Cam'Ron Addresses Rift With Just Blaze

After the producer revealed that the two had a falling out, Killa Cam explains that he was unaware the two had beef.

A few weeks back, Just Blaze revealed that him and Cam’Ron had a falling out after a heated argument following a studio session. Now, the Dipset member is providing some insight into the alleged rift, claiming that he was unaware of the fact that Just had a problem with him.

“I haven't spoken to Just in years,” he told MTV’s RapFix. "I heard something about it. I didn't know we had a problem. I'm cool with Just. I'm proud of everything he's done. I appreciate everything he's done for me and Dipset. I never even knew it was a problem. I was unaware of it but I don't have a problem."

According to Just, the drama stemmed from an incident where Killa Cam cut the producer out of Dipset and then bailed on a studio session without warning. During their final phone conversation, Cam supposedly said, “F you, F your beats. It’s no drama, we’re just not F’in with you no more.” Cam’Ron later apologized, but Just said that “the relationship was never the same.”

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  • Mumbles

    sounds like Just Blaze is acting like a female, holding a grudge haha. not even that much of a Cam'ron fan... but Just Blaze sounding like a little bitch really. holding onto that for so long...

  • Jay Cole

    Who has the last laugh now?? JUST BLAZE HAHA! Dipset struggling with their whole reunion shit that nobody cares about. Cam was poppin back then so it was easy to say "F YOU" to Just. Now..the tables turned! Just is STILL making dope beats in 2011. Im siding with Just Blaze on this one

    • gutter man

      yeah except your dorky and cam puts out real rap all the time. just blaze does tracks with a whole bunch of clowns.

  • agk

    remember j blaze did their 1st album which was real good

  • Anonymous

    true that just blaze aint shit nomore either they need each other

  • Anonymous

    fuck just blaze he mad cuz kanye stole his mojo he he aint dropped shit hot since 'The Blueprint"

  • Anonymous

    Well, Just Blaze is one of the best producers out there. It's really dumb to fuck things up if someone like him produces for him. Especially when your music is garbage without his beats.


    Fuck Cam'ron Just doin' bigger N Better things

  • anonymous

    just is relevant as ever in 2011. on the other hand, cam.........ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha when they get 6 months of shine to rap about dumb shit like rooty tooty fruity wet wipes, they get high and mighty. that's the problem with 90% of these garbo wannabe gangsta mc's. the funny thing is, these rappers are so broke or cheap, they can't even pay the producers that make them their hits, then turn around and shit on them. everybody including the producer can rap if they really tried or wanted to, but not everyone can create a beat that goes ham.

  • Seriously

    Man, were I a dope dedicated top rated producer and trying to do my thing, and shit like this happened, I would do the same thing Blaze is doing. Y'all acting high and mighty like if some associate told you to F off that you would be all fine and dandy the next day with them. Me, I would be like "cool, I got this +$100000 beats, Im good...

    • Anonymous

      i've told and been told F you by my homeboys and we got over it after awhile. it is not that serious.

  • @camallen04

    Blaze lookin real sensitive right ab now

  • Anonymous

    sound to me like blaze is the sensitive one. cam'ron seem like he forgot all about that fight and blaze been holding on to it for 2 yrs. only females stay holding on to petty arguments

  • support the set

    thats cause just be blowin gay-z. you picked the wrong side dorky D!

  • gutter man

    actually it seems like cam was pretty chill and positive about this. people make mistakes and Just blaze is sounding mad sensitive. real recognize real Just, you know cam is solid (no homo)just blaze is the one doing tracks with a whole bunch of wack dudes. just is dope as hell but seems sheltered and goody goody.

  • Kevin Dorsey

    Yo, I finally cleared all the shit from my credit reports, getting out of that gutter for the first time in 5 years. Got that loan for a brand new Mustang finally, If any of y'all got any sort of credit problems, call 877-667-4052. They do all the work for you, and got me clean in 3 months for 40 bucks. My homie's stuff was worse than mine, and they cleaned him up too, amazing shit! Ring them up!

  • Che

    da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da damn!

  • dockevoc

    killa needs just blaze

  • Anonymous

    these rappers are so childish

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