Lupe Fiasco Defends His Comments Against President Obama

The Chicago native states that he has nothing to clarify regarding his controversial comments made during an interview with CBS.

Lupe Fiasco stirred the pot earlier this week with his controversial comments that President Obama is “the biggest terrorist.” In an interview with, he refused to back down from his position and clarify his perspective.

“I've got nothing to clarify. It's Obama and the U.S. government," he said. "[It's] every president that came before him and every president that comes after him. It's funky because everybody's pulling soundbites from this one interview that we did, but they don't talk about anything else from the interview. [...] So it's really about, 'What do people want to listen to?' It's not what I want to talk about, cause I want to talk about all types of shit... there wasn't the same reaction about me having a book club... about me trying to promote literacy in a country with 50 million functioning illiterates walking around, because we have a failed and flawed education system." 

As for his stance on not voting in elections, he explained why he doesn’t participate. “Voting doesn't work, because everybody who voted, voted for the same people who are in office right now that are actually allowing these policies to go forward... You have to educate the populace -- the masses, the voters, the people who don't vote, the people who pay taxes."

He explained that the fix is in educating people on their involvement in the American system. “You have educate the masses to exactly what their tax dollars are going to pay for," he added. "I think once people educate themselves and open up their minds to understand that on that really basic level, then you'll have some type of change in the way that Americans associate themselves and participate in their own political process."

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  • Anonymous

    Another entertainer who's taking himself too seriously. Everyone with an open mind should see how ignorant he is. Lupe, give up on your whack ass gimmick, you aren't some revolutionary, you're just another rapper who happens to open his mouth when you don't know what you're talking about.

  • ccc

    n*gga is tripping son. he better run for congress then and fix sh*t

  • Anonymous

    yea k, obama one time said that he doesn't want kids to be like LeBron james or lil wayne. he wants kids to grow up, go to college and become lawyer, engineers, doctors etc. how the fuck can he expect kids to do that when their tuition fees r like 50 grande per yr. Why the hell r the americans payin taxes? its not going towards education just as Lupe says. Atleast in Canada we pay the taxes but our tuition fees r like 6-8 grande per yr when we go 2 a university. Obama hasnt made change yet and he cant expect kids to lead a better life if he hasnt changed the education system and costs.

  • theTruth

    im a fan of lupe, but what the fuck is he talkin about? Theres A LOT of people around the country saying things about you and your culture and you attack OBAMA? And just because you dont agree with everything a person says doesnt make them a fucking terrorist. AND IF YOU DONT LIKE TO GET INTO POLITICS..WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING?

    • Genuis loves company

      He did not attack Obama. He attacked a flawed American system which is run by Obama and a bunch of other people who couldnt care less about the little person struggling with basic needs. Its amazing that the first thing people notice is the race factor.

  • FormerFan

    Lupe has made me a FORMER fan with this nonsense kick that he is on. I’m not just talking about this incident. Lupe seems to have a personal issue with Obama that is regardless of facts. I’m surprised given his repeated attacks on Obama, in the media, there haven’t been many reports on his vendetta against the President (going back before he was even the Democratic nominee), false/uninformed claims, and flat out poser hypocrisy. This interview, linked here, was a hard pill to swallow for any fan of Fiasco, like myself, who had promoted this “intellectual” rapper to friends and family. Not only does he contradict himself in the video by proclaiming to end racism we have to stop teaching history, only to later in the video protest those condemning the use of the “N” word by claiming it’s a part of his history and wondering how can they take that from him, but he goes on to further embarrass himself. Lupe makes the case for a drug dealer being a role model in the community. It doesn’t stop there. He then says that a dope dealer would sit down and have a conversation with Barrack Obama and crush him. He says the dope dealer would ask Obama “Yo dawg what are you doing?” and that Obama would trip over his words spewing a bunch of golbedy-gook unable to respond. This was a serious blow to Fiasco fans who saw him as an alternative to the dumb-it-down, misogynistic, gang-bang touting, drug dealer supporting, lowest common denominator appealing, mainstream rap heard too frequently in our communities. According to Lupe a dope dealer is someone to be looked up to who would actually have the audacity, after poisoning his own community, to ask Obama what he is doing. This dope dealer is going to school Harvard grad Obama in a debate? Dare I say if Obama did nothing it would be more positive than bringing down the community by engaging in the drug trade. Let’s not forget his support of Hillary Clinton, and the head scratching reason he gave for it, during the primaries. Linked here Of note, in the same video he brings up the subject of George W. Bush. As outspoken as Lupe has been on American policy and particularly his proclivity for taking shots at President Obama, you would figure that with the mention of Bush he would have went all in on the man that lied us into a war to devastate a country of Muslims for the sake of oil and profit. Not so, actually. Lupe joked of Bush being an American gangster, and when pressed to criticize Bush laughed it off stating he likes American gangsters. This isn’t the first time Lupe has given Bush a pass. In Fiasco’s Kanye West inspired track “Conflict Diamonds”, Fiasco uses this play on words to dismiss continued criticism of Bush in favor of criticizing black warlords “f&k Bush, cause there’s people doing worse on this Earth, and they’re black.” “f&k Bush,” was a popular saying amongst Bush’s critics at the time. Lupe spins those words to mean f&k criticizing Bush because there are worse people out there that are black who we should be talking about. During the same primary season, fellow Chicago rapper, Rhymefest took issue with Lupe’s support for Clinton and snubbing of Obama. Fiasco stated, “"Obama doesn't really impress me like that," “It's not a shot at him but some of his agendas, the bombing of Iran and all that stuff” At issue was Fiasco’s false assertion that Obama’s position was to bomb Iran, especially given that Obama was taking heat from the other candidates for stating as President he would be open to engaging in talks with Iran without preconditions. Also at issue was how Lupe could tout the milestone of having a woman, in Hillary, elected (Fiasco’s sole reason for supporting her) while acting oblivious to the effect the election of Obama would have on blacks. The entire interaction is compiled here Lupe responded to a fan calling him out on Rhymefest criticism by mocking the beef culture fueling rap and stating he would simply call Rhymefest to squash the matter. Rhymefest responded in a post by letting everyone know that Lupe does not have his number and continuing to call Fiasco to task for the false information put out regarding Obama’s Iran policy. Lo and behold Fiasco acknowledged his ignorance with the following half apology “If it was misinformation that I received then I apologize on behalf of the source but like I said I am still going back to recheck the validity of the source..” As of this date the results of Lupe’s investigation into the validity of his “source”, like the unbelievable findings of Donald Trumps “Birther” investigation, have yet to be released. Then there was this gym after Obama’s election Highlights include Lupe, despite his previous sentiments, going to meet President Obama where he was playing a game of basket ball and mockingly stating, “Wow that hustler? That… That guy right there? Who just missed that lay up right there?” Another highlight included him stating how he wasn’t moved by the President’s speech… at all. What really struck me was Lupe’s continued hypocrisy. Here we have this socially positive rapper clowning the first elected black man because he doesn’t fit the profile of a hustler? Keeping in line with his baffling, two-faced, hypocrisy, Lupe seems to forget his reasons for supporting Clinton and begins to tout how important it is that a black man was elected president. In the same breath he says we should thank white people for voting for Obama and giving us this moment. Yup, that’s right. The same Lupe that supported Hillary, instead of Obama, because of the impact electing a woman would have, the same Lupe that has gone on record as being against voting, is telling us we should thank the white people that voted for Obama. More recently we’ve had Lupe’s shot at Obama in Words I Never Said “Gaza strip was getting bombed, Obama didn’t say shit”, and his pouting on twitter after the death of Bin Laden, “Osama Dead!?! Afghan Operation done now??? Now kill poverty, wack schools, and US imperialism…” Sorry Lupe but people might just want to talk about the death of a man that admitted to killing so many people. I’ll be sure to apply the philosophy of ignoring anything that doesn’t solve poverty, broken schools, and US imperialism, when your next album comes out. What really bothered me about Lupe’s tweet was that it carried the same pouting tone as the “experts” from the Middle East who, in the aftermath of bin Laden’s death, published pieces criticizing us for being insensitive when it came to bin Laden’s burial, or whined about the fairness of his shooting, backhandedly relegating bin Laden’s atrocities by only mentioning them briefly with a single sentence, or, as with Lupe’s tweet, not at all. Then there’s this latest move with him once again going after his favorite target President Obama and calling him the world’s biggest terrorist, while reaffirming his political inaction. Lupe’s reason for calling Obama a terrorist? He’s the President. That simple. Yet where are the examples of Lupe repeatedly targeting George W. Bush the way he has readily jumped at any chance to criticize President Obama? Indeed when it comes to Bush, Lupe seems to be giving him a pass. So bin Laden… nope let’s talk about other things. So criticizing Bush… F^*&k that because there are people doing worse on this Earth (but I thought there was no one worse than the terrorist occupying the oval office?). Obama, though? Worlds biggest terrorist to be ripped at any opportunity. Wait a minute though. Didn’t Lupe use President Obama to poetically inspire a Chicago crowd to “Wake the F*&^k up!” Link here Is that not Fiasco ranting how it makes no sense for Chicago to be the murder capital of The U.S.A. when we were about to have “the first black president, right here from Chicago,” take office? Did he not say Obama makes Chicagoans proud? Did he not say that Chicagoans are letting President Obama down? So voting for President Obama would be wrong to Lupe, but rallying one of the largest cities in America behind the worlds biggest “terrorist” is fine as long as it helps Lupe achieve his objective? If even one of those people that heard Lupe’s speech decide to be a more proactive supporter of President Obama, by voting for him in the next election, has Lupe not essentially voted for President Obama through proxy? If Obama is a terrorist does that not make Lupe a recruiter of terrorism? Or Jay-Z for that matter, or anyone that campaigns or votes for President Obama? That’s where Lupe’s logic ends up, but I don’t think he’s really thought that deeply on it. Nor does he desire too. I don’t think this has anything to do with President Obama’s policies or politics. Rhymefest proved Lupe’s ignorance there, and I do believe Fiasco still holds that ignorance. I don’t think he has a clue what President Obama felt, or said, one way or the other about Gaza. Much like he had no idea of his Iran policy, or Hillary’s (the candidate he supported) for that matter. In fact, can you remember a U.S. president who has had a more hostile relationship with the Prime Minister of Israel? President Obama snubbed that man and made him wait while President Obama went to go eat his dinner, after the Prime Minister traveled all the way from Israel to D.C.. Why did the president do that? Because PM Netanyahu ignored President Obama’s request for Israel to stop building settlements. Relations between the two have been icy since. Recently he unveiled his plan for peace, stating that a peace deal between Israel and Palestine should be based on pre-1968 (before the war) borders with mutually agreed land swaps. He was vilified for this by Netanyahu, Republicans, Democrats, and even Harry Reid. For those not in the know, Reid publicly rebuking Obama is like Robin publicly chastising Batman in support of Aquaman. The closest thing to a war this president has initiated has been in support of oppressed Muslims in Libya, who were already at war to overthrow admitted terrorism sponsor Ghadafi. While President Obama takes flacks from both sides for this, you would figure Lupe would throw his support behind the president’s unpopular policies of aiding Muslims. But as I said, I don’t think Lupe is all that clear on his policies. Whatever this “beef” is has existed before President Obama was even the Democratic nominee. Maybe there’s a perceived slight somewhere there, given President Obama’s work as a community activist and politician in the same city Fiasco is from. Maybe Lupe wanted President Obama to spend more time in his hood. Perhaps President Obama cut him off in traffic one day. Maybe Lupe does believe drug dealers should get more respect, as illogical as that is. Maybe he thinks his friend Chilly should get the props President Obama does. Lupe may come off as socially conscious, anti-drugs, in some of his songs, but check out some of his mix tape hits like Lupe the Killa. Figure out those metaphors. I don’t know where the beef originated. What I am sure of is that Lupe may not believe in voting, but he knows that with his platform he has the potential to affect the votes of a lot more people than just himself. He knows that repeating labels such as terrorist, that racist elements on the right have used to paint the president as not one of us, will generate media attention. He knows this, and he does it for a reason. But if down the line Lupe needs to use the President’s name and image to push his own agenda, expect that he will do that. Such is the hypocrisy of Lupe Fiasco.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Sign every word you said. I'm really disappointed, but it shows that you shoulnd't take images seriously even if they seem intelligent on the outside. Lupe has such an ignorant way to see things.

    • former Lupe fan

      Brilliant piece. I'm tired of reading shitty comments just as much as I am tired of Lupe's transparent conscientious act. IMO he gained notoriety via that backpack/intellectual rapping thus he had to play it off as if he were actually that intelligent and thorough. He isn't though. He doesn't logically back up arguments, and as you said in your piece - he often uses misinformed information...which he doesnt really seem to care that he's doing. I can't wait untill he makes a fool out of himself on O'reily's show. O'reily is a dipshit but he is smart...and i can see Lupe just walking on set simply saying ..the american systemm if fucked...look at the poverty something about that! which is a valid point if he had an intelligent way to back it up...which he doesn't. I'm very disappointed..I was a huge Lupe fan...but know i realize that his whole public persona is false.

    • Anonymous

      If a rapper attacks G.W.Bush is anyone suprised? Not really. He attacks Obama because there is a kind of pass given to him by the black community and he wants ppl to wake up and realize that Obama is fucking them just like every other Prez. Also the whole drug dealer thing, he said that there are drug dealers smart enough. Not that drug dealers are smart enough. This is not a glorification of drug dealers. This is a point being made about the viewpoint of real knowledge vs. political double talk.

    • Yup

      What's wrong? You can't read more than 140 characters without your brain exploding? Sheesh...take five minutes and read the damn thing. You won't be hurt. I promise you.

    • The Truth

      WTF are you on about? Wow do you really think anyone is going to want to read that?

  • Anonymous

    I love his statement in the first article, "I won't vote for anybody unless they stand for everything I stand for." (or some variance of this. I'm not going back to get the exact quote.) Anyway, what is he CRAZY?! You're own wife/husband won't even stand for everything you stand for. And that's the person YOU CHOOSE to be you LIFE PARTNER...'til DEATH do you PART. You just won't find that person. Somebody close, sure. But to fine someone who stands for EVERYTHING you PERSONALLY stand for actually is mission impossible. I guess all of the education he's acquired over the years has never led him to that conclusion. So who needs educating now, Genius?

  • Anthony Lundy

    The question is what has lupe,or any other rapper for that matter done for the streets or hoods they claim to be from.You can say obama has not done enough but he has done more than they have.The fact that he is a black man doing something good should be enough alone.

    • Anonymous

      Nothing, instead of taking all this dirty money without a second thought.

    • Anthony Lundy

      When Obama came in we where going under. Now we are at least on solid ground with heathcare reform and some job creatiton 11.5% unemployment when he came in 9% unemployment now. What did lupe do again.

    • Anonymous

      im sure lupe has done more then obama. obama made us in even more debt. pretty sure lupe hasnt.

  • finally+

    finally someone said it. I applaud lupe 4 speakin his mind n not backing down to wut he said. Ppl hold obama so high n yet wut has he done. same 4 the next pres. Politicians always say shit voters wanna hear b4 they're elected then when yall put em there they switch up the gameplan, n now ur stuck with wutever bs theyre doin.

    • Anonymous

      Well, that's how he has built his image so far, we couldn't expect anything less from him.

    • cold1

      Were so busy correcting other countries it's disgusting, and we take the most crooked path and make it straight..gotta give a thanks and shout out to Lupe also!!!

  • G-MAN

    Im a fan of his music but to say he is the biggest terrorist is extreme. He is comparing him to people who behead soldiers/reporters on camera and make a living spewing hate and killing innocent people. You can say "USA kills innocent people" which may be true during the war thats going on, but it isnt intentional. Obama isnt in the board room saying lets blow up this town just so thousands of kids die. Also, there is much more that goes on in this country behind the scenes we dont know about, Lupe is speaking but isnt around the action...He and all of us dont know the half of what they discuss in Washington.. I feel these liberal statements like "lets try to talk it out and not fight" is just ignorant. We could pull out of all the countries we are in tomorrow and these people will still hate America and Bomb us. So go ahead Lupe, go to Afghanistan and "talk" to these guys about your thoughts on being a Muslim i am sure they'll be willing to consider your point of view. As fucked up as it is you have to fight fire with fire.

    • gihad

      ppl dont understand the word terrorist that term is thrown out there loosely n its because its a lot that goes into it. you can be called a terrorist just by speaking out n goin against the status quo on the smallest lvl these days, i guarantee theres ppl out there right now callin lupe a terrorist all bcuz he spoke his mind.Lol this world is truly fucked up,all i can say to these ppl is dont take everything at face value.

  • Anonymous

    problem with niggas is they listen to nothing but Jay Z

    • Anonymous

      Ever had the thought that people see music as a form of entertainment and don't listen to music for education? Shit, read some books and don't let a rapper do the work.

  • Anonymous

    and the award for the biggest pathetic frustrated loser in popular music today goes to...

    • yourdad

      Oh, shut the f&^% up man... "frustrated loser"? Lupe is speaking for all those frustrated, unhappy citizens who are losing their jobs, their homes, etc. etc. so yea, frustrated sure, loser, no! there's a lot of bs going on in this country. Instead of focusing on shit overseas why doesn't our government focus on what's going on in their own backyard??? answer that? The Obama fans, (I voted for Obama in a time where I didn't understand much about what's going on/politics, etc. and unfortunately I got caught up in all the bullshit hype of "Change", the Obama fans only support this dude because he is black, that is it! not all obama supporters but a large amount of people only see a black man in the oval office and think they will get something in return, or shit will actually change. Our deficit, spending, unemployment, gas prices, our fucked up education system. we are the country who spends the most money on education and our numbers decrease every year in performance against other countries! the list goes on and on! so you tell me Obama is doing a great job! and if you answer yes or no, then you have it all twisted because it isn't even about obama to begin with, it's the big corporations that run this show! not obama, lol... give me a break. Like Amschel Rothchild said, " Give me control of a nations money supply, and I care not who makes it’s laws". so get your heads our of your asses, stop blaiming Lupe for speaking his mind and speaking the truth, stop watching 106 and park all day, get educated because obama WILL NOT save the day!

  • KillaRas

    Awesome! Another celebrity, who probably barely finished high school, has better insight of how the world really works... So arrogant!

  • heatitup

    I'm curious as to the position of all these "awakened" kids on here talking about the futility of voting (and by extension, democracy) you all have an affirmative argument as to what sort of political and social organization we should strive towards or do you just put forward negative arguments to attack the current system? I don't think anyone on here believes that the government that we have is perfect or that corruption does not exist, but by focusing only on those points you miss something--those things will always exist in any form of human organization because they are a part of human nature itself. Any type of government/political institution we create will be tainted by human folly precisely because it is product of our humanity. The point is to try to find an organization that at least attempts to mitigate the damaging effects of our human nature and the idea of democracy is one of the most powerful ideas in human history and that the people should choose their government is one that I think most of us could find common ground on. If you believe that things could be better, then I agree. But I won't buy into this idea that voting is futile or that democracy is a sham. Our system is not perfect, but remember that no system is or ever will be. Your vote may seem insignificant as a single voice, but it has the potential to be one of many in a chorus that can bring about more change than you might imagine...look what it did for civil rights. As a community, we are and always will be a work in progress. If you are frustrated by the pace, then step up, get involved, get people to vote for the agenda that you believe in. Standing on the sidelines as some gesture of pseudo-protest is just a sad irony. I like Lupe, but I can't get on board with this idea of not voting. And if anyone can offer some insight as to what form of governmental organization we should be engaged in, I'm all ears. Otherwise, and I say this with all earnest, do yourself a favor and get involved, vote.

    • Anonymous

      CO-SIGN! A fact that many people aren't aware of, you can talk all the shit you want about the government on here on tv stations and all. Do that in another country and you're executed before you have the time to explain it any further. Funny thing is, Lupe calls Obama a terrorist, would like to hear his mind if those people killed a family member or a close friend of him they wouldn't give a shit about. These people killed their own people in their own country. These men kill innocent people who share the same religion beliefs daily.

    • g-man

      agreed...funny, because the people who talk shit about this Government dont realize, its cuz the country we have they can "talk" this shit without being punished. Other governments wouldnt allow this freedom.

  • Truth

    wow anonymous must have alot of time on his hands. you fucking loser hop off americas terroist dick..cause your gonna end up in their concentration camps..all of us are actually you guys might wanna look them up. FEMA concentration camps..

  • christianliving

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  • steee

    lupe is one of my top 5 favorite rappers and i think he might be the smartest mc in the game. but........ he can be dumb as fuck. he always has this attitude that he really knows everything thats going on and nobody else does. no shit there's corruption in government, everybody knows that. that doesn't mean obama is evil and that hes not trying to do things to help the american people. being president is a hardass job, nobody is ever gonna do it perfectly. i just hate how lupe has this arrogance about him that he understands the way the world works better than everyone. and hes stupid to think by him saying that obama is the biggest terrorist in the world that people wouldn't pay attention to that one detail. it's great he helps kids read and shit, but people are gonna notice when you say serious shit like that

  • Jose Vasquez

    To all the dumb shits: As someone mentioned before, it's not Obama himself, but what he represents. The position he's in as President still reflects the sentiments of "business first." The government seems, and probably is, run by rich bastards trying to raise their pay. All Lupe is saying is that voting would be meaningless, but rather reach out to the community his own damn self.

    • near mis

      When he stepped into those shoes he became one of them, you are what you represent, and the puppet of whoever employs you to do their dirty work

  • G'

    I cant take this man seriously....spitting the same ol' shit that everyone else the end, Lupe will just be another footnote while Obama will be legend-for better or worst. You don't vote, Lupe....good for you for spitting in the face of all the BLACKS who DIED for that right amongst others. Jerkoff....stick to doing songs with Trey Songz and then crying about your label making you it's bitch.....damn it, Lupe....don't hear Common talking that kind of shit for good reason....

    • You're Dumb

      To consciously not vote is the same as voting for someone. You don't have to vote if you don't want to. I think you need to hit the books before you start dissing people, jerkoff.

  • djKnova

    for you ignorant people - The US = D-Bo of the World We cruise around the block bullying nations snatching their chains, stealing bikes and making them put something on our 40's. If they try to stand up for themselves, we knock them the fuck out! It sucks but this is what terrorists do. They threaten and execute harm on those that do not give them what they want. Obama is the leader now, he espouses these policies, so this is what Lupe is referring to. HOWEVER, what Lupe is not acknowledging is the fact that Obama is ATTEMPTING to make changes where he can. He's essentially doing deals with the devil. Like - OK i'll help you get your oil if you help me get healthcare for all Americans. Or I'll help you keep your Bush tax cuts for the top 1%, if you help me get unemployment benefits for Americans out of work. Or OK, i'll let the bank execs rob the US Treasury for a trillion bucks if you help me get equal rights for gay Americans. Being the President is a tough job with ridiculous decisions that have to be made. The problem is that this country is so EFFED up on so many levels, one man will never be able to even scratch the surface. All Obama is doing is trying to lay the groundwork so that one day, the problems that Lupe is talking about will be addressed and solved. Lupe is doing the right thing, because if no one speaks up and holds the powerful people to account, they won't even try and solve the real problems of this country. Especially if it doesn't make them a quick buck or two. PEACE

  • Anonymous

    Talking may not cut it, but what the fuck else do you expect from Lupe? Running up in the white house with guns to get his point across? quit bugging. Civil war will only happen when people quit being pussies and stand up...they don't run over the population because they feel like it, it's because we let them. We sit and complain about the shit, then when Lupe (who by the way, shares the same media outlet that we do) says something that's true, dudes start acting like bitches and start hating. Be glad that we have educated men like Lupe who will defend his stance no matter what, instead of sitting on the sideline being a crab. We all know if we want something done, we have to do it ourselves. Good shit Lupe, and no disrespect to Obama, but what has he done? Nothing...okay, maybe he found Osama, but Osama was found by someone else and he was at the right place at the right time. Holla back

  • Blah Blah Blah

    I hope you kids realize only civil war will bring about the change you want to pin on Obama or any other congressman. Talking ain't gonna cut it.

  • Blah Blah Blah

    A part of me will be glad when Obama's gone, so you people can stop focusing on him. He really has nothing to do with your problems. This is the way America has ALWAYS been. Capitalism or Socialism, neither one can work without the other. It's just not realistic thinking. Anyway later.

  • block h

    I'm glad that lupe had it in him to speak out about what Obama represents and how America is sucking the resources of third world countrie's

    • gee

      and of course random poster on hiphopdx knows about all of the inner workings of the government... none of us OR lupe knows everything that goes on. and yeah... im sure a lot of it is corrupt. but a lot of it isnt. and the US does act as a bully, but the US also bails everybody out of their problems. if we do shit, we get criticized. if we dont do shit, we get criticized

    • Ok

      I defend Obama but at least you used the right word "represents" instead making Obama king of the world with all kinds of power.


    All you so-called hip-hop heads can't just sit up here and bitch all day about change. It doesn't work that way. You have to fight, march, vote and boycott. A blog ain't shit but more words.


    Lupe, I dare you to pick up arms and rush the White House. You about change right? The Taliban, Libian rebels, and a whole host of 3rd world fighters LAY IT DOWN for the cause, how about you? Yeah I didn't think so.

    • Come On

      Seriously dude. Get real. You don't have to have shoot outs with the government in America. We're not a 3rd world country. I'm still laughing at you. You going to make change over hhdx? Didn't think so.

  • Zip

    A lot of LOSERS in here. Go do something instead of waiting for Lupe to wipe your crying asses. I know, I know, the illuminate is stopping you.

  • Anonymous

    You know what fine, call Obama a terrorist. What's changed? Hell blame black people too for your failures in life. Want a tissue? Simply put a lot of yawl will be left behind, so sorry so sad. Bye now.

  • Anonymous

    They put a black president in office to fool people on how the country is getting better and the old ways are ousted. But thers still no real just for black poeple, we have no busuness or a better ecomnomy and we still haven't recovered like the jews from what our fore parents went through!

    • Anonymous

      I was never fooled, being black ain't a disguise, and i think the people wanted some sort of CHANGE!!!!thats why they voted him in, afterall we send 70million per day of the tax payers money to arm a book!

    • Anonymous

      Who was fooled you moron? Is being black a disguise? You think a broke motherfucker thinks things are getting better just because he voted for Obama? Oh that's right you believe in the stereotypes of black folks. Go on then fool preach your sermon.

  • TellinItStraight

    America's only good president was assassinated

  • Slruim

    I think Lupe should stick to rapping. That, or finish college.

  • Jesus

    now Lupe. it isnt just Obama. you gotta remeber that the Term president is actually a scapegoat for all the blame in our country. and our country cant please everyone. if we got bombed. if we retaliated. half of us would be like "kill those mutha fuckers" and the other half would be "peace, Free love" and other hippie shit. now Lupe. i love you. but stay the fuck outta Poliics and do something you know. also. please stop tryna be outspoken. if you want attention. next time your interviewed on live TV state you didnt wipe your ass or osmething and youll get press, oh yeah and also. our Economy is in the gutter because people dont buy local.mutha fuckers goto wal-mart for they're food and shit. while our american stores stay and die. buy local. buy actual CD's and buy stuff you need. thats how oyu save your economy. keep it in mind.

  • Anonymous

    Obama (the first black president)is bombing the most developed "African nation" (Libya) as we speak for European Oil interest and he is sending more troops to Afghanistan!!!!! Kaddaifi put out the first arrest warrant for Osama Bin Laden in the 90s back when America trained, funded and used him to play their war games but CNN, MSNBC AND FOX DIDN'T TELL YOU THAT EITHER. Those Libyan rebels are pro Al Queda so that is why Kaddadi out casted them. They are also killing all the black immigrants but CNN doesn't report that either. OBAMA AND EUROPE ARE FUNDING THE ARAB KKK AND THE GENOCIDE OF BLACK AFRICANS BUT BECAUSE THE TV DIDN'T REPORT IT YOUR DUMB ASS DOESN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT!!!!!! (!!IDIOTS!!!) !!!!!! GOOGLE LYBIAN REBELS KILLING ALL THE BLACK AFICANS!!! THE REBELS EVEN MADE A YOUTUBE VIDEO OF IT!!!! LOOK IT YOU FOR YOURSELF. Obama is Bush Jr. 2.0 but with a different media spin on it so dummys can't tell who he really is and what he is really doing. All Rev Wright said was god damn America for their unjust wars and Obama denounced him because Obama is in favor of these unjust wars. Lupe is just up on politics and you are not. Obama lied and the media isn't telling you about it. America's foreign policy is to steal other countries natural resources... Hell America itself was stolen. THESE DUDES ARE PIRATES!!

    • Anonymous

      Obama leader House Democrats party. Each of these party's have a set of policies which differentiate, as in a "foreign" policie. As Barrack is the leader of the governing party, he is the face of that party and responsible for decsions made by the government on national and international affaire's alike

    • Anonymous

      It's not "his" policies dude. It's Americas policies and always has been. How do you think we became a super power. And you do some research on African kings and presidents and get back to me on who's killing who. Nobody is innocent brah. Obama is the US president for good bad and ugly. Only civil war will make the type of change you want. And even then it may not be good change.

    • Anonymous

      You nail it down prescisely, his policies don't fit these western governments interest's and he is undercutting the pedestal of U.S power in the world. What they plan to do is put in another dictator that would be amenable to America's policie's

  • waristheanswer


    • Anonymous

      Exactly who was the better choice, mr. smart black guy who's got it all figured out? And please don't spit Ron Paul out your ass.

  • king

    lol at fools actually thinking Obama actually killed bin laden. smh sheep sheep sheep.

    • Fuck The US

      Osama died from natural causes, not killed by anyone, you brainwashed stupid really think they dumped him in the ocean??? wtfu!!!

    • Anonymous

      Umm, any proof to back that up? (No one has ever said Obama killed anyone. A soldier killed him. Stop saying Obama did it.)

  • Anonymous

    Yawl know shit about Obama.

  • LOL

    WHAT! OBAMA DIDN'T CHANGE THE WORLD IN HIS 1ST TERM??? I thought he was magic!

  • Anonymous

    BTW Obama is also white you racist fuck heads.

  • Anonymous

    Man what the fuck...lupe your ass cant talk with your previous album I would just stfu if I Where you for real.

  • wouzi


    • Anonymous

      Just as I thought Wouzi, you are plumb dumb.

    • wouzi


    • wouzi


    • Anonymous

      Wouzi you're not making any sense when it comes to Obama. Obama from DAY ONE is put in reactionary policies to 90% of everything he's dealing with. And everyone of those policies INCLUDING the way he handled Bin Laden has been met with fierce opposition. This ain't a movie.

    • Anonymous

      Most of your black brothers and sisters voted for him because he was black? Really? Oh shit, McCain and Palin was SOOO much better right? You're an idiot dude.

  • Anonymous

    I like Obama and I'm glad he's pissing you mother fuckers off.

  • Another day

    Well if the music ain't popping off, say something crazy! How's that massa?

  • Hate Me

    White Americans are the only people on Earth concerned about race and everybody knows it. All other races just react to it.

    • Anonymous

      So true, nobody else gives a fuck, you white americans/black americans too, actually america in general, yous need to wake up before its too late!

  • Wow.

    I have read so many stupid fucking comments in here my heads spinning! Lupe and the rest of you only prove how IGNORANT you are to how the US Gov. works. NO President has EVER came through 100% on their proposals because this is not a MONARCHY! Do you really think the man can go into Washington and do whatever the fuck he wants?? Do you? Grow up all of you. King, Kennedy, X, were all KILLED for a specific reason. They haven't put a bullet in Obama but they damn sure are killing him in other ways. Lupe don't tell me voting doesn't work, look what the fucking Tea Party did. By any means necessary they got the Republicans back into power. And you want to blame Obama, you're a moron dude.

  • Get Real

    One more thing, Lupe is not the only "conscious" rapper out there. People, especially on this site scream HH is dead all day but that's pure ignorance. Open your ears instead of waiting for Eminem to drop everyday.

  • coston

    It doesn't matter who the President of the United States is, he or she has to be the biggest terrorist in the world (there are no other options). The US is in so deep globally that it is impossible for any President to be a real peace maker. People's definition of a terrorist throughout the world is so subjective. Lupe makes perfect sense with his use of it, but its hard for people (especially in america) to hear the word terrorist and not think beyond the stereotypical framework its been given.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe is a good rapper, but blaming one man for the actions of a whole country is just wrong. You're telling me a phrase like 'Obmama is the biggest terrorist' isn't screaming for attention? His opinion isn't completely wrong, but it's the way he expresses them which makes this look like a publicity stunt. He does nothing to manifest his opinions, he always sounds like a 14 year old that saw his first anti government youtube video. Lupe, you're the last person who should consider someone else as a puppet, look at yourself first. You sold your soul for money and your label made your music.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I agree with Lupe's opinion. And it's not a publicity stunt I don't think. He made a very valid point. He's not trying to be a conspiracy theorist at all he is just pointing out how the system works, and just because Obama is a 'good' president, and black, doesn't mean he isn't the same as the other because in the long-term he will have come and gone making no changes to a flawed system and he will have contributed to the same pitfalls that the system works with and around. SO, he is just saying that Obama is not some revolutionary, he is just a regular president when it comes down to it. (Overall, obviously more likeable and sensitive to issues than Bush or other crafty presidents though). The only thing I thought was a little immature is his slang style. I mean when it comes down to it when you want to talk about big things, at least speak professionally.

    • Get Real

      Anonymous I think your the one who is simple minded. What Lupe is saying is not deep man. Some of choose to make our point in real tangible ways.

    • Anonymous

      he is ultimately calling the gov't terrorist. obama is the face of the gov't so when anyone calls them out they are going to speak about obama. you people are so simple minded, thats one problem with our country. everyone needs ever thing spelled out for them, they're too lazy to put in an effort to learn.


    and so ? you bitches have King Osama and we have president Obama !

  • Get Real

    You mental midgets will NEVER understand black people and it's obvious. You think just because someone is black we just automatically ride for them, WRONG. If that was the case we'd vote Flava Flav for President. But according to you all the only people who support Obama is black, yeah OK. As far as Lupe goes, dude you need to catch up. Real blackmen have BEEN DONE with asking or waiting for the US Gov. to change it's course. While you sit there and fight with your label the "niggas" you hate on are making their own lane. Jay Z, Rick Ross, Young Money, Cash Money, Master P, Diddy have ALL bucked the system and answer only to themselves! They all started with the exception of Master P with a major and flipped that shit to self-owned businesses. Hate on their music all day but they ain't begging NO MAN for shit.

    • Get realER

      Just to further clarify my position. I suspect (though I am not sure) that these comments by Lupe are taken out of context. I would not call Obama a terrorist, such things are not quite so black and white. The world is full of shades of grey. By the very nature of being the president of the US he can be labelled as a terrorist merely as a result of the long entrenched US foreign policy. Now terrorist are not necessarily good or bad people. They believe strongly in their cause, the same way that soldiers do, or that politicians do. They are only reacting to actions that others undertake. The point is that what Lupe has done is stirred up an important debate. The fact of the matter is that just in a hip-hop comments section, where very few people have any knowledge on the matter other than their own ill-informed prejudices, there is a wide variety of views. This can only be a good thing. The world, and particularly America, must awake to the possibility that what they believe to be true can be seen in many different ways, each as correct as the other. I do not declare Lupe to be right or wrong, but I accept his right to an opinion - something which the blinkered and bigoted people of the world are apparently and depressingly incapable of. I feel like I may be rambling, so I will stop now. Broaden Your Minds And Think People!

    • Get realER

      Children must grow up with the ability and desire to question the established order of things, not just to blindly follow where those of power choose to lead.

    • Get realER

      The fact of the matter is that there are two ways of making changes. The one with guns or the one without. The one with guns is reprehensible, the one without takes a long time. In order to make a change, successive generations must become more socially aware and appreciate the human condition. Hip Hop provides a platform to inform younger generations and hence it is important that rappers should not be seen in the capitalist image - money, cars etc. ie. Jay-Z (not hating, just saying - but as the socio-conscious voice of the oppressed and unfortunate - like Lupe.

    • Get Real

      Anonymous, seriously... stop talking.

    • Anonymous

      Lol your the mental midget boy. P diddy and Jeezy and Lil Weezy would spit in your face and than light you on fire. They give as much a shit as the worst president on his worst day. Blacks may like or not like Obama the same as if he was white when it comes down to it. And that is known, anyone who thinks black = black is dumb. But it seems your whole perception draws a line between black and white, it's not even and racial thing Lupe is really talking about. He is saying what many have said already, that don't have to much faith in Obama because he's not gonna change the world.

    • Get Real

      Get realEr and TaZzZ you two aren't saying anything that's rooted in reality. Sure we would all love to live in a utopia of fairness but your life is NOW. How long are you going to wait for this fair world to materialize? Get the MONEy and the power and THEN make the necessary changes. I know what you're preaching but it's all talk at the end of the day. Same with Lupe it's all talk. He needs to gain power then make change, REAL change not hope. Hate it or love it the US is the best place to make something happen.

    • TaZzZ

      Thank you Get RealEr.. IDK where you live, but if more people think like you thats where I'm tryin' to move. Us americans are so far up our own asses with being so powerful for so many years that we think our way is the only way. Now that we are starting to see the system at its most extreme with globalization, its becoming more and more evident that theres something just not quite right about the idea of working as a wage slave our entire lives, with no chance of ever making an improvement for our children. Just the regressive system of awarding the highest performing schools with the most funding should be enough evidence for our the public to open their eyes. Thankfully, some people do have the oppurtunities to better themselves, but we've gotta distribute those same oppurtunities across the board (i.e. urban neighborhoods w/ little to no property taxes to fund education.) It really is sad, but I guess the fact that I'm sitting behind a computer instead of out in the streets makes me just as bad. As for those hating on Lupe, I don't necessarily agree with everything he says, but you can't hate him for bringing political awareness back to mainstream hip hop. It's no "Fight the Power", but this is a whole new generation, and "Words I Never Said" should be seen as progress. He's not trying to tell you what to think, just provoking some thought in the hopes you will formulate your own opinions on the current state of affairs. "If you don't become an actor, you'll never be a factor"

    • Get realER

      Isn't that the problem though. Your capitalist economy is so immensely unfair and oppressive to social mobility. When the poor have to dream of making it big through music or sport to improve their life because education costs too much. America sucks dick. Communism may have failed due to the greed of human nature, but at least the principles are fair. I cannot believe you're entire country fell for a propaganda campaign by the rich who had everything to lose if capitalism was replaced my communism. You assholes are keeping the poor poor and making the rich richer, and it makes me sick.

  • Hannya

    Not mad at Lupe at all for speaking his mind. Its his opinion and he's entitled to it. If you agree or disagree with him thats your deal. People are too fucking sensitive these days.



  • lsterin1

    Lupe stand up for hip hop as always.... and people still hate? much respect to the man. AKRITE!

  • Truth

    The United States is the largest terroist organization in the world. Since its founding it has murdered over 55 million people but I guess the media looks at them as the good guys saying there dying for their country? How about the people dying just for walking in the street? Every tragic event thats ever happened here was planned and the government knew about, for example pearl harbor..what other excuse would they have to use the a-bomb? September 11...should I even say anything about that? Your all brainwashed people, do some homework.

    • r

      ^ NO, it's Easy to believe what your told by the controlled mainstream media if your gullible enough!

    • Anonymous

      yes, u know its easy to believe conspiracys if you're gullible enough. And it proven there was nothing the goverment couldve done about pearl harbor dumbass, and 9/11 wouldve been set up by the government if the terrorists weren't caught on camera,there were no previous warning signs and al-quadea didn't admit to it. And funny you think the U.S. is a terrorist country- why dont u brush up on your history of other countries cause they arent much different prob a lot worse

  • saxz

    All of a sudden they want regime change in a country that should deal with it's own problems. Because Gadhafi has decided to use a different form exchange currency to purchase oil and other resourses which America depends on instead of on the U.S dollar and other western countrie's. They simply don't like the mans policie's, now the media has made him into a monster, in a plot to assasinate and his family and him,. his vision for a united Africa backed by gold, which would change the world power equation and threaten western hegemony in Africa. America are the biggest terrorist's how do you think they have such grip on all economic and world affairs

  • bigdogg

    he's trying to kick K-nowledge? fuck outta here with that wack ass album.

  • Tito

    I thought Lupe was stupid when the ATCQ thing happened, but right now he told the truth. Just because Obama is a black president we don't have to be riding his dick. Obama as president of the US is part of the biggest terrorist organization of the world, period!

  • LordLamickTheEmperor

    The voting system, democracy, is set out in a way to make the voting populace feel empowered, involved and they have the power to affect change in their country. This is all of course false as much of policy making is based on what the ruling class, such as the major financial institutions and companies, are interested in. Your one vote will not make waves in a room of executives, movers and shakers. Democracy and Liberty are ultimately corrupted by capitalism, which have very conflicting interests and have had to all give in and find a balance. Sadly the balance has created the world we're in today - A hypocrisy invested cesspool of inequality, greed, poverty, ignorance and hatred.

  • Anonymous

    So if Obama does the bombing it is okay???? Some real Liberals blacks turned out to be. They just needed a black Bush the whole time and everything would be "a okay" about the last 10 years. smh!!!!

    • Anonymous

      What if blacks bombed America, is that OK? I think they have just cause. Is that cool?

    • Anonymous

      please,most of the votes from the afican american population came from some uneducated group of them, they just looked at his skin color and heard his name drops from young jeezy,common,nas and jay-z and were instantly convinced this guy would be any different from other president we've had the last 20-25 years

  • The Jazzman

    My views on President Obama

  • heatitup

    "I think once people educate themselves and open up their minds to understand that on that really basic level, then you'll have some type of change in the way that Americans associate themselves and participate in their own political process." Yeah, like maybe they'll VOTE??? Set an example Lupe. Voter turnout for 2010 was 40.9%....maybe if you could encourage more people to vote you might find the policies you're looking for.

    • sean perez

      I don't know who,but one of you crackers should blow up the white house like tim mcveigh crazy azz blew the oklahoma fuckin buildin.....that way us black folks and other ethinicities'll be free......

    • Anonymous

      Voting does NOTHING. Open your eyes, you really think The people who are controlling things just Give the people the choice?? Its just made to seem like we do. Every president is a puppet chosen not by us.

  • hgj

    lasers now this come on lupe what the fuck, use to be my favourite mc ever, now hes some fukin werid fuck

  • Foodstamp313

    "I see some tax issues in Lupe Fiasco's future." -Negrodamus

  • Vigilante

    Lupe is so ignorant it is painful. Really shouldn't try to talk about things like this when he has no clue what he's talking about. Says he doesn't want to get into politics, right after calling Obama a terrorist... Stupid...

    • sean perez

      "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock" "I'm an american and I can suck my cock"

    • sean perez

      I think black panthers was right,when they said in order for other ethinicities to succeed as nation......mutha fuckin we should just exterminate white people kill the kkk all the rich people......that way we go back to having nothing like material objects.....just like how it was in the begining........fuck the u.s.a they stole this country fuck all the presidents except for kennedy r.i.p dr king,malcomb x fuck religion fuck illuminatti fuck ya'll if you dont like me.....

  • The Truth

    ***FACT: Most people won't read this comment because they think they have no time to. Doesn't matter if it explains why Lupe said what he said. This is probably too much to read right? As Dead Prez said, "Ya'll don't hear me though".*** What Lupe said went over most of your heads on this site. What he meant by not voting is that it's pointless. It doesn't work. "They" meaning the government will manipulate the media to the point that their desired candidate is elected. Always. Even if voting did work...who would you be voting for anyway? They're all the same. They all lie to get into office and then when they make it into office they have to follow some corporate agenda (not their own). Most of you are seriously asleep and don't know what's really going on. You're satisfied with what the media tells you. Completely forgetting what hip hop is all about. It started as a grass roots movement to educate the people. It's far from that today, but there are still artists like Lupe that do their best to get the truth out. As for calling the president a terrorist I feel there's more behind that. Maybe it's because Obama has broken so many big promises. For one, he said he would make plans to bring the troops home. That hasn't happened (hes actually sent more troops overseas). We're fighting an unjust war but no one is doing anything about it in government. The one person that can end the war this very second is Obama.

    • The Truth

      To be honest I just can't take anything Obama says for fact. Or anyone in the US government for that matter. Unless it comes from an alternative media source I don't believe it easily. I don't buy it. We'll see soon if they're really helping the people over there. They have used a "threat of nuclear weapons" as justification for invading just so you know. This is like Iraq all over again. They make it seem like they're the good guys, but soon you'll see they will occupy Libya for years to come after overthrowing Gaddafi. Why? As you probably know, war brings profit. Tax money is pumped into the military by the billions. It's been proven that the US exports opium poppy from Afghanistan into the US (makes billions of dollars). And the obvious one, oil, the most valuable natural resource is exploited and brings huge profit. It's a vicious, sick cycle.

    • Jason Pennells

      Yes they did actually. Libyan civilians who support democracy are getting mass murdered by their own government as we speak. If we don't help them then who will? Obama has also said that they are there only to assist the people, not to be part of the regime change. This is one of the only cases where Obama is doin the right thing

    • The Truth

      But you see, that's the problem. We (the US), think we can police the entire world. Did the Libyans ever ask us for help?

    • Anonymous

      If obama had brought the troops out of iraq, @sigh, my boy wouldnt be laid up in a hospital with tubes in his throat and his legs not working, now would he? "I really think the war on terror is a bunch of bullshit"

    • Jason Pennells

      @The Truth I agree with most of what you sed but the war in Libya is different. What you have there is a lunatic Militia Supreme Dictator killing his own citizens. So America is offering its troops to NATO to prevent the Libyan government from doing lots of harm. This isn't an American war for oil, its a North American and European effort to prevent a massive genocide from happening.

    • The Truth

      Afghanistan? Why are we still there? I thought we left that place (after destroying it) years ago. Let's talk about Iraq though. First, Obama didn't say he would withdraw "most of the troops", he PROMISED he would bring them all home as soon as he was president. Did he do that? No. He sent 60,000+ troops since his election! Look it up. We are now there indefinitely with no end date in sight. Oh and how about Libya? We just started a new war. Haven't you heard? So, no sir, I AM SIGHING. Just another person that has no idea of what's going on. War is being continued for nothing more but profit and you will all continue to believe the war is justifiable for your protection when no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. Oh and they're the bad guys right? For defending their invaded country. We invade, destroy their country, kill civilians, but we're the good guys. Makes sense.

    • Anonymous

      @ sigh - keep believing that bullshit. So far he's extended tax cuts to the wealthy, hasn't closed the gtmo prison, extended the patriot act and no we are not leaving Iraq or Afghanistan anytime soon. They're talking about setting up permanent bases in Iraq and top generals have already said well be in Afghanistan at least another 15 yrs. Stop only reading headlines and dig deeper.

    • also sigh

      Also just an FYI troop withdraw from Afghanistan starts in July...

    • sigh

      He said he would bring most troops from IRAQ and he did. And as far as "ending an unjust war goes" its a little more complicated then that. Yes we should leave Afghanistan but now its more about leaving with the country on the right track since we came in and destroyed their government. Right or wrong we wrecked their country.

  • Big Wo0orm45

    as for every1 saying its your responsibility to vote, its not. ass an american we have freedom. we can choose 2use which right we please. i say ppl who vote just to vote and no nothing of what they r voting for are worse than ppl who dont vote at all. and ppl may say choose the lesser of two evils, but thats not always a gud choice. many times each side has sumthing you wont support or dont stand for. one may be against prayer in school and the other may b for abortion. so your not going to vote for something you do not stand for at all. dont buckle and do what society says is "right" its only "right" because the ppl in charge sed it was. we hav a mind, we can think on our own and not let others think for us. make your own decisions and dont let society decide for u.

    • Wow

      Society does not say that you have to vote. You are truly confused. Please don't spread your stupidity. Voting is not a new idea in the US and most other countries, namely the Middle East, are killing each other for the right you shrug off as somehow worthless or pointless

  • Jason Pennells

    America over the years has done the following: -Dropped a nuclear bomb in Japan -Rigged elections/performed coup's in Iran, Guatemala, Costa Rica. -Bombed entire Iraqi villages and shot civilians -Went to war with Iraq because they were holding Weapons of Mass Destruction....But none were ever found. -Vietnam war (need I say more?) -Provided financial funding to Osama Bin Laden, Khadafi (the crazy lybian dictator), and Mumbarak (the former leader/dictator of Egypt) -Provided the tear gas used on Egyptian protestors who were calling for democracy -the list goes on THESE ARE NOT CONSPIRACIES THESE ARE FACTS. (google that shit if you dont believe me) AND STOP SAYING THAT LUPE IS AN IDIOT JUST BECAUSE HE SAYS THINGS THAT YOU DON'T AGREE WITH

    • Jason Pennells

      @ugh 1. I'm sorry but the atom bomb did not save lives in the long run. The lingering radiation that is in Hiroshima will be causing cancers and birth defects for years to come. YOU CAN NOT JUSTIFY USING NUCLEAR WEAPONS. 2. Yes, but does that justify fixing elections for economical reasons? no. 5. Communism is not the Devil. We do not need to attack every country that wants to run their government in this system. 6. Do your research, yes they did. Mumbarak got millions from America, thats why Obama was so hesitant to comment during the uprising. 7. Actions speak louder than words. America provided tear gas. Do your research.

    • Tito

      YOu forgot they also gave weapons to taliban people around the 80's, but then it was ok because they were "freedom fighters"... Oh and yeah, they also gave weapons to Iraq back in the day...

    • mando

      shit on em' that shit is true

    • The Truth

      Reply to "ugh": Praised the Egyptian people? Really? You think they want praise? They asked us for help and the most we can give them is praise. Help doesn't have to come in the form of bombing the Egyptian government. However as President he could have called for Egypt to stop treating their citizens wrong and give the people freedom. He didn't do that. They sat back and watched as peaceful protestors were killed. Doubt you heard about those killings because you probably get your news from Fox or CNN...

    • Anonymous

      @ ugh - read more chief. We directly funded the fight against the Russians in Afghanistan. When we pulled out and didn't do shit to repair the country that's when osama went in attack mode on our deceitful leaders.

    • gwalk

      real talk lupe is smarter than all pretty much all of us. he in the game and he has to kno things we dont kno.

    • Ugh

      1. The bombs dropped on Japan while devastating probably saved millions of more lives that would have been lost in an invasion. 2. Corruption is not just in the US. It is everywhere all over the world 3. Agreed 4. Agreed 5. Vietnam? Were you even alive? Once again indirectly fighting communism. 6. US did not fund these people but if they did fund Osama it was to stop the Russians. 7. Pretty sure Obama praised the Egyptians and all of the people fighting for freedom.

    • The Truth

      Wow someone that knows what's going on. I have to say I'm surprised. Keep tellin em man

  • Big Dan

    All the weed and whatever else they are smoking rappers that think they are so smart after falling for nonsense, can go eat a u know what. VOTE! Its your responsibility as a citizen. Don't justify why your punk ass don't vote. If you stop separating yourself and think of this as your country, your outlook would be different. I could go on about why Lupe is a douche bag as someone else put it, but I'll just say this. If people like MLK, Rosa Parks, the thousands before them and the thousands during the civil right movement had looked at the situation then and say there is no way we can change this, where would we and the whole country be today? In a man dominated world, there where women around the world hundreds of years ago, who were crazy enough to think, hey, we are going to fight for the right to vote. They did and finally got it. So Lupe, you go with your bad self. You got some money now, living a little better now, so you figure your contribution will be calling the President a terrorist.

  • Get Paid

    Fuck this house nigga shit. It's 2011 and niggas like Lupe are the past. Blackmen stand your ground with all this unwarranted bashing we deal with every fucking day. If a black man does anything that benefits him financially or puts him in the limelight there MUST be a conspiracy behind it. Fuck that! Get the money like everybody else without guilt. America was created on fuckery and I'll be damned if I blame Obama.

  • Anonymous

    lol...Lupe stop reading into all the conspiracies around the world...once you get to deep, it fucks with your mind...and everything becomes a conspiracy, trust me, ive been there

  • T'Challa

    He's overstating it to make a point. It's not Obama the man, it's US imperialism which EVERY US president will support. War in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the process, creating thousands more "Bin Ladens" in the process.. American government is the biggest terrorist, and it's not a "conspiracy theory" it's the evident truth..

  • Sunil Eddie Schauffler

    57% of Americans don't pay taxes, and they are mostly the ones who don't vote. this is some ignorant shit. I like his music, but he doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about, but neither do most people.

  • Alijah Green

    neither do you know your rights, how money was created, why gas is so damn high and why we are at war in Libya at this very moment.

  • Anonymous

    lupe is wide awake , for you people just go listen THE INSTRUMENTAL and listen what lupe says

  • Alijah Green

    tell me who here owns a business, otherwise shut the fuck up you work a nine to five so we can get richer. now get back to work

  • shone jones

    Lupe, you can't even control your own career at Atlantic Records.

  • Lima

    I understand what Lupe is trying to do. But lately he's been coming off as a loudmouth douchebag spitting out controversial statements for the sake of desperately differentiating himself from Obama supporters. We get it. You don't like Obama. It's the new cool thing to not like Obama. But maybe if Lupe would give valid explanations, people would understand. As much as Obama's laid-back (some would even call weak) personality bugs me a lot of times, I acknowledge and appreciate the things that he's done. It doesn't have to be all hate or all love for the man. Lupe's words are just irresponsible and un-researched.

    • The Truth

      The ignorance amazes me. First of all what exactly do you appreciate that Obama has done? Please don't say, oh he became the first black president, because that's far from an accomplishment given what he's done since his election. Next thing, why can't you do your own research? He gives little bits of information in his lyrics for a reason. He can't bluntly say what he wants to say because he's under a label that stops him. He says the most he can though and if you listened you might get the message. In his last album he mentioned the unjust invasion into Libya. Obama obviously approved that invasion. He also mentioned how Obama didn't say anything when Egypt's people were asking for help from America as they were being attacked while protesting peacefully. The list goes on, but I'm sure you won't look into any of it because you have the American mindset of: everything is perfectly fine as long nothing is affecting my life...

    • Anonymous

      its an interview. they ask the questions. ya'll people are all fuckin retarded. he speaks of obama in his song so they ask him about why and his thoughts behind it, you dumb asses.

    • Yrettab Leba

      I couldn't agree more.

  • Anonymous

    i bet lupe spends his time watching alex jones conspiracy theories and shit. this nigga believes in the annunaki and planet niburu and shit hahahahhhaahhhahha

  • Anonymous

    fuck diz nigga mayne my president is black my lambo is blue and i'd be damned if my rims aint too

    • Anonymous

      His statement was too generalized, but a lot of it is true. What are you expecting the President to do? It doesn't matter which politicians are elected, you still have to get up your ass and work instead of complaing about rich people.

    • Anonymous

      Drive thru the hood and see how equal things are.

    • gutter man

      and yeah, you say all this shit about how much equality the states has , but its rated as one of the lowest for equality in the world- huge disparity between rich and poor. and you talk this shit about appreciate and i wouldnt last in a third world country- but most of the 3rd world and other countries agree with me- the u.s. is fucked and oh yeah in 3rd world countries and in conflict areas control is with war and tyranny - more overt, but the states is the most covert in manipulating its own citizens and the world- its actually the most manipulated society in the world- proven fact- take advantage of the socalled school system you praise and educate your self.

    • gutter man

      your so wrong and only sheep except and are happy with the little they are given. you need to start questioning why the good education is so minimal and hard for most to aquire. theres more injustice you fuckin sheep. you aint even seen the tip of the iceberg ya mind controlled brainwashed ignorant droid.

    • Anonymous

      You live in America and you claim there's not enough justice, equality and better education? The world doesn't revolve around you, you ungrateful faggot. You wouldn't last a day in these other third world countries. Be thankful for what you've already have and stop demanding more like a spoiled bitch.

    • Anonymous

      there is justice, equality and real education in america you fucking idiot. it's lazy fucks like you who don't take advantage of it. according to lupe, he wants us to stop using text books and wants teachers to teach their students how to fucking plant a seed. get the fuck outta here nigga.

    • gutter man

      your in the fantasy world NEO. take the red pill and wake up. fuck a lambo- how about more justice, equality and real education. ROBOT ASS BITCH!

  • gutter man

    your all missing the point. its good that lupe (not a fan) is being critical and challanging the government and pointing out suppressed facts. all you fools that think your legit simply cause yoou vote are misled. lupe is actually creating discourse and making people think and he is actuyally participating in the socalled democracy more than yall, just by queastioning and standing up and speaking out. IM SO SICK OD IGNORANT CLONES DEFENDING OBAMA (NOT THAT HES ALL BAD) JUST BECAUSE THEY WANNA FEEL PROD of a black president. too many people are naive and decieving themselves to feel comfort(as americans are conditioned to do) rather than research and except hard truths.

  • Sharkweek

    It's funny how everybody ignores everything else he stated. Lupe's got his eyes open unlike most people in this country. Turn the t.v. off and read a book or two or three. He's not just going at obama. The media and the government talk to us like we're all robots incapable of thinking for ourselves...and it works because the majority are ignorant and believe everything. FOX,MSNBC,ABC,etc = same affiliation, different faces.

  • Geko

    I will never support thiz dumb ni@#a again .Playboy When U running out of hitz itz giggaboo time!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • X

    Sheeeeit...Lupe better be paying his Taxes & stop with that 1 & 15th shit...Obama don't care to fuck with him (Why would he dignify a statement of a Non-Voter, Citizen or not)...But "Other" people can watch...That's Truth.

  • THINK dude

    Yo Lupe, have you considered talking to Obama? From what I've seen he seems VERY willing to work with the opposition even against his better judgement. Stop complaining and use your considerable ACCESS and make something happen. Talk to Common, he actually knows him.

  • bart3000

    The United States has the most expensive, technologically advanced, geographically aggresive, global military force in the history of the world. There has not been one year since the end of World War 2 that armed U.S. troops haven’t been actively engaged in combat on foriegn soil (pick a year and google will find the conflict) The U.S. does not represent the majority of the population, but is always fighting, and never in its own back yard… so regardless of what you consider right or wrong, many people all over the world are “terrified” by its actions. so why is it so hard to see why he would call the Commander in Chief a terrorist… that is like saying a soldier isn’t a killer just because he wears a uniform when he kills.

    • Ben Grimm

      Thats exactly It. If Obama is the puppet, why is he not bashing the puppet masters. Maybe because hes scared they will destroy him?

    • Anonymous

      Because you have to make up your mind on who your pointing the finger to. If Obama is a "puppet" then why focus on him.

  • d

    nigger talk shit online if you are so smart ask hiphopdx to have a debate. GO Lupe Black power. Fuck dumb nigger. don't if know who john henrik clarke is

    • Shut Up

      I ain't asking HHDX for shit. This motherfucking site doesn't even know what's hot in hip-hop let alone politics.

  • Incredible

    President Obama is like a black coach or Quarterback, everything he does or doesn't do is BLOWN WAAAYY the fuck outta' proportion. Obama has been achieving things that NO president could in years (like HCR and killing Bin Laden) and yawl think he's a terrorist. You got Trump looking for his birth certificate. You got Lupe calling him a terrorist. You got Sarah Palin on a Obama hate tour caking up. You got a whole news station (FOX) dedicated to making him fail. You got parents taking their kids out of school so they can't hear him speak. You got the Tea Party wanting less taxes even though taxes are the lowest they ever been in decades. You Republicans saying he wants to kill grandma, yet they LITERALLY want to take away SS benefits through the Ryan Plan. Who really is the terrorist Lupe?

    • The Truth

      The internet is where I get my news because news on TV can't be trusted. They're owned by corporations that manipulate the media. Swaying YOUR opinion. You don't believe that though. Even if it's right in front of your face (which it is). What am I asking him to do exactly? Be honest? Is that too much to ask for? How about keeping his promise(s) and bringing the troops home like he said he would. How about he stops bailing out banks and corporations that go into debt (which will cause a bigger collapse when the dollar fails).

    • Anonymous

      The Truth your an idiot. If you dont watch the news where the fuck u get ur info? The guy made a valid point... If Obama even tried 1/4th of the shit you aspire to he'd be impeached for something to do with an abuse of power. The president can not go around congress and the senate and our allies and do the type of shit you hyper liberal and "im not a libral i think for myself" fringe groups want to do. And when you alienate Obama by calling him a terrorist you get alienated from the political discourse like you should be.

    • The Truth

      What a dumbass. You think Obama killed Bin Laden?? Hahaha thats funny. He didn't do shit! They've been looking for his ass for years. Whether Obama ordered them to find him makes no difference at all. They were already searching. HCR? You kidding me. That will do more harm than good in the coming years. You have no idea what's going on. Go back to sleep. You obviously believe everything you're told on the "news".

  • Anonymous

    I cant respect Lupe opinion anymore because he uses charged rhetoric. It makes him no better than Glenn Beck. Imagine if Beck said Obama is the biggest terrorist? Thats just uncalled for. Its stupid even to make a point and even if you feel you have a strong opinion. So what you want to talk about I dont care because you've alienated me and my belief that you can deal with the existing politcal structure in a rational and effective way

  • Avenger XL

    Lupe comes off as another eltist d bag talking black and white about grey issues. So you got a book club good for you captian but why are you not simply pushing said book club or even better using you bully pullpit to lobby for more education rather than throwing firebombs that you know will create attention and cement your role as a pseudo revolutionary in designer clothes speaking on behalf of the poor. paradox or hypocrite you decide

  • Keep Going

    Do your thing Obama. I for one know exactly what your dealing with. Same shit different day.

  • Whateva Nigga

    Obama is a thousand times harder than you Lupe. You broke down dealing with a little ass record label. Obama got goons going at him everyday and that's the small stuff.

  • Kevin

    Yo, I finally cleared all the shit from my credit reports, getting out of that gutter for the first time in 5 years. Got that loan for a brand new Mustang finally, If any of y'all got any sort of credit problems, call 877-667-4052. They do all the work for you, and got me clean in 3 months for 40bucks. My homie's stuff was worse than mine, and they cleaned him up too, amazing shit! Ring them up!

  • Anonymous

    To all of you saying all the Lupe wants to do is sell cd';s, you are all ignorant. If you are going to bash a man for speaking his mind, and using his rights for "Freedom of Speech", then maybe all of you are terrorists as well. For all of you who feel like you are a part of this country just because you vote, wake...

  • Who Knew

    What Lupe Obama doesn't have a magic wand? Damn you're smart Lupe, with your BIG words. You mean to tell me Obama is not going to change the world? All this time I thought he was God. But thanks to you Lupe, now I know Obama is just another politician. You're SO original Lupe.

  • Mike

    Lupe is a dick! I understand what he was trying to say about Pres Obama but to promote not voting is plain ignorance. Theres a HUGE difference between the Democrats policies and the Republican's policies and if he doesnt see that then he needs to shut up! This is why I never liked him. He's not as smart n clever as people make him out to be. He just seems that way since everyone us in Hip Hop is super-stupid!

  • Kevin

    Yo, I finally cleared all the shit from my credit reports, getting out of that gutter for the first time in 5 years. Got that loan for a brand new Mustang finally, If any of y'all got any sort of credit problems, call 877-667-4052. They do all the work for you, and got me clean in 3 months for 40 bucks. My homie's stuff was worse than mine, and they cleaned him up too, amazing shit! Ring them up!

  • Its Sick

    I don't know why people are getting so worked up here. Lupe stated what he believed, he doesn't have to elaborate on his opinion. He's stated many times in the past why he dislikes Obama. I also don't know why people are getting angry about him being black and criticising Obama, who's also black. Lupe isn't the first black rapper to criticise Obama. The Game's criticised Obama and plenty of underground artists have too. At the end of the day this is only one man's opinion. We have no right to call this man an idiot because his music is a gift of intelligence to our minds. I support his view on this though. Obama is yet to withdraw troops, which he promised before he was elected. I'm so glad I live in the U.K. I don't have to hear about all this bullshit that you Americans talk about. So much more sense in this country and much less corruption.



  • Anonymous


  • 8inchcable

    Lupe, let's elaborate on how your business partners are doing BIG numbers for hair-ron (heroin). 1st and 15..... yeah, real positve name for a label. Who did you sell-out or who are you doing your song and dance for to payback your get outta jail free card? And then, you don't even vote? Ppl died for us, and women, and such to get the opportunity to vote. Each album you do is more watered down than the previous. His stuff is not worth the disc space or Ipod space to download. With record sales dropping like they are, you're trying to do what to your fan base????? Lupe, did you ever push dope or laundry money?

  • wake tha fuck up ppl!!!!!

    WAKE UP: i cant believe so many of u r falling n2 tha traps your fuckin eyes...lupe is keeping it real with you and u r 2 closed minded to actually try and see his point of 1 questions things n this country u get spoon fed tha bullshit...when someone trys 2 keep it real u shun him...but i guess thats what u have been taught 2do....not think 4 youself and belive n tha propaganda...its good 2 c a entertainer steppin up...not enough of that n these times...mite i add obama is a puppet its obsurd no one can c through black btw

    • Really

      OBama is a puppet? who knew? I thought he was king of the world! Thanks for the enlightenment genius cuz nobody can figure that out. Damn I thought Obama could just wave his hand and it's all good. No?

    • Che

      Thank u man! I'm surprised to see so many going against lupe's comments. You guys do know the definition of the word propaganda, right? Such sheep in here! Obama doesn't call any f*ckin shots. This guy is being controlled by big banks and the few families that really run this world. I commend Lupe for raging against the machine! By the way, your votes never mattered and never will. President's are always pre-determined. Thanks, have a wonderful day.

  • Anonymous

    If it is so bad here and people have such a problem with everything then why do you still live in the US? Obviously with some of the comments on here there must be a better place than America to live. So just go do it. Let the rest of us know where the place is that is run perfectly and gets everything right.

  • think

    people who want lupe to elaborate? use your head a lil man. the actions of obama have directly and indrectly caused terror and sadness in certain parts of the world. example: the whole war on terror. how do u try to stop terrorism by going to war with a region, which leads to car bombings every think the people in iraq and afghanistan arent living in terror? the bombing of libya caused massive outrage in places that have nothing to do with the situation such as the phillipines because they are afraid that the muslim culture will retaliate in their country. actions like these cause terrorism to flourish and are no better than the 911 bombings. however, i understand that this is something that the united states has to do. just dont think that the president and his country is the peacemaker just because yall are from here

  • Anonymous

    Yo man the black race is so mess up you got fools like lupe fiasco saying stupid shit like that, dont forget obama is the first black president and all the rule and policy are before his time why wait now to call out a nigga, why you didnt all out all the other white presidents before him, just like nigga, all trying to bring each other down, that why, we are alwaying in click here and there cause we hate to see our own get by and yo too all these rapper out here stay to rapping man cause the more some or them open there mouth the more stupid you know there are, YO lupe man stick to selling record you stupid fool, i will like to see you say that when a white president is in office which will me soon, asshole. we didnt and dont made the rule out this bitch the white man did and do stupid

    • Blak King

      Lupe dissed Bush the same way... You notice he said not just Obama but all the presidents before him and after him,democrat or republican, they were and are all puppets serving the interests of big businesses and the few families that actually run America and this world.

  • legaz

    You know what I'm sick of? Black people who go against Obama and make comments just to be "different". If Lupe had a legit reason to call him a terrorist I would be all for it, but he doesn't. He just wants to tell people "I'm not for Obama just because he's black"... He's just trying to show off to white people like most black people who hate Obama do. I hate that cornball stuff.. He didn't call Bush a terrorist or say anything bad about Bush, but since Obama is black, popular, and close to perfect, he wants to go against him. Grow up Lupe

    • Mikey

      lol Obama is close to perfection?! hahaha! Good one man. I'm African American and have never voted, not even for Obama. I think its great that we have a black president, but don't get caught up in the hype. We never know the true intentions of most of these politicians. Don't follow blindly, question question question everything!

  • Anonymous

    lupe is a faggot who gets buttfucked every night by his neighbor juan. See what i did there? i made a dumb comment with no proof and refuse to elaborate on it.

  • C.J


  • ASEE

    Lupe demonstrated that he's a complete fucking idiot with that comment. People are asking you to ELABORATE dude. Anyone who comes out and calls someone a terrorist (doesn't even matter if it's the president) and doesn't say WHY he thinks that is just a clown. Lupe can't support his own childish views because for him "rebel" is just a bullshit persona he wears like Lady Gaga. His recent political songs (except All Black Everything) are so basic and his last album was a piece of corporate bullshit. I know I'll be called a hater but fuck it. I really was a fan up until his childish behavior around the release of Lasers and now with this half-witted remark about Obama being the biggest terrorist. The US government does fucked up shit overseas and within our own borders; it wouldn't be difficult to give examples for a national audience who might not know better. He's also influencing his young fans not to vote in the next election and then just watch him bitch in 2012 when a republican wins the ticket. There is a huge difference between republicans and democrats in this country even though people love to say that there isn't. Republicans are more extreme these days than they've ever been. There's no centerist views in that party anymore. Lupe needs to understand that there's a really good chance they'll win next year, repeal health care reform, cut social assistance, and enforce their "family values" through legal means. You want to be a political rapper? Read some fucking books and learn how to express yourself intelligently to your fans.

    • Blak King

      Once you support war you're a terrorists it doesn't mstter whether you're a democrat, republican, white, black, brown, asian, indian, arab or muslim, christian, jew etc... the holy books of all those religions pushes for peace and love between all people. A terrorist means: anyone who promotes or engages in violence. Obama, Bush and all the presidents before them advocated war which equaled violence where innocent civilians were killed so they are all terrorists just like Osama, Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber and so on. Anyway peace & 1 love to everyone.

    • C.J


    • Muppet

      What an idiot. Just shut your mouth

  • Alijah Green

    talk about brainwashed just read these comments on here. Just wait tell they kick in your door then you might wake up. Read a book and stop letting the TV tell you what to think and wear.

  • nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney

    LOWKEY - TERRORIST? (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) carrots . sticks . coercive diplomacy Lupe Fiasco - Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey [Music Video]

  • LOL

    This nigga really mad he don't hold the crown in hip-hop. Make that pop music Lupe, you just another trick like all the rest. HOV.

  • He worked for his

    Obama is the hardest president this country has EVER had, period. Everything he's done or has tried to do is politically unpopular. Withdawing troops- reaction: Shit storm Healthcare reform- reaction: Shit storm DADT repeal- reaction: Shit storm Saving GM- reaction: Shit Storm Punishing Offshore drilling: reaction: Shit storm Recovery Act- reaction: Shit Storm And it goes on and on. In the middle of all this bullshit, what is this moronic country focused on? If he was born in Hawaii or not. So Lupe your just another motherfucker US citizen who has it easy, talking out the side of his neck but ain't doing shit about it.

    • He Worked for his

      I don't think so- Could you be any dumber? Do you think GM operates in a vacuum? How many AMERICANS are employed by GM including all subsidiaries effected by GM? I'll wait moron.

    • I don't think so

      Your off base, I work in the politcal realm everyday... *Withdrawing troops - Promised before elected, still yet to happen! *Healthcare reform - Granted success and shitstorm as stated *DADT repeal - Also success and again yes shitstorm *Saving GM - How is this a possitive??? Bailing out big business is BS... How about giving money to all the mom and pop shops that Walmart has put out of business??? That seems better than saving a big company that cannot manage its assets properly... Should have shut them down and let a new age car company buy them out... *Punishing Offshore Drilling - It still goes on now and nobody cares even after the gulf has been butt fucked by BP, maybe a increase in fines for "oops" *Recovery Act - May have been put in place with good intention, but this country doesn't have the budget for schools and shit anymore, hence why they are getting cut out of the budgets as each states government goes broke from frivolous spending *Obama lied to us all on many other issues like his "promise" to close Gitmo... Oh yea, that never shut down... Not to mention he continued the damn patriot act which is a pile of BS too... So you got a couple points correct, but get your shit together on the rest before you type... Obama let us down and we need to admit it, he is another puppet

  • Anonymous:


  • Exploit some people

    Just start a blog about a culture you wish you created and allow those most interested in that culture comment. SIMPLE.

  • F Outta Here

    The best comment on this board: "He's in no position to criticize people who have a MUCH larger burden to bare than he does, and he doesn't even vote."

  • Anonymous:


  • F Outta Here

    Somebody in here said "No Job having pieces of shit" support Obama. LOL, wow, really? All you mother fuckers who don't know how to make shit happen or how to grind IS the problem. I got a job and support Obama homeboy. I've been laid off before Obama and after he became Prez. I stay on my grind by any means necessary, fuck a unemployment check! If Obama didn't have all these bitch ass Republicans and fucking racist old white people cock blocking every piece of legislation to help your broke ass you wouldn't be sitting behind your keyboard talking shit. Lupe ain't going to help your ass either, he's about dollar too. The world is NOT what you kids think it is and Obama DAMN sure is not the problem. Take care of yourself, do the shit you don't want to do, SACRIFICE! Taxes or No Taxes, Corporations DO NOT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU!

  • jason, stop flaming

    jason, stop flaming on every video dick ridin cheesy pop songs like how to love. stop dissing nas and eminem. get your head outta your ass, you 13 year old fag!

  • Anonymous

    I like how he pointed out the preferred soundbites for public attention which is whored out in the media beyond belief. However I don't agree with all he states. For Lupe not to vote is a slap in American's faces. Ya there's a chance that who you vote for won't make it, ya there's a chance that the voting polls may be rigged so to state, but at least YOU made an effort for change. American's died to push for voting rights. American's died for civil rights that we all take for granted in modern society. So as much as already stated, instead of simply talking, do something about these issues that you disagree about. It takes more than trying to promote literacy to 50 million functioning illiterates.

    • IT

      Voting matters and people who care about their country should make an effort to vote--especially if you live in a swing state.

    • ASEE

      @beezlebud What bullshit man. You actually fucking believe that shit? It's true that the Electoral College is unjust (I bet you don't even know what the E.C. is) but it is a complete falsehood that the public votes don't count for anything that "the president is determined before the elections begin by the real people in power (those who control the money)." Do you even THINK? If that was true Obama NEVER would have gotten elected. As a matter of fact, if that was true democrats would never get elected because the wealthiest people in this nation are all republican. Fuck man, THINK before you post.

    • Anonymous

      Good replies from both. Truth. Props. It's the most beneficial to hear from both sides and/or all sides of politics.

    • beezlebud

      and the point he's making is they died for nothing because voting is meaningless and illusionary, the president is determined before the elections begin by the real people in power (those who control the money) so why waste your time voting when all that is doing is supporting a system that is both flawed and corrupt

    • Anonymous

      And you don't have to agree. But in all fairness, and I'm not stating my position on either side, Americans died for your right to vote, not your obligation. You don't have to vote. You can choose whether or not you want to, that's your right. Americans died for other Americans' freedom, and if you choose to use that freedom to free yourself of a vote, then so be it. The government is designed to continue the status quo. It's easier to profit on the system in place than to be altruistic and better the system for the greater good. With that in mind, it's understandable why he doesn't vote, because he feels nothing would come from this. He's skeptic and pessimistic about the government, which is fine. If you do have optimism though, and that things can change, then please vote away. I can't say whether or not it will help or if either decision is better. All I know is as much as it is your right to vote and to promote voting, he can do the exact opposite and be just as much in-the-right as you are.

  • ReddyWang

    Lupe Fiasco is Wack as his music. These back pack rappers arethe biggest hypocrits and uncle Tomms. Lupe has not did nothing meaningful for Chi town or the hood. Its so many poor kids in Chicago and he one of the biggest rappers in the city but he still not doing nothing. Clean up your own backyard brother before you comment about someone else.Obviously he is getting paid by the Tea Party.

  • beezlebud

    He has nothing to apologise for or to clarify he was 100% accurate in his statement about Obama and anyone who doesnt agree with him is intellectually challenged and should really go learn what "causality" is @beezlebud on twitter

  • Anonymous

    Why doesn't Lupe offer some type of way to resolve these issues instead of just pointing out more and more problems. Anyone can criticize but do you actually have a plan to fix things?

    • Anonymous

      Well I am giving him a solution...He should give solutions. I do what I can for my community. I think people to need to do a lot for action and a lot less talking.

    • Anonymous

      The same can be said of you. You point out his flaws, but when's the last time you changed anything? Same for me as well. We're all hypocrites, because we build our morality too high.

  • Da Watcha

    I Got ya Back Lupe...Good for standing up for your views...

  • 420westcoast

    not backing out LOL. flame away again.

  • 420westcoast

    not back out LOL. flame away.

  • 420westcoast

    Don't back away from your comments Lupe!! Good job in backing out and apologizing just because people got their panties in a bunch about your comments on their God. These no job having pieces of shits will back Obama to their death.

  • YouSerious?

    "50 million functioning illiterates" Functioning illiterates, as opposed to what, nonfunctioning ones? Lupe is interesting, but his whole political tirades get really annoying because its not like he's a politician or putting himself in a position to help make a real difference. Musicians and music artists are entertainers and performers at heart, so how about Lupe just focuses on making a dope album to follow up a mediocre one. Once he stops making songs and touring then he's free to go ahead and talk as much random political things as he wants and he can actually get involved in this shit that he seems more interested in than music.

    • Mike Meraz

      ImmortalTech used the proceeds from his album 3rd World to build a school to build an orphanage in i think israel, that dudes in Columbia, Africa, Afghanistan helping and educating..that's why he hasn't put an album out for years.

    • YouSerious?

      See when I listen to music, I'm looking for an escape, and I'm looking for a guy who can entertain or showcase his tremendous skills. My favorite Lupe songs are when he's just going at the beat and being enjoyable. a song like "I Gotcha" is something I enjoy. Hello/Goodbye isn't a very good song as far as my ears judge it. Streets on Fire is cool with the apocalypse atmosphere, but all people like Lupe and Immortal Technique do who talk about "real" subjects is talk. If Lupe wants to change the world and shit then he needs to go into politics. "Fight the Power" is one of the very few songs that actually meant something as far as having a message that sticks goes.

    • Mike Meraz

      Yep...Cause if this wasn't true. Gore would have been our pres a while back instead of Bush.

    • beezlebud

      discussion is the first step towards change voting is meaningless as the presidents are chosen by those with power (money controllers) and are nothing mroe than glorified puppets

    • Mike Meraz

      ..wak ass pop album i meant

    • Mike Meraz

      Political Lupe makes annoying songs?? Um That's when he's at his best bruh. The only two good songs on Lasers are "Words I Never Said" and "All Black Everything".."Just Might Be Ok", "Hurt Me Sould", "Streets On Fire", "Hello/Goodbye", "American Terriost", ect.. Don't get mad at Lupe for talking about real issues...who else talks about real problems? Immortal Technique? Who else? Kweli and Murs? None of them are as popular as Lupe. I'm hoping Lupe has a plan, he got a much larger following due to that was ass pop album he put out...but hopefully, now that he got everyone's attention, he can come back with F&L2 and show people what he's about.

    • Anonymous

      "He's in no position to criticize people who have a MUCH larger burden to bare than he does, and he doesn't even vote." THANK YOU

    • YouSerious?

      People like me and you can talk about situations all we want, and its cool that Lupe can use his influence to get people talking about issues, but talking doesn't solve shit. Also, when he becomes preachy and uses his songs STRICTLY as platforms for his message, then it starts affecting his music. Food and Liquor was Lupe at his finest, political Lupe makes annoying songs. And it just feels like Lupe is trying to give off this rebel image and that he's against the government and for peace and bla. He's in no position to criticize people who have a MUCH larger burden to bare than he does, and he doesn't even vote.

    • beezlebud

      why cant he do both? why cant he use his platform as an entertainer to speak on relevent issues that are not being discussed by politicians because they dont really care about fixing things like education? how is him raising the subject and starting the conversation him not doing anything to fix the situations he is speaking on?

  • Anonymous

    Well, what does Lupe do to make the world a better place? Don't bring up any of his music here.

    • Anonymous

      You guys have made some strong points. LMAO. Lupe is a wannabe revolutionary, he doesn't help the communites, instead he uses them to gain more money. This guy wasn't able to read a contract he personally signed properly. Maybe he is an illiterate himself? Great things are done for a good purpose and not to receive attention. He does nothing, but complains about everything like a little bitch. Fucking diva. Other rappers have done much more without the financial back up he got.

    • YouSerious?

      I'm sure charity work will "fix our education system".

    • um...

      well...he climbed Kilimanjaro and he does charity work soooooo.....

    • Your Mom

      Did you even read the article, he is helping illiterates such as yourself.

  • yab329

    lupe knows his shit fuk all these idiots on this site, thinking they know whats going on in this woorld when they odnt know jack shit!! OBAMA IS A TERROIST!!!!!!!! KILLUMINATI

  • Anonymous

    Lupe thinks he's political now hahahaa stupid fuck

  • Sensaye252

    I agree with some of his statements and disagree with others, but either way it's good to hear a rapper that's politically aware and not afraid to speak. Most rappers would be too afraid they might lose a penny or two from their fortune to ever say anything that might ruffle some feathers.

    • Leoeooeoe

      Agreed, he's speaking an unpopular opinion in the circles his fans would belong to. I would also say he's not all that off, I don't agree with him either.

  • d


    • Really

      No he's not. And black people aren't running off emotion, we know what the fuck is going on in AMERICA more than anybody.





  • Anonymous

    I can't believe that this guy, who sounds like a dumbfuck and attention whore in every single interview, is able to create such intelligent music.

    • Anonymous

      how is he an attention whore when They ask for the interview and They ask the questions? how is he a dumbfuck and creates intelligent music? he basically says the same things in his interviews that he does in his songs, its just more elaborate and doesnt rhyme. you sir are the dumbfuck.



    • Anonymous

      Shouts to beezlebud for saying lyrics from Blu.

    • beezlebud

      lmao Jesus didnt perform anything and the fact your religious proves your spiritually weak son as you just naively believe what you've been told in your youngest years without doing any spiritual searching of your own if you had you would realise how inaccuracte contradictory and ignorant the bible is and Plato has nothing to do with Jesus fool also if you knew even the first thing about the bible you would understand already that it is nothing more than a collection of stolen stories and philosophies that constantine compiled into what you know as the bible Jesus life story was original an ancient egyptian tale and Horus life story that constantine stole and renamed as Jesus life story your pathetic little bible that you deem a book of spirituality says that women are NOT equal to men which shows just how ignorant your beliefs are

    • Anonymous

      Jesus was here and he preformed miracles. You are so spiritually weak. What a pointless existence you live. Just because it happened long ago, doesn't mean it never happened. Look up Plato. What was b4 the big bang? I'm not buying your b.s theories.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes, beezlebud is all knowing! Idiot...

    • beezlebud

      hell is a falacy and heaven is a fantasy created by man

  • mgf

    Maybe Lupe should take his own advice and research some of the candidates. There are some that he could really agree with if he would open his mind and give them a chance. Ron Paul and Herman Cain are two the come to mind.

    • Anonymous

      LOL @ herman cain dig a little deeper bro. herman cain worked for the federal reserve. WORLD BANKER. aka GANGSTER in a suit. dont be a dumb nigga, the black communities collective conscious in 2011 is at an all time low. its reflected in all walks of life. we need to start valuing KNOWLEDGE, because humanity is going to hell in a hand basket. research your candidates, no ones perfect. but herman cain, is a fucking fraud. much like obama. ron paul isn't perfect, but he's the only one that can play the wildcard. he's unpredictable and ready to shake things up. which is why he sadly has no chance come election time.

  • respo

    this is why i will continue fucking with lupe even after he drops complete sellout trash. black ppl got duped into voting for barak thinking we were the ones that were forcing change. barak is george bush x2, a war monger, big business lining, 2 face. niggas that refuse to question barak just cuz hes black fell right into the trap. the hoods are still the same, economy still in the dumps, and we're flirting with WW3 fucking with pakistan/lybia/afghanistan/iraq. lupe got a lions heart, that lil nigga will tell you straight up when he drops some pop trash to sell. and he wont backdown from his strong opinions.

    • YouSerious?

      I'm sure if you were president you'd have all the answers my man.

    • respo

      lybia. ramping up in afghanistan. still 70,000 troops in iraq, and obamas first promise was pulling out of iraq. he's been in office almost a complete term, it was hot air to get elected. he hasn't come through on any of his promises,and the economy is still in the gutter. the news is too blame, the media wants to keep you updated on kim k's ring, while we got our troops kissing babies, giving the taliban someone to fight, all across the middle east. north korea, pakistan, afghanistan, lybia, iraq. all boiling to a head. the american war machine is in total control, and best believe these globalists are getting paid off these conflicts.

    • joe moms

      War monger? What war do you speak of sir?



  • King T

    His warrants here are worth listening to... but that doesn't explain or elaborate on the claim that Obama himself is a terrorist... sensationalist claims used to get attention. The public has grown to expect more from Lu... I guess...

  • UK


  • Anonymous

    50 millions fucntioning ILLITERATES That's crazy

  • SMH

    I get where he's coming from, but you're really not making any kind of intelligent point by saying "it's every president that will come after him" Who the fuck are you to label future leaders as terrorists before they've even been elected?

    • beezlebud

      yea he fucked up with that comment, dudes making assumptions that change will never occur which is just ignorant and naive for someone who is generally intelligent

    • Chuck Niddy

      Obama's campaign to get re-elected is costing 1 billion dollars. How much do you think it would cost to run against him? How much do you think the next person who becomes president in 2016 is going to spend? That money comes from companies (like Goldman Sachs in the case of Obama) and if you don't follow their rules you don't get their money to run. In that way I believe you can label every president that will come after him a terrorist. Or at least until there is a drastic change in our electoral system, foreign policy and most of the current administration. Or maybe if Ron Paul got elected.

    • Devin Williams

      I agree wit em totally cus what he sayin is that Obama and every president before him has the power to do alot, but hardly ever the mass Change that we were promised.

  • newcomment

    'What do people want to listen to?' It's not what I want to talk about, cause I want to talk about all types of shit... there wasn't the same reaction about me having a book club... about me trying to promote literacy in a country with 50 million functioning illiterates walking around, because we have a failed and flawed education system." He got em on that. You tell em Lu!

    • WAKE UP

      i cant believe so many of u r falling n2 tha traps your fuckin eyes...lupe is keeping it real with you and u r 2 closed minded to actually try and see his point of 1 questions things n this country u get spoon fed tha bullshit...when someone trys 2 keep it real u shun him...but i guess thats what u have been taught 2do....not think 4 youself and belive n tha propaganda...its good 2 c a entertainer steppin up...not enough of that n these times

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