Young Buck Deemed A Suspect After Indiana Traffic Stop

The troubled rapper is being forced into giving information on a business associate after the latter fled from police.

In 2011 alone, Young Buck has battled with bankruptcy and weapons possessions charges. Now, the Nashville, Tennessee native is facing more legal trouble after a suspicious traffic stop in Indiana. 

According to The Tennessean, the former G-Unit rapper— born David Darnell Brown — was traveling along with a second car when cops attempted to pull him over but the second car immediately fled the scene. Buck claimed innocence, telling the police that he “was traveling with people allegedly for purposes of business, but did not know their identities." Police deemed that his statements were not sufficient evidence.

A local judge has granted the rapper freedom until Wednesday (June 15th) when he will be required to turn over any information about the passengers in the second vehicle. Back in March, he was released on $100,000 bond after being charged with felony possession of a handgun and ammunition. He is currently allowed to travel for concerts but his speeding ticket in Georgia, as well as his recent run-in, may put an end to that.

Earlier this year, Buck’s financial issues with the IRS doubled when G-Unit Records CEO, 50 Cent, threatened to sue him if he breached contract during bankruptcy proceedings.

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  • Anonymous

    damn damn damn, Real Talent right here buck A Real dude Deff in My top 5, but this shyt gotta stop hes like magnet to this legal shyt leave him alone, hope he dont see jail time bc hes not even causeing attention like *cough* t.i.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga need to go kill himself

  • amp

    young buck was always deemed suspect..

  • Tim Terry

    all these rappers goin broke and havin money probs....smh

  • Anonymous

    this guys life has been dirt since he got kicked outta g-unit.. i meabn look at yayo that guy is wack as hell n he still rich.. banks is making his own money n in all fairness keepin the unit alive.. banks always been the best in g-unit, 50 was ill n buck was dope too but banks always been that nigga

    • Maxx

      @DoRite: Co-sign to the fullest!! 50 is a bitch.

    • DoRite

      and buck would still be rich if 50 ole bytch made azz would let the man out of his contract. if you dont wanna fuk with him no more then dont. release the man and let him get his money but 50 been showed that he's full of bytchassness so buck is fukked. and anybody supportin a man preventing another man from feedin his fam is another bytch made crab...

    • Anonymous

      they get an allowance if they be good and kiss fif's dick.

  • jae

    i mean i kno cops are ass holes i hate them but thing bout gangsta rappers is like come on u cant ride around with guns u cant do shyt once your famous u kno,man i jus wish ppl would just rap insted of all this stuff,guns drugs,ect its like wtf,u gotta be careful,i kno one thing if your giving a chance dont mess it up,buck was sign to g unit now look wat happen its like if u fall close to the edge an sumone grabs u dont go by the edge no more cause sometimes that person might not be their again

  • Anonymous

    THE CORRECT THING TO DO IS TO ASK FOR YOUR LAWYER SO THE ATTORNEY CAN TELL THE STORY TO THE POLICE, NOT YOU!!!!! YOU DON'T EVER TALK TO POLICE OR GIVE A STATEMENT BECAUSE YOU MIGHT AS WELL NOT EVEN GET A LAWYER IF YOU DO. I woulda said i didnt know who they were. All he had to say was... it was grewpie azz niqqaz he was speedin to get away from cuz he thought they was tryin to blast.. DISMISSED !!! Now they got him twisted settin him up like a C.I smh

  • Anonymous

    So he can't plead the 5th???? He pulled over so what do they want from him. The police missed the other guys not Buck. Just tell them some nicknames!!!!! You don't have to do the cops job for them do you?? So now they want the driver that stopped to snitch so that he can get shot for snitching?? You already took his guns.

  • Anonymous

    nooooooo! cmon buck you're a good rapper, dont end up as the southern version of dmx

  • Anonymous

    So he can't plead the 5th????

  • DallasUCMR

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  • ka-as

    damn waste of talent i love his music i wish he could get a real chance at showing everyone what he is really capable of

    • Hannya

      Co-signed!! Buck has always been one of my favorite rappers but its a shame we can't hear much from him besides the occasional mixtape. WTF??

  • Clyde "Knuckles" Smith

    TOUGH BREAK, NIGGA!!!LOL!!! Man this nigga can't win for losing. Just unbelievable how he went from sugar to shit to the entire outhouse being catapulted in the air. Get right spirtually and mentally, dude. I think this is enough signs and hints to last a lifetime. Get it together. Damn.

  • Anonymous

    50 cant even help this dude... 50 hurtin too... he just signed Shawty Lo lmao

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