Young Jeezy & DJ Drama Speak On Reuniting And "Inventing The Wheel"

The former foes speak on teaming back up for Jeezy's recent mixtape release "The Real is Back."

Jeezy and DJ Drama patched up their differences with the release of the former’s mixtape last week, The Real is Back . Speaking with MTV’s Mixtape Daily, the Southern stars spoke on their reunion, explaining how they set the stage for acts that came after them.

“Jeezy and Drama together, that's a clear win-win, man," said Drama. "Niggas gonna stop actin' like we ain't built this. You like our style, you watch our style, we still own our style." 

Jizzle explained how they mended fences after a publicized rift left them at odds. "Me and Drama had a couple of conversations. When I came through the station, we chopped it up. We was talkin' about doin' another tape because we had so much history as far as The Streets Is Watching, Trap or Die, the list goes on and on,” said Jeezy. "It just was time, the streets needed it. So I had to get in the studio, had to do my whole one, two thing. As usual, he was on point."

As for The Real is Back, the Snowman says that it’s just another mixtape in a line of pioneering street releases. “We invented the wheel when it comes to that type of music and that type of tape so we just did what we did,” he said. "I felt like I wanted to take it back to what I do. Young Jeezy, nothing else. I'm not trying to sell this to nobody, I'm trying to do what I did in the beginning: go hard."

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  • dat_mayne

    truth is..jeezy is not that great.. every time i listen to an album from him, seems like they are more ad-libs than bars.. but then again.. hip-hop is on life support..

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    Fuck Jeezy, Bawse already destroyed this niggas career. Nigga can even get an album out. Teflon Don >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Real is Back. Like Waka said, to all the niggas sayin real is back fuck em! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      you may be right that he can't make the comeback, but you can't deny ross stole his whole rap style

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