50 Cent Weighs In On Label Politics, 2Pac's Shooting & Ja Rule

Fif touches on a number of topics and clarifies what went wrong with Interscope Records.

In addition to dropping off his new single “Outlaw” last night, 50 Cent called into Funkmaster Flex to address claims made against Interscope Records earlier that day. During the interview, Fif insisted that he’s always been ahead of the curve in terms of promotion and marketing, but that the label isn’t seeing eye-to-eye with him.

“I sat through the meetings, I tried to go through the regular politics, the red tape on how you’re supposed to do it, but that doesn’t work for me,” he said. “I’ve always done it and everybody’s played catch-up with me. With Jimmy [Iovine] and them, we all sat and talked about it and it seemed like everyone was moving in slow motion, so I’m gone.”

The G-Unit leader also touched on Dexter Isaac’s confession to being involved with the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur, saying that he doesn’t understand why this would come to light 17 years later.

“I think whoever dude saying he was involved, I don’t know why he would say that right now. I think they’re upset with Jimmy [“Henchman" Rosemond]. Because at this point, the statute of limitations would be up on that kind of situation, and he’s saying it without actually damaging his credibility of being a rat by saying the statute of limitation’s up. He was saying that he just feels bad about it, but he knows that Jimmy has some terrible legal problems right now. So to say that is just piling it on him. He’s done, they’re going to wash him up, Flex.”

As for his former nemesis Ja Rule, Curtis said he has some intel that he’s going to face some trouble while behind bars. “When you destroy something, you’re supposed to destroy it completely. Now he’s gone, now he’s gone completely. I even know what joint he in. He’s up in... I don’t want to say that, because a psychic told me he’s gonna have some trouble in there. Yeah, I heard that, but that’s when you put your ear on the street and you hear things.”

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    Just been listenin to Outlaw by 50 Fag and yo his rhymes are wack he stole that shit right from JA RULE

  • solution

    Eminem makes songs called bully but runs with the biggest hip hop bully ever I don't get it. I just don't get it. This guys a clown don't know why Em would run with him

  • solution

    Why is 50 on Ja Rule's dick only fags ask psychics questions about the same sex!!!! Ja Rule the Real Gangsta not that that is something to brag about being, but 50 the real wangstaaaaaa fucking sell out Murda INc................. Pain is love 2 coming Rule's music straight passion no matter what he sells 50 a striaght sell out straight has been go try to sell some vitamin water your songs suck....

  • johnny

    50cent is a slave.. He brags on how he ends black men careers so their black babies will starv.. then on a song brags about how much money he makes for WHITE men .."When i made a 100mill Eminem got paid" Jimmy got paid..wow 50 couldnt be a happy man he has tooo much hate in his blood open yo eyes dog you a house nigga slave ..stupid jealous fuck boy


    Thankyou Fif 4 takin that lame wannabe MC outta the game permanately...I thought hiphop was dead b4 them joints "wanksta, and places to go" came out on the 8mile soundtrack...Ja Rule was ruining hiphop's image, turning it into the cookie monster featuring asanti or j-lo or lil mama... that shit was garbage and it was polluting the radio b4 u rescued hiphop... Thanks a billion Fif

  • go

    nice move 50. if something happens to Ja you have made yourself a person of interest.Its a dirty game though. Its crazy how many people are connected somehow in the music "biz". and Henchman is like the common denominator between all of them. All this info that has came out over the past few days on this site more so in the comment section has shed some light where there was darkness.

  • Nico 3

    50 couldn't even have Ja taken out when he was an everyday citizen on the streets. Now supposedly he's gonna fall on a shank in prison? lol Just do a song with him and end the hate.

  • LOL @ these comments

    niggas is 12 b

  • Mr Flamboyant

    50 is on point.

  • Milehighkid303

    they LOVE to hate u FIF, keep em mad even the haters can't avoid clicking on anything that got ur name on it. Y'all are so hard behind the screen n the keyboard, dumb fuckin bloggers. 50 way ahead of the curve, gets u broads in FRENZY......lames u want him to go away, STOP clicking on the shit, checkin for him etc. HE NOT GOIN NOWHERE!

  • NEW y:ork

    Dead clothing company Dead record company Can anyone tell this nigga he aint hot anymore SNITCH!

  • Anonymous

    Look at curtis he looks like a monkey with rabbit teeth LMFAO

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why does 50 put "discreet" street news up on hip hop sites?

  • Aydee

    '' Be cool with people on your way up cause your going to come across the same people on your way down'' - Just some advice fif

  • bklynsfynest2000

    I read this article and this is what I got from it: Hi, remember me 50cent aka Curits? Yeah its been awhile since you heard any good music from me so since I'm trying my hardest to get another album out on interscope I figured why not call up my ole son son Flex to help. Of course Flex being the eager son he is said he would. So he hit the "bomb" buttons and the played out David letterman voice saying his name and is trying to help me get some publicity out for this single. Now, if I had any sense I would just have let Flex drop my single and let the music speak for itself but hey its hard to let go of bad habits so I had to go and dig up my petty beef with ja Rule. Now of course I know real beef would get me stabbed or shot again so I prefer to stay behind the safety of rap beefs and waited till ja was quietly in prison so I could say all sorts of silliness. Of course I will not be stepping in Queens anytime soon..well not without police escort. Hope you guys like my new music cause I really miss all the attention I used to get when I just concentrated on making good music.

    • ThaRula

      ha ha ha! u r on point! its so pathetic its borderline childish! Grow up Fif. You r all musicians tryna eat and raise families. i suggest you get on your grown man bizz and lay off the child acts! Looser!

  • Robert

    Fifty better watch what he says about Jimmy! Jimmy just as bad as 'Preme.

  • jnr

    Here we go..... Was wondering when he was gona say shit about Ja, it didnt take that long,did it? Funny he didnt try get people to do something to Ja when he was around but now he got niggas in the pen ready to harm Ja, wow what a coward. If something happens to Ja then you know Ja gona get his niggas on the outside to touch 50 AGAIN!

    • jnr

      Honestly Ja aint no joke, ask 50 about Ja and he knows how Ja get down in the streets. Ja got niggas on payroll who still rides for him in the streets, 50 knows this so he waited for him to go to jail before he starts talking reckless, knew he will when Ja goes to jail

    • Lol

      Naw 50 helped put half them boys in the pen with Ja. Also I dont find Ja to be a joke I think hes a pretty intelligent being and knows how to make some pretty good jams compared to 50 falling off all by himself lol

    • Anonymous

      What for? Ja's life on the outside is a joke. Nobody takes him seriously.

    • Anonymous

      oh yeah most definitly! To many dumb mothah fuckahs on this site.

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/0/9vi4NFbxXSg ENTER MY LATIN QUARTERS..GET YOUR HEAD BLOWN OFF INTO A MUSICAL MASSACRE, NO BEATNUTS ON THE BEAT GOING NUTS http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/1/EEvorFA5_Ow GET LACED

  • Anonymous

    But 50s Music Is Hot i can Name lots Of Hot joints Listen To War Angel BISD Forevr King All The Freestyl This Year

  • Anonymous

    50 trying to capitalize on petty attention with the Ja Rule comments. Nigga a psychic told you, really? Did Ms. Cleo tell you that your music would suck in the future too?

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    50 just needs to shut the fuck up and release his shit. Nigga your career was bodied by Rozay now you can't even get an album release. And who gives a fuck what this nigga thinks about 2pac, Jimmy Henchman was a sheisty ass fuck who deserves whats comin to him. and 50 shouldnt even be mentioning Ja since Ross did to 50s career what 50 did to Ja. Advice to 50, nigga shut yo mouth fore you get ethered even more. his fuckin label dont even wanna release his album. LMAO. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LOL @ these comments

      Jay Z has all that money and is signed to Live Nation. Puffy has all of that money and is signed to Interscope. And unless you were there at that meeting you have no idea if 50 went there mature or immature. Matter of fact I'ma stop there because that whole comment you typed is utter garbage. * is not a 50 fan *

    • Anonymous

      @Dessalines Isaacc I think 50 done lost his white fanbase, did'nt you see a vast decline in first week sales compared to his previous joints You name one Black millionaire that is'nt controlled by the more influential and more powerful jews of this world

    • Dessalines Isaac

      The only thing more corny than 50cent is his fanbase. Now that he's too shook to diss another rapper to get publicity He wants to diss Interscope. LOL, with all his money he dosent even have control over his own career. Instead of talking to the staff at Interscope like a mature individual he'd rather go to Twitter and give excuses why his singles all fail. The streets ain't checking for this dude, and his songs get no play in the club, he is highly popular amongst suburban whites and Europeons.

    • Anonymous

      How Did he Body Fifty? Fifty but his baby Mama Fur Coats and was taking Pictures with Kids!Lol Ross didnt do Nothen! Someone take Pictures with a Real G Kids that Person will Dealt With! I guess Ross aint really a BAWSE! lol like anyone ever thought he was except your Bum ass!

    • fgtr

      "Nigga your career was bodied by Rozay" wtf does any of this got to do wit ricky... you bringing up ricky tells me u biter

    • Anonymous

      Rick Sauce bodied his career by himself hiding his correctional officer past As far as 50, everybody knows he chew Ricky and spit it like nothin

  • Anonymous

    both 50 and Ja are wack anyway and as far as 50's opinion on 2pac's shooting, who gives a fuck ?!! niggas are just stupid mayne ! and they wonder why they got so many burdens to bear since centuries ! they act like fuckin dogs smellin each others from a mile away and when they cross they cannot resist but got into a fight cause they're dyin of jealousy for each others ! shit aint change

    • Anonymous

      this is more of a troll post. It'd be diffrent if you were criticing a song but this an article thats labeled 50 cent weighs in. your either a hater or dumb nigga who cant read if you say who cares what fifty gotta say

    • fghrjt

      "as far as 50's opinion on 2pac's shooting, who gives a fuck ?!!" YOU DO WHY ELSE WOULD YOU CLICK ON THE ARTICLE WHY ELSE WOULD YOU LEAVE A COMMENT

    • Anonymous

      dont get me this "hater" thing it's overused by people who cannot respond with a properly answer so just shut the fuck up next time big weenie will you ?

    • Jason

      Obviously you care otherwise you wouldn't of clicked on here hater.

  • yikes

    Jesus this guy is never gonna let that JaRule shit go...I swear something happened between those two that we still don't know about and never know about that caused them to hate each other so much. You don't hate someone so much for just having a war of words and a couple physical altercationns. I am suprised one of them hasn't tried to have the other one killed yet.

    • Anonymous

      Kenneth Supreme Mcgriff was also supposedly involved with 50 getting shot 9 times.

    • wewrgt

      NIgga do some research on Supreme and his connection to murder inc and 50 cent THIS WAS ALWAYS BIGGER THAN RAP , all them niggas was eating good while fif was breathing thru a respirator

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous: Supreme supplied drug money to fund murder inc. And supposedly supreme was involved in the murder of 50 cents mom. That would leave any person mad for life. I didn't know that! Interesting theory Im gonna have to do research on that one.

    • Anonymous

      Supreme supplied drug money to fund murder inc. And supposedly supreme was involved in the murder of 50 cents mom. That would leave any person mad for life.

    • Anonymous

      Those are my exact same thoughts that something went down that the general public doesn't know about, it has to be!!


    smart dumb dude

  • Big Dan

    What the hell is wrong with Fiddy? The comment he made about Ja is just about the height of stupidity. If Ja gets attacked, doesn't that make him suspect number one? And with the Interscope comments, we peep your game hommie. You've dropped about four singles so far and were not able to get meaningful radio play. You know the album won't do as well, so this is your way of copping out of dropping it. You're threatening to leave..are you gonna get just a distribution deal like you have for G Unit now, so your album can flop even worse than it would through Interscope? I'm sure you have Lloyd Bank's most recent Soundscan in a drawer next to you. Look at it and remind yourself.

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