Pill Speaks On Radio Play In Atlanta & His First Strip Club Song

Rapper Pill reveals that he turned to making a strip club song when his songs wouldn't get any radio play.

According to Atlanta rapper Pill, the key to an artist succeeding in getting airplay down South might just lie in the strip club song.

The rapper spoke briefly with Killer Mike about his first strip club song and radio play while at a party celebrating Big Boi’s collaboration with Crown Royal Black. He jokingly explained that he took the strip club song route after not getting any play on Atlanta radio.

“I was like I’m finna do a strip club song…I was like you know what I’m finna do since Atlanta don’t wanna play me on the mother fuckin radio I’mma make something for strippers,” Pill revealed in a video for 3LittleDigs.com.

During his appearance at the Crown Royal Black party Pill performed “Trap Going Ham” and “Pacman” and joined Big Boi and Killer Mike on stage for a performance of “Kryptonite.”

Pill recently appeared on the Maybach Music Group collaborative album Self Made which also featured Rick Ross, Meek Mills, and Wale.

Pill Reveals the Key To Getting On Atlanta Radio from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

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  • Anonymous

    What Pill is saying is in order to get play you gotta put out music that you really dont want to because at the end of the day we all gotta eat. I like Pill as an artist I feel he raps from the heart but I can already tell that the industry is weighing on him. I hate to say it but another sellout in the making.

    • BigDan

      You have a point, but you're a bit too harsh. He's not an artist that does not have any songs out and he surveyed the scene and said this is what I am going to do to make some noise. He said, Atlanta radio has not jumped on board yet. In other words, he has been putting out "non sell out" music and not getting any love. You can't fault the man. 99.999999% of artists who don't get radio love will fail. Its not like you can guarantee him 200,000 units sold underground with every album, with no radio play. So do what you need to do. Second. aren't most Atlanta/down south rap music strip club music anyway? and lastly, once you get on the radio, you can put out what you want to put out, if it's different from the strip club music. I don't call this selling out. Its called surviving the brutal music business.

    • Atl2Trill

      True shit.

    • PeoplePlease

      You got that right...

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