Lupe Fiasco Begins Work On "Food & Liquor 2”

The "Show Goes On" rapper reveals he's hit the studio to record for his upcoming LP.

Fresh off the success of his latest album Lasers, Lupe Fiasco has revealed that he’s begun work on his upcoming album Food & Liquor 2. Speaking with, the Chicago, Illinois rapper revealed that he’s using his experience with Lasers and parlaying it into his pending release.

“It's really taking the lessons I learned from Lasers, and applying that to Food & Liquor [2]. That's really it,” he said.

He also spoke on why he wasn’t completely satisfied with Lasers, which he previously said rendered him “medium suicidal.” “Me being an artist, I'm never happy with my work, because I don't ever think it's finished. It's hard for an artist to walk away from a piece and say, 'okay, that's done.'"

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  • Has

    We all know Lasers wasn't a great album but it did have some meaningful lyrics in it, not saying that it compares to F&L and The Cool. Can't wait for F&L2 to drop there and I agree with some of y'all in this Nas and Lupe need to do something together.

  • Salman

    In my opinion Laser still got Lupe fans, it was not done the way he wanted. But because he "dumb it down" it sent a small message about what Lupe is about. In turn Food and Liquor prob got some exposure. I first heard of Lupe on his track Daydreamin but didn't see him again until The show goes on. I never knew Food and Liquor existed because lets face it, that album didn't hit the media mainstream like MTV or any other channels because Lupe messages had to much in truth in them that record labels and channels shit themselves from promoting him .

  • branch

    lupe is the man, He is easily my favorite artist, but when i listened to lasers i was like "this isnt lupe",the "all black everything" track was amazing tho. I just believe in my heart f&l2 is gonna bring to the fans what lasers didnt

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it had the message ''my label fucked me, I finally dumbed it down and now I'm making the music my A&R's wanna here over shitty electro beats''.

  • Andre

    I wasn't a huge fan of Lasers either. Hopefully F&L2 will be more like F&L and The Cool...

  • Mike Meraz

    I'm satisfied not with Laser but the way he feels about Lasers. Makes me believe F$L2 will be a classic. You got the nations eyes now Lupe...with that Pop shyt that was anything but show them what Lupe is about!! Bounce back with a Vengeance..

  • Terrence

    LASERS was a album with messages it had lyrics & meaning the instrumentals was a bit to electro for me though,but overall a cool album cant compare it to "The Cool" or "F&L" But he already stated that he been working on it since he dropped the intro for the album way back(which was a mad dope) but this F&L2 album is gonna be remarkable he has already been stated that he gonna go back to his old concepts & rhyme scheme for F&L2. Overall this cat is a beast with not just his lyrics but how he carries himself.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, it had the message ''my label fucked me, I finally dumbed it down and now I'm making the music my A&R's wanna here over shitty electro beats''.

    • Mike Meraz

      Lasers had messages?? Well maybe "Words I Never Said" and "All Black Everything"...the only two songs I still play from that album

  • lupeallday

    lupe fiasco might have the most loyal fans in the industry

  • William Scooter Jones

    Lasers was garbage, shit the version he tried to push to Atlantic was more garbage.. Kidd is letting that bread get to his head.. He dik ride Obama on the track to the Braveheart beat but now spittin like he aiin on dood tip.. I just hope Food & Liquor II has The Cool vibes, still bump The Cool like it's Jordan retro III's

    • Anonymous

      *faggot, faggot

    • scooter?

      learn to spell you fuckin retard. you wouldnt know good music and lyrics if it hit you in the face. shut the fuck up scooter (faggets name). what a fuckin loser. p.s. yo bitch is ugly. looks like she's sucked more dicks than a porn star.

  • 2dope

    cant wait for this freaakkfidnfingaknskfj album!

  • Christian

    Did you guys not read the billboard article? Lupe never stated that he is just beginning the album. The article merely states that he is currently working on "Food & Liquor 2", which he has repeatably stated that he has been working on it for awhile now and hopes for it to be released by the end of this year. As for those that are saying that he's bipolar for saying "Lasers" was incomplete, it was complete until the Atlantic interfered with it. Plus he as always been saying how he was dissatisfied with the way the final product came out.

  • What?

    this guy was telling everyone that lasers was done and he was all pissed off atlantic wasn't dropping it, now it was incomplete gtfo

    • Andy Evans

      Lupe Fiasco didn't write any of the songs in L.A.S.E.R.S. The label came to him and gave him those songs then told him which ones will be the upcoming singles. It's the main reason why he was unsatisfied with his last album. He was forced by Atlantic since The Cool even though he did write the songs in that album. Now that he completed the term with Atlantic, he's going all out with F&L2.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Sensible comment but I disagree. He only pushed for a release date so hard because he realized that Atlantic wouldn't allow him to release the album he wanted to release, and no matter how hard he tried to perfect the album, it wasn't his album. It was Atlantic's.

    • What?

      He shouldn't of been so persistent on a release date if he was happy on the final outcome. of course there is always improvements to be done, your never 100% satisfied, always things you can add or change. I'm saying if that album went double plat he wouldn't be saying that.

    • Anonymous

      That's not what he's saying at all ya tard. He's saying as an artist it's hard to walk away from something and call it complete, because your constantly critiquing yourself and the work. If you've created anything in life beside a PB&J you would probably understand what he means. I swear the people on this site are dumb as fuck.

  • re

    He needs to get his favorite rapper Nas on there.

  • Frankie

    Here comes another album sequel... this shit better be tight cause I bought Lasers and that shit was GARBAGE.

    • Alex Hayford

      Dang son, you need to start using that iTunes preview joint. That shit will save your wallet.

  • micah dancy

    Lupe Fiasco always been dope when he first came out he was hisself and no one else he rap about whats going on in this crazy world this album will be fire like his last album lasers great album

  • Anonymous

    They just had an article a few months ago with Lupe saying that album is close to finished? And now he's dissapointed with Lasers again? This guy is definitely bi-polar.

  • jesterdxxl

    öö & iLLmaTic did you even read the fucking interview I don't think so... “Me being an artist, I'm never happy with my work, because I don't ever think it's finished. It's hard for an artist to walk away from a piece and say, 'okay, that's done." Check yourself!

  • Anonymous

    Can't describe how excited I am about Food & Liquor 2. I really hope that it's going to drop this year. I think that Lupe is one of the most talented rappers to ever grace the mic, his lyrics and concepts are out of this world. But I think that Food & Liquor is still his best album and I hope that the second will be heading into the same direction, the music on there just fitted his lyrics perfectly, it was one of the absolute best albums of the last decade.

  • Cealix

    aye my next albums almost done! lol jk i'm just now starting it

  • iLLmaTic

    He already said he's close to finishing F&L2 months ago,wtf Lupe?

  • öö

    wasn't f&f 2 finished already?

  • Donny Dickshinski


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