Joell Ortiz Addresses "Big Pun's Back" Controversy

After Pun's widow Liza Rios, Tony Sunshine and Cuban Link disapproved of his tribute, the Slaughterhouse member sets the record straight.

Not only has Big Pun’s widow Liza Rios deemed Joell Ortiz’s “Big Pun’s Back” as “disrespectful,” but Pun affiliates Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine echoed her sentiments yesterday. Speaking with Funkmaster Flex, the Slaughterhouse rapper explained that he “don’t gotta check in with anybody about anything.”

He first addressed how he was puzzled as to why Rios, who previously told him Pun “would have been so proud of [you],” would take her stance, given the history they have together.

“To be honest with you, I was really confused because I’ve been bigging up her late husband since the beginning of my career. This is not the first time I’ve ever done a tribute,” he said. “To my knowledge, I thought everything was smooth between us. I thought we was peoples. And I kind of feel like we’re still peoples! I’m still confused. This is the same woman who asked me to perform for her husband on stage with his urn next to me. I didn’t understand the tweet and where it was coming from. Since I haven’t spoken to her, I’m still a little confused. I can’t even say I’m mad. I just don’t know what’s going on.”

The Brooklyn, New York rapper also felt the same way about Tony Sunshine and Cuban Link’s reaction to the song. 

“Once again, I was confused. When I speak on them, I speak a little different, because Cuban knows me. I had met Tony Sunshine before. It was a tribute, and it was a freestyle and it was in memory of a great rapper,” he continued. “Flex, I’m from Brooklyn. I don’t have to check in with anyone about anything. I did it for Big Pun to keep his legacy alive. That’s it. to be honest with you, I’m in September in my mind already. ‘Big Pun’s Back’ was recorded late April, early May, knowing that the Puerto Rican Day parade was coming up and knowing that his tribute and his legacy needed to stay alive. Who else but me? That’s how I felt. But I don’t gotta check in with anybody. About anything.”

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  • typeryter

    Some people is acting and speaking out under the assumption that Joell is The Self proclaimed `Next Big Pun- or CHris RIos`` When in fact its something someone else said in the first place- he took something a fan said and ran with it-Maybe he Thought that if he could pay tribute to someone it would be pun-seeing their brief but inspiring history- I don`t see the problem with any of this-in a way I`m just as confused as Joell as to why everyone making a big deal out of it now because there`s a mixtape coming out under that name now...

  • Erick Brooklyns own

    "Dont have to check in with no one" Thats Brooklyn son, tu sabe....he dont gotta check in with no fuckin body ya heard...Keep that bullshit movin..I dont hear tony sunshine comin out with killa 16's!...fuck those bird ass niggas Joell do ya thing.

  • Guest We Killin It - Barton Block

  • Afi Keita James

    I'm glad joell ortiz put an ether on those has-beens. but big pun finally rest in peace, i'm sick and tired of rappers doing other late rappers legacies every single time, that's ridiculous.

  • kyle

    this is some bullshit! I donno why the fuck people are mad at Joell doin the 'Big Pun Back' song, but nobodys bitchin about Meek Mill doin '2pac Back'? Come on son!! At least Joell ortiz has skill! Meek mill's trash! So many other, better artists coulda made that song but nobodys bitchin bout meek!

  • Anonymous

    Yall some ungrateful mofos, you should be glad that he wants to keep his name alive, instead of all these other rappers who only mention about Pac and Biggie when they're talking about the dead greats.

  • Espi

    Joell is dope. And if he wants to make a tribute to Big Pun and put himself on at the same time, fuck it, let it ride. No need for everyone to get their chonies in a bunch. Don't like it? Then step back and fuck yourself or make your own tribute.

  • Jesus Colon

    Joell Ortiz is wackass FAKE nickname FAKE Latino who hasn't done shit worthwhile since his first album. How many copies did "Free Agent" sell? Rep your CULTURE, including White Castle, Joell and get off Pun's dick already. You a grown-ass man or look-at-me-dad fanboy?

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone notice how fucking old this article is?





  • jae

    yo everyone is def feeling em an royces new album everyones pumping it , slaughter house is the hottest group out any dumb talk is just none sence its probley washed up rappers typein stuff,lol dont even mind them for sho get on the floo give me mo throat is so lol

  • hasbeens

    cuban n tony r washed up has beens who just want some publicity....n fuck big puns wife that slore fukked his brother bak when he was still alive...she deserved to get them fat ass hands put on her

  • quick sand

    It sickens me to see all these ignorant fucks hatin on Joell. at the other hand its funny though it shows you that now that Cuban Link sorry ass gets a little attention his few friends jump on the net to defend him. whats the last Cuban Link hit you heard LOL where did al the hatin get you tru the years... the curtis jackson tactic does not work 4 you LOL

    • Anonymous

      All those people who are dissing Joell for laughable reasons are the same person.

    • jae

      lol royce,yo royce dont worry everyone knows slaugher house is dope dont sweat these haters,yea!!

    • royce

      Julio ur a bitch ass hater ... u know that...go kiss a cactus

    • Julio Sospiri

      Joell put out one half OK debut album, a jillion mixtapes, a dogshit second album, all the wack LAUGHTERHOUSE crap... In a wide world of rappers Latino and otherwise, we is this douchebag ALWAYS in our grill about something? Beefing about record labels, jocking Pun, trying to promote a fake-ass nickname and things of that nature. Nobody who has done less in the game gets more attention than this clown and yet he STILL can't sell. What gives?

  • Whoreson

    Who the fuck are these washed up niggas to talk? if it wasnt for joell, no one would be tryna keep puns name alive in the music industry. Flabby and sick ass niggas!!!!

  • jae

    joell is reel hiphop he never bit puns style they both sound way dif,hes really talented,an these lames have no say in shyt ya heard,if u ant making music stfu talking shit is a trend that tends to exit very soon no adays ,they wait for him to get sign to shady to talk trash why wernt they saying stuff before,come on get reel,then peel

  • Grimreaphood

    I usually don't comment on here but WHY ALL THE JOELL HATE? This dude just raps and keeps himself out of all the stupid ass "rapper drama". Who gives a fuck what Cuban Link and Peddi Crack think since like 99-02? It was a tribute. Joell is a dope rapper and really the only hispanic rapper dope enough to do one to Pun.

  • Anonymous

    There are-- excluding those in jail-- 14,228 rappers in New York City. Why do we keep reading about this lame fuck? Because he's fake Latino jocking Pun over and over and over again?

    • You

      Don't know shit. He doesn't sound like pun, he doesn't rap like pun, doesn't even look like pun. There is no similarity other then their ethnic background, You are a faggot. Please leave.

  • Anonymous

    Why is Joell always confused about something? It's always somebody else's fault though, never his. Nobody but the internet is checking his wack ass so why doesn't he shut the fuck up and let his music do the talking? Joell had the weakest spot on "Apollo Kids" too; must hurt to be outshined even by Jim Jones!

    • Papa Don

      truth be told homie but the internet run the game now the streets got no say so is sad but thats how it is personally i like joel ortiz

    • Anonymous

      And the internet is where the most buzz is nowadays. Shut the fuck up. And what problem do you have with this man? Did he hurt you or your family? Did he steal your bike when you were young? Get the fuck outta here, tool.


    How lovely all the hate a dude can get just by simply keepin someones name alive. 2 bitches crying about something they could have done but forgot about it. It should be a good thing what Ortiz is doing but these 2 jelaous bitches are crying like they high heel shoes dont fit right LOL If Pun was really your brother, you would be happy just the fact that new comers get familiar with the name. C Link is bitter cause he fucked up every chance he got and ended up blaming the world 4 it. Bang bang boogie

    • Ryan MacQueston

      just to people saying their are few dope latin hip hop artists... stfu

    • Lol

      @Chile Rios You are a fucking idiot. He's been doing Pun tributes forever and nobody ever gave a fuck. To be honest, he was praised by pun's wife for it. Why people suddenly give a fuck about him doing it now? I don't know, probably because he's signed to Shady and is finally going somewhere with his music career. That's why Rios and Cuban Link are bitter, because now he'll be noticed for the things he does. He'll probably do it again just to piss everyone off.


      HA HA LMAO "Yeeeah baby" sucked ???? You know what? you totally convinced me that you have no idea what the fuck youre talking about. Obvious

    • Chile Rios

      Why is it a "good thing"? Why doesn't Joell Ortiz rep his so-called "Latino" heritage in a real way? That is, all the great Latin artists-- a few hip-hop, most not-- in NYC past and present? The answer is because Joell's a fuckin' dummy, trying to get shine off Pun's reputation. And he was BUSTED, as he should be. And Joell Ortiz "Free Agent" wasn't even as good as "Yeeeah Baby," which sucked.

  • itdoesntmatterwhatmynameis

    Joell you killed it son!!!...fuck the confused mindstate cats is the dopest Hispanic rapper since Pun!!!...Joe Crack ain't said nothing as of yet so who cares what the others say..and Crack was responible for bring Pun to the forefront..smh..those cats looking for a boost or attention right it by making dope music, not being a critic on a hot ass song Joell blazed..u dudes are advice to Sunshine, Link or whoever has an issue...MAKE SOME MUSIC AND SOME MONEY because your critique means Nathan like the hot dog famz...lmao

    • Afi Keita James

      And will probably never say anything except letting pun rest in peace. that is the only honorable thing he would do.

  • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

    " I don’t have to check in with anyone about anything. I did it for Big Pun to keep his legacy alive. " Nuff said niggaz just trying to get attention because NOBODY is checking for them dudes. * shrug*

    • Anonymous

      I bought his album... Oh and I understand why people are critizing him. But they should just listen to what Ortiz is saying and get over it.

    • Anonymous

      PLEASE! I bet Big Pun still sells more today than Joell Ortiz so who's helping out who here? Joell, as usual, sons himself and expects the internet to save his fat ass. Too bad the internet doesn't buy albums, or else maybe he'd have a solo career that could stand on its own.

  • Up North

    Fuck 'em, Joell! Too many feeling catching ass men these days, bickering about who's bigging up another man. Plus, consider who's bitching. Cuban Link and Tony Sunshine? You serious? Both them faggots and that scandolous bitch can permanently get gone.

  • La Rue Monté

    prolly shouldn't have mentioned heart attack, or that he was the new christopher rios...

  • Big Log

    Man the song didnt song like a tribute to me, song like that nigga was using Big Pun to sell record while jacking Big Pun line and style period.

    • Big Log

      Jae: You sound like you dick riding you little bitch, Fag you the one that need to stfuu,Good

    • jae

      your kidding rite?? joel doesnt try to sound anything like him he shows him love, plus he doesnt have to use big pun as a get away hes sign to shady records an is in slaughter house,maino did pacs bac an other ppl did biggies, if this is the real big lu why u haten on other latino rappers,thats the problem to much hate an not enuff working together.ppl allways worrying about wat other ppl are doing an not worrying bout them selfs, a lot of latin rappers "tryed to be the next big pun an in lot of their eyes joell took that spot with out even trying an their mad, stop the hate be the next you stop worry bout other ppl,joell doesnt even sound like pun he jus shows him love in songs,hip hop is fucked up man its like u show sumone love an ppl get mad.every chubby puerto rican rapper that comes out yal be like oh hes trying to be like pun wtff,its stupid it makes no sence an to be honest you need to stfuu,good day

  • Anonymous

    fucking snakes got nothing better to do, how are these guys gonna get mad at a joell for making a tribute song to a dead rapper he looked up to?

  • Cuchifrito 2000

    How many BK Puerto Rican or other Latino musicians and artists are there who wackass whiny Joell Ortiz has never repped? Any why is that, if he's so about 'the culture'? Nobody is more desperate for attention Joell Ortiz (becaue nobody buys his records) and his Pun worship is self-aggrandizement, not 'respect.'

    • Marcus Dislikesmartdumbpeople Eason

      It cant be that serious B....It was a SIMPLE tribute and I am sorry if J.Ortiz wasnt HOT right now as we speak this article wouldnt exist,correct? The last time Cuban & Tony dropped anything was??? Last I can recall little sunshine was talking REAL greasy about fat joe and on video and then the next minute he bitched out on some "I didnt say it type shit." Too many grown acting like pure bitches if you ask me. I dont see the big deal at all. ........R.I.P BIG PUN

  • Assassin221

    Gotta love hip-hop, every rapper out can call themselves the Second Coming of Christ and it's cool, but compare yourself to a dead rapper and shit hits the fan...



  • jesterdxxl

    People are so fucking desperate to stay in the spotlight leave Joell alone he's paying tribute not making shit off it!!!

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