip hop station on my radio while driving today. When I turned it on Lil Waynes "How to Love" was playing...They followed this with Nicki Minajs new single and then played "Im on One" featuring Drake...So I park the car and walk into best buy. Do a little shopping come out about 45 minutes later and that same Nicki Minaj song is just coming on again. Then 2 songs after that they play "Im on one" again. Its gotta be pretty fucking hard to sell records/get awards if radio stations are only playing your labels music huh?

  • Anonymous

    Drake eats mad peters around the way, totally gay!

  • Anonymous

    when i first read the "David Star-" part, i immediately thought that he won a Jewish award lol

  • Doug Nichols

    "Songwriting award" and anything related to Young Money should not be used in the same sentence.

  • Christian Livingbible

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  • Cealix

    Wait...he's still a new artist?

  • Big Ghost

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  • West Coast Fo Life Son

    Straight Homo, what a queerbait.

  • Anonymous

    the starlight award? that sounds pretty gay!!! good for drake

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