Rihanna To Re-Release "LOUD" This Fall

UPDATE: The red-haired singer is currently in the studio working on the rerelease of "LOUD."

With her latest album LOUD hitting stores last November, Rihanna is already in the studio recording for her sixth studio LP, hitting stores this fall.

According to Rap-Up.com, the Bajan songstress is currently multitasking while on her “LOUD” tour by sneaking in some studio time. “We can confirm that Rihanna is currently working on material and will release a brand new album this fall,” said Ryan Seacrest. 

RiRi is fresh off the success of the platinum-certified LOUD, which spawned the consecutive hit singles “S&M,” “What’s My Name?” featuring Drake, “Only Girl (In the World),” “California King Bed” and “Man Down.”

UPDATE: Rihanna has clarified that she is recording for a re-release of LOUD.

@NancyLovesMJ not EXACTLY!!! The #LOUDera continues with more new music to add to ur collection!!!less than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

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  • Anonymous

    dude this is a hiphop site.... emphasis on hip HOP NOT POP...

  • Alex Zubarev

    Just when you thought this cunt already had a lot of money.

  • Christian Livingbible

    Jesus Christ bless her with this voice and everyone is listening and can't wait to hear her God given voice much love Rhihanna

  • Matt Kemp the Dodger

    Everyone knows I played horrible ball last year. I admit that. What people don't know is it was because Rhi Rhi was fugging and sucking me dry of all precious my man juice. What a whore!!

  • Nice

    I knew it would come to this point sooner or later with mainstream music. Now theyre just releasing the same album with 2-4 bonus tracks and maybe an extra page in the cd booklet. They really need to give a bonus spinning backhand superman punch to the nose of anybody that re buys this shit.

  • Anonymous

    Rihanna is an evil woman who slept her way to the top. She had a forehead reduction in April, we took 1 and 1/3 inches off the front of her skull after she complained of neck pain related to an enlarged head. Chris Brown literally tried beating the devil out of this woman, she is sick, and talentless, and working under a spell. There's a long line of highly publicized figures working off of negative energies and evil power. Jay-Z is a vampire, they are bonded in blood. Her thoughts are controlled by Shawn Carter and Beyonce. Hold hands kids, this is gonna get ugly.

  • tha real Gangsta

    rihanna is fine as hell i will fuck the shit out of her if i had a chance!!!!!!

  • hellrazor

    this article doesnt quite engender a hate comment but it makes me wonder...who on this site actually listens to rihanna? for real, any cats going on this site listen to rihanna?

  • Anonymous

    OK. Not a Rihanna hater here. But she does not make hip hop. So why the FUCK are you announcing her album release?? Just because she's has numerous features on hip hop songs, has ties with Jay Z, and makes urban style pop does it mean that she's a HIP HOP ARTIST. She DOES NOT make hip hop albums. So why...ugh!!! I mean, I just don't get it. HIPHOPDX.com announces the release of an urban/electropop/r&b album by a urban/electropop/r&b artist. Huh?! We know Rihanna. She's one of the biggest pop stars in the world because of her catalogue. But guess what none of HER songs (not features) are HIP HOP songs. Cool songs, none the less, but still NOT HIP HOP!! You might as well consider Ciara hip hop. Or Justin Timberlake. Or better yet Justin Bieber being that he rolls with Kanye and Raekwon. You might as well post news about Beyon... Oh wait. Damn.

  • Jamel Jhuntdaprodigy Hunter

    F*ck, I'm still tired of hearing S&M on the rdaio all the damn time

  • Anonymous

    Who cares about that devil.

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