NYPD Investigating 2Pac's Shooter Claims, Jimmy "Henchman” Rosemond's Lawyer Responds

The plot thickens in the wake of Dexter Isaac's confession to shooting Tupac Shakur in a 1994 incident.

Dexter Isaac shook the hip-hop world yesterday with his confession to shooting Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios in 1994. According to Billboard.biz, New York City police have begun an investigation to seek if the post is legitimate, and if so, will interview the incarcerated confessor.

Media mogul Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond originally branded him a government informant, prompting Isaac to break his silence. “Now I would like to clear up a few things, because the statute of limitations is over, and no one can be charged, and I'm just plain tired of listening to your lies," he said, claiming he was paid $2,500 and got to keep jewelry stolen from Shakur during the shooting. 

A lawyer for Rosemond, who is currently on the lam from police, issued a statement declaring Isaacs a “liar.” “It's a flat out lie," Jeffrey Lichtman told NYDN. "Dexter Isaac is not claiming this 17 years later to clear his conscience. He's doing it because he's told anybody who will listen he doesn't want to die in prison. He has kids and wants to work off his sentence. He can't be trusted."

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  • Anonymous


  • Bee Jay

    Anonymous down here is clueless. Suge's motivation for bailing out Pac was pure greed. It was a business move, pure and simple, and it paid off for him. Suge basically enslaved Pac by posting his bail. And when Pac decided he needed to take his masters and get what he deserved off them, well, Suge didn't like that too much and the rest is history...

    • Anonymous

      Yeah he was business...but don't forget the mutha had money from the Chronic album and Snoop album..PAC shout out to that man from jail and he kept it 100..Bee Jay..Keep it 100 tha man was associate, well affiliated,Powerful and them haters was to but they respect that nigga..PAC knew Suge was the muscle and he could get back at his enemies with him on his side which was smart on PAC behalf cause he needed pips on his enemies level.PAC knew what the fuck he was,furthermore SUGE put his life in danger just as well cause he knew what the fuck he was getting in.I truthfully believe if PAC is alive SUGE definite know..also I'm not a internet gangster so fuck all that name calling.PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Suge was the one who bail PAC out when nobody would not bail him out.Have you ever been down well you know how mutha....... turn there back.He knew what PAC was up against and tha POWERS against PAC at that moment.To put out a million plus was not just business that was luv.It was many more available goood rappers he could had invest in but he knew PAC life was in danger.That's a real O.G. Maybe it would not be the legacy it is if Suge didn't make that move.cause nobody didn't wanna fuck with PAC then when he had the Big Homie by his side...No more setup,and dis-song(Who Shot U)in fact PAC was cool until That shit they did made PAC go tha fuck off...Woulding you go tha fuck .They was shook when he went and got his Big Brotha.HA,HA,HA,HA,That what you get for fucking with tha underdog..Peace To Our Prince(PAC),,,Tha truth will reveal bro. off,if your so call friends set u up

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    Jimmy's lawyer saying any nonsense, dude could have told on Jimmy when the charges were put on him, dude had kids then and now, If that was the motivation he wouldn't have waited 17 years to start trying to get out early... Makes no sense while Dexter claiming it's because the statue of limitations is over and wants to clear things up does make sense.

  • Anonymous

    just noticed its about 1994 shooting. how about 1996 one, which led pac's death?

    • Anonymous

      Thats the same thing I said everybody knows diddy was behind this shooting no doubt about that. The 96 shooting is more important but that will never be revealed to many people would fall if that info was ever leaked.

  • Anonymous

    NYPD Investigating?......hell i doubt they even care, if they (along with the LAPD) did, this shooting case along with the death of Tupac, would have been solved years ago.

  • Santiago Wu MugShot Irigoyen

    lol.. how corrupt is the world... the jeffrey litchman guy is paid off....

  • 4real

    Exclusive & LIVE interview from prison with former Harlem drug kingpin Guy Fisher, who was Nicky Barnes right-hand man….Tune in @ blogtalkradio.com/hundredproofradio @ 8 p.m. Eastern TODAY in 10 mins!!!! Backdrop: Guy Thomas Fisher (born 1947) is a convicted racketeer who was once part of The Council, a notorious African-American crime organization that controlled the heroin trade in Harlem from 1972-1983. He became the first black man to own and operate the Apollo Theater in Harlem when he purchased it in 1977.[1] Fisher is currently serving a life sentence at the United States Penitentiary(USP) Allenwood, which is located within the Federal Correctional Complex(FCC) Allenwood, Pennsylvania.

  • bklynsfynest2000

    For years before he died pac was saying Big and puffy knew about the cats who shot him. cats in NY been knew that Pac was set up and Big and puff hd prior knowledge so really this is old news...but the fact that well after both Big and Pac have passed the truth comes out...that is crazy...but it is needed cause both their deaths need to have the story closed properly. As for jimmy...watch that rat fold like a chair under pressure....as for puffy watch him start to sweat . Maybe mark curry, shyne, 112, faith, craig mack dont sound as crazy as they once did when they said puffy is shady.....I want to see if he gonna break out them shiny suits to wear if he get called to court.....

  • j

    Why the FUCK do we got to do this on his Birthday?

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8L1H660O30 Cali Breed - Barton Block

  • ReadBiTCH

    Tupac's dead and Biggies dead.They obviously aint alive so yea.

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    "Killuminati - The Prophecy delivered 2 the lost by the lost. The chosen wordz 4 the chosen people who think with their THIRD EYE and feel with they heart live" - Tupac Shakur 1996

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    "knew he was working for the Feds, same crime, different trials, picture what he said... Payback Jimmy Henchman, in due time" Umm yeah, am I going to believe 2PAC or this piece of shit who's running from the same FEDS who paid him to set up Pac? Think Im gonna go with Makaveli the DON Killuminati!!!

  • Ardian

    I find Henchman's lawyer to be full of shit. Pac mentioned Jimmy Henchman and King Tut in Against All Odds. They had a role in quad studios shooting and possibly Vegas as well.



  • realtalk

    at the end of the day. theres always a dirty scum kazhak or ashkenazi jew behind all the conspiracies. fucking trying to rule the world with their one race one world view.

  • Leticia Tisa Freeman

    I put my money on the white boy. I don't know if many are familiar with what a proffer is, but like ol' boy said, maybe Henchman lost his copy, and he would be able to provide him with a copy that he signed. Henchman a SNITCH/RAT! And I would be leary of anybody that associate themself with dude.

  • Anonymous

    I see why Suge Knight hate Puffy so bad...Pac knew he was in on it........Suge did go hard for Pac ...But he will never get credit...Thanks Suge Knight for being there for(PAC) our Prince,Tha voice of the people the underprivileged ....Tha truth will reveal....Suge Thank you big brother....

    • Anonymous

      STFU, Suge knew about how grimmy Puff was that ,why he rode with PAC...and he knew that they was trying to set him up in prison,Bitch...See PAC was a real nigga that rap about our struggle...Not clothes,cars and materialistic shit.HATER

    • Anonymous

      you right.....

    • Anonymous

      Ya he wasn't making much, but was trying. All those 2Pac "remixxes" he tried pushing before the Jewish buyout. Do your homework before you rant.

    • Anonymous

      /\ Exploiting Pac? How many Biggie tribute songs did we get within weeks of his death? Suge hasnt been making money off of Pac in a long long time. Some Jewish lady bought the death row catalog.

    • Anonymous

      STFU, after Pac died, Suge was exploiting the fuck outta Pac's legacy to get some pennies. Suge knew exactly what he was doing when he offered Pac the Death Row deal. No friends in business, even Pac knew that somewhat.

  • Uh huh

    This would hold up a little better if Jimmy Henchman wasnt on the run. If you know youre telling then step outta the shadows Jimmy. Cant wait till somebody connects the dots to Diddys corny ass too.

  • Anonymous

    so dexter isaac got a hit out on him in the pen? so i mean it doesnt make henchman innocent... id still want henchman dealt with for tryna say pac aint get shot 5 times

  • dr pepper sucks

    i havent had a dr pepper in years and im not about to start, so chill out with the gay ass pop up ads that start playing wack music, its not going to make anyone buy dr pepper

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