Lil B Changes Album Title To "I'm Gay (I'm Happy)," Reveals Cover Art

The Based God changes the title from its controversial original name.

Lil B has revealed the cover art for his upcoming album I'm Gay (I’m Happy) via The cover image sports an animated image depicting slavery and freedom, with the former showing shackled slaves partying in a basement and the latter showing a raucous block party.

The album title now features the phrase “I’m Happy” after the controversial original name, which earned him death threats. "People been hitting me up like, 'I'm gonna bash your head in,' 'you faggot,' 'I'm gonna kill you,'” he said at the time. “I'm not gonna stop and I'm not scared of anybody on earth. [...] That's why I [titled the album I'm Gay] and nobody gonna stop me."

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  • Chris Brown

    Its funny how Lil B gets everyone mad, if you guys really knew Lil B you guys would know hes doing this to fuck with everyone...he made a point once saying that our society only focuses on tracks with stupid lyrics and thats how he gets more views on youtube..he also said when he makes a track with good lyrics people don't even view those videos...hes trying to make a point...stop hating.

  • 4real

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  • Clubber Lang

    It doesnt matter, he still takes dick in his bootyhole, album change or not, hes still a faggot

  • Anonymous

    Lil B fucking sucks. But everyone on a homo-hate ting need to grow the fuck up. There's too many people on this earth anyway, let dudes who want other dudes have them, leave the ladies to me.

  • kushroledglassfull

    He really is gay

  • yo yo

    When i saw this, I automatically started singing good times. "Keeping your head above waater, making a way when you caannn!!!" "Temporary lay offs!! "Good Times"

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    This clown just fucked up Marvin Gaye's classic cover. He should die

  • gio

    Ppl are so fucking stupid and one side minded its disgusting. Lil B is all about POSITIVITY AND SWAG WTF DONT U GET. Hes not trying to be Mos Def or anyone else for the matter. He gets in the booth, says wtf is on his mind and his work ethic is something to admire. His shit makes me laugh, inspires me and gets my swag up! And this is from some1 who is a fan of 'real music' (beatles, nas, john frusciante, elliott smith, radiohead, Kanye etc). Yall are stupid Lil B is getting money on you bitch asses!!!!!!

    • DOC

      Gettin Money???!!! from who? who is gonna buy this? really!?!?! it's one thing to try to be different and fun....there is nothing about this guy that makes me wanna "swag" whatever that really means!!

    • Anonymous

      Get off Lil B's dick already. You probably like him because he says he has respect for gay people and would want to fuck West in the ass (whether he was joking or not, you probably got off on that). He's a hypocritical parasite because he adds "Happy" to his title. Those death threats must have got to this guy who is supposedly not afraid of anyone like he's nigga-superman or something.

  • jacky

    Okay, lil b doesnt represent hip hop at all, but do you think that wack ass rappers like 50 cent, or lil wayne does? damn lets get serious

  • Anonymous

    i really wish he left hip hop. he does not represent the real.

  • Ddot

    Lil B is a cultural leech, who should be dealt with the way any pest the fucking exterminator...thats the only way to get rid of this vermin.

  • jae

    he needs to change it to im wack,lmaoo

  • Cole World

    I thought soulja boy was garbage, then i heard this nigga. Worst rapper alive. If you want real hiphop, go pick up bad meets evil

  • da nigga

    LOL I've seen a lot of dumb shit niggas in my day and dis nigga is definitely one of them. Fuckin tool thinks he's some 50 century poet. Nigga just fucking eat dem dicks I don't give a shit, your subtitle don't mean shit to say you don't

  • Anonymous

    dis nigga jacked Marvin Gaye's I Want You artwork





    YONKERS rmx! GOTDAM! Tune In Yall! & Like, rate & subscribe! THANX 6 6et 6oblin!!!


    his is the most ignorant stupid ass rapper ever wtf is he trying to promote controversy and ignorance he even said in a interview " "It's a touchy subject. I respect the hell out of gays and the gay community. I'm not a gay man. I don't agree with sex with another man or fucking another man or giving blow jobs to another guy. That's not my thing. I'd rather fuck a girl, fuck her in her ass, fuck her in the mouth or something." if u dont love the people then dont pretend to stand up for them and add to the drama u only make URSELF A TARGET. ITS JUST SUCH A IGNORANT MESSGAE he s all for the fuckin a girl in the ass and tellin kanye west if u see him u gonna fucki him in the ass but hes not FOR GAY PEOPLES ACTIONS BUt I WILL CHEER THEM ON STFU LIL B ur JUST AS RELEVENT AS LIL MAMA

  • The MG

    If this guy had some balls, then he would've kept the original album title. He says he wasn't scared, but he's definitely lying.

  • Anonymous

    dont' hate him for changing it.. they probably made him.. they being the white people who will distribute the record. but u dumbfucks sit behind a computer all day and dont' really know shit about anything. The whole point of what lil b does is to point out how fuckin stupid people are and how they just hear something and go off on a rant like all u dumb niggas on here. calling him a faggot when your the one who's lame. but i guess not everybodies based. go blog about some underground rapper nobody likes

    • dmize-one

      you talkin bout lil b like hes in the mainstream or something... this dude spits garbage ass music to garbage ass little kids.. period.. garuntee you only people who buy this album are suburban kids...

  • @Jackson counnty jail computer room

    chelsea lately is on,im go watch my fav shit na'mean real niggaz do real thangz in the pen ,bout to pull my jammie out and jam out to that blondie bitch,wish me luck niggaz, oh shit here come the guar im gon.........

  • Anonymous

    first off, not sure slaves were partying. second way to not back down lil bITCH. u sure showed them, that you are retarded.

  • Anonymous

    man he jacked Marvin Gaye's cover, this just makes me sick

  • Anonymous

    Right. He said he was going to title his album "I'm Gay" as way of showing that the power of the word is only what the people give it. He said he's calling his album "I'm Gay" just to show that he can call himself whatever he wants to and it doesn't have to mean that he's gay as long as he comfortable with who he is. So he can call himself a "pretty sparklin' toed, designer nail rocking, $800 weave wearing bitch" and it wouldn't mean a thing. Fine. Stand by your word. Now, he feels he HAS to let you know EXACTLY what he means when he's saying he's gay...because well, he doesn't want to take his words out of context. GTFOH!!! I swear they need to stop giving some of these motherfuckers record contracts.

  • Anonymous

    He may as well change the title altogether because gay as in happy and gay as in homosexual mean 2 different things. there's no message anymore.

  • Anonymous

    lol using gay as "happy" completely changes the meaning of his original message. so yes he did change the title because of the threats.


    Looks like Good Times he is using for cover art

  • G5

    Yall need to stop co-signing bullshit. I don't hate on Soulja Boy, I don't hate on none of these new niggaz but I do hate this marketing all in your face bullshit. This nigga don't mean this shit he be saying. I'm Gay, nigga yo dumd ass 300,000 Million ass is trying to sell records and nobody bought that bullshit you put out before so now you trying to cater to homosexuals. O.K., one problem, they probably don't like your shit either cause you don't have any talent. This shit is stupid. Bring the talent back, that's all I got to say. Just cause you got Tattoos or sold drugs or are popular in your city doesn't mean you should be rapping. Fuckery at it's best right here.

  • Khel G

    Dirty ass nigga! dnt expect any collabs wid d hot artist and producers

  • Anonymous

    '“I'm not gonna stop and I'm not scared of anybody on earth. [...] That's why I [titled the album I'm Gay] and nobody gonna stop me." Really? Then why do you feel the need to specify the "I'm Gay" with "I'm Happy"? For who? Ones who were offended by your original title, the ones who threatened you? ...P.S... FAGGOT!

    • dmize-one

      lil b may not be a homo but dude is strait soft.. i saw a wshh video where dude got snuffed and just sat in the chair not doin shit about it but lookin salty...

    • swag

      u seem to be the one dats gay since u concerened about what a "gay" rapper is doing

  • @Deknowz

    Please, I sincerely ask that no one buy this album. Keeping Lil B's career going is a detriment to everything hip-hop. Let's put a stop to this, don't listen to it, don't buy it, don't support it in anyway. This needs to come to an end for the cultures sake. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    yea lil b name your album i'm gay - that'll show em!!! stupid ass nigger

  • trooth

    u know whats ironic..all these skinny jean wearin swaggin "gay" rappers are gettin more pussy then you'll ever see!!!! u dumb faggots! based 4 life...this is gonna be the best album of the year

  • SlimJames

    Wait a second...did Lil' B just jack Camp Lo's "Uptown Saturday Night" for that album artwork?

  • Anonymous

    Cool, dont care.

  • Anonymous

    Should have been I'm Gay and I'm Happy

  • dat nigga manny

    gay ass nigga

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