Big Boi Describes Songs With Modest Mouse, Praises Mumford & Sons

Daddy Fat Sacks reveals a song title and explains how their collaborations sound.

Big Boi previously revealed that he put in studio time with Modest Mouse for three forthcoming tracks. While performing at Bonnaroo 2011, the OutKast member spoke with Fuse backstage and described the sound of the records, which stays true to the group’s sound but with a funk edge. 

“Sonically, what their fan base is used to. Just add a little edge of funk to it, really just having a jam session for five days with Isaac and Jeremiah and the rest of the band,” he said. “They wanted to come down to the planet of Stankonia and record and we had a good time. The songs are turning out great. I think they did one of the records at Sasquatch Festival, “Lampshades on Fire,’ that’s one of my favorite ones. But there are two more that people haven’t heard and it’s going down in a major way.”

He also elaborated on his love for Mumford & Sons, and why he gravitates towards the group. “It’s that banjo player, man. It’s that banjo player. They got some mean riffs over there. I love them,” he said. “I wish I could have caught them out here, but they run me back to Atlanta and keeping me on the road. I’ll catch them next time, but that banjo. Special Ed did it back in the day. A song called ‘Hoedown.’”

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  • micah dancy

    Truth you right nobody is better than Outkast they are the Greatest Rap Group Ever!!!!

  • Truth

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  • micah dancy

    Big Boi is a legend and andre 3000 is slowly coming back in the spotlight with dope verses from deuces remix and kesha remix and beyonce party song hell be back trust me Outkast is needed in this hiphop scene

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    big boi is really coming into his own with andre mostly out of the spotlight. I am genuinely surprised

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    Is anyone still checking for Big Boi?

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