Rappin' 4-Tay Explains Evolution From Player-Pimp Persona, "Still Standing"

The T.W.D.Y. veteran emcee speaks about giving fans what they want, despite being removed from his "Playaz Club" and "I'll Be Around" imagery.

San Francisco, California veteran emcee Rappin' 4-Tay has released his first album in four years in last month's Still Standing. The former Chrysalis Records star and friend of Tupac Shakur's spoke to DubCNN.com recently, about his new music and evolution past the pimp/player persona he made famous in the 1990s.

Asked about the challenges of making new music as a father and elder statesman of Rap, 4-Tay said, "Sometimes it's hard, because I'm not a pimp, but I do know how to narrate pimping. I'm a mack for life, don't get it twisted, but I have things in my life like fatherhood and having daughters, etc., so I needed to educate myself on what kind of music to put out there to the world." The man whose two biggest hits are 1994's "I'll Be Around" and "Playaz Club" continued, "[Fans] look at me and they're looking for the video vixens and that's a part of it, but I like the messages and I like to just make the people move on the dance floor. That's my thing."

Read Rappin' 4-Tay's full video interview with DubCNN.com here.



  • Anonymous

    One of my favorite flows/voices all time. dude is smooth. Just wish he would use different producers sometimes

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  • Anonymous

    4 Tay is def an overlooked artist that you young bucks should have been checked out already. Get off that kreashawn and lil b and go peep some realness. I'll be around and players club straight up classics. I'm feelin his positivity and talkin on unification.

  • Anonymous

    Big pimpin fo life nigga , lets get it

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