Play-N-Skillz Sues Lil Wayne For $1 Million For Unpaid "Tha Carter III” Royalties

Weezy faces another lawsuit for stiffing producers for his double-platinum album.

Following David Kirkwood’s lawsuit earlier this week, producers Play-N-Skillz have filed a $1 million suit against Lil Wayne for unpaid royalties stemming from work on his double platinum album Tha Carter III.

The Dallas, Texas producers produced “Got Money” featuring T-Pain for the project. They claim that they are owed at least $1 million in unpaid royalties from their work.

Kirkwood filed a similar suit earlier this week after he claims he got stiffed for producing “Love Me or Hate Me,” featured on the deluxe version of the LP. In 2007, Bangladesh (“A Milli”) sued for the same reason, as did Darius “Deezle” Harrison in March, seeking $20 million.

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  • Anonymous

    Yeah uh, no one pays 1 mil for a producer. Dre don't even cost that much, they're just mad the made the beat and he made money of it they weren't seeing.

    • youdnknow

      It shows how much you know what royalties mean? go type in royalties in google and see what it means before typying... Birdman been not paying his own artist forget producers prime examples juvenile and B.G, Turk, why you think they not going working on a album cause they want papers to be sorted. Lil Wayne does not get paid much. he does get paid but Birdman pockets most if it. And these producers are suing 'Young Money' a subsidary company to Cash Money which soon will not exist as Birdman will close that company and re-open another label name. Its business, thats how it works you think these producers ganna get money ... Mannie Fresh aint even got paid for hot boys records what makes you think these producers are ganna get paid.

  • Anonymous

    niggas on that old fuck boy shit.but hay most producers are weak ass cornball niggas anyway and thats a fact.they geting punked out of there shit cause there bitch niggas plan and simple. man up for your shit these niggas use the bloods for protection so they feel comfortable like them hoass niggas in gangs feel when they around 100 niggas with guns.niggas got bitch on there heart on both sides

  • TellinItStraight

    i wonder how he found producers for C4...and at the producers(bangladesh)who "worked" with him again,i would like to say, y'all mad stupid

  • Anonymous

    ok so Wayne and them got millions (supposedly) and they cant pay for a beat?? everything in music nowadays is

  • Ambition-1

    After this many producers suing for the same shit I have to wonder if maybe they didn't fully understand the terms on the front end. It's easy to accept a 50k flat fee for a beat and then get salty as fuck when that same beat propels an album to over 30m in revenue! Then again people don't say the same shit about a group of people that isn't true.

    • Anonymous

      True, but when more than one producer has a problem then maybe it is Wayne's camp's fault. Bangledesh hasn't even been paid for his contribution yet. I wonder what Birdman is trying to pull?

  • weston angel

    yall niggas are stupid.. it aint wezzys fought for not paying those producers, its birdmans fought and wayne doesnt have anything to do with it

  • Paul David

    An obvious warning for upcoming and young producers: STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM YOUNG MONEY/CASH MONEY AND EVERYONE IN THE DAMN PLACE!

  • Devin Williams

    dam Baby dont pay nooooobody



  • dre

    I guess he wasn't lying when he said he was raping the game.

  • Bump Ugly

    they shoulda never gave this nigga money.. he aint even payin niggaz they money

  • The MG

    It's weird how Wayne had one of the biggest-selling albums of 2008 but he can't pay the producers squat. Hmmm...

  • HoustonTX

    Man another one??? So they could buy 8 million dollar cars but they cant pay the producers??? Are they half jewish or something?

  • Worknprogress

    @ ODDO yeah that's what bugs me. As for the article itself, dude this is ridiculous, this is like the fourth producer.

  • Nick R.

    Hey Steven--just wanted to pass along this follow-up with Play-N-Skillz attorney's:

  • bom919

    shittttt Jim Jonsin (Lollipop producer) also filed a lawsuit. Damn and Bangladesh said he still hasnt been paid for 6 Ft 7Ft. Wayne u need to pay your damn producers or your shits gonna be acapella my dude

    • Alex Zubarev

      I fucking hope so. Maybe then he will actually be good again. Or people will just stop buying his shit.

  • Kevin

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  • Anonymous

    dont want to say it but damn this negro is greedy!!! shit man its their beats and he doesnt pay them? child support must be a mofo ha

  • ODDO

    yet these same dumb producers turn around and work with this nigga again! an not get paid AGAIN! lol

  • jjjgh

    man i hate that photo of weezy. looks so douchey.

  • Daniel

    Yikes... it sounds like anybody that works with Weezy can expect to receive absolutely no compensation for their hard work. "Got Money" and "A Milli" were like the biggest hits on that album (minus "Lollipop")! That's a huge bummer for them...

  • main mane


  • main mane


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