J. Cole Reveals Album Cover For "Cole World: The Sideline Story," Due September 27th

UPDATE #2: As part of his weekly "Any Given Sunday" series, the Roc Nation rapper unleashes his album cover.

J. Cole has revealed that he has finished recording his Roc Nation debut and plans to put out the album in “three months,” or in September. Taking a break from performing at the Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival, the Fayetteville, North Carolina rapper explained that he’s not excited about having to wait to put out the album.

“The only thing I’m not looking forward to about the album... I just finished the album last week,” he said. “It’s weird. It didn’t feel like it because I’ve got to wait three months for it to actually come out. I’m used to putting out a mixtape I’ve been working on for a year and instantly see the response. I can instantly follow everybody’s response to all the songs.”

With the instant responses from releasing mixtapes, J. Cole isn’t content with sitting back. “With this album, when you gotta release it commercially, I gotta sit around and wait and see what people think,” he continued. “I know it’s incredible, but I probably won’t really feel it until that two-week period when an album usually leaks and I see the responses, or the day it drops and I see the responses. I’m excited, but the real excitement comes when the people hear it.

[June 10]

UPDATE: J. Cole has tweeted the title of his upcoming solo debut, Cole World: The Sideline Story, due September 27th. HipHopDX has confirmed with a label rep.

Cole World: The Sideline Storyless than a minute ago via UberSocial Favorite Retweet Reply

[June 21]

UPDATE #2: Instead of releasing new music like in previous weeks, J. Cole has unveiled the cover art for his upcoming label debut Cole World: The Sideline Story. Check the album art below.

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  • TumblrsFinestNyc

    i really like this one from j.cole but check this out.. A very Fine Collection Of Rap, Hip hop,Movie Poster Cover Art..With Stunning Graphics.. Its for The Love Of Movie,Hip hop/Rap/R&B,Graphics,Album Art,Music,And Urban Lifestayle,Plz Enjoy

  • Hip Hop Head

    He kept the album cover simple.

  • Anonymous

    i dont know anything about j cole except he is on rocnation so therefore he is a freemason puppet so this j bird bitch http://soundcloud.com/this-j-bird-bitch if you like hip hop and unique music check me out hopefully will have albums up on etzy for sale soon (you know i'll only charge like 5 cents if that)

  • Anonymous

    He's dressed like a 10 year old.

  • King of Kingz

    Ohhh yee....about buying the album... if you grew up during the 90's, y'all dont remember standing outside your local record store waiting for that to open? The excitement? If it wasn't all that good tahts what it was...you eitehr a fan or not... Remember: 3 albums.... 1 for the Crib 1 for the Whip and 1 for plastic - coz its a classic (Courtesy of Memphis Bleek - LOL) Love that line!

  • King of Kingz

    All of you who read my comment below and agree...Appreciate it. I mean...i aint just saying this coz i been a Cole fan since day one...moreover, i been a Hiphop Fan since day one. Now sure if you like a record jsut for what it is...then pffff...do wat u gotta do...BUt HipHop been on the backburner thanks to corporate restructure and Pop music. And we are losing this real shit that started this HipHop culture. Everybody who dissing the promotional work...blame RocNation. I aint read a damn interview with jay Z talking about his First rapper dropping his first album on RocNation. Maybe im reading the wrong shit...or not finding it...But you know im always on this shit...So Blame "The Roc" for that. In terms of album cover - art work....this dude is being HIM. He doing whatever he wants, and hopefully ppl like it, maybe they don't, but he is doing HIM. And that's what HipHop is about. Same reason why Afrika Bambaataa came out looking like george in the Jungle, same reason grand master flash dressed like Prince in a YMCA video, same reason LL rocked the Kangool, Same Reason Pac dressed like a rebel soldier with Tatts everywhere. Y'all she be happy an artist is doing HIM. Shit don't need to be flashy, extreme, it gotta be real. Can you imagine Jayz all tattoed up?? And to "Anonymous", you know Nothing about hiphop if you think it all about which duo is stacking more dough. Wayne can come out with a 100 tracks a month, feature every1 of those young money clowns, it wouldnt make a difference. Quality OVER Quantity nigga! Don't look at what a dudes wearing before he drops his first album....LOL..- young bustaz! I rather a nigga stay simple than walk on the scence like a chimpmunk clown, wearing more jewellery and shit than his body can support! COLE - You beeter not dissapoint....and JAy do something for your 150mill!!

  • JayTeeFreeze

    Yall are trippin.. how can you crtique music that was given out for free? of course this dude aint gon drop some amazing beats for some free music.. you save ur bullets for the bulls eye. as for the cover It is what he is.. real ass hip hop, not artistry or ballet.. hes a damn rapper.. its a hip hop cover... Workout didnt suck it was just different nigga just tried somethin new.... if a nigga can make a song wit just a base line and whispering and it becomes a hit, dont tlk to me about production. I'm buying the album.

  • Kartinger

    All of the promotion for this LP has been awful so far, interviews, album cover, title, radio singles, the whole Jay verse thing. I hope to god it's not an indication of the quality of the music.

  • Anonymous

    So Eminem has Yelawolf, Kanye has Big Sean, Lil Wayne has Drake, and Jay Z has J. Cole?? So far Lil Weezy the only cat making mad stacks from his artists.

  • NOPE

    Cole needs to learn how to dress the part. He looks like a jock on that cover and jocks don't look hip-hop. The Fresh Prince has more swag than this dude. And that logo is soft as hell. Back to the lab for real.

    • ero

      Noting the sports reference in the title 'the sideline story' I feel his apparel is appropriate in this situation. But you still gay as fuck for making that comment tbh...#imjustsayin

    • Porlimper

      Since when did looks matter? Don't like listening to an artist you can't jerk off over eh?

  • Anonymous

    You so called underground artist like Cole (kinda) need to stop being so gaddamn arrogant and study the cats that came before you. Just because a rapper went mainstream doesn't mean you have nothing to learn from them. They went mainstream because their music tapped into a lane that makes A LOT of people want to keep listening to them. Cole's radio singles are horrible, it has NOTHING to do with Jay Z's co-sign or not. On top of that Jay put this kid on a MAJOR release, BP3.

  • Victor Cruz Perez

    I really hope this album does well. Either way he's dope cause those mixtapes were better than most mainstream rappers albums, but I just wanna see him become a legend in this next decade. J.Cole PLEEEASE don't sell out, and if you DO (cause come on, you have to a little in order to stay relevant in the mainstream arena) do it in a way that's dope. Like "Dirt off your Shoulders" and "In Da Club" were hits, but not at the expense of the artists integrity. "Candy Shop" and "Lollipop" were...JUST DON'T RELEASE SONGS WITH CANDY RELATED THEMES!

  • Martin James

    this cover is seriously not dope..... disapointed.. the name of the album isn't the best eiether.... something is telling me j. cole is never gonna live up to his potential considering the beats he picks at times.. kendrick lamar>j. cole

    • fee

      while i think the cover isnt nearly as bad as everyones saying (i think games album cover is a true example of a hideous cover), and i like the name, kendrick lamar in my eyes has the best album of 2011 in section 80. cole gotta do better than section 80

  • Anonymous

    All I know is that Jay-Z better be on this album. Not cause I think he's the illest rapper alive, but cause of the fact that he was on Drake's debut album. He better have the decency to give his damn signee a verse!

  • Anonymous

    Gonna cop Cole World regardless. Been a real fan since Day 1. The hate can go on but I won't listen.

  • Da1


  • Da1


  • King of Kingz

    PLZ PLZ PLZ all fans of Cole....Don't be Assholes and cop this shit off tha net for free. Support a nigga tryna make it and BUY tha album. For years, months, weeks and days we sit behind our computers, sheltered, havin'tha balls do diss the game, and finally a dude come along that MOST people are excited about. So NO Piracy maaan, support tha dudes sales, bring him to tha top, prove all them radio stations, LTV (Lame TV = MTV), and those other major label muthafuckaz....LEt tha Fasn speak out and let tha world know, WE Run THiS SHIT!!!!!

    • T.B.

      We all recognize real hip-hop, and J. Cole represents that in my opinion. He has already given us crack after crack after crack for free. Why not go and support him. Even if the album isn't as good as we want it to be, we should support based on his whole body of work. I haven't paid for music in years, but I'm buying this nigga's shyt.


      Everybody has great points, but define a sell out. Doing music with Justin .B or lil wayne, or even and R&B singer is not a sellout.(not saying thats what you said). Some people forget thats HipHop is way of living, and you have to make money. A sellout out to me is an artist that is not creative and has no passion. If you have those two things then by all means make Radio music cause you must get paid, I dont want to my fav. rappers broke and poor then they will sellout. Gucci mane is a sellout to me either cause he never been a deep/ lyrical rapper. He has always been Gucci. and I will buy J.cole album when it drops I Promise maybe three.

    • Anonymous

      Im driving 30 minutes to my local best buy and coppin this shit. I been a J Cole fan since I heard him freestyle on Green Lantern's radio.

    • gnrltrz

      WORD, i agree with ya both I think real hip hop fans should definitely purchase an artist album off the gate especially if you a fan, downloaded the free mixtapes, and 80% plus of there music has been on point, NOt to say if my boy got it for me the day it drop i won't jus copy it but i've still been known to pay for it after the fact if its bangin, however and one recent disappointment, WEEKEND AT BURNIES, probably would've been happier just copying it. PLEASE DON'T DISAPPOINT COLE!!!!

    • Mike Meraz

      Srry man, but I'ma hear the album be4 buying it. I downloaded Lasers, B.O.B's debut, Wale's debut, ect..saved myself from contributing to sell outs. I love Cole, he's my fav rappr right now, but u never know nowadays..rapprs sell theyre souls quick for some cash, although we have yet to see if it's some pop garbage, the chance is still there... With Cole I think that chance is less than %10 because he is the realist emcee in tha game right now..COle WOrld!!

    • Anonymous

      what a moralistic champ, but he's right, we should cop the digital copy from itunes at the very least

  • Marcel

    Just about a month away from the release. So excited! And the Any Given Sunday drops is just building up the excitement more.

  • call me li

    the cover is fine. red bar just goes with the color theme. he needs to show his face and thats what he's doing. the music will make the cover seem great. relax yall.

  • Phil Paddock

    let it out early then haha.

  • Mike C

    I like this cover it means a lot you guys aren't looking deep enough. 9/27

    • fee

      what would you want for an album cover? i think it would be better if cole was on the bench of an actual court next to the coach with peple playing ball in the foreground, but i like the cover

    • LOL...

      "He's sitting on a bench in a locker room, because its The Sideline Story. Please. Tell me what I'm missing." LMAO pretty much hit the nail on the head.

    • Anonymous

      anybody that disagrees with you always gotta be a hater or "missing something" righ? smh. he's sitting on a locker room bench. stfu

    • Anonymous

      He's sitting on a bench in a locker room, because its The Sideline Story. Please. Tell me what I'm missing.

    • Anonymous

      so what does it mean exactly?

  • Obi Patrick

    Cosign all the comments, this looks like a mixtape cover than a debut album cover, it could've been a little bit more artistic to suggest it's a compelling story about his life...

  • Anonymous

    could have been something more remember-able for the type of success that he's going for. Just sitting in a locker room? You could have at least looked depressed while people are playing and you're riding the bench, or sitting in the crowd or some. HONESTLY, im surprised he doesn't have a mascot like his idol, Kanye

  • None of Your Bidness

    Man...the singles, the video, the cover...J.Cole...I'm already disappointed. Maybe I had these inflated expectations of what this guy was about to do in the game. His mixtapes were good, but as I've been excited for the album I've gone back and listened to em' all, also the "Any Given Sunday" songs...the more I listen the more I begin to realize...most of his songs sound the same, the production is pretty straightforward...nothing special. I'm still buying the album, but I'm hopin' it doesn't sound the same as his mixtapes...lyrically yes, production wise...no.

    • Ladi

      Every review I've read, all they talk about is his production. Read AllHipHop's review

    • Yaboii

      Friday Night Lights was the best by far. That had a variety of beats that were actually distinct. Only thing I'm not feeling is that Red Bar next to Cole World. That follows that Blue Print 3 Conspiracy stuff like that makes me wonder.

    • Warmf

      ^ ive read all the reviews and i didnt read anything about crazy production. the review werent even about that. i think thats just your personal wish based on the reviews.

    • Ladi

      Have you seen the album reviews? They say production wise, it's crazy

    • Anonymous

      thats what happens when you have too many groupies that hype a rapper up as the next 2pac with no album out. cole would probably be on big sean's level right now if his stans didnt sabotage him by portraying him as the second coming. naturally people expected magic. i think cole is like wale, a decent rapper who has room for improvement. but he is not on drakes level, let alone wayne's level, letalone nas or 2pac's level. but ill support dude.

  • Anonymous

    they delayed coles album because they thought he was going to be one of the big rappers who sells 500k in the first week. Kinda unfortunate that he never really took off like that. Hopefully he can do a solid 130-150k first week though.

  • Anonymous

    so he's 27 year old high school senior. so what

  • Anonymous

    the singles were very bad to me. so far not buying this album. he should have taken advantage of those leaks instead of getting his groupies to beg the blogs to censor them sd if he's a vet in the game. maye i would have changed my mind had i actually listened to the lost ones or cheer up. Just backward promotion for someone that is new to the game. when one song leaks you run with it...you dont take it off the internet. especially on your first album. really ethered himself in that aspect. i think cole is in desperate need of a PR


    Lil Weezy > J Cole hahaha

  • Lenny

    Looks more like a mixtape cover than an actual album cover. Guess it falls in with the Warm Up and Friday Night Lights themes

  • sweaew

    cover is not bad just 13 songs though he should have went with a full classic of 17

  • Anonymous

    album cover is weak. i like cole though but havent heard anything off the album that made me want to purchase it.

  • Young Champ

    Looking Forward to this album, I like the cover, i had a different version for it, but it's all good. Cole knows what he's doing. Sept 27 is shaping up to be a good release day, J.cole, Big KRIT, and Phonte dropping, Can U say Real Hip Hop

  • Anonymous

    What's with fucking rappers comin out with the corniest album covers? A locker room bench? Seriously? This shit just gonna be for highschool kids smh.

  • Ramiro

    September 27 is gonna be a good day. I got my money on Evidence's Cats and Dogs though.

  • cole world

    Who gives a fuk about the album cover.... ITS ABOUT THE MUSIC YOU SAD CUNTS

  • ddrock

    im a cole fan but he needs to get off this high school sports shit

  • Anonymous

    How the FUCK is this news? This fuckin site is gettin wacker by the day!

  • Anonymous


  • dopee

    WTF why all u jayz big ass lips jigga hating on this cover.. its much better then SEEING JAYZ FAT LIPS ON THE COVER... RESPECT COLE..

  • jay

    wow! very creative! #fail

  • dummies

    its a story you dummies,..in the locker room . on the bench,. he said all his albums gonna be part of a series "cole world side line story, next oone rookie of the year or something. its a theme ,.. damn nicca's is stupid these days.

    • still...

      still coulda had a better cover though. Coulda had some illustrated shit, somethin' a little more creative. Kanye's first album was college dropout...however the cover wasn't a picture of him standing in the admissions office filling out drop slips...this cover = #FAIL

  • dr phil

    Deluxe Cover?, no one gives a fuck about the cover but most albums have good album covers ..illmatic,ready to die,reasonable doubt, blueprint,only built for cuban linx,atliens,marshall mathers lp, + MORE but i dont wanna overrate this album ,just incase it isnt isnt that good, but it SHOULD BE DOPE.

  • joe

    Yall are garbage fo real, i seriously dont give a fuck about the album cover, all i care about is the sick tracks i know NO other rapper is gonna put out...j cole, kendrick lamar, electronica, boii big KRIT, only ones puttin out the realness out there.fuck an album cover

  • R.C.

    definitely wasn't expecting this for a cover. Cole could've did way better. friday night lights had a classic cover. every classic album has had a classic timeless cover and this is not one. hope the album is dope though.

  • Anonymous

    What a generic ass cover lol, and some of you herbs are talking about "BEAST!!" smh ...

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      ^actually everything does trend on twitter. just the other day vanilla ice was trending. thats not something to btag about. its like bragging about having a million followers even tho you only sold 90k. twitter is not an accurate way of measuring popularity. especially when alot of people follow people they dont even like just so they have something to talk about. hate to break your heart.

    • Ladi

      Everything trends on twitter? Are you retarded? I'd go in on you, but I don't diss the mentally disabled.

    • Anonymous

      everything trends on twitter you fucking idiot. that's not an achievement. and workout is not performing great on youtube. Just saying get your facts straight and stop giving your favorite rappers false accolades.

    • Brooklyn

      ace hood had more buzz and J Cole has an actual fan base who strongly believe in him. Im a big Cole fan and i say he does 60,000 his first week

    • Rival X Jordan

      Anonymous...That's stupid ass comment. Cole World going shit on albums. The cover is simple...but that's a good thing.

    • Ladi

      That's why Cole was trending WORLDWIDE last night right? That's why Cole has gained 200000 likes on Facebook ever since Work Out came out? foh



  • joe5286

    Not a fan of the album cover, and the basketball schtick is getting old - love his rapping abilities though

  • Jefferey Mason


  • R.C.

    idk about yall but i got a feeling this album is gonna be somethin special. i cant even remember the last time somebody dropped a classic album...well kanye MBDTF is a classic but for somebody new to drop a classic hasnt happen in awhile. in my opinion the come up and the warm up are both classic mixtapes. friday night lights also...it coulda easily been a 5 mic album. cant wait for the project.

  • LastWordMobster

    http://www.datpiff.com/LAST-WORD-CLIQUE-Old-School-Feel-New-School-Chill-mixtape.242218.html Cole World! Check out some real shit ^^^^ you dig Cole, prob gonna dig this

  • Mike Meraz

    J.Cole and Blu? Can't wait to hear they're albums, favorite two in the game right now... I just hope J.Cole doesn't go all PoPish like Wale, B.O.B, Lupe, Em and EVERYONE is doing nowadays... Stay True, Cole World!! I already know Blu won't go out like that so I'm not worried.. But Cole please keep doing what you been doing..

  • Anonymous

    Jay z is an idiot, why do all his artist suffer? Beanie? Freeway? Youing GunnerZ? Nopw Jay Cole? His album should have been out waaayyyy back, and I wouldent be surprised if it got further delayed! Jay Cole, once this album is released, go independent because Jay Z only likes to see one person succeed...himself. Fuck Jay Z



    • saint

      but really, taylord is right, Cole does always look like he is about to cry.

    • NANDO


    • itchTHEscratch

      you whack bro, wiz can't hang he's just on some simple shit.. fuck outta here.

    • Ado Cob

      Wiz is wack. He's as deep as kid's pools go. How many times can you make a song about the same fucking thing until the idiots who eat that shit up realize? Dude was cool on B.A.R and before, but he's just a marketing gimmick now.

    • Vegard Møller

      Wiz is nice, but Cole is in another league.

  • Angel Xavier De Peña

    Joe Budden >>>>>>> J. Cole This album is gonna be wick wick wacccckkkkk! #WorkOutFAIL

    • Troy

      National minorities are really RACIAL MAJORITIES!

    • habberdashing

      You're comparing a pony to a lesbian. And are you seriously bringing up Rosie O' Donnell and tying her to a bus? How ironic is it that a hippopotamus can swim, but a camel can't. Further proof that Jay-Z can not, in fact, swim.

    • Ado Cob

      You're comparing apples and oranges. And are you seriously bringing up one song and tying it to the entire album? How ironic is it that a minority is generalizing, you of all people should be against that.

  • Mike

    Great title plus date!

  • Eddy.

    Classic is an over-used word these days, there are less than 20 genuine Hip Hop classics. I feel this could be one.

  • Wes Wes

    I really don't see what the big deal is about j Cole . Don't base his talents just off return of simba" why is he trying to please everybody? Just put out what's in you.. His production is niiice though . Don't get me wrong, I'll be looking out for this album.

    • Mike Meraz

      You should listen to the 3 mixtapes he got out, excluding the come up...and you'll realize that "Return Of simba" wasn't even all that..Cole World!@

    • Vegard Møller

      Lost Ones > Joe Buddens career

    • Angel Xavier De Peña

      Joe Budden >>>>>> J. Cole

    • This Guy...

      "Don't base his talents just off return of simba." One of the funniest things I've heard in a while... You shouldn't base your judgment off of one song which just came out not too long ago.

    • ssssssssssss

      return of simba????really.go swallow some dicks you bitch.i hate niggas who take the time to speak on rap when they obviously dont know what the fuck is going on.playing "pretty boy swag" full blast in his momma's basement.go drink some drano

    • Anonymous

      Do your homework guy

  • TheyBurnedMe

    J. Cole is one of the best in the game right now cuz he spits shit that ppl can actually relate to, like relationships, insecurities, struggles. He's intelligent, and he can still make a diss track like Jigga back in the late 90s. He's got the potential to make it big and i'll be glad if the world actually listens to REAL music 4 once. I hear shit like Return of Simba and i know aint nobody fuckin with Hollywood Cole

  • Anonymous

    used to be the man, now u jus like the rest of em. come hard again.. come up days how i miss em

    • LordLamickTheEmperor

      Trip, if you think Cole changed in a bad way. I been listening to dude since the Come Up, that tape was raw in that it wasn't mature enough but it was still a great tape. Once the Warm Up came you could tell dude was hitting higher levels, but all from the same raw talent he showed from Come Up. Since then, he's gotten better with every Mixtape - Blow Up and FNL - showing how he's mostly concerned with the lyrics but being a producer too, he's been getting better at making great sounding music in terms of the beat, is there a hook, the sample etc, and he's doing it without making the lyrics dumber. He's not even going for popcorn beats, so go ahead give up on Simba, end of the day nigga finna claim everything the light touches.

  • DontHate

    If your favorite artist is Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne then dont read stories about J.Cole! Listen to Return of Simba. "All my ’90s niggas is gon’ get it 18 and under, that’s prolly gon’ take a minute"......Simply Put!!! Respect good music and listen to what your simple mind can comprehend! J.Cole is modern day poet! Some of your dont even know what he means "Playing Russian Roulette with a full clip, Foolish!"....Any idea? I guess right NO!...This guy is a college grad trying to give the young kids hope to escape the tough so called "Trap Life"...Wake Up Guys.. Cole World!!

  • doubtersShutUp

    This album will shut the J. Cole doubters up!

  • Keef Sweat

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFclmZkF6iE go here!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFclmZkF6iE go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFclmZkF6iE go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFclmZkF6iE go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFclmZkF6iE

  • da1

    Yeah he's lyrical and hopefully he'll move some units but it's just something about his voice and delivery that just sounds boring to me. Don't get me wrong he is one of the most lyrical "MC's" in the game but he just doesn't strike me as Crossover platinum selling artist, people are claiming he's gonna be.

  • eazystr33t

    Cole is the real deal please support this dude. He is 1 of the only people putting out quality music. i deserves the peoples money, not a download.

  • ....

    j. cole - work out j. cole - cheer up j. cole - lost ones i think these tracks will be on the album.. j. cole on green lanturn (behind the scenes) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSk2ySmojTA CHECK THE BEAT AT THE END, think its elite, the white guy who's with j. cole best beat id heard in a while

  • Mandy Sandy

    yeah, u niggaz betta grab ur mittenz, scarvez and jacketz cuz it'z gon b a cole world. j cole iz da realest young rappa out rite now. he gon lite diz game up. u bitchez gon shit ur pantz when diz album comez out. RNGMB BITCH!

  • Abshir Bile

    this about to be some reaaall shiittt

  • dc_reppin

    Cole is dope but hes kept us waiting way too long for that damn album. never really thought big sean of all people would drop before him...lets hope he for real this time

  • Meh

    With 'Work Out' as the lead single? I don't know...

  • aarontodavis

    been a Cole fan since da warm-up..he's quickly became one of my fav's.Im lookin out for his albulm and Jon Connor's (even tho dat wnt be as big as Cole's).Those r my new 2 favorite artist

  • Anonymous

    http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/0/9vi4NFbxXSg WHEN YOU ENTER MY LATIN QUARTERS..GET YOUR HEAD BLOWN OFF INTO A MUSICAL MASSACRE, NO BEATNUTS ON THE BEAT GOING NUTS http://www.youtube.com/user/305ilovemia#p/u/1/EEvorFA5_Ow GET LACED

  • Truth

    Ok i can see a dozen of delays in the future.... & if he really wanted all eyes on him with the album he should off named it Reasonable Doubt PT.2

  • J.T.

    Really hope this doesnt disappoint me. I wont anoint this guy a king or legend but i think hes better than all the young rappers in mainstream we have today. better than big sean, drake etc. Its a long time to actually get the album and it wont be in the summer..Good or Bad, i hope its worth the wait

  • No Bullsh!t

    I Call J.Cole 500 Cuz He's Half A Jigga

  • Jesus

    J.Cole. if you wanna do something where you can push your little album out whenever. do what Tech N9ne did and go "mainstream" while being Independant. that way. you can put your gay little album out. i aint gonna front Return of simba was the hottest shit i'v heard from you. and Return of simba wasnt even that hot. if you're album is any good. i'll become a Cole fan. til then STFU.

  • R.C.

    these are some of track titles floatin aroun the net... WHO DAT NEVER TOLD WET DREAMS WONT BE LONG LIGHTS PLEASE BLOW UP LOST ONES GINA now i knew a few songs are from the warm up and friday night lights so idk if theyre still gonna be on the album or not. i hope not. i hope who dat doesnt make the album either.

  • these niggas

    All i got to say is this. i know yall heard return of simba...Just imagine whats on the album!!!

  • sean perez

    "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" Postedjust now Reply To This Comment Error Submitting Comment Got an account with one of these? 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  • crack hoe tyricia BK

    J.cole keep doin your thing man should be a classic i know that for sure,if you see jay-z tell him he owe 20 for that blow job i gave him in a park in 89

    • Duke snyder

      u a punkass rockhead bitch thinkin Hov gonna give yo ass any $$. u dont dserve shit, im sure he's gotten better oral frm Beyonce. Its the R-O-C!!

  • we

    yall mofos mad cuz it droppin in september its still gonn be hot in September unless u livin in alaska

  • truth

    j cole is thinking about this too much he is too worried bout how his sales r going to be if he doesnt release his single this month then his album wont never go to stores.

  • someone he who tells the truth

    J. Cole is raw, his album will be one of the best albums to drop this year and that is the truth. BUT the only thing I'm worried about is his sales like if he don't sale enough people goin hate and that doesn't look good to his label, and let's be honest here that shit he said about the leaking period 2 weeks early is absolutely true everybody shit gets leaked now hip hop or pop or any fucking genre. I just hope this dude J. Cole has a long career cause he is really good.

  • Andy

    All the hate.!! This album is actually gonna be the best hiphop album that has been released i'n the last few years.! I no it.! Friday nite lights was some of the nicest shit I have heard.!! To me he is the best producer/rapper out.! His beats are too real

    • Anonymous

      hate hate hate hate im a bitch haters im a bitch who cant make a point hate hate if you disagree with me youre a hater if youre honest your hating hating hating. ^ please go take a critical thinking class and your local community college. I havent read one comment with this "hate" youre speaking. All ive read is people telling the truthg that j.cole has made multiple claims that have not materialized... and therefore shouldnt talk anymore. I guess to a bias ass stan like you who cant articulate an argument the only way to discredit it is to label it as hate. go fuck yourself.

  • CLM83

    what am I talkin about? Beats. Stupid!

  • NJ

    People seriously saying this is late?! The guy has given us three brilliant mixtapes in less than 4 years and has an album (Which i'm confident will be brilliant) coming out a year later. 90% of you bums are only gonna dwnload that shit from Pirate Bay or Dopehood anyway. Modern day Hip Hop fans = awful.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, I wouldnt call the come up or the warm up albums that got the big 'no' FNL is a bit debateable, but if he was able to release some of the really dope songs for free "blow up" etc. then I have no doubt the album will be crazy

    • Anonymous

      I agree with most of what you said but let's not forget that those "mixtapes" are basically albums that got the thumbs down.

    • ThoroughBred

      I cosign with that nigga

  • CLM83

    Whats a "Young Money"? Naw, I like J Cole "Return of Simba" "How High" sum quality Hip Hop, hard 2 believe he with young money. Hope he has good production.

  • Anonymous

    ALL THE ANTI YOUNG MONEY PEEPS, please support this dude cd. You HATE on Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. PEEPS say Cole is the truth. Support him! Buy his cd legally or STFU!

  • Cole World

    People acting like he didnt give us a quality album last year with FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! this mixtape was better than niggas' albums!! Better know he's gonna DELIVER a classic!!

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, mane. I dunno! Cole is DOPE but it just feels like he is 25 years too late. Had he talked about just wanting his music to be heard, I wouldnt stress it. But he has mentioned several times that he wants to be a MAJOR artists, meaning he wants to sell records. Problem is, hip hop dont sell anymore. You darn near gotta be a COON to sell records. Remember the BET awards? People didnt know what to do with themselves with someone actually RAPPING on stage, LOL.

  • Anonymous

    i would love a cole banks collab!!

    • Anonymous

      i gotta disagree with yall that said that wont happen there's a possibility banks said j. cole is rising up and both are respected by each other i can't imagine it really but it'd be tough if they do

    • dr phiil

      Banks & Cole are 2 of my fav rappers but i dont see that ever happening only Jay-Z is supposed to be on that album but i hope jay electronica gets a feature along with nas or canibus idk im fine wit just jigga on tha album

    • call me li

      "i be getting love from g-unit niggas" -the come up might happen

    • Anonymous

      lol yea, no thanks...cole n more erykah badu would be dope tho

    • kv

      I think you're alone on that one there, little buddy.

  • illmaticbridge

    I really wanted this album to come out in the summer... "cold world in the summa brings snow flurries." well personally i consider "summer" done when september first hits... j cole really shoulda kept his mouth shut. lil disappointed but atleast i know its coming soon... unless this turns in to this last fall hopes for a release somehow

    • Illmaticbridge

      You can calm down with your capitalized ranting... I can assure you I'm going to go to the store and buy the album he is my favorite rapper out right now, I'm just saying I was hoping it would be before September, I thought it was dropping last fall and here we are almost a year later I'm still gonna buy it so



  • Anonymous

    seriously dude should just stop talking.

    • Anonymous

      ^ classics are spur of the moment, same frame of min(D) ideas? You need a dictionary badly.

    • Josh

      Lol na whos put out a classic after makin us wait this long, classics are spur of the moment, same frame of mine deals, not the left overs from 4 mixtapes.

    • KicKinKnowledge

      Yea iiight. . and When the album drop Its gonna be the best thing that came out in the last decade. . .Dumb ass niggas. . Cole a Rookie and he's generatin a buzz with the real hip hop heads. . . I know my hip hop, and Cole about to take the game. .

    • FrenchP

      its funny youre calling people faggots after telling another man you could listen to him talk for hours. And why cant j.cole fans ever construct an argument with claiming everybody is either a hater or a wocka flocka fan. j.cole has been making empty promises so I agree he should just stop talking. enough with the dickriding.

    • Granit

      lmao are you kidding me.. I can listen to him talk for hours. He is a genius.. Way better than what you listen too.. ( soulja boy and waka flaka).. Faggot.

  • Anonymous

    what happened to the summer is mine.

  • Anonymous

    What will be interesting is how the public react to a debut solo album in the year of Duo/Group releases. Em/Royce Jay/Ye and potentially Wayne/Drake

    • Anonymous

      hip hop is hip hop....i could care less bout duo or solo, long as its sum sick shit bangin in my whip n headphones i'm strait. Pharaohe monch's album that dropped this yr. is dope too. overlooked I kno....jus thought I'd mention it anyway cus its worth it.

    • ASEE

      Yeah. Also, Pete Rock and Camp Lo, Premier vs. Pete Rock, Bis and Keith Murray, krs and bumpy, Large Pro and Neek, and I know I'm forgetting a bunch.

  • mcmastermind

    He spits fire, should be good. Boom!

  • Alex Mendoza

    really hope he's not going detox on us haha

  • Bob

    At this point he should stop talking until he drops his single.

  • Kevin

    Yo, I finally cleared all the shit from my credit reports, getting out of that gutter for the first time in 5 years. Got that loan for a brand new Mustang finally, If any of y'all got any sort of credit problems, call 877-667-4052. They do all the work for you, and got me clean in 3 months for 40 bucks. My homie's stuff was worse than mine, and they cleaned him up too, amazing shit! Ring them up!

  • Josh

    When ur this hot err'bodys a critic.

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