Royce Da 5'9 Responds To "Lighters" Criticism

Nickel Nine explains why him and Eminem teamed up with pop singer Bruno Mars for the Bad Meets Evil cut.

Royce Da 5’9 and Eminem team up with Bruno Mars for the track “Lighters” on their Bad Meets Evil release Hell: The Sequel EP. But after the track leaked along with the album, the two faced criticism from fans for going out of character with a track they may not have done a few years ago.

“‘Lighters,’ the song with Bruno Mars, that’s basically just us showing versatility,” Royce told Bootleg Kev. “We didn’t want to make it too one-dimensional and we didn’t realize it until towards the end of the project where we were like, let’s make one or two personal joints. We got another one called ‘Take From Me’ where it’s kind of personal, and the rest of it is just us rapping. We gave one or two songs to where we showed that’s not all that we can do, because obviously, it’s reaching a bigger audience than I ever reached.”

Nickel Nine explained that it wasn’t meant as a snub to his core fans, but it was something he needed to do. “I don’t want that audience to think that I can only do one thing. It shows versatility on my end and it was a good way to set up Slaughterhouse. My core fans, the people who’ve been following me, the bulk of the album they’re going to be into. That’s what they want to hear me do. If I got one or two songs on there, of course they’re like ‘Aw you shouldn’t have did that.’ But you can’t please everybody.”

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  • Hooligan

    Correction: Bruno Mars appeals to all kinds of females. Every race, every nationality, every age group. I went to his concert and I saw 7 year old girls, teenagers, moms and grandmas screaming for him. He's on his grind.

    • vbforever're on and you were at a show that had 7 year old girls and grandmas in the audience??? sounds like a real hardcore show. i dont care if em and royce want to make a song with bruno mars to make a few million more bucks. i thought em was pretty well off considering he was the top-selling artist of 2010, but i guess all that money wasnt enough for him? but i can def see why royce did it though - how many teens know who he was before this song? how many millions more will know his name after hearing him on a track with bruno mars on the radio? my point exactly i'm not hating on them, but i dont have to like the song. i'm too busy listening to that new dope ass tech n9ne cd.

  • whiterthanmost

    Versatility my ass. Just call it what it is. I don't fault Royce. The man's talent has been mired in shitty sales for years. Album sales aren't getting any larger. And Royce ain't getting any younger.

    • vbforever

      co-sign that, i had that exact same line in my head..."call it how it is" if i were royce i'd just be straight-up: "YEAH i want to be on top-40 radio again. my only time was a decade ago on that damn willa ford song"

  • Anonymous

    House Negro says what? Em's BOY 59 IQ can't open his mowf without something stupid coming out (inc. Marshall's jizz) so + 1 for consistency.

  • Kendall Walters

    i like this song ALOT with all the others.. these idiots just have nothing better to do than find something to bitch about rather than just enjoy the album. I'd love to hear some albums that came out lately that 1 song started so much hate

    • joenuggz

      tech n9ne's latest album because of the song with lil wayne on it. theres an example its a dope album though

  • Castro

    Sooo many haterz up in here, like damn. Whats royce supposed ta be doin. Not gettin his paper... N like Jay Cole said thats only song on an entire project of just fire.

  • Nick Crookshank

    Lighters is purely the "radio" release for them. It's gonna be a huge fucking hit. Eminem and Bruno Mars? Half of America's bitches just got wet.

  • Jay Cole

    LOL I internet nerds need to shut the fuck up. Its only 1 song...I know and YOU know its for the radio. stop acting like the other 11 songs on the EP arent straight spittin. smh

  • lol

    stan is a masterpiece. don't compare it to lighters.

  • Lee Johnston

    lighters is just like when he did stan with dido... stop fucking complaining people..

  • Good

    I loved Em's delivery I loved Royce's message the beat was nice, but why the FUCK did they have to get Bruno Mars on just ruins it...I'm sorry but most of the hooks on the EP sucked, except for I'm On Everything and The Reunion but the rest were terrible and took away from the great songs that Em and Royce put in work on. Anyways I know I shouldn't do this on this page but check out the new single off of my next mixtape I promise you won't be disappointed:

    • ken

      cmon dude, weak ass flow. get better before you spam that nonsense, that's not gonna get u anywhere.

    • Psyntax

      I couldn't help myself so I listened... Complaining about today's rap scene?? Real original. On top of that the same people you talk shit about are better than you

  • t

    Is it just me, or did Royce murk Em on this ep

  • 1017

    gucci mane and waka flocka flame ferrari boyz >>>>>>>>> eminem and royce ep

  • Anonymous


  • Wu-Tang Forever

    C'mon Royce don't beat around the bush... The album wasn't bad but get the fuck out of here with that "It shows my versatility" nonsense. The track exists because it will help the album sell. If that isn't the reason then you could have gotten with ANY other singer you had lying around the studio to finish the track, but no, you had to go work with Bruno Mars, one of the biggest stars on the radio today. For an album that was designed to be a hardcore compliment to Em's recent output, I was disappointed in their decision, even if it was only for one song.

  • Ddot

    They should probably change the name of the group then, cuz this track is neither bad or evil....they should probably call it douche meets turd at this point their careers.

  • ccccc

    wow its called marketing.. if you dont have one track on the radio u dont sell period.. People dont know what good hip hop is thats why u need marketing... Hip hop is mostly about sales now a days.. Meth said it best ppl have been programed and lost the feel

  • vbforever

    Nobody is criticizing this track because it's a "PERSONAL" song. Shit, Recovery was a personal album. Hip-hop heads are sleeping on this track because it is a POP track designed to appeal to teenage white girls cause of Bruno Mars. This shit will be played on the radio every ten minutes in about a month or two just like "Love the Way You Lie"

  • rek

    you can't please everybody so why go for a top 40 track like "lighters" that's aimed at pleasing everybody? fans can give these crossover records a pass on slaughterhouse or eminem albums, but fans just wanted the bad meets evil shit to stay bad meets evil. cmon son, this lighters song is no different from katy perry's fireworks.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn't a bad track. I respect their versatility too. Like he stated, "Can't please everybody"...

  • j

    Not much different than "Move On" w/ Slaughterhouse honestly, and I thought everybody liked that track. WTF

    • Willy

      But when Eminem is involved there is much more unnecessary criticism following. If it wouldn't have had Bruno Mars and it was one of the two doing the hook people would have hated on it for them singing. Neither of these dudes can do right in the internets eyes anymore.

  • Makaveli662

    Royce Da TRUTH!!

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