DJ Babu "Flattered" To Be Credited For Coining The Term "Turntablist"

Though he's pleased he gets credit for the word, the Dilated Peoples member is a little hesitant to claim it as his own.

DJ Babu recently spoke on coining the term “turntablist,” a word for which he isn’t entirely comfortable taking credit. Talking with Ruby Hornet TV, the Dilated Peoples member first explained that he takes it in stride when people say he came up with the term.

“I’m flattered when people say that. To be honest with you, that’s something I used to write on the mixtapes,” he said. “At the time, I had this mixtape out in ’96. I was super about treating the turntable as an instrument. Super in that mode, and I used to write ‘Babu the Turntablist’ instead of DJ Babu.” 

But he doesn’t feel entirely content with claiming the word as his own. “I don’t all the way feel comfortable taking credit for it because there were a lot of people doing it before I was,” he said. “I don’t see any money for it which would be fuckin’ spectacular.”

He praised Grandmaster DXT, formerly known as Grandmaster DST, as the “original turntablist.” “Even before the term came around, I still remember vividly as a child seeing him on ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Herbie Hancock and the ‘Rocket’ band. He was the star of the fuckin’ show. He was like the lead musician out of that whole ship. It will always forever leave a dent in my mind how he was up there like a lead guitarist. This guy was positioned in the front. The only person in the band who could get more shine than him was Herbie Hancock.”

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  • Jose Vasquez

    The only Asian rapper I know is Jin. But them Asian DJs are awesome, especially Joe Hahn and Babu.

  • Asian Of Domination

    Now that it's normal to be Asian and be accepted in Hip Hop we will see a crazy amount of Asian rappers. They took over Youtube. All Asian Rappers on Youtube are touring and have huge fan bases.

    • Anonymous

      I would say I agree with you in respect to DJ'ing but not rapping. DJ's like Q-Bert mastered their craft, to become pioneers(inventors)in the game. But when you look at what alot of the asian rappers became known from (battle rapping) you can kinda reason that the asian community would automatically take to It. Even Its not that great. Take DFD for example. The guy was a very funny battle rapper, we then see millions of youtube views. This came abouts on the basis of Grind Time capatalising 2 asians battling each other. After that he does korean specific performances and makes some half ok tunes and hes big? Nah. Lets be honest, Q-Bert, Babu, Rhettmatic get more respect because they knew It was better not to whore themselves out to their own race and reach out to the audiences that count/audiences that understand the art of hip hop and dont just flock to something because It features their own.

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