Eminem Calls Lady Gaga "Dope," Explains Diss On "The Kiss"

Marshall sings a different tune from what he raps on the Bad Meets Evil cut.

On the cut “The Kiss” off the upcoming Bad Meets Evil release Hell: The Sequel EP, Eminem takes a jab at Lady Gaga, rapping, “Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office / She's still a male lady/ Wouldn't fuck her with her dick / You heard it / The verdict's in.”

But while backstage at Bonnaroo 2011, Eminem spoke with FUSE, singing a different tune about one of pop’s biggest stars.

“I think Lady Gaga, as an artist you know, she’s undeniable, you know. That was one of them things where sometimes I get a joke in my head and I kinda want to share it with the world, you know what I’m saying. So it was just one of them things man, and it’s you know it’s all in fun, its hip-hop,” he explained. “It is what it is, but as far as an artist, she’s dope, she’s an incredible talent.”

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  • Nadia

    I get this is an old thread, & old news, but Gaga & Eminem are two of my favourite artists. A collaboration would be incredible & honestly Gaga is an amazing artist. & why would Eminem not really mean what he said in that interview? He's not the type to lie how he feels about others. Just cus he coughed doesn't mean anything. Gaga is fantastic, she sings live, plays piano & produces & writes her own songs. Brian May worked with her & he's considered a legend, including Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Tony Bennett, Cher... Gaga is one of the most incredible performers & an undeniable talent.

  • James Taylor

    If you watch the actual interview instead of reading the transcript, you can see that Em doesn't actually mean it when he calls her dope. Check the vid out.

  • anon

    wth i love lady gaga AND eminem, i think theyre both really great & talented artists. But i dont think em should have said that about her, she OBVIOUSLY is female.. he should have dissed someone like jb or miley cyrus -.-

  • Joe

    Yeah Eminem, your comments don't matter because the angry, acne infested white teenage boys who love your music won't know what you said was a joke. Your music sucks anyway.

    • ....

      His music sucks shit that's why hes the king of rap? Why u talking shit is it because hes making money and u still live with ur mom? Or is it cuz your trailer trash u piece of shit stop hating

  • Anonymous

    J-Bird says eminem is gay now listen to his music and give him a million dollars http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch gettin all up in that ass

  • Anonymous

    gaga SUCKS why the fuck em backin out for. She aint 'dope

  • HoustonTX

    I wonder how different Eminems career would have been if Proof would have never been killed. A group with Em, Obie Trice, and Proof woulda been dope!!!!

  • Ramiro

    At this point of his life Eminem can do whatever he wants. He put in work for all those years now he's nearly untouchable. As for disses and somebody calling out the fakes in the industry, if u guys want that,stay tuned for Freddie Gibbs "A cold day in hell" coming out soon. "And I’ve got a few other joints where I’m gonna be addressing people. Certain !! just ain’t gonna slide and certain mother!!ers out here in the rap game gotta be punished. We gonna let them have it."

  • Anonymous

    So Eminem is doing the same thing he used to do all the time. Diss people or joke about them, while not meaning it, or never having anything against these people.

  • The New Version


  • laughing@u

    Maybe he would be hard if he just started smacking rappers...LOL. At the end of a day its a job, has nothing to do with being scared. Stop putting hip hop in a box. No one can grow, age, etc. The only genre once you hit 30's you're considered old. Get the fuck out of here. Go hop on the short bus with Waka, Gucci and the rest of those slow ass rappers.

  • laughing@u

    @Rick Ross the Bawse...really you think Rick Ross is nice, say no more... All of these comments are coming from idiots that think bullshit artists like Ricky Ross, Lil Wayne, Waka Flocka are nice. Eminem is still dope, he has just evolved as an artist. When he first came out he was hungry, broke, like most artist are. Once you make a few million of course your mindset will change. Obviously most of us cant can't relate. Talking about we lost the old Em...I would hope we all lost the old person we were and have grown within ourselves. This is why I hate hip hop sometimes, it includes dumbass people, fucking up the whole genre. Do yourself a favor and jump off a fucking bridge. We are already over populated as it is.


    bitch move by em if its all in fun why dont he diss bunch of ppl who can actually rap? like rappers? dude scared smh

  • Rachael Misek

    I had this like joke/ ha ha it was in my head/which one the top or the bottom? I had to share it with the world/ i might have done something more then joked. But that is for you to dcypher. I think Royce wins the big shorts award for that clip! :) Awesome shorts!

  • lav2k

    He's a studio gangsta like his mentor.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem compliments every artist the same now "He/she's dope" "You know, really talented"

  • lav2k

    What a bitch. Don't hide behind 'hip hop' slim. Stand by your guns. Why does he always go after female pop stars?

  • The Dominican Jamaican Hatian Asian

    Hiphopdx is on the Shady/Aftermath payroll. They can't deny it either. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

  • Guest

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8L1H660O30 Cali Breed - Barton Block

  • Almar

    Hypocrisy At It's Finest Folks.

  • nickel

    haha ya'll are stupid as shit.. he just made a joke based on all the rumours about her being a man.. it had nothing to do with her as an artist, so how did he contradict himself? its not like when he dissed NYSNC and was like "am i the only one who realises they stink?" he didnt say shit about gagas music smh people are so stupid

  • bug

    eminem needs to be on drugs again

  • anom

    i didnt know you could be funny in hip hop. who made the rules? i know none of you bustas on here did. this shit is classic procedure that hip hop craves on.

  • foursix

    are you guys idiots? he didn't contradict himself there at all. The "diss" was him saying she's a man whereas in the interview he was talking about her as an artist. You bunch of clowns.

  • Jose Vasquez

    Anyone notice that you couldn't comment on both Lupe's remarks on Obama? Just thought it was weird. Someone else pointed that shit out.

  • Brandon Nixon

    wtf i see no link or ne thing to get my facebook shit to show....godamnitt

  • nunya

    lmao he had to say thaat because they're labelmates...you ever here this dude apologize for cracking jokes and/or dissing? no...Jimmy got in dat ass...lmao.

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn't this guy do some reggae instead of selling all those millions of records about his mother!!

  • Anonymous

    "It's all hip hop"... I'm getting tired of that phrase. Like it's supposed to give you a pass for undermining me. Fuck that shit. These motherfuckers is pussy. Scared to back up their own words. He knows what he said. He knows why he said it. He knows the implications. And he knows the ramafications. So to try to avoid some "media-induced" beef he says, "It's all hip hop." Gimme a break. You can fool some people all the time. You can fool all the people sometimes. But you can't fool all the people all the time. He's bitchmade for this. Poppin' shit (again), then using a scapegoat for doing so. No points for this.

  • Anonymous

    people are so stupid.. even back when eminem dissed pop stars, he never meant it personally.. he always just said whatever that would rhyme and he found funny.. so em aint changed, you fans are just ignorant

  • Kalakuta

    This guy is as one dimensional as they come.

  • Anonymous

    eminem has been taking jabbs at other artists since the MMLP. no one ever takes him seriously when he does funny shit like that. he dissed fuckin michael jackson.. the king of pop. hes dissed pretty much every artist/ celebrity. no one gives a fuck. so to all yall haters, get off you computer and smoke a blunt. NO ONE CARES.

    • Willy

      What consequences are to be expected from dissing Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga? A bunch of homosexuals being angry at him? Perhaps a diss song aimed at him like Christina Aguilera did? So the dude made a joke about someone and thinks that the chick is an artist. Like this dude said. He used to diss Micheal Jackson. Do you think that Eminem thought that MIcheal Jackson was less of an artist? Jesus people are retarded.

    • Me

      I find it very funny that huge eminem fans call Lil Wayne and Drake and Young Money and others "commercialized". Wayne doesn't diss someone, then say he doesn't mean it to get attention. Neither does Drake, Young Money, Kid Cudi, Big Sean, the list goes on. Eminem disses like a bad***, but when it's time to step up and deal with the consequences(and after he gets his name in the news no less), he backs out like a p***y.

    • H4ZE

      as much as i hate rick ross lol. i gotta agree with what the dude is sayin. he would diss nsync and he meant it. now, he'll take a jab at kim kardashian or like this lady gaga shit and he always backs away from his statements.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      Your a fuckin idiot. In the past the guy used to diss people and would give a shit. Now all of a sudden artists, are dope after getting dissed. Everyone knows Feminem is all popish now. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yea

    dissing other artists wasn't always about starting beef. read an interview with some dude in xxl where everytime someone disses it's automatically beef. he was just fuckin around and having a good time doing what he loves. god forbid he isnt angry as shit at everyone anymore. hes almost 40...fuck it. call me a dickrider or whatever but thats what i think. take note that I didnt like relapse really at all and thought love the way you lie was shit along with the other sing songy shits on recovery. One more thing...for all you people talking about eminem staying true to all his lyrics, you also forget that he hated people taking everything he said literally. See the song "criminal."

  • RNr

    If your a real rapper you don't go in at pop artist's, it was just meshing hip hop with "pop". He was obviously never serious having apealed to that same fan base, while on the contrary us socalled underground heads do "hate" what's become of the mainstream.

  • Mumbles

    I know its out of place on this post but, has anyone noticed how there isnt a comment board available for either article with Lupe calling Obama a terrorist and Prodigy agreeing with him haha. just thought that was kind of amusing.

  • Money

    I hope everyone, that keeps ripping EM apart for "commercializing" rap, knows his newest album was done to make fun of all that crap that's being released these days; Drake, kid cudi, t-pain, ALL the BS crap that's out there... you are all ignorant. he didn't specifically say "sorry" to lady gaga, he just said she has talent... anyone hating on EM can go back to the truly "commercialized" crap they listen to... PLUS 99% of rap BLOWS!

  • Anonymous

    I heard lady gaga wrote some rhymes down and was about to go HAM on eminem so he backed out. Who had beefs to get more attention, eminem not 50. Who commercialised hip hop eminem, not young money. This my friends is the very man who he hated ten years ago.

    • rocknroll

      If your a real rapper you don't go in at pop artist's, it was just meshing hip hop with "pop". He was obviously never serious having apealed to that same fan base, while on the contrary us socalled underground heads do "hate" what's become of the mainstream

  • Anonymous

    Oh god eminem, it's as if everything you do now is a contradiction.

  • Jose Vasquez

    but judging from the picture on the homepage, I think Em fucking hates Gaga.

  • Jose Vasquez

    Damn, it's like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde up in that head of his now.

  • Anonymous

    ya'll gotta remember EM and Gaga are BOTH on Interscope records....

    • nunya

      that is the only reason he retracted...he got in trouble. Lady Gaga is just as important to Interscope as Eminem...no fucking denying that what so fucking ever mother fuckers.

  • Anonymous

    eminem you are a fucking faggot first dissing and then saying oh lady gaga is dope! Remember when you was dissing popstars and what are you now... a popstar

  • will the real slim shady plz stand up

    And amidst all this Crist' poppin and wristwatches I just sit back and just watch and just get nauseous and walk around with an empty bottle of Remi Martin startin shit like some 26-year-old skinny Cartman ("God damnit!") I'm anti-Backstreet and Ricky Martin with instincts to kill N'Sync, don't get me started These fuckin brats can't sing and Britney's garbage What's this bitch retarded? Gimme back my sixteen dollars All I see is sissies in magazines smiling Whatever happened to whylin out and bein violent? Whatever happened to catchin a good-ol' fashioned passionate ass-whoopin and gettin your shoes coat and your hat tooken? New Kids on the Block, sucked a lot of dick Boy/girl groups make me sick And I can't wait 'til I catch all you faggots in public I'ma love it.. (hahaha)

  • Anonymous

    That's how he keeps white America and average pop fan interested, by referencing pop icon's, he has brought a tremendous amout of comercialism to the game. I mean can you picture hip hop before 2001 - 2, it was a totally diferent place. All respects to people finding that great musical experience in eminem because i can relate, but to me it he has skills but it kind of sucks!

  • Reza

    Who remembers when Eminem said, "I'm gonna sit on top of the world and shit on brandy and mase"? I mean dude used to be against this pop shit, now he is pop. His whole album had pop artists in it. Rihanna is the New Brandy of Pop, and she's on his shit.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree , bet next time he will even be saying he likes bieber and hannah montana , he ain't that far off anymore , please somebody give eminem his drugs back , such a shame the old em will never return


    fuck the new eminem now he disses you and then he say oh yeah she is dope i like fuck out of here its stilllll shadyyyyyyyyyyy aftermathhhhhhhhh


    While NAMBLA is still skeptical about Eminem's motives for this, we do appreciate him bringing light to the current homosexual movement. If only the rest of his fans could open and appreciate this gay gay world we live in. Don't forget what happened during the civil rights movement of the 60's. We're still fighting the same battle for freedom today! Yours Truly, Richard Insumbut

  • Kenneth Thomas

    I'm beginning to think that the only adjective Eminem knows is "dope".

  • That Nigga In His Basement

    You all must be blind uninformed SHEEP! This is clearly the intitiation for Eminem and Lady GaGa to be accepted into the dark demon worshipping mountain climbing basket weaving academy of Emfeloff! There are such OBVIOUS signs from both of these evil puppets. First, notice Eminem says "she's an incredible talent." There was a pixar movie called The Incredibles. I personally believe it deserves a sequel instead of that bitch nigga movie, Cars. Cars rhymes with Mars. My 3rd grade science teacher once taught us where mars is in the solar system but I never listened and was usually distracted by her nice light skin booty. Eminem recently said he'd like to stick his dick in Nicki Minaj's booty. Any rational human being can see that these facts scientifically prove Eminem and Lady GaGa are merely puppets controlled by the elites who want to brainwash you all into worshipping the great dark lord demon koala bear of darkness and evil known as Recuvrywuzshyt! This is 100% accurate research and undeniable logic! Seek the TRUTH, you hopeless drones! WAKE UP!

    • djalj

      You speaking crazy right now, but I fully agree Incredibles needs a sequel

    • MAGNUM

      dude kill your self you have no life if thats all you do to get mofoz to respond to you man seriously look at your self in the mirror man real good for at least 30 mintues shave,take a shower,fix your hair, put on some fresh clothes (white tee excluded) go out and change your life or blow your brains out with a .44

    • TheMrPeacock

      That was one of the greatest things I have ever read!

    • JE$$IKA

      somebody missed the sarcasm.

    • vg

      I think its you who's trying to brainwash people. that was the stupidest thing I've read in a long time, so by him saying he wants to hit Nicki in the ass is demonic??? maybe its because she has a FAT ASS (fake anyway) makes him want to stick his Penis in her Anus.

  • lol

    looks like both of them fag shave there legs!

  • herewegoyo

    No doubt Em is talented but the race thing works both ways. If Em was black half the angsty white boys who suddenly became hip hop experts, and crowned him the best thing since sliced bread, wouldn't give him the time of day.

    • KDT

      @Anonymous Okay for a minute forget how strange Tech is and just listen to the lyrics and flow in his music. He has tremendous wordplay, and unlike Em (of these days), he doesn't explain every metaphor, leaving listeners to actually have to think about the music for a little bit. And his flow is just ridiculous. He can kill any beat whether it's slow, fast, a banger, or just a light beat to make a meaningful song to. I love Em but in my opinion Tech could definitely hang with, if not out do, Eminem on a track.

    • Anonymous

      yall are oc with that.... comparing tech nines skills on the mic?? dude walks around like the forgotten black member of icp and your wondering why he hasnt blown???? em blew cause he could SPIT THAT SHIT, AND HE GOT A CO_SIGN FROM DRE... how many of those other peeps had dre executive produce thier whole album?? theres a reason you ignorant niggers... dont be mad cause white boy can spit... if it wasnt for all these damn laws niggers would be gettin shot daily...




      no doubt Em is talented but yeah I agree with you on the race thing..EXAMPLE: artist like Tech nine, Brotha lynch hung, and even Royce are similiar to Eminem but he sells more , why? well we know the answer to that...

  • Lauderdale J

    Real shit, I'd rather go to a Lady Gaga concert before 95% of hiphop concerts. My ex suckered me into watching a Lady Gaga concert on HBO a couple weeks ago and yeh, she gives the fans every dollar's worth. Her fans leave those concerts not caring how many hundreds of dollars they just spent. She puts on a show; it ain't her lip syncing or running around screaming with 30 niggas co-signing on stage with microphones -- looking like a project corner on Friday night.

  • Gay Bro

    Eminem was BORN THIS WAY! Thank you for understanding out plight Eminem!

    • Fag Man

      That Eminem is such a MONSTER! I bet that glorious cock of his is too... Keep fighting for us Eminem!

  • Richard Jarrett

    Ok,,Em hasn't fallen off in fact s far as rapping and lyrics goes he has gotten even better no love with lil wayne was nuts you mite want to go back and listen and tell me he hasnt gotten better if you say he hasnt then stop listening to rapp please ..This is coming from a non em fan as well i jus love the music and he is putting out the best he had in years stan and all that was classic but honestly open your ers

    • Anonymous

      you pick one line from a song and its wack??there are people out that cant even put that line together in a full album. probably your favorite rappers cant even flip they way he did on that jont the whole industry has changed way more wack artist out there other then em..if he sucks then 99 percent of them do too..Its music if you dont like that shit cut an album and do better or shut the fuck up

    • hahhaha

      I never caught how lame that Monopoly board line is. Wow, the fact that he has to spell out the metaphor... "I dumb down for my audience And double my dollars"


      "I'm standing on my monopoly board. That means on top of my game!" -Eminem, "No Love" FACE IT. NO LOVE WAS WACK. FUCK IT, RECOVERY WAS WACK! Pop, rap, country, polka, whatever the fuck you wanna call that album. Stan, hater, or however the fuck you feel about Em. IT'S STILL WACK

  • Mighty One

    Blah Blah Blah i say anything for shock value because at the end of the day im the most overrated artist ever!

    • Anonymous

      Em is the GOAT because he's mastered every aspect of rap. I'd even go as far as to call him underrated because the remaining "hip-hop heads" like to group him in with wack rappers.



    • Anonymous

      mmmmm black underground rapper......you do realize that em was an underground rapper right. He did some shit with a now defunct label known as Rawkus. And in one interview he had earlier in his career he stated he didn't want to be an mainstream rapper.

    • Anonymous

      People would be ALL over his dick if he was some black underground rapper, but he's successful compared to the other guys who are talented but don't have what it takes to survive in the music business.

    • Anonymous

      He might be overrated by his fans, but he's under appreciated by people who're calling themselves hip hop heads.

  • Anonymous

    beside the hip-hop thing, how can you call lady gaga an artist ?? just because she's wearing weirdo dresses and make some weirdo video clips does not qualify her an artist ! otherwise my 4 years old lil cousin doing a drawing is an artist, or the dog making a poo right in the middle of the fuckin street is an artist what qualifiy an artist is a talent mixed with some originality. now some of yall might think lady gaga is talented because of her voice and have some originality because of here style but once again, it is up to anyone to do what she's doing. she's just pursuing what madonna did in pop culture : a lot of eccentricity and provocation. back in the days i believe some people had a real talent which revolutionized the art they performed into and deserve them to be qualified as artists : billy holiday, nina simone, muddy waters, the beatles, james brown, michael jackson etc i really feel sorry for the now generation praising lady gaga, bieber, drake etc cause the way art has been declined i can guarantee for sure it will grow some fucked up mentalities with some horrible tastes and for feminem diggin her im not surprised, this dude has always been wack ! the only reason some yall suckin on him since he started in this industry is because of dr. dre backing him up. i can name a list of mcs who destroy this mothafucka from a distance : pharoahe monch, scarface, biggie, kool g rap, ghostface killah etc. so stop chewing his dick like some of yall do it is not a matter of hate it is just a matter of fact faggots

    • Anonymous

      @dubz i cant argue with a dickrider feminem could rap with a hot potatoe in his mouth you would say he's the greatest same story with a gaga fan, gaga could sing the alphabet burping all the way through and he would reply about her unique voice im not here to argue with you cause i dont give a fuck bout your feelings toward my post, i just gave my thought on the subject feminem is wack end of the story

    • dubz

      wow this guy is dumb, you just finished saying that an artist is talent and originality.. well Eminem is def original(unless you can name me one mc that did or said anything like shady has on most of his records, and when it comes to talent well Eminem is praised for various aspects of his rapping technique by numerous other MCs – these techniques include: his varied and humorous subject matter, connecting with his audience, carrying a concept over a series of albums, complex rhyme schemes, his ability to bend words so that they rhyme, his use of multisyllabic rhymes, fitting many rhymes in each bar, complex rhythms, clear enunciation, use of melody,and syncopation. He is also known to write the majority of his lyrics down on paper, as documented in his book The Way I Am, as well as taking a few days or a week to craft lyrics, being a “workaholic”, and “stacking” vocals.

    • Anonymous

      Those rappers you named are good, but if you listen to all of Em's stuff you'll realize he's the best. Mastered every aspect of rap (he can be beaten in specific catagories but not overall.) You can disagree with the above but he's definatly not wack.

    • Anonymous

      @gay ass franko at least it shows that u can read

    • franko

      just finished reading this "novel" hatin' ass mothafucka

    • Anonymous

      em has rapped with 2 people on that list....


    thats what he do beef with pop stars and boy bands you see that lil wayne diss never came to light

    • Anonymous

      man ems entire no love verse was probably agasint lil wayne like when he said "yeah your verse was tight but um ima let you finish in a minute" Its subliminal lil wayne is just a dumb ass too understand that.

    • Willy

      I think the entire Recovery album is pretty much a diss towards the industry. Lil Wayne included.

  • Anonymous

    Damn y'all are some sensitive ass bitches towards Eminem. Slim Shady was in the past, Em has evolved now, accept it you Stans. Em is right about it being all fun and Hip Hop. If she's offended by it and makes something of this, then so be it. Otherwise, stfu.

  • Jesse Bermudez

    LoL this nigga is hella wack now... staright falling off.

    • Anonymous

      He's had rap songs since like '88. And released a crazy lyrical album in '96. Of course he's not going to be as good as he once was with such longevity, but he still could outshine 90% of rappers nowadays.

    • Paul David

      The first Anonymous is an idiot. TECHNICALLY, an artist's record sales have nothing to do with their skills. But it can also be seen as the amount of people that are feeling that particular artist at that point in time. To quote another one of the greats, "Men lie, women lie, number's don't!" Your argument is now null and void.

    • Anonymous

      ....................................................................willy your an idiot

    • Willy

      Growing up means falling off? Okay. Every hip-hop/rap artist that has EVER been in the game has fallen off. The fuck out of here.

    • Eminem

      I'm no nigger you crackerface

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^^^ GOT HIM!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Look em can't flow as good as he used to... therefore he fell off. Falling off doesn't include record sales, it is the wordplay that sets the mc apart form the rapper. AND trust me their is a difference between the two.

    • Willy

      Perhaps I don't know the meaning of the term "fell off". Does selling 8 million records the last year and having one of the most anticipated EP's in recent history define the term correctly? Yeah... With that logic... He fell off really badly. Silly retards.

  • wucash

    slim shady was 10years ago you idiots i think all haters need a grow up

    • G

      Man stut the fuck up! I'm no Shady hater but I ain't no Shady dickrider either. Maturity comes into play and that's why he throwin out that line about Lady GaGa. YOu contradict your whole fuckin point. Read the whole article before you comment you idiot.

  • Anonymous

    to the previous commenters...its called growing up...cant be on the same shit forever...maturity comes into play

  • Rick Ross the Bawse

    of course Feminem sellin out to sell his pop ass records. What happened to the Shady that used to not give a fuck. now he givin dap to that hermaphrodite bitch Gaga. Fuck him, like I been sayin to yall niggas for months, rapper Eminem been done for a minute, this nigga only now says shit to sell his pop records. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ^^ this guy knows what hes talkin about, unlike that rick ross fan. man ross dreams of bein able to rhyme like em and royce. but instead we get shitty rap songs like hustlin and bmf, tht only have a hook

    • Anonymous

      For all the idiots calling new eminem pop, Relapse and Hell the sequel are not pop. Recovery was too commercial yes, but lyrically he killed it and subject matter was great, so stop with the stupid arguements. More money in ems pocket = more money to promote slaugherhouse anyway

    • franko

      Coming from Officer Ricky... Epic Fail! Dumbass clown, who you snitched on recently?

    • Anonymous

      Yea he talked about lady gages dick to sell hip hop records ur right. Fuckin dumb ass retards here

  • Anonymous

    what happened to em? he used to diss the pop stars now he's shouting them out - even making songs with them! wow

    • Anonymous

      Nothing happened to Em. He's trapped in the shady industry of Music Business. He still doesn't give a fuck, but he knows now that he's gotta play his role, get his dough, build his empire and raise his daughter. I ain't his biggest fan/stan, i ain't no dickrider either. But he's realizes who controls the industry, and to go against 'them' would jeopordise his livelyhood, family's safety and his own life. Those who dare to NOT conform and just do their own thing (2pac, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix - just to name a few), got 'eliminated'. That's how sick 'they' are. If you don't know who 'they' are by now, stop thinking it's conspiracy, stop letting them blind you, go out and do some research. PEACE.

    • Anonymous

      What happened to him? LMAO. He became one of them.

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