Nas Eyes September Release For "Life Is Good,” Considers Changing Title

Esco also speaks on why he took a three-year break between solo records.

Nas recently dropped off the first single “Nasty” off his upcoming album Life is Good, giving a taste of what to expect on the LP. But fans might get the album under a different title. Speaking with MTV News, Esco revealed that he’s considering a name change for the offering, due in September. 

"A lot of people around me didn't understand where I was coming from. They kinda thought I was saying, ‘Let's pop bottles, we're rich, everything's good.’ That's not where I was coming from," he said. "So there's another title that came, that kind of fits a little better, and you might hear about that. There might be a change coming real soon."

He also spoke with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex about why he took a three-year solo break between 2008’s Untitled and his pending release. “I mean, it was just regular. It’s regular going through taking your breaks and everything. You’ve got to take breaks for life. You’ve got to experience some life so you can come back and talk about it,” he said. “You need to take time, step back from it sometimes so you can really reflect on everything around you, what’s going on with you, where to go, what kind of moves you want to make. I had to really think it out. I had to take that time out, yeah.”

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  • LeRote

    emcees are the prophets of our time. no more books or papers. nas the realist, real kats never lend their ears to fake shit. no matter if they commercialized the game. the best still mingle with the rest. peace to nasty, the real stand still. fuck fake funk.

  • wu4lyf

    Producers I'd like to see work with Nas for this one: RZA, Preemo, 9th Wonder, Yeezy, No I.D., L.E.S, Trackmasters, Just Blaze, Statik Selectah.. I guess all these guys could be likely collaborators. I would love to see him work with Stoupe da Enemy of Mankind (imagine how epic that would be!), Madlib, MF Doom, DJ Muggs, El-P and Bronze Nazareth. Not much hope for seeing these producers on the CD tbh, but one can dream.

  • Jason Farley

    I like the track...but if i die without getting a full album of Nas and Premier i am going to be dissapointed

  • Jason Farley

    Can we get a Nas and DJ Premier Album and fuck the rest of this wack shit...since Guru is dead they can Reboot "Gangstarr" with Nas....would be the most official shit ever...

  • TopOfTheClass

    The main thing Nas has to do on the album is get the RIGHT production...Salaam Remi did a nice job with Nasty, but if you notice "Nasty" sounds like You Like My Style on steroids...Salaam loves giving Nas breakbeat records! I need some Buckwild, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Premier, Havoc, No I.D., Qtip to produce on the record. They are all better producers than Salaam! And they all fit his style better than Salaam too....Salaam is a better R&B & Reggae producer than a Hip Hop producer

    • Rain

      I agree with anon to a certain extent. He is correct in the sense that a lot of the producers you named cannot produce/make stuff at the level of what they did in the 90's. Nineteen ninety now only worked because all the beats were unreleased old stuff, If you hear Buck now Its not even comparing to that. The same goes for Pete, Preem and Q. The only person I could say has been remotely consistent is large pro. Where I disagree is on producers like Kanye etc paying homage to that style. Kanye does his own thing, there is nothing in his style that resembles that 90's hip hop style. Half the producers mentioned are growing quite stale already on the account of having been around already since the early 2000's and having not achieved some of the accolades of the greats.

    • Anonymous

      The majority of the people you've mentioned are just living off their names nowadays, they aren't what they used to be. I bet if Nas would work with them, you all would be complaining ''what's up with this nigga? Is he stuck in the 90's?'' ''He ran outta ideas and tries to recreate debut in 2011''. He should work with some people who pay homage to the greats, but moved on and added originality to their beats. Black Milk, Statik Selektah, Kanye West, Illmind, Khrysis, Just Blaze, Marco Polo, M-Phazes, Nicolay and others I'm forgetting now are just some of them.

  • Guest Skywalker - Barton Block

  • lex diamonds

    No matter what the CD called I'm unbeatable y'all!



  • bklynsfynest2000

    son can call the album whatever he long as he maintain that same energy he has on NAsty throughout the album. get some preemo on there, make up with pete rock and get him on there also, get a beat from L.E.S, some heat from kanye or Large pro...and we might have a classic on our hands.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Nasty is the hottest single out and nothing in the game is touching that one. I hope Nas can maintain the momentum that was generated from the lead track.

  • Sensaye252

    There's nothin' wrong with Nas's beats. It's just that nowadays motherfuckers want beats that have all kinds of lasers and sonic booms and 808's and snappety drums and photon phaser sounds and shit. A real lyricist like Nas doesn't gotta hide his rhymes behind all those special effects and shit.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Nas chooses the whackest beats

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because Joe Budden is known for his great ability of choosing the right beats. HAHAHAHA!!!

  • hellrazor

    there's a necessity of a new album from nas, i can see why he's considering changing the title cuz it kinda does sound misleading. i'm lookin forward to this.

  • jae

    sumone need to put a big sign in front of this house that says "youl be so fucking good if u get better beats"

  • Anonymous

    fuk the beats listsen to the lyrics !!!!

    • Anonymous

      Bad beats = less replay value regardless of the lyrics. Yes lyrics are the most important thing in a rap album, but if having a great beat to go along with them is better...


    I would love to see Nas go the Lost tapes direction with the beats. Nas is one of the best but his beat choices were'nt always on point on his solo's.

  • hiphop

    album name should be 'Nasty'

  • Anonymous

    waiting for the bullshit "i hope nas picks better beats for this album" argument from the haters....

    • Anonymous

      Its not hating.. most people that say that like NaS including myself. Distant Relatives, Illmatic, and It Was Written aside his beat selection is what keeps Stillmatic from being an undeniable classic (i still think its classic its just borderline near-classic) and Untitled would be alot better if the beats and choruses weren't so mainstream.

    • Anonymous

      Word, antoher rumor made up by the critics because they couldn't find a profound reason to talk shit about his albums. So, we can't criticize him let's talk about the beats he chooses.

    • comachonvargas

      2X Negative Post-illmatic work subpar? You can't possibly be using Illmatic as the measuring stick for the rest of Nas' catalogue can you? Listen... Nas may not have an album better than Illmatic [though IWW/Lost Tapes are so very close] but Illmatic is very possibly the best hip hop album ever... therefore every other artist has put forth 'subpar' work compared to that album... Nas has the greatest catalogue of any rapper by far, and by my count he has 4 undeniable classics [Ill/Stillmatic, Lost tapes, IWW] and DR could very well be considered a classic in its own right... what rapper rivals him in terms of quality/depth of material? Sub-par really? ONE

    • Doubl Negative

      @ Anonymous #1, why is some one a "hater" merely for expectin' an artist of Nas' calibre to produce some decent material? Nas is one of my favourite emcees, he's adroit and erudite, if a little too didactic sometimes, but there's now doubtin' his post-Illmatic work has been sub-par. That may sound like a cliche, but that's such a seminal album, and its magnitude can't be denied by cavalier comments like he has to change. Hip-hop reached its zenith in the mid '90s, and the reason why asinine rappers like Wiz Khauliflower and Solja Boy are so popular in this current climate is because normal, traditional hip-hop headz are no longer the main focus, so the discernin' voice that use to keep rappers on point has bee lost. Unfortunately, this now also applies to emcees I used to respect, including' Nas and Busta, Snoop, Fat Joe et el. Our once sacred music has been attenuated to placate the tastes of white girls and homosexuals. With acts like REKS, Blu, eLZhi, Homeboy Sandman and John Robinson, hip-hop's not quite dead, but it's certainly moribund.


      thats what im sayin i just hope the beats hot that nast beat is not hot to me nobody can make a beat hot (H.A.M.)see what i mean

    • Anonymous

      Well that Nasty beat was pretty dope.

    • Ryan MacQueston

      I havent been following Nas too much lately... but production is always at very least on point when not amazing to me

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